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You're Being Lied To About Weight Loss

Well, here it is, late night TV and I'm flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch. As I'm surfing the tube, I notice a huge amount of weight loss infomercials. And you know what, most of them literally make me sick to my stomach. Not because I despise TV, but because I can't stand it when companies blatantly lie to unsuspecting consumers and make MILLIONS in the process doing it.

It sure wasn't from an "Ab-Crunch-Whatever-You-Call-It", you know, the machine you use for 3 minutes while watching TV and are supposed to lose 20 pounds in a week.

But as I continue to promote the truth about weight loss with my personal training business and my fitness website, the truth is muddled in the sea of confusion that's created by companies throwing weight loss solutions at consumers 24/7. The companies pushing these bogus products will continue to make millions as I continue to fight an uphill battle, trying to shed some light for people as to what it really takes to lose weight and get in shape.


Am I bitter that these companies are making millions?


Am I bitter that they're doing it at the expense of people who really are unsure of the best way to go about losing weight and getting their health back?



I know firsthand what it really takes to lose a lot of weight and get in great shape. And not once was it from an "Ab Stimulator Belt" you wear at work or from a "Fat-Loss Patch" you place on your arm. Nor was it from a "Magic Juice Drink" you sip for 2 days straight while not eating another morsel of food. And now that I think about it, it also wasn't from Coral Calcium or Metabo-Super-Fat-Burning-and-Crime-Fighting Pills.


But as I continue to watch these commercials like a deer caught in the headlights, I almost fall for the best marketing money can buy--the "pictures-never-lie" testimonials. You know, the old "before and after" photos (as hard as I looked, I couldn't see the airbrushing). Hey, if it's in a picture, its gotta be true!


And right before I catch myself reaching for the phone to order (chuckle, chuckle) I ask myself "Why is it these types of commercials clutter the TV mostly at night or on Saturday morning?" Is that when the most gullible tend to watch a lot of these blatant lies and scam products being peddled to them? Who knows, but Letterman is on and I need to change the channel before I get any sicker to my stomach.


Visit Shawn LeBrun Fitness, a website where no magic potions or miracle pills exist. Just the plain old fitness truth. While there, check out one of his fitness solutions to help you gain muscle mass or lose body fat. Shawn Lebrun



We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


Alcoholic Drinks And Its Effect on Your Weight Loss Program


"I'll just have a little..."

If you are not careful, this little phrase can be an absolute killer for your weight loss plans during this holiday season. And I'm not just talking about the food. The hidden danger is in all the alcoholic drinks and cocktails that's being offered to you. Yes, those party drinks can do more harm other than just getting you intoxicated and embarassingly uninhibited!


Did you know that these drinks contain an incredible number of calories?

In fact, alcohol is the number two most energy-dense food, losing out only to fat. Fat has 9 calories per gram, and alcohol comes in a close second at a whopping 7 calories per gram. What this means is that each alcoholic drink you consume will cause you to take in an alarmingly high number of calories.


Here's a sample of some of the more popular drinks, together with their calorie counts...

1 glass of Bailey's lrish Cream - 468 calories 1 glass of Margarita - 453 calories 1 glass of Martini - 413 calories 1 glass of Pina Colada - 297 calories 1 glass of Vodka Cranberry - 250 calories 1 glass of Rum & cola - 240 calories 1 glass of Screwdriver - 200 calories 1 mug of beer - 150 calories 1 glass of white wine - 120 calories 1 tequila shot - 100 calories


To put those calorie counts into perspective, I'd like to just point out that 2 glasses of Margaritas would have given you about _half_ of your daily calories requirements. Yes, 50% from just 2 drinks. And we have not even included the calories from the food, nuts and snacks yet! Once we add those in, can you see how easy it is for you to go over the daily calorie requirements, and start piling on the pounds?


- Fill up your glass with lots of ice cubes. You'll not only get a nice cold drink, the water from the melted ice has zero calories too.

- Use soda water to dilute your drink. This helps to fill you up quicker, and it means you won't get tipsy too quickly.

- And probably the most important tip... Do not use the alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst. Remember, you should be drinking these party drinks for fun. After the heavy meal or when you had too much salty snacks, go drink a big glass of water first to quench your thirst. Water works better for this, and it has zero calories! I hope you have loads of fun... and Happy Holidays!


Tracy Lee is the owner of the "Weight Loss for Women Over 40" site. Get the latest news, tips & tricks & your FREE Special Report "9 Little-Known Insider Weight Loss Secrets To Help Women Over 40 Make Those Extra Pounds Disappear":


Celebrity Weight Loss - How You Can Use The Diet And Weight Loss Programs Of The Stars

Why is it that celebrities always seem to be thinner, sexier and more beautiful that us? What weight loss secrets do they use to get that way? Is it a diet, a diet pill, Weight Watchers, or what? It seems that if we could only get the inside information on the new celebrity weight loss program or weight loss pill, then we'd be almost guaranteed to experience fast weight loss of our own.


Now, this doesn't mean that you should stay away from the alcoholic drinks. It's just that when you drink, you should keep in mind the huge amount of calories in the drinks. I want you to have fun this holiday. So, if you are the sort that enjoys a drink of two at your parties, I want to leave you with a couple of useful tips to help to reduce the "guilt factor".


Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Denise Richards, Janet Jackson, Daryl Hannah, Whitney Houston, Kirstie Alley and many other celebrities have all been in the news lately because of their own personal weight issues. This article looks at what weight loss strategies have worked for these and other celebrities, and how we can apply these same tactics to our own situation.


* Most Celebrities Are Thinner Than Us:

Despite the few celebrity weight loss failures, there's no denying that most celebrities look better than we do. Models, for example, are 23 percent leaner than the average (source: Perhaps their trim appearance is part of the reason why we, as a nation, have such a fascination with the celebrity lifestyle.


Indeed, we typically reward and idolize the more slender celebrities. Just a quick look at People Magazine's list of the '50 Most Beautiful People 2005' reveals that only the lean made the list. People's 'Most Beautiful Women of 2005' list reveals the same thing - celebrities (at least the popular ones) are more thin than we are.


Even when we do find a celebrity that doesn't look like a stick figure, invariably we find that they have recently lost some weight. "No longer a crash dieter, Oprah Winfrey.....who at her heaviest was 237 lbs., has been eating right, sticking to lean protein and hitting the gym as she aims for her "safe zone" in the 150-lb. range. "Maybe for the first time, she's doing it for all the right reasons," says trainer Bob Greene of the talk-show queen's workouts (source:


* How Do They Do It?

Even though celebrities do make diet and nutrition mistakes, the majority of them are still thinner than us. So how do the stars achieve quick weight loss when we battle and fight just to lose a few pounds? Is there some secret weight loss product or weight loss plan they're keeping hidden from us?


The secret is that there is no secret. Celebrities try the same diets we have, including the South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, the Atkins Diet and countless others. There is no mysterious diet plan or diet product that works for every celebrity all the time, just as there is no such plan that will work for every one of us. Celebrities that are successful in achieving a healthy weight loss generally do so with a nutritious weight loss diet and regular exercise.


Take a look at these examples:

"I think Oprah Winfrey wins the weight battle of 2004 -- she looks fabulous.....Look at her, she's never looked better. She's been skinnier -- that's true -- but she's never looked better." "Oprah should set the standard for Hollywood weight loss," Paula says. "She's been very open about it. She's been up, she's been down, she's been wide, she's been skinny." She continues: "She didn't do the surgery and she doesn't really do the fad diets. She eats healthy, she has a personal trainer and she works really hard at it" (source:


Denise Richards put on 30 lbs. while carrying Lola (born June 1), but Richards had a secret weight-loss weapon: "It's called the Stress Diet," she says, half-joking, - and alluding to having filed for divorce (from Charlie Sheen) in her sixth month of pregnancy. But mostly she can thank her work with trainer Garrett Warren: She's been kickboxing and doing abdominal exercises four to six times weekly - and adhering to a portion-controlled diet (source: "All eyes were on the miraculous weight loss of Hollywood in 2004," Paula says. "But there's no real miracle about it, it's exercise, it's eating right and sometimes -- it's surgery!"



* Why Does It Work For Them And Not For Us?

It's no surprise that eating the right foods and exercising regularly will help us achieve our ideal weight. So why is it that celebrities seem to have so much more success than we do? There are three reasons why the stars lose weight faster than the average American: 1) Celebrities have more time than we do. 2) Celebrities have more money than we do. 3) Celebrities have a bigger incentive to stay fit and trim.


Although they do work long hours while touring or filming, there's no denying that the stars have more disposable time than we do. When you're rich enough to hire a nanny, a driver, a personal chef and many other assistants to take over the time-consuming tasks of life for you, it's easy to find more time to exercise.


"Singer Jessica Simpson started a new exercise routine to get in shape for her role as Daisy Duke in the upcoming Dukes of Hazard movie. Her workout includes two HOURS a day of squats and lunges and has motivated her to create a new workout video. "I have a white-girl bootie, so I'm doing all my squats to lift it a little bit and get some junk in my trunk," says Jessica (source:

"Usher's been workin' on his abs since he was 16, but claims that it's all because of good genes.....hard work and being disciplined - oh yeah, and 1,000 CRUNCHES a day.


Usher also has a daily routine he calls "forty minutes of funk" which includes stretchin', skippin' and jumping jacks. Then he moves onto push-ups, leg raises and tricep dips.....can you say fitness freak!" (source: Not only do celebrities have the time to exercise for hours on end, but they typically have the money to hire the absolute best weight loss support team. Julia Roberts, for example, earns an estimated $25,000,000 each year. Cameron Diaz earns $20,000,000 annually.


Angelina Jolie pulls down about $12,000,000 each year and Reese Witherspoon gets a $15,000,000 yearly paycheck (source: With that much cash on hand, the stars can easily afford to hire the best personal trainers, the best nutritionists, the best dietitians and the best personal chefs. "Celebrities also have the luxury of personal trainers and nutritionists to help them with rigorous diet regimes" (source:


With a personal chef to prepare every meal, celebrities find it easier to follow a low fat diet. A registered dietitian in the house makes it easy for stars to get a unique diet recipe or any other weight loss information they want. Simply put, having the salary of a celebrity makes it easier to lose weight.


Indeed, it's that same high salary that gives celebrities their incredible incentive to stay slender. The blunt truth of the matter is that Hollywood and the entertainment industry is not kind to overweight stars, often shunning them in favor of 'thin beauty'. Celebrities see a very real connection between their weight and their earnings power, which gives them the motivation they need to keep trying when many others would give up.


Statistics show that approximately two-thirds of Americans are overweight. Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that 80 percent of overweight individuals and almost 87 percent of obese individuals are trying to lose or maintain their weight. As a nation, we're trying to win the battle of the bulge, but we often lack the motivation to consistently exercise and eat right. How much easier would that struggle be if there were a $25,000,000 prize waiting for us when we reached our goal weight?


* How We Can Use The Diet And Weight Loss Programs Of The Stars:

Although most Americans can't afford the same support staff hired by the celebrities, we can learn from their success and use that information to achieve our own health and fitness goals. Here's what we can do to copy the weight control tactics of celebrities:

1) Find an exercise program that takes less time.

2) Search for free diet information and free weight loss information.

3) Earn and keep more money by losing weight.


First of all, it's time to face reality that most of us will never have hours each day to dedicate to exercise like the celebrities do. That's not an excuse to quit! Instead, find an exercise routine that will get results in a shorter period of time. A great example is circuit training, where you get aerobic and resistance exercise at the same time. By combining these two types of workout into one, it's entirely possible to get real fat loss results in only thirty minutes each day.


Some time-strapped celebrities use circuit training to achieve their fitness goals. Matthew McConaughey, for example, ".....was circuit training - combining cardiovascular exercise with muscle-strengthening moves....." (source: STAR Magazine 11-14-05). Circuit training works, especially for those of us short on time. As an example, consider Pick Up The Pace 30-Minute Workout For Women. This is a health club that offers hydraulic circuit training and has seen gym members accomplish incredible results. As reported on their website, member Minnie lost 10.5 inches during the month of February 2005. Vymell C. lost 9.5 inches the same month.


The site also reports that Betty K. joined Pick Up The Pace in January, 2003. By September, 2004 she had lost 50 inches, and dropped from a size 18 to an 8. Stacie Y. lost 68 pounds, 54 1/4 inches, and dropped 6 sizes. The next thing we can do to mimic celebrity weight loss success is find free diet information and free weight loss information. The truth about health and fitness is out there, and much of it is free.


Finally, we can copy celebrity weight loss by giving ourselves a real cash incentive to lose weight. While we probably won't ever hit that $25,000,000 payday, we can earn and keep more money by losing weight. It's true! Losing weight will help us earn and save more money. "Studies have consistently shown that obese employees are paid less than normal-weight employees doing similar jobs" (source:


A comprehensive study of wages in 1998 found that obese workers earn significantly less than than non-obese employees. How much less? About $3.41 per hour! This discrepancy was found only in those workers who had employer-sponsored health insurance, perhaps suggesting that the higher costs of insuring obese individuals was being passed on to the employees themselves. (Source: Bundorf and co-author Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at the Center for Health Policy/Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research).


So it's possible that losing weight could eventually add substantially to our paycheck! But did you know that losing weight may also lower the amount of money we personally pay out in medical costs? According to a study published in Health Affairs recently, obese Americans pay $732 more for health care each year than do normal-weight adults. Is that as much as a celebrity earns each year? Of course not - but it is a cash incentive for us to lose weight! Celebrities will always have the advantage when it comes to weight loss. But with some extra effort we can achieve the same results!


* Tracie Johanson is the founder of Pick Up The Pace, a 30-minute exercise studio for women, focusing on fitness, health and nutrition for maximum weight loss. Please visit for more information.

Treadmill Walking for Weight Loss

Only about 20 percent of the U.S. population engages in some type of physical activity on a regular basis, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturer Association International (SGMA). That leaves approximately 80 percent of the U.S. population living predominantly sedentary lifestyles!


These sedentary lifestyles have produced a high number of adults who are overweight or obese. To be more precise, around 65 percent of U.S. adults weigh too much, according to the "results from the 1999-2002 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey" conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics. If you're one who is sporting some extra body fat, there IS a solution! BECOME MORE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE!


In order to lose fat and pounds, you must burn more calories than you consume! Now, if you've never exercised, you certainly do not want to try to go out and run a marathon! But, an exercise that just about anyone can engage that is relatively safe and requires no special walking!


3. Take someone with you who you can trust to be on your side. By "on your side", I mean, of course, someone who understands and supports your weight loss goals. While this person should be aware of what you are trying to accomplish, YOU must understand that they ARE trying to help you, and YOU must give them permission to express their honest thoughts about purchases you are making...especially if you are deviating from your list.


Walking is a great way to rid your body of fat tissue and to build muscle mass. It is a low-impact exercise, with minimal risk of injury. And, when done regularly, it improves cardiovascular health, as well as endurance. David A. Rives, in Walk Yourself Thin, is a formerly overweight individual who walked his way to a leaner, fitter body. He discovered from his own personal experience that increasing one's level of activity to over-compensate for the number of calories consumed each day can lead to loss of excess fat.


How long and how far should you walk? Rives says that you should walk just as fast and as long as you comfortably can each day, if you're striving to replace fat with lean, muscle tissue. As you become fitter, you'll be able to walk faster, longer, and farther.


Treadmill Walking

Of course, where you walk is entirely up to you! However, there are many benefits to walking on a treadmill. When you walk outdoors, you're at the mercy of Mother Nature. Let's face it! Sometimes, she doesn't cooperate, and the weather conditions can be less than ideal for walking outdoors. On those days, you either brave the weather, or you simply don't go out to walk!


If you get your daily walks done on a treadmill, however, you don't have to miss a workout! You may walk in a comfortable, controlled environment, any time of day or night! Now, how convenient is that? When you walk on a treadmill, you have no obstacles to watch out for, to walk around, or to trip over. Thus, your chances of injury are reduced. And, treadmill walking is relatively simple to do!


Treadmills typically have display windows that show your speed, incline level, intensity level, as well as the length of time you've spent on the treadmill and the distance you've traveled. These displays allow you to monitor your workouts more closely. Most decent treadmills today have pre-programmed workouts, with various workout levels from which to choose. This makes the treadmill perfect for beginning walkers up to advanced walkers.You get a more consistent, low-impact workout on a treadmill.



Whether you have only a few pounds of fat to lose, or you have lots of extra fat to shed, walking is a safe, healthy way to get in shape. Treadmill walking is simple, convenient, consistent, and sensible!


Fred Waters worked in the treadmill industry for a number of years. Get his insider perspective on over 75 treadmills at

10 Tips For Shopping For Weight Loss

Everybody is different. What works for your friend might not work for you, or might work better for you. Therefore, these suggestions for shopping for weight loss are presented as helps, and I hope you will find something of use to you. With just a little thought and creativity, you should be able to come up with several more tips yourself.


1. Always use a list when you shop, and stick to it. Almost any other food item you put in the buggy will be something that does NOT fit in to your weight loss plan.


2. Plan ahead. Decide what your meals are going to be, and what ingredients you will need. Include portion sizes in this planning. If you just buy a pack of steaks, you will probably cook all those steaks at once and there is a chance they may be eaten all at once. Planning your meals will help you prepare your shopping list. Plan also for meals such as lunches you carry to work.


4. Have this trusted friend or family member HELP you draw up your shopping list.


5. Always eat before shopping. It is a fact that shopping when hungry increases your tendency to put extra items in your shopping cart.


6. Learn to read the labels. Almost every food you buy has a label outlining nutritional content and levels. Knowledge of nutritional needs is important, but does not need to be daunting. Basic information is easy to obtain.


7. Avoid convenience foods. Most have additional calories, fats, or carbohydrates. Although they may taste great, this is often a direct result of those very attributes.


8. Plan PREPARED meals. Cook from scratch. Not only will you probably enjoy the meals more, but having to prepare a meal helps prevent you from indulging yourself with a quick and easy snack or meal.


9. Avoid buying "empty" foods. These are foods such as chips, cookies, or candy. An apple may have as many calories as a piece of candy, but it contains a much higher level of nutrition, and provides factors such as fiber, for example.


10. Buy foods you really like. Eating in a healthy manner does NOT have to be a boring or unrewarding experience. Types of meals enjoyed in Japan, for example, can be tasty and a different and inviting experience, but they can also be very good for you. Again, be aware of portion sizes. Just because it is "good for you" doesn't mean you ought to go back for seconds or thirds.


There you are, 10 hints for shopping for weight loss. Since portion sizes was mentioned twice, let me leave you with this thought. Most Americans eat portions much larger than recommended sizes. A discussion of portion size is more than can be incorporated into this small article. However, people in France tend to eat very rich foods yet do not have the obesity problems found in America. People in Japan who eat a traditional Japanese diet tend not to have an obesity problem such as is found in America. As diverse as these two cultures and their diet are, a common factor is portion size. They typically eat much smaller portions than Americans.


The author's interest in fitness and health began in 1970 when he first read Dr. Kenneth Cooper's "Aerobics". Find more weight loss tips at . You can find additional articles on fitness, health, and weight loss at


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Fake Weight Loss - Good intentions for weight loss are wonderful. Like a whole lot of folks, I swore I would start to exercise more, go on a diet, and lose those extra pesky pounds for good. Months later, I'm still deciding on the 'best' diet for me, and paying the monthly gym dues for visits that I am 'just about' to get around to.


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