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Surprising Weight Loss Tips

A recent study shows that people who drink diet soda on a daily basis are more likely to gain weight, over a ten year period, than those who drink no soda at all. Clearly, the concept of 'diet' soda - soda with little or no sugar, fat or calories - is backfiring. If diet soda actually makes you fatter, could the same be true of other 'diet' products?

In one way, these studies may be skewed.

Actually, this does seem to be the case. Other studies show that 'lite' products - products specially formulated to be lower in fat and calories - also do not cause weight loss in the long term. In fact, some studies suggest that they cause you to gain weight. Why might this be true?


On the other hand, some experts feel that these products do actually 'backfire' and do cause weight gain - not loss - in the long term. Here are the main reasons why they might do so -

First, these products may lull you into a false sense of security. Studies show that if people drink diet soda instead or regular soda or alcoholic beverages, they tend to more than make up for the calories they have 'saved' by simply eating more. Over time, of course, the reduced calories from the diet drink is more than made up for by the fact that you've eaten more food.


The same is true for diet and 'lite' snacks - because they are designed to be low fat or low calorie, we tend to eat more at other meals if we have already eaten 'diet' foods that day. It's almost as though people feel they have 'done' their weight loss regimen just by buying and eating these foods. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Though these foods may well be lower in fat and calories, they still take their toll - often without adding much to your daily nutrition.


The other reason why people tend to eat more of these 'diet' products is that they are less satisfying than other foods. As a result, we eat more of them than we would of a similar product if it were full calorie. For one thing, a diet cookie or chip is usually smaller than an equivalent product were it full-calorie. So, relying on the fat that it is a 'diet' product, we just eat more of them to feel satisfied. This may also be due to the fact that people who are buying these products are already on a restricted diet. If your diet is restricted and boring, you may well be tempted to overindulge on foods that are 'good' or that are 'allowed' according to your eating plan.


So, all things considered, one good piece of diet and weight loss advice is, ironically enough, to avoid 'diet' foods. Of course, there are exceptions - now and then, for example, a 'diet' chocolate bar from weight watchers may get you through a craving without doing too much damage. Over time, however, if you make a habit of eating mainly diet foods, you aren't doing yourself any favors. That brings us down to the question of what is good diet advice - what should you be eating to lose weight? One easy rule to follow is to eat food that is as close as possible to its natural form - food that has been minimally processed, if at all.


You might also want to reduce the amount that you eat. Eat what you like, in other words, but reduce the amount by 25% or so. If you eat at a restaurant, share an entrée, or have the waiter put half of it in a take away container for you. At home, get some smaller plates, to give yourself the illusion of having eaten more than you really have. Follow these simple tips for long term weight loss.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


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Weight Loss with Traditional Foods


Many of us think back fondly to times we cannot possibly remember - times and places when voluptuous, even hefty, women were glorified, when a few extra pounds was a sign of beauty rather than a problem to be dealt with . It is a fact that, even today, there are some societies that have quite a different idea about weight gain than we do - especially for women. And there are quite a few reasons why this sort of thinking might not actually be misguided. For a start, women with a few extra pounds - not obese, mind you, just with some meat on their bones - are more fertile than very thin women. Also, a very thin woman might not be able, in a traditional society, to feed her child adequately.


Plastic Surgery Cases - In an industry where you are judged primarily on your looks and your age, plastic surgery is almost mandatory for any age group. It’s becoming just as important in the corporate world, too. Artists and executives are more likely to get hired if they appear young, trim and attractive. A nip here, a tuck there and you’re good to go.


On the other hand, it's also true that few if any traditional societies had the problem with weight that we do.


Because human ideas of attractiveness follow necessity, it's natural that very thin women would not have been considered the most desirable in traditional societies. In fact, it's only in a society full of excess, such as ours, that thinness becomes the desired goal.

That's because the food we eat today - while less nutritious than the food our predecessors ate - is also far more plentiful. To put yourself back in the mindset - and the body type - that typified our ancestors, try following a traditional diet.


It takes a bit of willpower - more than just a bit, actually. But not because you are about to starve yourself or cut out whole food groups. On the contrary - the traditional meals that you will eat are hearty and satisfying. Where the will power comes in, though, is in ignoring most if not all of the food messages that are coming at you through advertising and from the packaged foods in your grocery store. The basic idea is to ignore anything that has a brand name on it. Of course, that's easier said than done.


So what do you eat, then? Well, if you choose to follow the Medieval Peasant Diet, for example, what you do is to pick a staple food and stick to it, more or less day in and day out. On special occasions, you can vary from your staple diet - for example, you can enjoy a restaurant meal now and then, say once a month or so - but for the most part, you stick to your staple diet. A medieval peasant in Europe would have lived, for the most part, on a type of stew or porridge whose main ingredient was beans or peas. A pot of this stew was kept on the back of the stove at all times, and added to as needed. The main ingredients of the stew never varied, but sometimes bits of meat of vegetables in season would be added.


And basically, that was it. The medieval peasant would typically eat just one main meal a day, and that would consist of ample helpings of the stew, along with some bread and ale. At other times of the day, people might eat a piece of bread and a mug of ale, or maybe some fruit when it was in season. And once in a while, like on a special feast day or holy day (which occurred rather frequently in Medieval Europe - once or twice a month at least) people would eat - and drink - more than that. There might be roasts of meat, for example, or cakes. But these things were not a part of the day-to-day diet.


On the one hand, the Medieval Peasant Diet would probably not pass muster with today's nutritionists. It seems a bit low on certain nutrients, such as vitamins that come from fruits and vegetables. We should remember that today's soil is very depleted compared to soil in the middle ages, so we probably need to eat more fruits and vegetables than they did. That's something to keep in mind if you want to follow this diet for the long term.


On the other hand, keep in mind that this sort of diet - with local variations - sustained humankind for the vast majority of their history. With the exception of nobility (who, incidentally, were the only people susceptible to modern diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and tooth decay until very recently) this diet kept people healthy - and slim - for millennia.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


Affirmations for Weight Loss

Affirmations are a mainstay of New Age philosophy. In fact, Louse Hay's book "You can Heal your Life", which has many affirmations that purportedly have allowed people to transform their lives through affirmations and visualization, gives us a powerful tool in the quest for weight loss. Affirmations, whether you believe in them or not, really seem to work. What are affirmations? They are simple statements that you repeat to yourself, out loud, looking in a mirror if possible. They are present tense statements starting with "I" - for example, "I lose weight quickly and effortlessly". Over time, they tend to 'come true' with amazing frequency.

Be prepared to feel a bit silly at first - even a bit 'fake', if you like.

The trick is to keep on saying them, regardless of how it feels. Fortunately, you don't have to believe in affirmations in order for them to help you lose weight, or change anything else that you need to change about your life. As such, they are very valuable tools. Often, affirmations can help you get over a mental block, and accelerate or jump start your weight loss.


The mystery, of course, is why they work. Our best guess is that they are similar to hypnosis - except, of course, that you 'hypnotize' yourself, and you stay in control of the entire process. Affirmations probably bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious, which is much more effective at 'getting things done' than the everyday conscious mind. After all, many of our barriers to weight loss also originate in the subconscious mind. The subconscious, therefore, is the only place in which they can be changed and improved.


Beyond that, why affirmations work is anybody's guess. There are many philosophical explanations, to be sure. For example, many people assert that thoughts and beliefs are the most powerful thing in the world, in terms of human motivations, abilities, and actions. There is a famous quote that speaks to that; it is attributed to Henry Ford. The quote is as follows: "Whether you think that you can or that you can't, you're probably right". That is, if you think that you are capable of doing something, you are most likely correct, and you will succeed. If you think you can't, however, you're right again. That belief will stop your from succeeding.


The fact is that most of the reasons for people's weight problems are mental or psychological. They fall into one of two categories, however. Some of us have psychological issues that make it seem safer to carry extra weight. For example, women who have been abused in the past might feel safe, and invisible, if they are overweight. Men don't look at them the same way. The women feel physically bigger, and more able to look after themselves. All that is fine, in a way, but it comes at the expense of one's physical health. If your psychological need to keep weight on is at odds with your need to be physically healthy, something has to change. Something has to 'give', in short. Affirmations can help you over that hump.


The second psychological reason for people's weight problems is less deep, but no less problematic. This cause is the development of bad habits, which are, of course, all too easy to develop given the preponderance of fast food and packaged foods, and the mega-portions of high fat food that most restaurants seem bent on serving us, whether we want them or not. Affirmations are very effective in helping people bread destructive eating habits. For example, you could affirm "I resist unhealthy foods" or "I choose mainly fresh, healthy foods". Chances are, you will soon see results.


These may be subtle at first - you may hesitate before picking up that chocolate bar - but quite quickly, new habits will be formed and you will be able to resist unhealthy foods more strongly. A word of caution, though - affirmations should always be phrased in the positive. Don't say "I don't eat junk food", for example. Phrase them positively - "I eat" or "I choose" - and phrase them in the present tense. That's the best way of making sure that your affirmations will speak to your subconscious mind quickly and effectively, and that you can begin establishing healthier eating habits.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit

Using Visualization for Weight Loss

Visualization is a great way to effect any type of body or lifestyle change, including weight loss. There's how it works - you maintain a clear picture in your head of how you want your body to look, and that sets an unconscious process in motion. You will be more geared toward losing weight, and you will meet your weight loss goals much more quickly.


This is a method that is gaining increased acceptance nowadays, even though mainstream science does not totally understand it yet. It does seem to be a fact, however, that what you concentrate on in your mind seems to 'come true' in terms of your body. In fact, it has been proven that people who 'think about' exercising a certain part of their bodies, even if they don't do anything to actually exercise, succeed in strengthening that part of the body that much faster! Somehow, the thought becomes the reality. This is the principle of visualization, too.


Visualization means that you hold and concentrate on a picture in your mind of how you would like something to be, and it becomes your reality. To visualize losing weight, hold a picture in your mind of your ideal body. If you like, you can use an old photograph, or a magazine picture, to help you visualize. The clearer the picture, the more successful you will be.


Then, spend some time each day thinking of yourself as already having embodied this image - this new, improved you. Over time, this will bring you closer to your weight loss goals by working on your subconscious mind to achieve the desired results. Suddenly, desserts will seem less tempting, and long walks will seem more fun, because of what is in line with the 'set point' you are visualizing. Interestingly, this process seems to work even for people who are very skeptical of it - and who wouldn't be, at least at the beginning? The fact is, it's very hard to believe that what we think can affect reality in any way.


Thoughts and concrete reality seem very different from one another. Yet, in every study of visualization that has been done, the results are pretty clear - what you visualize has a greater possibility of happening, and the more detailed your visualization is, the greater your chances of success in this and other ventures. The truth is, though, that no one is sure exactly why this works - it just does. It may be that visualization sends a message to your subconscious mind, in much the same way that meditation or hypnosis does. It is this message that has all the power - it can make us succeed of fail in anything that we are attempting.


So the thing to do, once you've come up with a clear vision (from a picture, or just in your mind) of you at your desired weight, is to tell yourself that this is the body you already have, today, right now. Always phrase affirmations and visualization in the present tense: "I am" rather than "I will". The subconscious mind only understand the present. The more that you repeat this message (out loud is best), the better it will work. Again, it doesn't even matter whether you believe it or whether you just say it and visualize it. Eventually, the success of the visualization becomes its own proof.


Of course, visualization will in no way make up for actually doing the steps necessary to lose weight. In other words, you can visualize all day long, but if you refuse to give up or limit the ice cream and chips, it will not do you much good. On the other hand, visualization does put you in the right frame of mind so that you can more easily take the right steps toward weight loss. If you visualize, all of those seemingly difficult sacrifices may suddenly become a lot easier. You are clear about what you want, and how to get it. And if you find that visualization did help you lose weight, you are ready to try it in other areas, as well. Many people have found that visualization has helped them transform their work life, for example, or gain financial independence. The possibilities really are endless!


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit

Weight Gain and Weight Loss - the Psychological Ramifications

With roughly the same amount of food being available to all of us in our society, why do some people end up with weight problems while others don't? And moreover, why are some of us able to lose weight and change our lifestyle relatively easily, while others hold onto their excess weight? There are about three different answers to those questions. The first is physical - some of us have a faster metabolism than others. We just burn calories faster, so any weight that we do gain is quickly lost. The second answer is behavioral - this refers to the habits we have picked up over the years. If we have bad eating habits, they can be changed, but until they are, we are likely stuck with any weight that we do gain.


After all, people who are drawn to diet sodas or 'lite' products in the first place are the same people that have significant weight to lose. And this means that they are more likely to have a weight problem, and that they are more likely to gain weight over any given period of time. All that is proven, then, is that the diet and 'lite' products don't work, not that they actually make you gain weight at all.


The third variable is psychological, and it may even be the most powerful determinant for who will be able to lose weight and who won't. Many of us have a psychological basis for our weight gain or weight loss. Until the psychological issues are dealt with, weight loss may well prove impossible. Once the person deals with these issues, however, weight loss may occur quickly and easily, even if you aren't trying to lose weight.


In a sense, it is natural that food and weight might be linked to psychological issues, because food is also linked to childhood and our relationship with our mothers. This is the earliest and most potent psychological reality. Think about what your mother taught you about food. Did she show love by giving you food? Or did she withhold food, out of a concern about weight gain (many mothers in the 1950s and 60s did this, as thinness was considered important). Chances are, the way in which your mother dealt with food has a bearing on how you deal with it and what you feel about it. If your mother used food to show love, you might have a problem dieting or restricting food, because restricting how much you eat makes you feel unloved. On the other hand, if your mother controlled your food intake and you felt the need to rebel against her rules, you might still be rebelling by eating too much - even as an adult!


It can be more complicated than that, though. How do you feel when you think about losing weight? Some of us love the idea before it starts to happen, but when it does, we get scared and start to sabotage are own weight loss plans. The fact is that you may have a vested interest in holding on to your excess weight. It may be doing something for you, in a sense - for example, it may be hiding the 'real you' from the world, and protecting you. For women in particular, carrying excess weight means that they will be less attractive to men, and this can be a way of avoiding relationships.


People who have experienced abuse in the past may use this as a way of hiding. On the other hand, people might also want to hold on to weight (on a subconscious level, of course) because the world seems like a dangerous place, and they are afraid of getting swept away. Having excess weight on your body makes you bigger, literally; you may feel better equipped ot deal with the dangers of the world if you are heavier.


Most of these fears and desires take place on a subconscious level only. What you are consciously experiencing is a lot different - you might think that your are really trying to lose weight, but not succeeding. You might even conclude that you 'can't' lose weight, for whatever reason. In many cases, just recognizing that you have a psychological basis of your weight gain may be enough for you to let go of it. You can make the shift, and the weight will suddenly start to come off easily, even spontaneously.


On the other hand, you may not be able to get past these issues on your own, especially if they have to do with the past - with a history of abuse, for example. You may need to seek counseling in that case, and though this can be challenging work, the end result is always worth it - not just weight loss, but regaining a positive sense of self.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


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