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7,389,432 Weight Loss Tips Guaranteed To Help You Lose Weight!

A week or so ago, I was in the check-out line at the supermarket and saw a blurb on the cover of a magazine. The headline read: "Breakthrough! FAT LOSS VITAMIN!", and the text beneath it said, "95% of us don't get enough.


Safely boost your intake and:

*Lose 5 lbs a week!

*Burn 30% more fat every day!

The same thing applies to most weight loss situations and so-called solutions.

The magazine was Woman's World. Being in the business of health, fitness, diet and weight loss, this claim intrigued me so I threw a copy of the magazine in the buggy, and read the article when I got home. Very briefly, here's what the article had to say: Most people don't get enough Vitamin C, and Vitamin C can help your body burn more fat. Now, this was interesting, and since I believe most people don't get the nutrients they need, I was willing to go along with the idea of increasing your normal intake of Vitamin C, either by increasing the amount of things such as orange juice, which is good for you anyway and it contains a lot of Vitamin C, or by use of Vitamin C supplements.


The information in the article made sense, and, when I did a little independent online investigation, I found that apparently the article was reasonably accurate. I don't have a particular problem with the information in this article, and agree that increasing Vitamin C could help someone lose weight.

This brings us to the slightly exaggerated title of this article.


Everyday, it seems we are bombarded with all these claims about weight loss, fat loss, diets and health. One person says their pill will deal with cortisol, which is the cause of weight gain. Another says their diet will "melt" the fat. Someone else wants to hypnotize you, and that will do the trick. The covers of many other magazines at the checkout on the day I bought my magazine had different tips, hints, diets, and weight loss solutions.


All these people can't be telling the truth, can they? Is weight gain the result of cortisol, poor diet, lack of exercise, not enough Vitamin C, lack of sleep, stress, too much beer, or just bad genes? Actually, the answer to both questions is, "Yes...sort of..."


The actual biological process by which people get fat is known. The solution is also known, and it doesn't have much to do with Vitamin C, cortisol, genes, or a lot of other things...directly. A runner who wishes to run faster gets there by training at running and trying to run faster. However, that runner can also strengthen his or her legs by using weight training. They can improve their performance, or perhaps reach their goal faster, by eating a certain type of diet...maybe even making changes in that diet at different points of their training or competition schedule.


If stress is inhibiting their performance, learning to meditate might help them put that stress behind them or at least relieve it enough so that their times improve. If their home life or work schedule is such that it interferes with their training, rest, or nutrition schedules, then making a change in those areas may improve their athletic performance. Even so, the main thing in their running training is...running! Everything else just helps with the speed of development or the amount of progress that is ultimately made.


Increasing physical activity and eating reasonably are the two major things that bring about healthy, permanent weight loss. If, in your exercise program, you choose to supplement with Vitamin C, or get more sleep, or take something which reduces the effects of cortisol, or quit your job because it interferes with your weight loss program, then you will probably enhance the results. You will lose more weight over time, lose the weight a bit faster, or just find the whole process easier. However, the major portion of the weight loss (and improved health and enjoyment of life), comes from the basics of exercise and nutrition.


So what about the people who DID lose weight by breathing properly, or taking Vitamin C, or adding Chocolate to their diet?

People are all different, and so are the facts and factors of their lifestyles, education, upbringing, and genetic makeup. Someone who is one dress size bigger than she wants to be may get all the weight loss she needs from increasing HER Vitamin C intake. That does NOT mean that every woman will experience the SAME results. Another woman may need to lose a lot more than one dress size, and taking Vitamin C, while it might help her shed a few pounds and be more healthy overall, will probably NOT produce anywhere near the total results she hopes to achieve.


If, however, she IS doing the right things to bring about weight loss, adding the Vitamin C may speed the process a bit and help get her to her goal a little faster, Just as in the title of this article, the key word in all these claims is "help" whether it is stated or merely implied. True healthy, permanent weight loss will be the result of a combination of activity and nutrition. All the other things, which may certainly be of value, are just helping.


Donovan Baldwin is a Dallas area wrtier and internet entrepreneur. He is a graduate of the University of West Florida, Pensacola (1973), and a member of Mensa. He provides articles and website content for various websites. Review various weight loss products at


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Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Weight Loss-The New Super Supplement


I have been battling my weight since I was a kid. I have tried a lot of products and diets, looking for that one magic bullet. Over the years I have become part Herbalist, part Pharmacist and completely jaded. I am not easy to convince. For awhile I have thought, that short of surgery there just was not anything that worked for weight loss. I have now started to believe again. What could have changed the mind of someone who was convinced that weight loss was not possible? Well, the newest weight loss product that is sweeping the nation, that's what. That product, Hoodia Gordonii, has changed my pessimistic mind.


I used ephedra before it was banned and I had good results with it, but Hoodia is even better and no jitters. If anyone is considering a weight loss supplement they should look into Hoodia Gordonii. A word of caution to diabetics, this supplement has effects similar to insulin in the body. Anyone who is diabetic should consult a doctor before using this supplement.


Believe me I have lost enough weight to be more of an expert than some skinny dietitian. Find out what works. For more diet resources please see me at: href="">Weight Loss Guru


Plan Your Weight Loss Course by Adding Phentermine to it


Sometimes people become unaware of the fact that weight loss and improved fitness is not a matter of one night affair. Gaining weight is termed as an easier task then loosing it. When it comes to loose weight they somewhat punish their health by undergoing various weight loss programs at a time. They don't even care to find out at what stage their weight problem is. Going on a weight loss routine without any plan can hamper one's health drastically. It may lead to various other health hazards. Dieticians believe that obesity is a chronic disease and often requires medical treatment. A planed weight loss routine with a medicine can help a person to sustain and promote weight loss.


Now I am not like most folks, I had heard of Hoodia a few years ago. I had heard of it's weight loss qualities sometime around 2002. But, as I said I am not easily convinced. I did not try Hoodia until January 2006. I wish I had tried it earlier. This stuff works, I have steadily lost weight from the first week.


On this context, Phentermine proves to be very productive according to various dieticians. Even a proven track record is available regarding the affects of Phentermine. It is mild and is recommended especially for short term treatment for obesity. Though in US it is found under various brand names like Adipex-P and Ionamin, but it is also available as a generic medication-Phentermine. It comes in the form of capsules and tablets and in strength of 15mg, 30mg and 37.5mg. Phentermine diet pills works by suppressing our appetite via affecting our hypothalamus gland in our brain. So rather than going on a diet it helps alter our physiological metabolic system so that we no longer have the urge to eat randomly and without control.


Since Phentermine diet pills are a form of drug, taking Phentermine may result in various form of side effects. Some of its common side affects include constipation, irregular bowel movements, dizziness and also runny or stuffy nose. But clinical trails have proved these to be mild and reversible and no major side effects are recorded till date. But doses may change depending on one's obesity situation. So for safety measures it is advisable to get it prescribed it from a genuine dietician. So, when nothing seems to go in your ways just plan your daily routine by adding A Phentermine to it before breakfast.


Joseph Jones received training as a healthcare scientist. He has been working in the same field and writes informative articles for weight loss subject. To find Phentermine, Cheap phentermine, Diet pills, phentermine diet pills visit


When it Comes to Fast Weight Loss - Just Remember That 2 + 2 Doesn't Always Equal 4

Everybody knows that calories are the enemy, and that more calories equals more weight gained. Therefore, most people believe that losing weight is as simple as cutting way back on calories. It's just simple mathematics, right? After all, if you're eating 3,000 calories per day and you cut back to 1,000 calories per day, then those extra 2,000 calories have to be burned from your body, right?


It's as simple as 2 + 2 equals 4, right?

Well, this is not exactly true. First, let's talk about the average person who begins a diet. The scenario usually goes something like this... One day you look in the mirror and you finally get fed up with the way your body looks (or the way that your clothes fit) - and on this day you get "angry" with yourself, and you begin cutting way back on calories in an attempt to starve yourself thinner.

So you officially begin your "starvation diet." On the first day you skip breakfast altogether (after all, you're so filled with anger and motivation that it's easy to skip breakfast).


Then, a few hours later your motivation quickly gives way to severe hunger - since your body is not accustomed to being without calories for so long. Finally, by lunchtime you're so hungry that you feel weak and miserable, but yet you tell yourself that you can make it through this tough hunger (after all, you don't want to look like a quitter to your friends and family who know that you're dieting).

So you have a small piece of fruit for lunch perhaps, bravely trying to stick to your plan of starving yourself thin. Then, hours later when dinnertime arrives you're so hungry and weak that you have a big migraine headache - and you're beginning to realize that starving yourself might not be such a good idea after all.


However, you try to hold out for another day or two on this miserable diet - since nobody likes to feel like a quitter. So you'll probably hold out for another day or two, making yourself miserable in the meantime. There are even some brave dieters who may hold out for a week or so, possibly even 2 weeks for the bravest of dieters. However, regardless of how long you hold out -- the result is still the same. You see, even after 2 weeks of starving you won't have made any noticeable difference to your body when you look in the mirror.



Simple, because the weight lost during a starvation diet is largely water weight, not real weight loss. This water weight will be gained back immediately when you stop dieting and begin eating normally again. Also, when you starve yourself your body begins burning fewer calories each day -- so even though you're eating fewer calories each day you must remember that your body is also burning fewer calories. For example, let's say that you normally eat 2,500 calories per day (before you begin dieting). Then, you suddenly try to starve yourself by eating only 1,000 calories per day.


Guess what?

Even though you're eating 1,500 fewer calories per day your body will begin burning 1,500 fewer calories per day - so your weight will remain the same even though you're starving yourself. When your body begins burning fewer calories it's called a weight loss "plateau." This is why virtually all starvation dieters cannot make the scale go down after about 2 weeks of dieting. This is why even the most determined of "starvation dieters" always fail after just a couple of weeks.


The truth is that "noticeable" weight loss simply cannot be achieved by starvation, and it's pointless to even try that type of diet. True weight loss can only be achieved by giving your body the right types of calories at the right times each day. Your body is like a big engine, and the truth is that it needs all 3 types of calories (protein, carbs, and fat) to some degree. The best way to lose weight is to effectively manage these 3 types of calories, so that your body receives the proper amount of protein, the proper amount of carbs - and also the proper amount of fat each day.


To learn more about weight loss please visit the site below:


Ten Successful Secrets for Weight Loss



In order to succeed with your weight loss goals it is important to go into this program without thinking you are on a diet. What you need to do is change your behaviour and habits. This does not mean that you need to ever feel hungry or turn yourself into an Olympic athlete in order to achieve your weight loss goal. If you fall off the wagon get back on, you haven't lost the war. Exercise: If you are more than 20 pounds overweight then you should start off with moderate daily exercise e.g. walking or swimming to assist with your weight loss. Always consult your doctor before embarking on any exercise regime.


If you are moderately overweight then a minimum of 40 minutes per day is preferable to achieve weight loss. If aged over 40 then it helps to try and do 2 sessions per day e.g. aerobic workout in the morning and walking or cycling for 30 minutes or more in the evening. I found that my metabolism slowed down considerably when I reached 40 so fitting in two sessions a day really helped my weight loss efforts. Getting Organized: This lifestyle change will take a certain amount of effort and forward planning on your part.


Think about what you do throughout the day that you could change i.e. do you sit at your desk at lunchtime reading the newspaper? Do you watch television for several hours in the evening? Could you set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier in the morning? This extra time can be used for exercise and the time needed to prepare your meals in advance if you need to take them to work . Make lists for shopping, don't just hit the supermarket with a vague idea of what you will need for your weight loss goal. Cook in bulk and freeze the rest in small portions.


3. When Are You Eating?

Stop eating two to three hours before bedtime. Calories consumed late in the day stay around to be converted to fat because your metabolism decreases later in the day. Your body is preparing for rest, not digestion.


Things to Avoid:

As a general rule stick to the outer aisles in the supermarket where the fresh produce is displayed. Avoid the aisles with packaged and processed foods. It goes without saying to avoid sugar and sugar related products (try fruit instead). If in doubt just cut out the white stuff, sugar, white bread, white rice, potatoes etc. Dairy products can be very high in fat so try the reduced fat variety. I personally find this tastes better than the no fat variety and is more satisfying so you aren't looking for more in another half an hour.

Alcohol is also best avoided as this is normally quite high in calories and can lead to dehydration.



Try and keep the quantities down to between 200-300 calories per meal, slightly more for men or if you are very active.

Frequency: Eat these small meals 5 times a day, approximately every 3 hours. Do not skip a meal and try not to eat after 7pm in the evening. The frequency of meals will stop you from feeling hungry and ease you toward your weight loss goal. Dehydration: Drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least 8 glasses . Don't wait until you are thirsty as this means that you are dehydrated. This will help to keep your energy levels up and also eliminate toxins which can make you feel sluggish and tired.


Tricking your Metabolism:

Eat 5 small meals of around 200-300 calories for 3 days then on the fourth day increase your calorie intake slightly for each meal . This will stop your body going into starvation mode and lowering your metabolism to suit the reduced intake.

Buddy: Why not get a friend or partner to join you on your new health and weight loss regime. This makes exercise more fun and helps you stay on target. Attitude: I repeat this step as it's key to the success of your program. Continue to work towards a goal taking small steps if necessary. Many people have done this, you can too. By using these tips you should achieve gradual and healthy weight loss without feeling deprived or hungry.


Struggling with Weight Gain? Tried every diet out there? Here's where I finally found the program that inspires and works for life . Janet Dunmore Northampton UK. Reformed serial dieter.

Reach Your Weight Loss Goals: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Simply changing your eating habits is often the key to reaching your weight loss goals. Ask yourself who, what, when, where, and why questions about your eating habits and listen carefully to the answers. See if you can identify clues that will help you make necessary lifestyle changes.


1. Who Are You Eating With?

Do you find that you tend to overeat or make bad food choices when you are around certain people or at social events? Have a strategy. Rehearse in your mind exactly what you will do in these situations. Remind yourself several times a day that you are in charge of your actions. It's okay to choose not to be around certain people or attend certain social events. It's okay to say no thank you and decline an invitation. You are in control of you. If someone will not support your efforts then remove yourself from their association for the necessary amount of time you need to reach your goals.


2. Where Are You Eating?

Too often we eat mindlessly, while we are watching television, driving in the car, while we are cooking, talking on the phone etc. It is during these times that we intake calories with no regard or recognition and inevitably put on unwanted weight. Sit down and eat at the table only.


4. How and What Are You Eating?

Don't eat so fast. Sometimes we eat so fast, ingesting huge amounts of calories in a short period of time, that we have barely tasted the food, let alone enjoyed it. These calories are turned into unwanted body fat. Chew your food slowly, taste it, make it a habit and give yourself a chance to feel full. It takes about 20 minutes for your body to send a message to your brain that you are full. Put your fork down between bites. Take a break. Drink some water.


5. Why Are You Eating?

Sometimes we think we are hungry when we are really just thirsty. Drink some water first. If you are eating out of boredom, find a hobby or an interest that gets you out of the house. To kill a craving or binge, wait 5 to 10 minutes before putting something into your mouth. This may be all you need to get through. If you are eating late in the evening -- especially when you are not even hungry, choose to stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime every night. Chew some gum, brush your teeth, turn off the lights and stay out of the kitchen to remind yourself that you are finished eating for the day.Taking the time to think about who, what, when, where, and why you eat helps you to identify current habits that need to be replaced with better habits in order to reach and maintain your target weight.


Shelly Crawford is Senior Vice President of Weight Loss Partners LLC, a motivational and accountability company pertaining to long term weight management. Weight Loss Partners stresses a team approach to weight loss with the goal of building a foundation for living a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Visit Weight Loss Partners at and subscribe to receive a complimentary tip every week.


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