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Weight Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Herbal Weight Loss

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no magical overnight pill which will shed those stubborn pounds. Having said that, there are a number of organic materials which might be more effective than you would think. Yes, that's right, many dieters across the world have chosen to go with a herbal weight loss programme, to great results. There are certain types of herbs which manage to effectively suppress the appetite and leave the body feeling fuller on less calories. That way, you aren't tempted to eat as much, as so you ultimately lose weight through going about your daily life. Some herbs contain natural stimulants which help keep you active and off that sofa, whilst some suppress the appetite for those who find their sweet tooth so hard to ignore.

If you don't mind the spicy, try cayenne with your meals, which helps speed up the metabolism and increase heart rate safely to get you burning those calories without lifting a finger.

Another good herb to try is seaweed, which is great for clearing the toxins in the bloodstream, and is also a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals to help the body remain fit and healthy. Also, why not try green tea as a healthy stimulant with a high vitamin C content to get you up and moving and keep your insides gleaming?


If your looking for particular herbs to avoid, you should pay particular attention to herbal laxatives which can cause serious problems for the bowel and the digestive system if used on a frequent basis. Also avoid ephedra which has been proven to increase blood pressure to a dangerously high level and have a negative impact on the central nervous system.


As long as you take care to avoid dangerous substances, herbal weight loss is a highly effective natural method for slimming down. If you are unsure about what herbs are safe to consume, check online for a brief run down, or consult your physician for more information. He will be capable of explaining the risks and benefits of certain herbs, and will be able to make recommendations based on your general state of health and wellbeing. It is always a good idea to visit your doctor before embarking on any weight loss measures, so this would be a good opportunity to air any concerns you may have, and suppress any anxieties about your weight or the dietary methods you are considering.


Clive Jenkins recommends the Zone Diet Delivery website which provides comprehensive information on Zone Diets and many aspects of weight loss. To find articles, tips and free information and advice check out the site here:


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


The Benefits Of Natural Weight Loss


With so many people today determined to lose weight without compromising their health, it's no wonder there are an abundance of natural weight loss diets and programmes out there. A simple Google search will turn up millions of results, as the world moves towards a slimmer, more healthy place. And it's always been the same. Luckily, you can effectively lose weight without the diet pills and synthetic appetite suppressants, and natural weight loss is far more effective for most dieters anyway.


Weight Gain - If you have tried all the fad diets with little success, why not try something that has worked for a couple of thousand years, acupuncture for weight loss. You might disagree, but hear me out on this; if the same old stuff isn't working, why not try something new that pushes the envelope a bit.


If you’re out to lose weight quickly, with long lasting guaranteed results, then you should strive to increase your metabolic rate.


The best idea for natural weight loss is to increase the rate of the metabolism. The problem with many of the fashionable diets is that they restrict the amount of food the dieter can eat, which will actually slow the metabolism and eventually result in the gradual re-gaining of any weight lost. If you increase the rate of your metabolism, you will lose fat permanently, and become far leaner as a consequence.


Exercising constantly on a restrictive diet actually uses the protein from the diet rather than fat. It also means that the majority of weight lost will be water loss, which can confuse many dieters. Before reducing calories, the key is to increase the metabolism, which will constantly increase the rate at which the food you eat is converted into energy, meaning less storage as fat and in increase in energy for your leaner body. Increasing the metabolism also allows for the proteins to be put to use in building and maintaining muscle, which is again the goal for many dieters. With this simple form of natural weight loss, you will find yourself less restricted, whilst still losing pounds and inches from your weight loss. This is by far the best method to shift those stubborn fatty deposits and work on your way to a slimmer self.


So how do you go about increasing your metabolic rate? The best way to start is by eating smaller portions more often. Rather than eating three large meals a day, it is far better for weight loss to eat five smaller meals. Even without exercise, you'll soon find that this actually helps you lose weight, simply through eating more often. Of course, it’s no good if you shift from three large meals a day to five large meals a day, and by the same token there’s no point in loading up with extra helpings of pizza or chips. If you stick to a healthy balanced diet and eat regularly, you’ll find you’re more active, have more energy and lose weight.


After sticking to this natural weight loss method, you can then start to decrease your calorie content and step up to some light exercise to help shed those pounds even quicker. That way you'll be making sure your body gets all the good stuff it needs to stay healthy, whilst still managing to fit those tight jeans. If you think about it, and stick rigidly to your five meals a day, you can lose weight the natural way and end up looking great and feeling fabulous.


Clive Jenkins recommends the Zone Diet Delivery website which provides comprehensive information on Zone Diets and many aspects of weight loss. To find articles, tips and free information and advice check out the site here:

Why You Must Use A Safe Weight Loss Programme

If you're concerned about your weight or appearance, and you're determined to shed those pounds there are literally hundreds of thousands of programmes available online, in any book shop, and in any video store. There are so many people just itching to lose weight, and there are so many crooks with fad diets just waiting to steal your money. Before forking out for one of these diet plans, think about what the programme involves and consider whether it is a safe weight loss programme for you and your body.

Any safe weight loss programme will promote light to moderate exercise with calorie limitations.

This is the only safe weight loss method, and is by far the most natural way to lose extra pounds. Although there are a number of fasting methods and miracle pills, the best way to permanently lose weight is through natural, safe weight loss measures, which unfortunately involve diet and exercise. To lose weight it is important to stick rigidly to your programme, and in the long term you will benefit from a permanent leaner body.


It is important to remain realistic in your goals. You should aim to lose only a couple of pounds every week, with anything more potentially dangerous to your body. Although many diets will claim to lose you 14 pounds in 3 days, or some equally ridiculous target, consider that it is firstly only possible to lose half a pound of weight a day, with any additional loss coming from water lost through perspiration. Additionally, consider that each pound of fat equates to a calorie content of approximately 3000 calories, making losing that amount of weight a very hard task indeed. Weight loss requires hard work and dedication to succeed. Those who see the best results are consistently the most determined, so it pays to stick at it.


Try structuring your diet to include more fruit and more vegetables. The calories from fruit and veg are significantly better for the body, in that they are used quickly, so don’t tend to linger as fat. They give you a real burst of healthy energy to leave you feeling more energetic and ultimately healthier. Consider coupling a healthier diet with some exercise, like walking, which not only helps you shed the inches but is also very good for your heart, and helps curb the impact of aging.


Nobody every said with a straight face that weight loss is easy. If the do, it's probably not worth the money, but I can assure you if your stick to a healthy lifestyle, safe weight loss programme, the pounds will simply melt away. There is no quick fix, but by living your life properly and healthily you can work towards your goal. And you don’t have to cut out luxuries all together. If you like chocolate, go for it. The key is to take everything in moderation to provide the right natural balance to keep your body in harmony, and your body fat at bay.


Clive Jenkins recommends the Detox Diet Plan website which provides comprehensive information on Detox Diets. To find articles, tips and free information and advice check out the site here:

Weight Loss - Think Your Way Thin

Have you tried many diet and exercise programs without success?

Frustration sets in and you want to give up on your weight loss plans. But before you do, you might just be focusing too much on the physical aspect of losing weight--what you eat and how much you exercise.


Sound ridiculous? Losing weight is all about eating and exercising, right?

Yes, to a certain extent, but unfortunately, concentrating on the physical and ignoring the psychological sabotages weight loss efforts.

Like it or not, emotions and feelings rule our actions. Even when we know the right thing to do, we often make the wrong choice.

Let's face it, everyone knows that a rich and luscious piece of chocolate cake provides only empty calories, but does that stop you from eating it?

Why do you smoke, drink alcohol, use illicit drugs, or engage in any type of self-destructive behavior?


The reason is literally all in your head.

Think about this--when tempted to go to McDonald's and have a Big Mac for lunch, would it help if you had a friend to remind you (kindly, of course) how much you want to lose weight, how much fat and extra calories that meal would contain, and in the end that it really wouldn't be worth it anyway?

Most people would welcome that kind of assistance, maybe begrudgingly at first, but later they would be glad they hadn't downed that diet buster.


Friends wear out fast, though, so why not turn to automated assistance in the form of recordings and software?

Recorded hypnosis can work wonders in changing your motivations and way of thinking. Not familiar with hypnosis? No, you won't be forced to quack like a duck or walk into the street in your underwear.


Nothing could be further from the truth. Think of hypnosis as "zoning in" to your optimal state of functioning. Have you ever been so engrossed in an enjoyable activity that you couldn't think of any else? That is basically what hypnosis achieves. Positive affirmations about weight loss, fear of flying, or smoking make changing these ingrained habits so much easier. Developing new habits doesn't happen at the snap of your fingers, however, so plan a long-range goal of at least several weeks to months.


You might even decide you like listening to the hypnosis recordings so much that you make them part of your daily routine.

If you spend lots of time in front of your computer screen, consider subliminal software to make changes in your habits and way of thinking. Remember when the federal government told movie theater owners they couldn't flash commercials for soft drinks and snacks during films in an attempt to sell more stuff at intermission?


That's because it worked!

Studies have shown that messages lasting just milliseconds shown every few seconds actually create a real and long-lasting effect on the viewer. And the viewer isn't even aware it is being done. Subliminal messages are a painless way to change your mental outlook and eventually your eating habits. No sweating, no eating foods you don't like, and no extra time commitment. Change your mind, change your actions, get a better result!


Kathy Ferneau writes about how focusing on the emotional and psychological sides of diets, healthy eating, and exercise has helped her lose weight. Click here:

Weight Loss Facts And Tips To Make Your Goals Easier

There are many facts associated with weight loss. No matter how much you’d like to believe there is a magic pill or formula for dropping those unwanted pounds, you cannot get around the weight loss facts of life. Some weight loss facts you should always keep in mind are:


Before ingesting any herbs as part of a herbal weight loss programme it is important to check they are recognized medically as been safe for human consumption. There are some substances which should not be consumed, as they contain highly toxic properties which are potentially very dangerous for our vital organs. That aside, herbal weight loss is a proven method of reducing weight quickly, leaving you looking and feeling great, whilst helping rid your body of those unwanted toxins which hinder the immune system. A good herb for those looking to lose weight is cayenne.


1. Weight loss takes time – it is not going to happen overnight, so don’t expect it to.


2. Weight loss requires a change in eating habits – many people have a higher intake of calories than they burn each day. You have to switch that to higher calories burned than intake for weight loss to occur.


3. Weight loss does not require that you eat less – you just have to learn to eat differently.


4. Weight loss’s enemy is hunger – when you are hungry, you are tempted by unhealthy foods. This can lead to overeating and failure to meet your weight loss goals.


So, how do you take those weight loss facts and turn them into weight loss success? Here are some tips to making weight loss a little easier:


1. Have an incentive for weight loss – “When I lose 30 lbs, we’ll take a trip to Las Vegas!” or “When I lose 10 lbs, I will buy that sexy black dress!” are good incentives to lose weight. Find an incentive that motivates you.


2. Go in steps – take baby steps at the beginning and have incentives for as little as a pound lost. Shoot for one target, then for another, then another. Don’t start out saying “I need to lose 50 pounds”, but say “I want to lose 5 pounds to start”.


3. Don’t rush weight loss – if you do, you will inevitably fail.


4. Have weight loss support – family, friends or co-workers can get you into the weight loss mood.


5. Have a lot of low fat snacks available – remember the above weight loss facts? Number four states that hunger is the enemy. So, don’t allow yourself to get hungry by eating the low fat snacks you have prepared. To manage this, you will have to be organized when you are shopping and at home.


6. Make sure to give yourself a little slack – there will be bad days, so expect them. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just get back on the weight loss wagon as soon as you can.


By knowing the weight loss facts and following the weight loss tips, you too can reach your weight loss goals!

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. Free info on Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss and tips on dieting.


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