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Are Your Weight Loss Efforts Doomed to Failure?

You want to be successful in weight loss. And to be successful there are two things you absolutely must do. You have to follow these two simple but extremely important points. One, you have to follow a program that you can stick with, and number two, you have to include foods that you really like. Got that? A program you can stick with--and foods that you like to eat. Number one is so simple that you might say it is too obvious. Of course a weight loss program will not work if you don't stick with it. But the reality is that a lot of the programs that are popular today suffer from this one point.

The New England Journal of Medicine came to the same conclusion.

Look at some of the most popular current diets: Atkins, South Beach Diet, Ornish, Zone, Weight Watchers, and others. You will see that one major problem is that most people just can't stick with the diet. They might start out fine, but soon they fizzle out. This has been studied a number of times, and it always comes out the same. Take Atkins for instance. A study by Consumer's Union in June 2005 noted that those on the Atkins program had good results initially but tended to have more difficulty staying with the program than people who were on other programs.


Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that people had good results with Atkins at first but at one year the weight loss was minimal. (A randomized trial of a low-carbohydrate diet for obesity. N Engl J Med. 2003 May 22;348(21):2082-90.) Most people just could not stick with the program long-term. The high-fat low-carbohydrate diets all have this in common--people have a hard time staying on them for a long time. One of the main reasons is that people just don't feel well after a while on these programs. Physically, they don't feel well.


Many of them never lose confidence in Atkins, because they did lose some weight, after all. But the weight loss is not permanent, because it is not a sustainable program for the vast majority of people.

The second point in developing a program that you can live with is having foods that you like. It will be almost impossible for you to adopt a diet that does not include the foods that you like and that you are used to eating.


Many companies have learned this lesson when they try to introduce new foods to a market. The food that is a great success in one region is a flop when they bring it to another region of the country. It doesn't taste right to people. It is not what they are used to eating.

It is the same when you are trying to lose weight. Are you going to give up the smoked ribs you love? Are you going to pass up turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving when you have been eating it all your life? Or mama's meat loaf?


No, you are not. You are not going to give up your favorite foods, whatever they are. And when you do go off your "diet" and eat these things, you will probably feel like you failed, get discouraged, and go back to your old habits. And that will be the end of your weight loss efforts. But you shouldn't have to give up the foods that you love. If you have a properly designed program you will be able to eat the foods you have always eaten and still take the weight off.


The key then to long term weight loss is not to jump on the latest bandwagon, or to follow the latest trend. And it is not to take any diet to an extreme, by eliminating or severely restricting food groups in your diet. That is a recipe for failure. The only successful method in the long run is to incorporate the foods that you like and that you are used to eating into a nutrition plan that you enjoy, that works for you, and that you can stick with.


Dan Curtis, M.D. is Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of South Florida. He is the author of Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan. Sign up for his free newsletter: Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Tips, Tricks and Secrets.


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Fitness Consultant Based - One of the biggest weaknesses of the traditional commercial diet is the lack of iron that exists in its stringent and often excessively limited eating guidelines. In order to lose weight, many unsuspecting women get bamboozled into taking part in weight loss programs that cut out many of the nutrients that they need.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


5 Ways to Kick-Start a Low Fat Weight Loss Diet


The most popular weight loss diets today are the Atkins diet, South Beach diet and the GI diet. However, more traditional low fat diets still have a great deal to offer. While the more popular diets, or fad diets, are mostly based on lowering the intake of carbohydrates and actually recommend the intake of some fatty foods, many dieticians have long been of the opinion that a low fat and high fiber diet is the best combination for weight loss and health.


Various Weight Loss - I’m getting mentally excited at the mere prospect of writing these next paragraphs about a plan to help you get your weight under control and keep it under control. I feel so good to be at a beautiful weight (and to have stayed there for six years). I remember how bad I felt when I was fat.


There are countless diet books that cover the low fat weight loss diet.


Most maintain that a very low level of fat together with an increased amount of dietary fiber, such as whole meal bread, pasta, and brown rice, would aid weight loss and help you to maintain an ideal weight.


Here are five easy ways to jump start your low fat weight loss diet:

1. One of the easiest ways to start a low fat weight loss diet is to cut down on the amount of fried foods that you eat. There are alternative ways of cooking most foods that are normally fried. For example, french fries can be baked in the oven thereby using a very small amount of fat as compared to deep-frying.


2. Another easy way to get a good start with a low fat weight loss diet is to buy a steamer. This is a very quick and efficient way of cooking foods with a minimal loss of vitamins and minerals. Steaming is a great alternative to the deep fat fryer and provides a simple way of cooking many healthy meals.


3. Lowering your intake of butter and margarine is another simple way to lower your intake of fat and help with your weight loss plan. You don't even have to change what you eat. You can make a big difference by either spreading the butter or margarine very thinly or just leaving it our altogether.


4. When cooking meat make sure to remove some of the fat before you start cooking. Also, if you grill the meat instead of frying it, you have removed a substantial amount of fat and this will help you meet your weight loss goal.


5. Cutting down on eating pastry is a great way to help with weight loss. Pastries contain a large amount of fat, so just by choosing a lower fat alternative you can make a significant difference.


There are some fats that many dieticians believe are good for you, such as olive oil and oily fish and these can and should be included in any low fat diet. It is really a question of balance. A good low fat weight loss diet can be a very healthy way to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. Your doctor should be able to provide you with good advice on the best way to choose a diet and how best to make it work for you. Just remember, reducing fat in your diet does not have to be complicated and there are some very simple things that you can do to make a difference and meet your weight loss goal.


Adam Waxler publishes a series of weight loss information products including this new weight loss resource filled with with FREE weight loss articles @


Fasting for Weight Loss or Not

Reading hundreds of articles, reviews, and case studies has really pushed me to explain this huge fasting for weight loss method that thousands are turning to for their weight loss goals and improving their diets. Fasting is a very popular weight loss method that people are claiming they have lost 30-40 pounds in only a 30-day fast that is pretty incredible. Some even have dropped 3-4 pounds in a single day. Is fasting really the best weight loss solution or is it just a hype? Another important to ponder on is fasting healthy for our bodies, and can fasting give people long lasting weight loss? Well, let me explain this fasting for weight loss solution, and you will be able to determine for yourself if it is the right choice for you.

Fasting is an exhilarating way to begin a healthy diet, excess body fat quickly drops, bathroom mirror nodding approval, maybe for the first time in years.

Fasting Being Successful!

Clearly, fasting is an effective way to lose unnecessary body fat, but once the fat has melted away restoring a youthful physique, how do we keep it off? Overeating or eating too fast, feeding cravings and emotions not hunger, eating calorie-concentrated foods with lack of physical activity, all lead to unwanted weight-gain. Fasting I believe in my experiences builds self-control, and that control gives you a life without worry, and gilt that comes with many eating disorders. Fasting comes in many forms like juicing, herbs, cleansing, fruits, supplements, etc. but the most popular would have to be juicing and herbs.


Side Effects of Fasting!

Side effects from fasting are unless the fast is very short term; you can end up with low energy, weakness and lightheadedness, without any significant weight loss. Furthermore, the absence of carbohydrates may lead to ketosis - a dangerous build up of ketones that pressurizes the kidneys. This is unhealthy and can be dangerous. If you fast, you may drop pounds, but some of that weight will be muscle, and most of it will be water. You need to eat protein foods such as lean meat, eggs, low-fat or fat-free milk, or legumes (beans and peas), or you'll be thin and flabby, not thin and shapely.


Don't fast for long periods of time as you double the workload of your kidneys and you train your body to preferentially store fat. Fasting has it's pro and cons like everything in this world but going to long without a balanced diet can lead to you losing valuable fat burning enzymes which keeps our bodies in balance. If you still want to go on a fast, here are some tips that will help you succeed.


Here are a few tips:

1. Prepare yourself for a fast by gradually tapering off of acid-forming aka "junk foods and commence to consuming raw and cooked fruits and veggies to begin a milder cleansing process as these items are the best intestinal brooms for the colon.

2. Every now and again, 3 hours after supper and say an hour or so before retiring to sleep, drink an herbal tea laxative such as "Smooth Move Herbal Tea" during this preparatory stage.

3. Drink 1-2 quarts of unflavored lemonade in the mornings to balance the chemical reactions within the body and to restore it to an alkaline state.

4. Be mentally prepared for the task ahead of fasting.

5. Take things a little easier while fasting or on a mono-diet of fruit.

6. Avoid using microwaves at all costs


Fasting With Great Benefits

Fasting to remove unnecessary weight the natural way, plus learning how to keep it off for the rest of your life (please note that half of all Fasting Center International clients, on seven continents, are not fasting to lose weight); Fasting to remove the 5-to-10-lb. inner, toxic waste dump now polluting the average adult's cell, tissue and organ storage areas (chemical toxins, heavy metals, drugs, uneliminated metabolic wastes, excessive cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream, arterial plaque, intestinal parasites, etc.);

Fasting to regain the energy you may previously have enjoyed (perhaps when you were more athletic);


Fasting to elevate yourself out of the clouded consciousness most spend their entire life in (unwittingly), up into the stratosphere of human potential; Fasting to heighten mental clarity and all your senses, allowing you to see your life's options in much clearer perspective, and then act upon them wisely; Fasting to enhance your innate wisdom, spirituality, faith and human kindness, and

Fasting to move yourself back toward your life's birthright potential of optimal health, increasing your happiness and healing power as you scientifically reset your body's odometer and greatly enhance your quality of life!


When fasting make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and not just to give you the edge on weight loss, and reversing the anti aging process as our bodies are not made for it. Fasting can benefit our bodies when done right and with the right mind set. Fast to improve your control over your diet, and not just to conquer your weight loss goals. Here are several more tips just that you might want to take a look at for developing a healthy body. Several Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Life...


Increase the percentage of raw food in diet

- The number one thing you can do to extend health and vibrant living is to increase raw food. Living food for a living body.


Eat natural unprocessed food

- Eat natural unprocessed whole grain foods and unrefined oils.

- Educate yourself on what is truly natural and what is often a marketing ploy. Read the ingredients; do not be fooled by labels.


Eat when hungry

- Overeating taxes the body, stores fat, creates excessive mucus.

- Eat slowly and enjoy. Chew food well to assist digestion

- Feed the body, starve the cravings, and don't feed depression.


Fasting for spiritual and physical cleansing

- Regular periods of detoxification and cleansing through juice fasting or a raw food diet.


- Fasting can be a launching board to dietary change.

- A tranquil time of spiritual refreshment.


Exercise for mental and physical well being

- Exercise builds confidence and discipline.

- Cleansing the lymphatic system, increase metabolism for weight management. Better circulation, strengthened lungs and heart.

- Improved appetite and less fear of the occasional indulgence.


Jared Wash and I am a college student with a goal in recieving a degree of Masters in Exercise Science. I'm certified in personal training and nutrition through American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM), International Sports Science Assoication(ISSA), and National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association(NESTA).


Weight Loss Done Wrong!


If you have tried continuously to succeed with your weight loss goals and have failed, you must know that there are several simple but powerful factors that you could have holding you back. Each pound of fat on our body has 3500 calories in it, so for each pound of fat you want to lose you must burn 3500 calories. That is burning an extra 500 calories a day for a week just to lose one pound of fat.


I recommend that losing 1-2 pounds of fat a week, but that mean you would have to burn an extra 1000 calories a day. This may sound like a lot but it can easily be achieved if you educated yourself, learn some weight loss tips, and stay away from these dead ends. People that seek no guideness and usually decreasing their calorie intake dramatically in their diet as it makes sense to them the more calories they limit the more fat they will lose. Wrong! If you decrease your calories too much it will cause your body in a starvation mode and force your body to store fat and burn muscle for energy. But not only that, your metabolism will plummet and one of your biggest sources in burning fat will be gone.


Another mistake I see is people eliminating a food source like low-carb, low-protein or low-fat diets. Each one of these food sources are needed by the body and continuous weight loss with any of these diets is impossible. Diets are not the problem as a diet is any thing a person eat, but a conventional diet like the Atkins diet made to trick the body into losing weight may be successful at first but most likely people end up heavier and doing harm to their body.


Weight loss without exercise. If you really want to lose 1-2 pounds a week without exercise good luck and prepare you for failure. Exercise not only burns fat, it also can act like a food depressant eliminating any disturbing food urges. Exercise speeds up your metabolism, increases your energy levels, add muscle tone, decreases stress and strengthens your heart. Even though nutrition is 70 percent of weight loss, exercise is the factor that will make you or break you in losing weight.

Straddling the fence. Not being fully committed to your plan and cheating, bending the rules or only giving 50 percent dedication on your goals. If you're not willing to give up a couple things or losing weight is just not that important to you and not a priority. First, I would ask yourself why you want to lose weight and if you're not serious about it be happy with yourself as you are because losing weight at half speed always ends up disappointing.


Now I'd like to begin my talk about the first factor, exercise, with a little hand raising exercise. Most of you already know that a reasonable amount of exercise, on a regular basis, is a healthy thing for us to do. This information should come as no surprise because the fact that exercise is good for us is commonly understood by most adults living in the United States today. However, not all of us are able to perform regular exercise. Our time and energies are constrained by the responsibilities in our lives. For example, have the responsibilities in your life ever STOPPED YOU from practicing exercise on a regular basis? This failure to exercise is completely understandable because many of us have perfectly good reasons why can't exercise.


Two of the most common reasons that I have heard and experienced are:

- I simply don't have enough time in the day to exercise, or

- I have health challenges that prevent me from exercising.


If you, or any of your friends, are using these reasons not to exercise, I am going to share with you, a piece of information that has allowed me and an exceptional few other people to exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY! Now I've been running, biking, and lifting weights 2-6 times almost every week consistently for about 17 years, and I only discovered this strange technique just a few months ago, while listening to a lecture by the world class gymnast and author of 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior", Dan Millman. Dan said, the way all of us can exercise every single day is to wake up every morning, get out of bed, and do ONE jumping jack!


Now, of course, it doesn't have to be a jumping jack. It can be anything! For example, I was just looking at Bank of America's new health website, and they had an exercise on there that I believe about 95% of the people on this planet can do...


It was close your eyes really hard, and flex your lip and jaw muscles by pursing them together, like this... (close eyes, purse lips and jaw)


At first I thought, what good can such a small amount of exercise do anyone? But then I realized, that the most important GOOD it does, is that is creates a certain mind set, a certain habit, a time dedicated every single day to bettering ourselves with exercise. And as our time, and energy, and ability allow, we can increase that one jumping jack, to 2 jumping jacks, or 10, or 20. Again, it doesn't matter WHAT exercise you choose, just be sure to do it every single day, then INCREASE it when you can. Now because of this information, the next time someone asks you if you perform regular exercise, you can say, "As a matter of fact! I exercise every single day!"


Now I would like to talk about the 2nd fitness factor... Eating healthy foods and supplementing if necessary in diets. Now materialistically speaking... You and I have been given the greatest gift in the world! We have been given a body with which our souls can use to consciously experience life! And if we are lucky enough to have a fully functioning brain. And if we lucky enough to be able to decide HOW we want to treat our brain and our body... Why would we want to tarnish this incredible gift by feeding it full of foods that accelerate our body's degradation? Foods that accelerate our mental decline.


Well that's exactly what we do, when we eat foods with little or no nutritional value, and foods composed primarily of refined sugars. Our body is a very complex biological mechanism, and if we want to give it the nutrition it needs to function with absolute optimal performance, we need to seek the advise of experts. We need to talk to or read books written by appropriately trained physicians or nutritionists. Then we need to get a second option, and talk to another expert or read another book. Then get a 3rd opinion and continue to learn how feed our body, and how to care for it properly.


Now, you don't have to wait until you talk to a physician or read a book to start eating healthy. You can simply use your COMMON SENSE to start eating healthy today!!


Eat more vegetables, eat more nuts and whole grains, eat more fresh fruit, and if mixed with exercise, eat more meat, fish, and real cheese. Not processed cheese foods, like cheese-wiz, or American cheese in those little plastic wrappers, those are actually quite bad for you. Now if you decide to eat healthy, and exercise regularly, keep in mind that fitness can only be achieved if you add the final ingredient, the 3rd factor, persistence over time.


And, if you persist, I promise you that, in time:

You will be able to look in mirror and feel proud. You will be able look back at your accomplishment and dedication and feel proud. And with the additional clarity and focus you have gained from the additional oxygen and circulation that you have given to your brain, you will be able to strategically share this information to help your children, and to help your family, and to help your friends to feel just as proud as you will.


This in one of the things that annoys me the most is hearing people say they have tried everything and they want to lose weight so bad but they do nothing or fail because they did it wrong. If you are serious about losing weight, make the commitment and do something. Remember, weight loss does not ahve to be difficult, if you educate yourself and stay away from all the fad diets that are advertised, you will too be able to experience a whole new world to nutrition, exercise and healthy living.


My name is Jared Wash a college student with a goal to a get degree of a Masters in Exercise Science. I'm certified in personal training and nutrition through American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM), International Sports Science Assoication(ISSA), and National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association(NESTA).


Weight Loss Diary 15


From 8 April thru 16 April 2006.

This is the final weight loss diary entry that I will be publishing because although I was still half pound (225 grams) short of my target weight on Friday April 14 I extended this session by another couple of days to make my target. Sunday's weigh-in saw my weight at 180 pounds (89 kilo's) the target I set on February 5 when my weight was 198 pounds (98 kilo's).


At the start of the weight loss program the target was set to lose one pound (450 grams) each week making it an 18-week assignment; it has been achieved in just 10 weeks. During this period no food that I like has been given up for more than one-day at a time and exercise has been set at just 30-minutes each week. (However I must state that as I got into the exercise regime and started enjoying the added fitness it did increase to about an hour each week).


So what was the most successful thing about the program?

A tough question to answer because each part of the program is so important. However if pushed to pick one single thing it must be learning about serving sizes. Ignoring healthy serving sizes is the biggest cause of obesity in the western world.


What did I like most about the program?

That's an easy question because I liked regaining aerobic fitness above everything else. Not just the formal exercise part of the program but just being more aware of including exercise in my daily life. Stopping delivery of my daily newspaper and walking to buy it each morning. Parking my car as far as possible from the supermarket entrance was great in two ways: First it made me walk a little further to and from the car. Second I rarely had a problem parking the car and it was totally hassle free - a beautiful way to live your life. Then there was refusing to use any escalator if stairs were available. Now I find myself looking for hills to walk up for no other reason than the challenge. This added mobility has another added benefit; I've met so many new and interesting people who take regular exercise.


The benefit of losing 18 pounds (9 kilo's) is good for my health, but even better for my social life is the new people that I've met and my rediscovered aerobic fitness. Life is really great. From emails that I receive I know that some people are following this program with me and some are beating my results while others are not quite on par. The great thing is that even the least successful is still losing one-pound each week and that is the program target. Congratulations. Even if you are 200 pounds overweight it will only take four years at most to achieve your target without giving up anything that you like. The only question you need answer is do I want to lose one-pound (450 grams) each week?


This is the final article of David McCarthy's weight loss diary because my target weight has been achieved in just 10 weeks rather than the 18 weeks originally forecast. You can see all of his work at

Weight Loss, Dotti's Way 

If you are struggling to lose weight and have tried just about every diet plan and exercise regime on the planet but just keep failing perhaps you should talk to Dotti. No, Dotti isn't the latest weight loss program or newest gym chain to open. Dotti is a lady from St. Louis, Missouri who chronicled her struggles - and success - at losing weight online. You could say Botti had one of the very first blogs on the Internet, as she started writing about her journey to lose weight in 1998.


Since then she has helped countless thousands of others with weight loss. Through recipes, exercise advice and just personally sharing her story with thousands of others she has motivated people, like Dottie herself, felt that they just could not shed those extra pounds no matter how hard they tried.


Dotti made the Weight Watchers Winning Points meal system a central point of her entire weight loss regime that helped her dramatically change her life. From the beginning, Dotti focused on simple weight loss techniques combined with the Points system to drop the weight and keep it off. In her online journals and various books she has published online about her journey she explains to the reader some of her struggles with weight loss and helps the reader relate to some of their own challenges they are having with weight issues.


What makes Dotti's weight loss story and website stand above the thousands of other sites out there about weight loss is that she doesn't try to push you into buying a specialized program or give you unrealistic goals. She explains the simple truth about weight loss and guides the reader down how she did it. There are no quick-fix weight loss plans at Dotti's, just simple advice that can help you change your life and become the person you always wanted to be.


Gary Holdon is a writer and internet marketer. Check out his website Gary likes to give advice and help people with high protein or low carbfood and other fitness diets

Hoodia Patch : Dieter's Weight Loss Wonder, or Total Fraud?

Today many vendors are claiming that the so-called "hoodia patch" will kill your appetite and even work better and faster than the ordinary hoodia in a capsule, tablet, or liquid. This claim would be extremely good--that is--if it were really true. As an idea, the "hoodia patch" is intended to work by putting it on your skin; next, the "hoodia patch" is supposed to begin to work its appetite suppressing power in a time-release fashion, going through your skin and passing into your bloodstream. The ultimate result? The "hoodia patch" is supposed to make you feel a lot less hungry during the day, and you'll start to lose unwanted body fat when you eat less food.

Indeed, this is a fine idea--on paper.


I have found this to be true in my own research. Patients are not able to stay with a high-fat low-carbohydrate diet for the long run. And I have never seen a patient who got lean, fit and healthy on the Atkins program. Many of my patients will say that they have had good results with Atkins. In fact, they will usually say that they have lost weight on the Atkins program several times. They lose weight easily at first. But then they go back to their old habits and gain the weight back. They usually gain back more weight than they lost. Then they try it again after a year or so. They lose again, but not quite so well the second time or the third time.


But so far there exists absolutely no proof that the "hoodia patch" actually works. There is no clinical case study on the "hoodia patch." Be very cautious: If any vendor claims to have a scientific study or clinical trial that supports the validity of their "hoodia patch," such "proof" may turn out to be FAKE--produced in order to endorse, promote, and sell the so-called "hoodia patch" to the unsuspecting public.


Bear in mind that most patches such as the birth control patch first began as a prescription-driven product; this basic fact indicates that such a patch must endure very critical and demanding scientific trials before it is finally approved and given the "greenlight" to become available to the general public. To your surprise, no existing "hoodia patch" online or offline is prescription-driven; what this means is that such diet patches have not undergone scientific clinical trials or testing. This clearly shows that no vendor can truly claim that their "hoodia patch" works more effectively than hoodia capsules, tablets, or in liquid.


I don't know about you, but I do know that personally I wouldn't spend one cent on any new patch product that has no scientific backing or documentation from a third party that supports the "hoodia patch" as an authentic product worthy of being purchased. Why would you want to risk buying something that might not work at all? Save yourself needless frustrations. My sincere advice: Do not fall prey to high flying claims of questionable "hoodia patches". Instead, consider real hoodia in a capsule, tablet, or liquid.

To read reviews and testimonials of high quality hoodia, click the link below.


Read h57 hoodia review / testimonials / side effects / Hoodiaxr / cactus plant facts / gordini hoodia diet patch information


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Weight Loss Information - Well, here it is, late night TV and I'm flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch. As I'm surfing the tube, I notice a huge amount of weight loss infomercials. And you know what, most of them literally make me sick to my stomach. Not because I despise TV, but because I can't stand it when companies blatantly lie to unsuspecting consumers and make MILLIONS in the process doing it.

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Weight Loss Issues - A recent study shows that people who drink diet soda on a daily basis are more likely to gain weight, over a ten year period, than those who drink no soda at all. Clearly, the concept of 'diet' soda - soda with little or no sugar, fat or calories - is backfiring.

Weight Loss Lesson - I was watching a spiritual program recently and the person asked a question and then his answer really caught me off guard. I'm going to ask you the question he asked and then give you his answer. It will definitely make you think.

Weight Loss Lesson - If you were going to travel to the other side of the world, you'd need to plan it. I mean, you're not going to just book a seat on a plane, take off and just take it all as it comes. You need to plan your finances, organize time off from work, get a visa, book accommodation, the list goes on.

Weight Loss Maintenance - A quote from Nelson Mandela illustrates this in showing you that you are an AWESOME child of God. I look at this quote each and every day when I do my energy circles. I encourage you to print this and tape it somewhere so that you see it everyday.

Weight Loss Operation - "There goes Godzilla" and I was stunned to see the neighbourhood children point and run as I glared at them. I knew that I was plump, but Godzilla, I rushed in dumped all the groceries at the door and checked my self out in the mirror. I mean...after a long time, really checked myself in the mirror.

Weight Loss Quick - A metabolism drug like ephedrine, has shown many people how to burn fat fast. These drugs however, are associated with a certain degree of risk. What about their effectiveness compared to these risks? And what should you do to minimize the probability of side effects.

Anti Inflammatory Drugs - Psoriatic arthritis is a particular type of inflammatory arthritis that affects roughly twenty percent of those suffering from the chronic skin condition called Psoriasis.

Beat Rheumatoid Arthritis - Psoriatic arthritis is a particular type of inflammatory arthritis that affects roughly twenty percent of those suffering from the chronic skin condition called Psoriasis. Psoriatic arthritis occurs much more frequently among those that have a particular tissue type.
Tooth Whitening Systems - Modern dentistry has improved and changed a great amount in the last ten to twenty years, and this has led to new treatments being available to everyone, rather than just the few rich people who could afford it.


Total Global Amnesia - Everyone already knows that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle even if certain people choose not to exercise at all.


Infant Acid Reflux - Infant acid reflux is quite common. People of all ages, especially infants because they consume only liquids or soft foods, suffer from mild heartburn or acidic regurgitation on occasion. As in adult cases, infants experience acid reflux when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is relaxed. The LES acts as a valve between the esophagus and the stomach.


Cancer Awareness Pins - Everyone has seen them. The small ribbons and pins that people are wearing on their shirts, purses, hats, and jackets. Whether they are pink or red, white, and blue, it is easy to spot cancer awareness pins.


Canine Arthritis - Is your dog a little less enthusiastic about his daily walks? Is he reluctant to get up or lie down? Do his joints click as he walks? If so, there’s a chance your buddy is suffering from canine arthritis.Just as with humans, arthritis in dogs can be one of a variety of types, but the most common is osteoarthritis.


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Diabetes Care Group - Many people don't know about the different types of diabetes. There are three different types and they are Type 1 (child diabetes) Type 2 (adult diabetes) and Gestational diabetes.


Stop Hair Loss - Menopause causes many biochemical changes in your body and often menopause and hair loss occur simultaneously. Rather menopause causes hair loss in women. Although women rarely turn bald due to menopause and hair loss, it occurs mainly as thinning of hair.


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Acne Prone Skin - We all need to follow a skin care regime that can keep or skin looking and feeling its best. But those of us who suffer from acne must be especially vigilant about the methods and products we use. Acne prone skin is very sensitive to the dyes, perfumes, and chemicals that are in many beauty products.

Gordonii Diet Pills - I'm always so in awe of the synchronicity of things. When we let things happen as God intended and not try to put our energy on the outcome or how things are "supposed" to show up, we let the Universe do its wonderful job in providing all the things to move us forward with our mission here on earth.


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