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It's not easy! But my personal solution is MY JUICE MACHINE!


Look into getting a juicer for your own health boost! A juice machine is the best investment you can make for your health and happiness!


Coconut Oil



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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Weight Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Spiritual Weight Loss, No Diets or Deprivation

Are Painless and Permanent Results Possible?
Yes, I believe they are. I've been using myself as a guinea pig and have been blessed with positive results. From age 19 onwards I struggled with my weight and would go up and down like a yo-yo. I controlled my weight in my 20's with dangerously low calorie crash diets, anorexia and bullemia. Once I gave up the eating disorders, my weight crept up to 250 or so pounds. It never interfered with my career (computer consulting, at the time) or ability to find boyfriends but it was always a thorn in my side.

To make a long story short, over time I made peace with being a size 22, however, I really didn't like it.

It wasn't until I turned 40 that I realized how much weight I carried was directly related to the relationship I was in. For example, if I was in a relationship where the boyfriend had the potential of physical violence, I put on weight. If the boyfriend was mellow and nonviolent, I stayed the same, ate normal, even dropped some at times. It was evident the weight would come on for protection.

However, what do we do when we want to lose weight? We diet! Diet is a 4 letter word. I associate it with starvation and deprivation. I hate counting calories. I hate counting carbs, fat grams, what have you. And when I want a chocolate bar, I fucking want a chocolate bar, ok! We have hormones and cravings are a natural part of being a female.

I am a spiritualist and "working witch". I am often asked for weight loss spells. And to be honest, I have worked with different things during the Waning Moon with promising results but they were never quite what I was after. They felt like a quick fix and did not feel right.

Until recently. See, I practice Santeria as a religion, a magical system and a way of life. We have various dieties and forces of nature that we can invoke for good or for bad. I personally choose to work good or constructive magic but that is a personal choice. One of our goddesses rules the 4 winds, change, the cemetary, etc. It occurred to me that perhaps I needed to work on the INTERNAL CHANGES within myself because I found that even though I resolved enough issues to slowly drop to the low 200's, I could not get below. And again, I hate dieting. I like swimming and aerobics but I hate deprivation and unnecessary mathematics (i.e. counting fat grams, etc).

It occurred to me to invoke this goddess and ask for the INNER CHANGES required to drop below 200 lbs. In this religion, we have to work. We don't just say "Bring me a million dollars, please". We have to do offerings, prayer, do money baths, blow money powder, do ongoing ritual, etc. I was prepared to do whatever it took. When I petitioned this goddess to help me with the INNER CHANGES required INTERNALLY to drop below 200, which I had not been in over 20 years, I knew I had to accept the consequences. I knew things could be painful, especially if the shit keeping on those last so many pounds was intense. But I was up for the challenge.

The results? I am now 198 pounds!
I did not diet. I do not have time to go to the gym. I did not have time to do those bellydancer dvd's I spent a fortune on. I ate when I felt like it. I even ate pizza when I felt like it. And chips. However. (Yes, there is ALWAYS a however). I did not feel like a lot of pizza or chips. I have automatically added a lot of fresh fruit and salad to my daily consumption. It was natural and effortless and it is what I want to eat. I know there are times, maybe for hormonal reasons, I want popcorn, chips, salty or sweet things but so what. I am not gaining from these things. My cravings have changed. Painlessly and effortlessly.

I don't know when I will drop below 190 but it will happen when I am ready. Right now I am dealing with the stuff that is coming up for transmutation NOW, that being the stuff that 200+ pounds was hiding and keeping down. And I am now ready to start helping other people with this type of thing. However (here we go again with another HOWEVER), I feel at this time I can only offer my services for those who are struggling with their weight from abuse, violence, etc. If you have gained 10 lbs over the winter from lack of outdoor sports, I cannot help you NOW but maybe in the future. For now, I can only help prisoners and you all know who you are.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more or think I can help you. If you don't know why you have the weight or have any clue about its underlying issues, I can help you too. I am also a spiritual councellor. I can find out in a reading what happened to cause you to be in this situation. A lot of you have a long way to go, weightwise. The spiritual work I do is on a monthly basis. For how long, you ask? I have no idea. We are all different and a lot of us are going to be in this for the long haul. Internal change can be quick or slow, depending on the person, but it WILL be permanent.


Hi, I'm Angelina.
I have been doing readings and spellwork for over 20 years' now. For the most part, I have a private practice in Miami with clients all over the world. To get in touch with me, please visit my website at A Touch of Class Psychics.


More Info On Weight Loss:

Fake Weight Loss - Good intentions for weight loss are wonderful. Like a whole lot of folks, I swore I would start to exercise more, go on a diet, and lose those extra pesky pounds for good. Months later, I'm still deciding on the 'best' diet for me, and paying the monthly gym dues for visits that I am 'just about' to get around to.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Medical Weight Loss Programs : Are They Right For Me?


Medical weight loss programs may or may not be commercially owned. Services are provided in a health-care setting,such as a hospital, by licensed health professionals, such as physicians, nurses, dietitians, and/or psychologists. In some clinical programs, a health professional works alone; in others, a group of health professionals works together to provide services to patients. Clinical programs may offer you services such as nutrition education, medical care, behavior change therapy, and physical activity.


Successful Weight Loss - Have you ever imagined how visualization can play an important part in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that keeps it off. Losing weight can be difficult for many people who use fad diets and pills to achieve their weight loss goals without letting their mind help in the process.


VLCDs help individuals lose weight more quickly than is usually possible with low-calorie diets.

Clinical programs may also use other weight-loss methods, such as very low-calorie diets, prescription weight-loss drugs, and surgery, to treat severely overweight patients. These treatments are described below: Very low-calorie diets (VLCDs) are commercially prepared formulas that provide no more than 800 calories per day and replace all usual food intake. Because VLCDs can cause side effects, obesity experts recommend that only people who are severely overweight use these diets, and only with proper medical care.

Prescribed weight-loss drugs should be used only if you are likely to have health problems caused by your weight. You should not use drugs to improve your appearance. Natural weight-loss supplements, when combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, may help some obese adults lose weight. There is a wide variety of prescription weight-loss drugs on the market, however, before these medications can be widely recommended, more research is needed to determine their long-term safety and effectiveness.

You may consider gastric surgery to promote weight loss if you are more than 80 pounds overweight. The surgery, sometimes called bariatric surgery, causes weight loss in one of two ways: 1) by limiting the amount of food your stomach can hold by closing off or removing parts of the stomach or 2) by causing food to be poorly digested by bypassing the stomach or part of the intestines. After surgery, patients usually lose weight quickly. While some weight is often regained, many patients are successful in keeping off most of their weight. In some cases, the surgery can lead to problems that require follow-up operations. Surgery may also reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals in your body and cause gallstones.

If you are considering a weight-loss program and you have medical problems, or if you are severely overweight, programs run by trained health professionals may be best for you. These professionals are more likely to monitor you for possible side effects of weight loss and to talk to your doctor when necessary.


Marcus Langley is a contributing writer for, an editorial about various health issues. This edition's article is -Weight Loss Dangers Exposed- by Lars Ericsson.


How To Choose An Effective and Safe Weight-Loss Program


There are literally thousands of ''miracle diets'' popping up on the market, but are they safe for you? I have identified in this article the facts that everyone should know before joining any weight-loss program. Safe and effective weight-loss programs should include:

Gather as much information as you can before deciding to join a weight-loss program.

- Healthy eating plans that reduce calories but do not forbid specific foods or food groups.
- Tips to increase moderate-intensity physical activity.
- Tips on healthy behavior changes that also keep your cultural needs in mind.
- Slow and steady weight loss.
- Depending on your starting weight, experts recommend losing weight at a rate of 1/2 to 2 lbs per week.
- Weight loss may be faster at the start of a program.
- Medical care if you are planning to lose weight by following a special formula diet, such as a very low-calorie diet.
- A plan to keep the weight off after you have lost it.

Professionals working for weight-loss programs should be able to answer the questions listed below:

What does the weight-loss program consist of? Does the program offer one-on-one counseling or group classes? Do you have to follow a specific meal plan or keep food records? Do you have to purchase special food, drugs, or supplements? Does the program help you be more physically active, follow a specific physical activity plan, or provide exercise instruction? Does the program teach you to make positive and healthy behavior changes? Is the program sensitive to your lifestyle and cultural needs?

What are the staff qualifications? Who supervises the program? What type of weight management training, experience, education, and certifications do the staff have? Does the product or program carry any risks? Could the program hurt you? Could the recommended drugs or supplements harm your health? Do participants talk with a doctor? Does a doctor run the program? Will the program's doctors work with your personal doctor if you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure or are taking prescribed drugs?

How much does the program cost? What is the total cost of the program? Are there other costs, such as weekly attendance fees, food and supplement purchases, etc.? Are there fees for a follow-up program after you lose weight? Are there other fees for medical tests? What results do participants typically have? How much weight does an average participant lose and how long does he or she keep the weight off? Does the program offer publications or materials that describe what results participants typically have?

If you are interested in finding a weight-loss program near you, ask your health care provider for a referral or contact your local hospital.


Marcus Langley is a contributing writer for, an editorial about various health issues. This edition's article is -Weight Loss Dangers Exposed- by Lars Ericsson.


How To Choose a Safe and Successful Weight-Loss Program

Choosing a weight-loss program may be a difficult task. You may not know what to look for in a weight-loss program or what questions to ask. Here are some questions you might want to ask your health care provider to help you get the best information about weight loss before choosing the right program for you.

About Your Weight:
Do I need to lose weight? Or should I just avoid gaining more? Is my weight affecting my health? Could my excess weight be caused by a medical condition such as hypothyroidism or by a medicine I am taking? (Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, a condition that can slow your metabolism--how your body creates and uses energy.)

About Weight Loss:
What should my weight-loss goal be? How will losing weight help me?

About Nutrition and Physical Activity:
How should I change my eating habits? What kinds of physical activity can I do? How much physical activity do I need?

About Treatment:
Should I take weight-loss medicine? What about weight-loss surgery? Could a weight-loss program help me?

If your health care provider tells you that you should lose weight and you want to find a weight-loss program to help you, go for a slow but durable weight loss with the help of a natural weight loss supplement or an effective fitness program, or if you are suffering from morbid obesity, you can opt for a surgical solution. Weight-loss programs should encourage healthy behaviors that help you lose weight and that you can stick with every day. First and foremost, get thoroughly informed before you join any weight-loss program.


Marcus Langley is a contributing writer for, an editorial about various health issues. This edition's article is -Weight Loss Dangers Exposed- by Lars Ericsson.


The Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss Diets


Radical Weight-loss dieting increases the risk of developing gallstones. Gallstones are clusters of solid material that form in the gallbladder. The most common type is made mostly of cholesterol. Symptomatic gallstones result in about 800,000 hospitalizations and more than 500,000 operations each year in the United States. People who lose a large amount of weight quickly are at greater risk than those who lose weight more slowly. Rapid weight loss may also cause silent gallstones to become symptomatic. Studies have shown that people who lose more than 3 lbs per week may have a greater risk of developing gallstones than those who lose weight at slower rates.

A very low-calorie diet (VLCD) allows a person who is obese to quickly lose a large amount of weight. VLCDs usually provide about 800 calories per day in food or liquid form, and are followed for 12 to 16 weeks under the supervision of a health care professional. Studies have shown that 10 to 25 percent of people on a VLCD developed gallstones. These gallstones were usually silent--they did not produce any symptoms. About one-third of the dieters who developed gallstones, however, did have symptoms and some of these required gallbladder surgery.

Experts believe weight-loss dieting may cause a shift in the balance of bile salts and cholesterol in the gallbladder. The cholesterol level is increased and the amount of bile salts is decreased. Following a diet too low in fat or going for long periods without eating (skipping breakfast, for example), a common practice among dieters, may also decrease gallbladder contractions. If the gallbladder does not contract often enough to empty out the bile, gallstones may form.

So instead of going for a drastic and restrictive diet, it is always better to go for a slow but durable weight loss with the help of a natural weight loss supplement or an effective fitness program, or if you are suffering from morbid obesity, you can opt for a surgical solution. But bare in mind that gastric bypass surgery and lipossucion can be dangerous. So get informed as much as you can before you risk your life trying to lose excess fat.


Marcus Langley is a contributing writer for, an editorial about various health issues. This edition's article is -Weight Loss Dangers Exposed- by Lars Ericsson.

Soft Drink, No More Soft on Health as Acts Hindrance in Weight Loss Dream

If you are looking for long term weight loss then make sure to completely stop the use of soft drinks as they are no more acting soft on your health. A recent study has revealed that soft drinks add more weight no your body in comparison to other food products or junk food available in the market. So to live a healthy and wealthy life, make sure to stop consumption of aerated drinks. This simple step will open the gates of long lasting weight loss for you.


I prefer to shop in normal stores for a size 12 or 14, even a 16. Over the years, sexy plus sized fashions and boutiques have popped up but they are still in the minority. I am being honest, ladies (and gentlemen). I don't want to remain plus sized for the rest of my life.


An extra bottle of soda a day can put on 15 pounds extra on your body in a single year and the weight of evidence strongly suggests that this sort of increased consumption is a key reason that more people have gained weight, the researchers say. "We tried to look at the big picture rather than individual studies," and it clearly justifies public health efforts to limit sugar-sweetened beverages, said Dr. Frank Hu.


He and others at the Harvard School of Public Health reviewed 40 years of nutrition studies that met strict standards for relevance and scientific muster. The work was funded by ongoing grants to his lab from the federal government and the American Heart Association.

Soft drink trends have marched lock-step with the growing obesity epidemic, but industry groups have long fought efforts to say one directly caused the other. Not all studies conclude that beverages are at fault, and the new analysis ignored some that would have discounted such a link, the American Beverage Association in a recent statement issued in response to the study. "Blaming one specific product or ingredient as the root cause of obesity defies common sense."


"Instead, there are many contributing factors, including regular physical activity," says a statement from the group's senior science consultant, Richard Adamson. Some studies suggest that pure fructose fails to spur production of insulin, which is needed to process calories, or leptin, a substance that helps regulate appetite. If you are living with an aim for weight loss that finally define the success path for sweet and cherished vital stats then open this path as soon as possible by stopping consumption of aerated drinks better known as soft drinks.


Saurabh Verma is working as Sr. Web Content Developer for leading pharmacy web-site


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Ephedrine Weight Loss - 1. Dandelion: (Taraxacum officiale) Identity: Roots, Leaves - Can commonly be viewed as a weed in the yard that needs to be eliminated. However, it has been used over the centuries in salads and in Herbal Remedies for its help-healing properties.

Products Weight Loss - A healthy pregnancy almost always involves weight gain. But now that baby's here, you're probably wishing those extra pounds would hurry up and disappear!

Source Fitness Rx - "I'm fat, but I'm thin inside. Has it ever struck you that there's a thin man inside every fat man?" - George Orwell Obesity is life threatening according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recently ranked obesity as the number one health threat facing America.

Weight Loss Failure - is proud to introduce their free on-line weight loss program, "Weight Loss For Life". What sets it apart from other programs available on-line is its exclusive reliance on scientific evidence and its ease of use.

Weight Loss Foods - In response to an email I received from a reader I have taken up her suggestion to share my next weight control program by publishing my weight loss diary in article form for everybody to follow.

Weight Loss Formula - Mehta [You have permission to publish this article in your web sites, ezines or electronic publication, as long as the piece is used in its entirety including the resource box, all hyperlinks (HTML clickable) and references and copyright info.

Weight Loss Formula - For most of my life, or at least as long as I can remember, I have been overweight. No let me rephrase. I have been fat. Yes, fat. Not just a little overweight, not big boned, not plus sized or comfortably large. Not weight challenged or in need of loosing a few pounds.

Weight Loss Health - Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get bombarded by uncontrollable urges that can strike at any time? Sometimes you can be walking down the aisle of a grocery store and that piece of chocolate or bag of cookies just hops into your cart without your even noticing.

Weight Loss Health - If I were asked, "what is the most difficult thing many people find to do when they start a weight-loss program?", I would have to say right near the top of the list is this - they don't drink enough water!

Weight Loss Hypnosis - Weight-loss is one of those things that most people consider at some time in their life. Trying to find the best diet or the most efficient type of exercise seems to be a never-ending job. Initially it may seem that the desire to find the ideal weight loss program is all about looking good to others, this may be true but in reality it should be all about your own feelings of self worth and that relates to more than just your appearance.

Weight Loss Hypnosis - The most frequently reported study to promote Hoodia Gordonii as a weight loss supplement was conducted with obese individuals who were given Hoodia Gordonii and left in a room with little to distract them except TV, reading and eating.

Weight Loss Industry - When you go on a diet and decide you want to lose some weight, most people think "I'll stop eating so much, maybe do a bit of exercise and be my ideal weight in just a few days". Sadly, these people end up disappointed and usually heavier than when they started.

Weight Loss Information - Well, here it is, late night TV and I'm flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch. As I'm surfing the tube, I notice a huge amount of weight loss infomercials. And you know what, most of them literally make me sick to my stomach. Not because I despise TV, but because I can't stand it when companies blatantly lie to unsuspecting consumers and make MILLIONS in the process doing it.

Weight Loss Issue - You may be surprised what the federal government has to say about weight loss. The National Institutes of Health has some interesting ideas about what it takes to trim the fat. You may find that a number of these ideas conflict with what you've been hearing in the popular press.

Weight Loss Issues - A recent study shows that people who drink diet soda on a daily basis are more likely to gain weight, over a ten year period, than those who drink no soda at all. Clearly, the concept of 'diet' soda - soda with little or no sugar, fat or calories - is backfiring.

Weight Loss Lesson - I was watching a spiritual program recently and the person asked a question and then his answer really caught me off guard. I'm going to ask you the question he asked and then give you his answer. It will definitely make you think.

Weight Loss Lesson - If you were going to travel to the other side of the world, you'd need to plan it. I mean, you're not going to just book a seat on a plane, take off and just take it all as it comes. You need to plan your finances, organize time off from work, get a visa, book accommodation, the list goes on.

Weight Loss Maintenance - A quote from Nelson Mandela illustrates this in showing you that you are an AWESOME child of God. I look at this quote each and every day when I do my energy circles. I encourage you to print this and tape it somewhere so that you see it everyday.

Weight Loss Operation - "There goes Godzilla" and I was stunned to see the neighbourhood children point and run as I glared at them. I knew that I was plump, but Godzilla, I rushed in dumped all the groceries at the door and checked my self out in the mirror. I mean...after a long time, really checked myself in the mirror.

Weight Loss Quick - A metabolism drug like ephedrine, has shown many people how to burn fat fast. These drugs however, are associated with a certain degree of risk. What about their effectiveness compared to these risks? And what should you do to minimize the probability of side effects.

Information Arthritis Pain - Arthritis is the name given to a group of related diseases, which include osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis), rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, lupus and fibromyalgia.

Degenerative Joint Disease - Arthritis occurs when the joint surfaces which are supposed to glide over each other become rough as they rub together. The joint cartilage, which aids smooth movement of the joint, decreases it's lubrication and deteriorates, thus making movement more difficult and often painful. Pets are just as susceptible to arthritis as humans.
Moisture Detector Alarms - Whenever parents discuss how to deal with bed wetting, the topic of alarms inevitably gets raised. Bed wetting alarms can be useful devices, but in spite of the popularity with which they get discussed, they should not really be considered a first line option. Bed wetting alarms are highly useful, but they are probably only worthwhile once you have tried a few other methods.


Reflux Homeopathic Remedy - Because prescription medications can sometimes have unwanted side effects, many people look for alternatives such as an acid reflux homeopathic remedy or an acid reflux herb. Like most prescription medications, a genuine acid reflux homeopathic remedy is not designed to be taken for long periods of time. Once symptoms are no longer present, use should be discontinued.


Anti Aging Nutritional - Growing older has its benefits, such as the accumulation of experience, knowledge, and wisdom. However, old age also brings hair loss, wrinkled skin, joint pains, weight gain, physical and mental disabilities, sluggishness, and depression, which can make life far less enjoyable.


Breast Cancer Treatment - Breast cancer is one of the cancers where women are suffering with it a lot. This cancer has become one of the most common cancers in the women now-a-days.


Esophageal Sphincter - Have you ever wondered what really causes digestive problems? Did you know that most digestive disorders are not diseases at all, but conditions which can be completely cured by using natural techniques and remedies.


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Breath Hydrogen Excretion - Salacia oblonga Indian herb also known as Ponkoranti. It has been used by Indian natives since ancient times to effectively manage Diabetes. This is a effective cure for type 2 diabetes. Reduction in blood sugar levels can be observed within 5 days of usage.


Pattern Hair Loss - Why should perfectly good hair begin falling down? When they do begin falling, we worry endlessly and try to find remedies. What are the reasons for hair fall? Let us try and find out as many of them as we can and find out how to stop that.


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Health Risks Involved - With almost half of the world's total population suffering from the problem of obesity or overweight-many individuals severely so- its not ay wonder that that the segment of weight loss ad diet control pills is becoming the fastest growing part of the eve more faster growing dietary supplement industry.

Fast Weight Loss - It is easy to lose weight quickly and naturally if you have a systematic weight loss program. Many people failed to lose weight successfully because of the natural tendency to choose easy quick fix programs such as going on drastic diets, popping diet pills or persuaded to buy some exercise gadgets that simply do not work. In my other articles, I have addressed these issues and why such easy quick fix programs simply do not work in the long term and will not repeat them here.


Cure Help Legal Disclaimer: Weight Loss articles, news, tips and information presented as a public service. Cure Help offers information for entertainment and educational purposes. None of the viewpoints or tips and suggestions presented in the articles are endorsed by Cure Help. Please consult a health care practitioner (your doctor) before applying any cure tips,advice or suggestions. We care about your health! Be smart and get several opinions before you implement any changes in your life! Please consult the FDA Compliancy Policy Guide for information on drugs and standards.


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