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Obesity help

To achieve the correct help for obesity, the first step is to control the composition of your diet, thus dropping your insulin levels and signaling your body to stop storing fat cells.

Your body must be supplied with the nutrients it needs to survive every day and provide you with good quality health.

In order to control your insulin and avoid obesity, one must eat a proper diet and exercise regularly.  Regular exercise can be as simple as walking up stairs instead of using an elevator.  It is most important to remember that obesity can be beaten, as long as you start a fitness and nutrition plan and stick with it.

Another way to help with obesity is to seek help from a professional, such as a physician specializing in obesity.  You may also find benefits from joining a group, such as Overeaters Anonymous or Weight Watchers.  In these groups, people just like you are experiencing some of the same trials of beating obesity.

The key to help with obesity is eating proper nutrients in moderation, exercise, and the desire to beat obesity. By beating obesity, you will lower your risks for heart disease, cancer, and Type II diabetes.


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keys to permanent weight loss

Finding an effective eating strategy is serious business if you are considerably overweight and are interested in improving your long-term health. Halting any further weight gain and gradually shedding pounds can have beneficial effects on blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, your risk of having a heart attack or stroke, joint pain, and the energy and ability to do everyday activities.


It should be as good for your heart, bones, colon, and psyche as it is for your waistline.

What you really need is a plan you can stick with for many, many moons. It should offer plenty of tasty and healthy choices, banish few foods, and not require an extensive and expensive list of groceries or supplements.

Low carbs

Avoiding carbohydrates, so the thinking goes, forces the body to burn fat. Does this theory translate into actual weight loss? Yes and no — it depends on the individual and the time period. Some people lose a substantial amount of weight on a low-carb diet, while others lose little and some actually gain weight. And for those who lose, the effects typically aren’t permanent. After a few months, weight loss tends to slow and reverse, just as happens with most other diet types.

Bottom line: Low-carb diets work for some people and not others. There’s no evidence that their short-term effects produce long-term weight loss, while the added expense could lighten your wallet. Equally important, we know little about the long-term health effects of high-protein, high-fat, low-carb diets.

Low fat

Once the main strategy for losing weight, low-fat diets have been elbowed aside by the low-carb frenzy. Scores of low-fat diets have been promoted over the years. One of the best known is Dr. Dean Ornish’s Eat More, Weigh Less plan. Since fat contains 9 calories per gram while carbohydrates contain 4, you can theoretically double your food intake without taking in more calories by cutting back on fatty foods and eating more that are full of carbohydrates, especially water-rich fruits and vegetables.

Keep in mind that the Ornish plan doesn’t stop at a whole-grain, vegetarian, very-low-fat (less than 10% of calories from fat) diet, but also includes exercise, stress management, and group support.

Bottom line: Low-fat diets have unquestionably helped some people lose weight and keep it off. They’ve been dismal failures for others, in part because they tend to be less filling, less flavorful, and all around less satisfying than other eating strategies. They also tend to be fairly restrictive about food choices, which can limit your options when dining out.

There are many other options for dieting, including eating correct portions and following the recommended food pyramid guidelines.  Before choosing any plan for permanent weight loss, it is recommended that you seek advise from your physician.


What is a raw food diet?

The raw diet, as its name implies, is based on consuming unprocessed, preferably organic, whole plant-based foods, at least 75 per cent of which should be uncooked. Raw and living foods are believed to contain essential food enzymes.  It consists of raw nuts, fruits, and various varieties of beans.

People who follow the raw diet use particular techniques to prepare foods.

These include sprouting seeds, grains and beans; soaking nuts and dried fruits; and juicing fruits and vegetables. The only cooking that is allowed is via a dehydrator. This piece of equipment blows hot air through the food but never reaches a temperature higher than 116°F.  Other techniques needed to prepare raw food are blending, juicing and chopping.

Tips on what you will need to go raw

1.    Meal plans. Following a raw food diet means that you have to carefully plan your meals to make sure you don't fall short of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

In some instances it might be appropriate to consider taking dietary supplements.

2.    Equipment. You'll need to invest in some appliances so that you are able to prepare the food.

o     A durable juice extractor for your fruits and vegetables
o     A blender or a wooden spoon and sieve to crush and blend ingredients
o     A food processor or chopper to save time and effort
o     Large containers to soak and sprout grains, seeds and beans
o     Glass jars or Tupperware for storing sprouts

Proponents of the raw diet believe that enzymes are the life force of a food and that every food contains its own perfect mix. These enzymes help us digest foods completely, without relying on our body to produce its own cocktail of digestive enzymes.

It is also thought that the cooking process destroys vitamins and minerals and that cooked foods not only take longer to digest, but they also allow partially digested fats, proteins and carbohydrates to clog up our gut and arteries.

Followers of a raw diet cite numerous health benefits, including increased energy levels, improved appearance of skin, improved digestion, and weight loss. Clearly a raw food diet has many benefits.

The benefits of weight loss forums

Online weight loss forums are always there for you and with plenty of help and support. You and I know that getting plenty of support from friends and family is a key to losing weight successfully. It's just plain fact that if nobody takes notice of your efforts, it is much harder to reach your goals and feel good about yourself. Here's where support groups come in handy.

Reason #1: The Best Online Weight Loss Support Is Free!

Local support groups in your city can be helpful, but they've got a few flaws. First of all, they usually charge a signup fee, or even a monthly membership fee. These expenses are unnecessary, considering that you could get even better support and lose more weight for free! The internet lives and breathes communication. You can find free weight loss support groups online.

Reason #2: Online Support Groups Always Fit Your Schedule.

Most of us who are overweight have busy lives. We have high stress jobs, and that includes taking care of our kids, which can be tough! With so much to do, who has time to make the most out of a local weight loss support group, let alone make it to all the meetings? I sure don't, and I'm guessing you'd say the same. Here's another benefit of joining an online support group: You can visit the website anytime, catch up on the latest postings, share your progress or even complain about difficulties, and be off to do something else in 15 minutes!

Reason #3: Online Weight Loss Support Is Available 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week!

You could join a local support group and pay the fees, but what good will that do if you need to talk to someone right now? We all feel hopeless sometimes, especially during the beginning of our weight loss journey. Your friends are there for you 24 hours, 7 days a week. You don't have to go it alone. Take advantage of free 24/7 support and advice from other people who know exactly how you feel.

Reason #4: Online Weight Loss Support Group Forums Are Overflowing With Help And Advice That You Can Refer Back To Anytime!

While your local group might be helpful during meetings, it's hard to really make the most of your money spent there. Sure, you can get encouragement and advice during each meeting, but what about the rest of the week, or even the rest of the month? The obvious solution is free, and it's on the internet. We have the right to free information, and that's what you get at an online support group. Anytime you need an answer or just want to read the encouraging words of a friend, all you need to do is sit down at the computer and log onto the website.

Reason #5: It's Super-Quick And Easy To Keep Your Weight Loss Diary Online!

You probably know first hand that losing weight is SO much easier when you can see the progress you've been making. After all, it takes a lot of work to reach our weight loss goals, and we need to know we're doing well along the way. Everyone cheats, and when you have nothing to look back on but vague memories of healthy eating and exercise, it's hard to remember that you're still doing a good job.

If you're serious about losing weight and keeping it off forever, please consider your health and join a free weight loss support group online. It's so much easier to log onto a website than to spend money on a local support group, find someone to take care of the kids, and make it home in time for a healthy dinner, talking with your family, or even getting a good night's sleep.

Weight loss vitamins

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on weight-loss supplements. Although we wouldn’t buy a car or a dinner without knowing some details, many who purchase these supplements have no idea what is in them, or what independent reports say about their safety and effectiveness.


If this does not happen, you will not beat your obesity. One excellent source of helping with obesity is to eat 4-6 small meals per day.  These small meals give your body the nutrition and energy needed to make it through the day.  These meals should be low in fat, but contain adequate calories.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration has charged some companies with using banned ingredients, and the Federal Trade Commission has successfully prosecuted marketers who made illegal claims, the same products, or copycat versions, still remain available.

Some weight loss supplements contain ingredients meant to suppress the appetite. Caffeine and its herbal counterparts, guarana, bitter orange and yerba maté, as well as ephedra (ma huang), fall into this category. Animal studies suggest that they may slightly suppress the appetite, but the limited human studies lasted only a few months. All these ingredients are nervous system stimulants, so they commonly produce side effects like headaches, insomnia, elevated blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Deceptive labeling

Product labeling can be deceptive: Weight-loss supplements labeled ephedra- or caffeine-free may contain other ingredients from the list above, which may pose the same health risks. Although ephedra (ma huang) has been banned by the FDA, you may still see it in some supplements. In a summary of more than 50 trials, this substance created a 2 to 3.6-fold increase in the risk of psychological, heart and digestive system problems.

Supplement manufacturers claim other ingredients aid weight loss by speeding up the metabolism. For example, EGCG, a phytochemical found in green tea, is being studied for its potential to reduce cancer risk. Some initial studies suggest it could slightly increase the rate at which calories burn. Now it can be found in many weight-loss supplements and “weight-loss vitamins.”

However, since there are only extremely short initial studies so far, the body might adapt to EGCG, reducing its effect over time. In addition, the weight loss benefit seen with EGCG amounts to about 60 to 70 calories a day. This small difference is more likely to help prevent a gradual yearly weight gain than reverse excessive weight gain. Third, the effect of EGCG appears to depend on the dose. Supplements with amounts of 30 to 40 mg of EGCG, which is commonly seen in these products, may not have the same effect as a dose over 250 mg used in the studies.

Few significant effects

Supplements may also contain ingredients that manufacturers state will block the absorption of fat or carbohydrates. Chitosan is a common example, and a few preliminary studies made it appear promising. However, several controlled studies found that chitosan had no significant effect on fat absorption. In the most recent study, men would need seven months to lose one pound of body fat. There was no fat loss for women.

Another group of ingredients are said to increase the feeling of fullness and decrease eating. Guar gum appears safe for this purpose, but 11 well-controlled studies show it has no benefit for weight loss. Psyllium can help control blood sugar and blood cholesterol, but studies do not support its reputed ability to reduce eating and assist weight loss.

There are more than 50 individual supplements and 125 combination products now available for people who want to lose weight. Yet a Harvard Medical School review of these products that set standards for product quality, safety and effectiveness concluded that none of them met all three standards.
Future research may identify some safe and effective ingredients for weight loss, but for now it seems smarter to invest in walking shoes, a gym membership, or healthier food instead.

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