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Getting in Step with Weight Loss

As children, one of the first exercises we learned how to do was walking. While it may seem like an elementary form of exercise, walking can do wonders for the heart, the circulatory system, and our legs. Walking can also be instrumental in helping individuals to lose weight.

A helpful technique when beginning a walking program is to build up your leg muscles so that you are able to burn additional calories.

Medical experts say the important thing to keep in mind when starting a walking program is distance rather than time. In essence, it doesn't matter how long it takes you to complete a mile--the important thing is to do it. If you hope to burn off two pounds a week, you will need to walk enough to burn about 3500 calories. If you weigh 160 pounds and you are walking at a rate of two miles per hour, you can burn as many as 105 calories.


If you can, try to race-walk. Your goal should be to finish a mile in 13 minutes. Another technique you can use is by adding weights to your walking routine. For instance, you can pack eight pound weights into a backpack and wear it as you walk.


Ultimately, you might want to work up to the point where you are walking at least six hours a week. In addition to helping you to shed pounds, this will enable you to combat such diseases as diabetes and cancer. You should feel healthier--and perhaps happier--as a result of your walking.


At this point, you might be wondering whether to do your walking outdoors or on a treadmill at a gym. The choice is really up to you. It depends largely on what makes you more comfortable. Some people enjoy being out of doors--they like looking at the trees and the flowers as they move along. Others find that the traffic and animals found outdoors can be too distracting.


Also, many people find it difficult to walk in the rain or snow. Some individuals like the discipline offered by a treadmill, while others find it boring and confining. One advantage to a treadmill is that it allows you to keep track of the number of miles you logged, as well as your speed. That can be valuable information when you're attempting to chart your progress. Of course, it's best if you couple walking with a sound diet plan. You should attempt to consume at least five servings a day of fruits and vegetables. Limit your intake of high-fat foods and sweets. Sensible eating will also enable you to maintain your weight over the long term.


When you set out to walk, make sure that you begin with some stretching exercises. These can help prepare your muscles for your workout. In addition, begin your walk with a five or ten-minute warm up period. The rest of your walk should be brisk--you should be walking at a pace similar to what you would use if you were late getting to work. You should continue this pace for approximately 30 minutes, then begin a cool-down period where you walk at a more moderate pace. Following this regimen should ensure that you get the most out of your walking.


One of the best aspects of walking is that it is an activity that nearly any able-bodied person can do. It does not require special equipment or special training. It is important, however, that you remain committed to walking. Doing it for just one or two days a week is probably not enough to make an appreciable difference in your weight. Rather, you should aim to do a brisk walk at least six days a week. Once you get into the habit of walking, you should find it relatively easy to continue.


It's something that can quickly become part of your morning routine. In fact, some experts recommend that you do your walking in the morning to ensure that your metabolism is elevated throughout your day. Walking late at night will not have the same effect; it will do little to raise your daily metabolism.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


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The Vegetarian Diet: A Weight Loss Solution?


If you've been to any large banquets recently, you may have noticed people passing up the prime rib and baked chicken in order to feast on a vegetarian meal. Vegetarianism seems to be gaining in popularity each year, spurred on by health concerns, weight difficulties, and celebrity endorsements. You may find that a vegetarian diet is the key to weight loss in your particular case.


First of all, it is important to define the vegetarian diet. You may be surprised to learn that there are actually a variety of vegetarian diets in use today. In some cases, vegetarians eat only fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts. In other cases, they may also eat cheese and drink milk, while in still other cases, they may eat eggs.


One of the advantages to the vegetarian diet is that it tends to be low in fat and cholesterol. As a result, a vegetarian diet can help you avoid heart problems and even cancer. However, you may also find that you are missing some important vitamins and minerals on a strictly vegetarian diet.


It has been said that the key to a successful vegetarian diet is planning. You must decide what you will be eating for every meal in order to ensure that you receive the proper nutrients. Otherwise, you may end up starving your body of the nutrients you need in order to be healthy.


You may need to supplement your diet with vitamins in order to ensure that you receive the appropriate amount of B-12, Vitamin D, calcium, and zinc. Otherwise, you'll have to load up on cereals, soy milk, spinach, and broccoli. Also, eating a vegetarian diet does not mean you have a license to eat as many sugary foods as you want. You'll still have to restrict high-calorie foods.


Variety has been called the spice of life and it is also the key to an effective vegetarian diet. You'll need to eat an array of fruits and vegetables. Also, if you do use dairy, be sure that you choose non-fat or low-fat milk and cheese. Since eggs are rich in cholesterol, you should eat them only in moderation.


Studies have shown that vegetarians tend to consume fewer calories each day than meat-eaters. Also, the body mass index--a tool used to measure obesity--is generally lower for vegetarians than for the population at large. However, as a vegetarian, you will still need to pay attention to portion control and calorie counts. Therefore, while vegetarianism may not be a panacea for weight loss, it can certainly help in the battle against the bulge.


However, it should be noted here that some people mistakenly look upon vegetarianism as a quick fix. They figure that if they give up meat for a couple of weeks, they'll lose weight. Then, after their trial period is over, they go back to their old eating habits. This is a bad pattern because it encourages yo-yo dieting. If you decide to go on a vegetarian diet, it is very important that you stick with it. Otherwise, you may be greatly disappointed in your weight loss progress.


Vegetarianism is not for everyone. However, if you enjoy fruits and vegetables, are non-committal about meat, and are good at planning meals, you may want to go vegan. But if you do not fall into that category, another diet plan may be preferable. Which diet program you ultimately choose may depend greatly upon your personal preferences and what kind of diet regimen you are prepared to follow over the long run. The key to any successful diet is commitment; you must be determined to succeed.

As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

If you are a fan of TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey, you probably knew about Dr. Phil McGraw some time ago. The advice guru is a favorite of Oprah's because of his uncanny ability to "tell it like it is." Dr. Phil has used the same no-nonsense approach on his own television program and has also introduced millions to a new perspective on dieting with his ultimate weight loss solution.


A major benefit of the vegetarian diet is that it tends to involve a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains. However, getting enough protein can be a challenge. Therefore, you might consider adding soy to your diet, which is high in protein content. Another important consideration is iron. You'll need to make sure that you eat spinach and beans in order to guarantee that you receive enough iron, since you will not be consuming customary sources of iron such as liver and roast beef.


Dr. Phil's approach may not be revolutionary, but it is instructive. He preaches the gospel of healthy choices. This means understanding the emotions that cause you to overeat in the first place. He also offers tests to help you assess your own eating patterns. Once you understand how your mind works, you can begin the daunting task of changing your environment.


Dr. Phil argues that, while you may not be able to control circumstances, you can control your reaction to the difficulties that come your way. This means taking ownership of your responses and leaving little to chance. Such a stance can be quite empowering and can give you the confidence you need to succeed at weight loss.


Another aspect of Dr. Phil's plan is to resolve to quit complaining. You need to realize that your situation will never get better if you simply complain about it. Rather, you need to take decisive action. You also have to realize that you can have an impact on your own weight--that your weight problems are not the other guy's fault.


Your primary task is to rid your own personal world of the temptations that cause you to binge. After that, you need to devote your attention to nutritional concerns. Dr. Phil also believes in establishing a healthy system of exercise that can help you lose weight over the long term.


Dr. Phil also believes that it is important for you to establish a support network that will enable you to reach your weight loss goals. The importance of support cannot be overemphasized. It is difficult to accomplish anything in life without someone in your corner, cheering you on. The same is certainly true when it comes to weight reduction. You'll want a partner, someone you can turn to when the desire to overeat becomes overwhelming.


An interesting part of Dr. Phil's plan is the self-assessment. During his practice, Dr. Phil has found that some individuals sabotage their own diet success. They may actually feel uncomfortable about losing weight; therefore, they lose weight only to gain it back again. They may not be comfortable with the compliments they get from the opposite sex when they lose weight, so they hold onto their weight as a buffer against the outside world. As a result, Dr. Phil recommends that individuals slow down and take stock of themselves before going onto a weight loss program. During this slow-down period, they may identify those behaviors that keep them from having weight loss success.


Dr. Phil also recommends conducting a reality check from time to time. Challenge your own beliefs and pre-conceived ideas. See if they stand up to scrutiny. If not, it may be time to change your perspective about life in general and about weight loss in particular. Dr. Phil also suggests that you seek closure for the emotional issues in your life. This might mean attacking your own anger, or forgiving someone who has hurt you. With this closure, you can ready yourself to handle the challenge of losing weight.


Supporters of Dr. Phil's plan say that it is a common sense approach to weight loss. They applaud Dr. Phil for tackling the emotional issues surrounding weight gain. However, critics contend that there is nothing new or all that interesting in Dr. Phil's approach, that it covers ground that has been covered time and time again. In the end, you'll probably have to do your own research to determine if Dr. Phil's approach will work for you, or if another method would be better. The one positive aspect of Dr. Phil's prescription is that it is unlikely to harm you, and could actually do you a world of good.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit

The Psychology of Weight Loss

You see the razor-thin models gracing the covers of watch actors and actresses on the big screen who seem to never gain a pound. And you wonder: How do I differ from them? You may be surprised to learn that a number of famous people at one time had difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. But they were able to conquer their problem, thanks to a new-and-improved, healthy view of eating.


They maintain that it is difficult to lose 50 or more pounds without surgical intervention. Critics, however, maintain that surgery--especially stomach surgery--is risky business and should be approached with the utmost caution. They worry that surgery is a quick fix which does not help to resolve an individual's problem dealing with food.


You may not realize it, but there is a certain psychology at work in successful weight loss. It is no surprise, then, that the magazine Psychology Today has explored the issue in-depth. In October of 2004, the magazine posted an article on its website detailing the experiences of Diane Berry, a nurse practitioner who studied women who had shed at least 15 pounds and had maintained their weight loss for an average of seven years.


The women shared some important things in common. For instance, they all achieved their weight loss through either Weight Watchers or TOPS, which meant that they had a firm support network as they tried to maintain their weight. The group meetings were highly important, because they learned to recognize that they were certainly not alone in their struggles with weight. The women were also quite unusual because up to 90 percent of individuals who have lost weight end up putting it back on within five years.


Another common trait of these women is that they appeared to undergo a profound mood shift as they made the transition from fat to thin. From all indications, they appeared to be depressed when they were heavy but, as they attempted to lose weight, their mood brightened.


For these women, healthy eating became a habit--a habit they refused to break. They themselves recognized the tremendous role that psychology plays in weight loss. They refused to give in to negative feelings of frustration and denial and chose a positive path instead. The women also made it a point to weigh themselves regularly so that they could chart their progress.


And they recognized that maintaining weight loss would be a lifetime struggle. They knew that they could not attempt a weight loss program then put it back on the shelf. They had to learn new eating patterns that they could continue week in and week out. In some cases, they likened their struggle to that of an alcoholic. In other words, they recognized the gravity of their problem and took steps to correct the situation.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of these women's experiences was the fact that their weight loss actually came in spurts. At times, they regained their weight, but they did not let that deter them from their final goal. They simply viewed their setbacks as challenges that they needed to overcome. This may be the key psychological trait that separates successful dieters from unsuccessful ones--perseverance. In essence, these women were able to change their personalities in a positive way in order to achieve their long-term weight loss goals.


Another interesting aspect of this study was that it showed that the women who had undergone weight loss transformation were genuinely happy. This shows the tremendous psychological impact that weight loss can have on an individual. Once an individual is free from the burden of extra weight, he or she is better able to meet the challenges of life head-on. The dieter benefits from positive reinforcement, as relatives, friends, and co-workers congratulate him or her for the weight loss. In this way, losing weight can be quite a life-affirming experience and can lead to a more optimistic outlook on life.


It must be noted here that the psychology of weight loss is a complicated matter. There is no single ingredient that can turn a fat person into a thin one. However, recognizing that there is a psychological component to successful weight loss may, in fact, be half the battle. Once an individual recognizes that he or she is engaged in a psychological fight, he or she is better able to do battle. By retraining oneself to seek healthy approaches to diet, one can, in effect, mold oneself into a new individual--one that no longer lives to eat, but simply eats to live.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit

Surgery: A Weight Loss Plan for the Toughest Cases

Recently, a number of high-profile celebrities, from TV weatherman Al Roker to American Idol's Randy Jackson, have made headlines as a result of undergoing weight loss surgery. Supporters of such surgery say that it offers hope for people who seem unable to lose weight any other way.


You might wonder under what conditions surgery would be recommended. Generally speaking, surgery is only an option for those who have suffered from obesity for a protracted period of time (meaning years), have a body mass index or BMI of more than 40, and whose lives could be cut short because of their excessive weight gain. Also, stomach stapling surgery is usually limited to those who have already reached adulthood.


Conversely, you would not be a candidate for stomach reduction surgery if you have been severely overweight for a short period of time; if you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction; or you have been diagnosed with mental illness. In other words, you need to be fully cognizant and have a detailed understanding of the reasons for your obesity. You should know that stomach reduction surgery is a proven weight-reducer. You could lose nearly all of your extra weight by undergoing the procedure.


Thus, surgery may negate the need for a diet plan, although there is the slim possibility that you could end up putting on additional pounds after your operation. There are a myriad of reasons why you might consider stomach stapling surgery. For instance, if you are suffering from adult onset diabetes or heart trouble, you might want to undergo the operation. If you are so obese that you can barely walk, surgery might be for you. If your weight has gotten to the point where you literally find it difficult to get out of bed, an operation might be appropriate.


Of course, stomach stapling surgery is not without its risks. In less than two percent of the cases, death may occur. Also, there is the possibility that after surgery you may experience vomiting if you attempt to eat too much. And then there's the psychological fallout. If you've been a heavy person all your life, you may have trouble adjusting to your new thin status.


You may even find that your relationships with relatives and friends change after you have undergone surgery. As a result of this, some physicians recommend that candidates for stomach stapling surgery meet with a psychotherapist who can help them develop coping mechanisms before and after the surgery. Obviously, undergoing surgery is a serious step--one that should not be undertaken lightly.


As a result, you might want to ask yourself some questions before going under the knife: Why do I want to undergo surgery? What if I discover there are unexpected side-effects from surgery? Will I be able to deal with them? What are my options if I do not undergo surgery? Will my family and friends support my decision to undergo an operation? Am I considering surgery out of vanity, or because of a serious health threat? Will years be added to my life after I undergo surgery?


Of course, you cannot make the decision for stomach surgery on your own. You will need to consult your family physician to determine if an operation is right for you. If your doctor gives the O.K., you will then have to meet with the surgeon. Make sure to check the surgeon's credentials and consider having a second opinion. The more preparation you do before your operation, the better off you will be. Obviously, stomach stapling surgery is not for everyone.


It carries with it physical and emotional risks. However, the prognosis for those who undergo such surgery is good. And you could end up being in much better health in the long run, if you are able to successfully lose your excess weight.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


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