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Do you have enough time in your day to eat all the recommended fruits and vegetables that will keep you healthy and happy???


It's not easy! But my personal solution is MY JUICE MACHINE!


Look into getting a juicer for your own health boost! A juice machine is the best investment you can make for your health and happiness!


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Weight Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Don't Give Up On Weight Loss

Many of you have given up on weight loss. I've been there and it feels like you are at wits end. You don't know what to do. You've tried it all. Now you believe it's impossible for them to lose weight.

Take heart, it is not that bad. I'm happy to tell you that after decades of struggle I've taken and kept off 45 pounds.

I quit!

More importantly, my weight is stable, health superb and physical shape great. I tell you this simply to illustrate the fact that you don't have to give up on weight loss. YOU can lose weight with a little guidance and faith in yourself. First of all, relax. There is no fast, quick way to weight loss. Realizing this means any small change will take effect over time. Time is on your side. If we look at people who have been successful at weight loss and maintaining that loss, a couple of things are very apparent.


These two factors are present in the lives of most of them:

1. They do some form of aerobic exercise 5 to 7 days per week. It's as simple as talking a walk each evening. Do it minimally 5 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes at a time.


2. They have developed more healthy eating habits. Healthy eating habits are also very important. More fruit or vegetables instead of candy cake and pie on 5 days out out 7 make the difference.


I've had many clients tell me that their daily exercise puts them in a "healthy" frame of mind and helps them to make better food choices. Bottom line, when you are exercising consistently, youreating habits are better.


I firmly believe that a major factor in most peoples frustration with weight loss is that they haven't been told the truth about exercise. You see, twenty minutes, three days per week isn't going to cut it for weight loss. If you're serious about weight loss, then you have to get serious about exercise. I've seen this work for many people who had given up on weight loss. It worked for me. It can work for you.


JM Jackson is a fitness, health and weight loss consultant in northern California. For more information see Weight Loss Hypnosis.


More On Weight Loss:

Exercise Helps Reduce - If you were to take all the diet pills, weight loss pills and fat burners sitting on store shelves right now, the resulting pile would be big enough to sink a battleship. Add to that stack all the diet products, diet patches, diet food, prescription diet pills and other weight loss drugs and pretty soon you're talking about a virtual mountain of weight loss products designed to help you lose weight fast.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Geeting Started With A Weight Loss Program Is Easy


A lot of people want to lose weight. The impression we have is that we have to really get geared up mentally to start. We plan, we set a date, we worry and we fuss over the upcoming start and trauma of a pending diet. Relax! Beginning a weight loss program should be easy and simple and stress free.


First, start small. Do something different but something that will not make a huge, traumatic impact on your life. Try skipping dessert. Eat one less cookie a day. Instead of a handful of candy have one piece. If you're interested in losing weight, you're objective is to create a daily calorie deficit. For example, by consuming 1700 calories per day, and expending 2000 calories per day, your caloric deficit is 300 calories. 300 Calories is roughly 1 candy bar.


Below is a quick list to help you easily create a calorie deficit without the stress of a diet:

1. Make aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, or swimming part of your daily life. Walk each evening. Make it fun. Walk with music or a good friend.

2. Be an early riser and exercise in the morning.

3. Stay off the scales. Don't weigh yourself every day. Focus on how you feel not how much you weigh.

4. Develop a desire and focus on being healthy.

5. Avoid fad diets and learn to understand that healthy weight loss takes time.


With a focus on feeling good your negative calorie deficit will not only be see but will give you more enegry and vibrance and be permanent. It becomes a new way of life.


JM jackson is a fitness, health and weight loss consultant in northern California. For more information see Weight Loss Hypnosis.


Weight Loss Pills: Are They Safe?


In terms of diet pills, before asking about their effectiveness, it's better to ask: are they safe? Let's face it - a diet pill manufacturer is going to brag about how many pounds you'll lose by taking their product, not how many side effects you'll have. As a result, most customers are not given enough information about the safety of diet products and unfortunately might put their health at risk.


If you understand that to increase your daily calorie deficit, there are two options you have, eat fewer calories or increase calorie expenditure via exercise and other physical activity, it even becomes easier. Take a walk each evening. Take the stairs instead of an elevator at work. By exercising for 30 minutes, three days per week, you can substantially increase your calorie expenditure and in addition, improve your metabolism.


Phenylpropanolamine and caffeine

Most over-the-counter diet pills contain a combination of medications that have various benefits and harms. Usually they include phenylpropanolamine and caffeine, which suppress appetite. Phenlpropanolamine stimulates the central nervous system and has many effects on the body, in that it controls appetite. This is why it's a key ingredient in most diet pills. Caffeine acts in a similar way and also causes a person to be alert and awake.


There is proof that diet pills can effectively reduce a person's weight, but many health experts question the relevance of this. Recently, there have been findings that show phenylpropanolamine to cause serious side effects such as high blood pressure, nausea, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, irritability and even hallucinations. Similarly, caffeine can affect a person's blood circulation and its effects on blood pressure are unpredictable. Obese individuals are especially in danger of hypertension - which is ironic, as the heavier a person is, the more likely he or she will be to take a diet pill.


Laxatives and Diuretics

Some diet pills on the market contain laxatives and diuretics. These merely force a person's body to eliminate vital body fluids. Specifically, a laxative stimulates a dieter's large bowel to empty, but only after food and calories have been absorbed via the small intestines. So fluids are lost in the process and thus the body reacts by retaining water and consequentially, bloating occurs. This simply causes a person to feel they need to lose more weight. Basically, laxatives not only don't work, but are counterproductive.


Prolonged use of laxatives also cause cramps, bloating, bulimia, anorexia, severe abdominal pain, dehydration, gas, nausea, vomiting, electrolyte disturbances, and chronic constipation and when laxative use finally ceases, a person can experience withdrawal symptoms. Laxatives should only be used to correct irregular bowel movement; otherwise they simply cause problems.

Likewise, diuretics are a very dangerous component of diet pills, since they cause heart arrhythmias and dizziness. They also lead to dehydration and ultimately, kidney and organ damage due to the subsequent imbalance of electrolytes within the body. In order to protect itself from further loss of water, the body will again, retain more water and cause an individual to feel even fatter than before.



So far, no pills or artificial diet supplements can adequately replace regular exercise and a nutritious diet. If you want to lose weight, your aim should be for a healthy body, not a damaged one. Don't fall prey to misleading diet commercials and bear in mind that there is no such thing as a "quick fix" to weight loss.


Kathryn Whittaker has an interest in Health and Beauty related topics. To access more information on weight loss programs or on {a href=""}weight loss pills, please click on the links.


My tryst with weight loss

Hi, I am Sherry. I am a management trainee and I work in a very reputed firm. I have a great life and I have great parents who support me in everything I do. Yes, I don't have any problems in life except one. Can you guess? Well, I will tell you. I have never been able to lose weight. I have tried everything from ballet to aerobics, from South beach Diet to Atkins.... everything. Somehow nothing seems to have worked for me. I have tried to stay hungry for days on end only to be defeated by a delicious looking hamburger. A friend suggested that I should stand wearing a pullover in the sweltering heat of June and my fat will melt. I did that too, only that I did not get any thinner but only got a bad heat stroke. I have tried exercising non-stop for four days in a row only to sleep through the next three days.


In all my efforts, that cruel weight machine has never moved an inch. I had almost given up my weight loss efforts. Then one day fortune smiled on me and I met my old classmate Jenny. I was stunned at Jenny's metamorphosis from a fat teenager to a beautiful, lithe woman and I asked her the secret. She told me she had been using a weight loss drug called Meridia. She told me that Meridia helps in making a person feel full with a small meal. Unlike other drugs, meridian does not suppress the appetite; instead it blocks brain chemicals like serotonin and norepinephrine which gives a feeling of fullness.


I took her advice and ordered Meridia online. I took it regularly and hey presto, my weight has decreased phenomenally. Today, I have become what I always wanted to be. A slim, smart beautiful girl who is asked out by every guy she meets. So what are you waiting for? Take Meridia and make those heads turn.


Jenifer d'souza is an associated editor to the website . It is committed to provide visitors with complete information on men's health, sexual health, and online prescription drugs like generic viagra, generic cialis by latest news, personal views, and articles on erectile dysfunction related topics. Your feedback & comments will be highly appreciated at


Exercise - A Must For Weight Loss


Weight loss is essential for people who are overweight, otherwise it would lead to various health hazards. Exercise is a must for people of all age groups in order to stay fit and healthy. Eating a fatless diet does not necessarily cut weight. One must maintain a balance between the intake of food and calories burnt per day. Regular exercise for a few minutes everyday gives better results in the long run, as compared to dieting.


Aerobic Exercise for weight loss.

Aerobic exercise is the best form of exercise for weight loss. This form of exercise drastically reduces weight without the need to compromise on your nutritional food. Aerobics stimulate the metabolic rate and make the body burn fat. Dieting can lead to only loss of muscle and fat, but aerobics cause burning of fat and building of muscle as well. Since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue, the results from aerobics is long-lasting.


"Eat healthy think healthy". So to be healthy and fit the basic parameter is diet. Now to minimize the fats in our food and involve nutrients in it one has to follow a healthy diet plan. However people find it the most difficult part of their lives. Due to which they are unable to do away with extra kilos of weight from their bodies. Sometimes lack of will power and patience also creates hurdles while following a diet plan. To overcome all these problems and induce a better diet intake in one's life weight reducing pills are active in the market.


The two types of Aerobic exercises that we see are high impact and low impact aerobics. Alternating between high impact and low impact exercises is advised as it helps in reducing the overuse of muscles and prevention of any kind of injury to them. Walking and aerobic dance are low impact aerobic exercises while some good aerobic activities are rowing, swimming and cycling. Beginners must start with 15 minutes of low impact aerobics three times a week. Gradually increase to 30 minutes and four times a week. Before exercising, a warm up and after the session a cool down are a must. About 20 -30 minutes of regular workout three times a week is very helpful for your heart. Heart is strengthened and it will be able to pump oxygen-rich blood to the various parts of your body. Life is prolonged and youthful appearance is maintained by regular exercise.


Strength Training for weight loss.

Strength training is an important form of exercise for weight loss. It is good for any age group. Weight lifting and resistance exercises performed twice a week helps in building muscle mass. A combination of aerobics and strength training is the best form of fitness regimen. These exercises help in strengthening the heart and lungs and also increase the muscle mass. Weight loss increases by 56% with weight training and aerobics combination.


Building muscle mass with these exercises helps in fighting body ailments. Lifting weights tones and firms muscles. Using moderate weights dose not result in huge muscle mass, but it increases the body metabolism, firms the body and gives a slim look. Aerobic exercises can enhance your heart beat rate and breathing. This causes the heart to work harder and pump oxygenated blood to the various body parts more efficiently. Thus the danger of cholesterol blocks and blood clots in the arteries of the heart is reduced.

Work Out Methods for weight loss. According to your interest and physical condition, you can choose from bicycling, aerobics, swimming, brisk walking and steps for weight loss. Alternating between them gives you better results.


Darrell Stanton makes it easy to burn fat and lose weight naturally. Find out the secret formula for succesful weight loss and get over 100 weight loss tips by visiting

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Weight Loss Through Phentermine

The only thing with which a man is bestowed right from his birth is his body. Our body is a gift from God to us. To keep this body healthy and fit is like respecting this holy gift. And as it is said "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body". The better functioning of life and knowledge depends on a healthy body. A fat free body depends on the calorie intake and burnt ratio, which is result of metabolic rate. Better the metabolic rate less is the accumulation of fats and weight gain on our bodies. The betterment of this metabolic rate depends on the amount of food taken, nature of food taken and the amount of activities one does on a daily basis.


i) Amount of food taken: body fats /weight totally depend upon the amount of food intake. More there would be food intake more would be the chances of gaining weight. ii) Nature of food consumed: If the food intake were full of fats it would ultimately increase the body fats. iii) Daily activities: A minimum of 15-30 minutes of exercises has to be included in one's routine. These activities not only keep us active but also help us have a better amount of calorie consumed.


The number one diet-suppressing pill "Phentermine" is the favorite of all not only because of its reliability or cost but also because of its performance and transparency. Phentermine is an oral dosage, which comes in the form of tablets of different strengths. One can opt for any of them according to his needs or an online prescription. Phentermine being an FDA approved tablet strictly follows the quality parameters guided by FDA.


"Chris Read" is an associate editor to the website It is committed to provide visitors with complete information on weight loss, diet pills, obesity and phentermine. We also provide articles on health related topics. Your feedback & comments will be highly appreciated at email


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Weight Loss Formula - For most of my life, or at least as long as I can remember, I have been overweight. No let me rephrase. I have been fat. Yes, fat. Not just a little overweight, not big boned, not plus sized or comfortably large. Not weight challenged or in need of loosing a few pounds.

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Weight Loss Health - If I were asked, "what is the most difficult thing many people find to do when they start a weight-loss program?", I would have to say right near the top of the list is this - they don't drink enough water!

Weight Loss Hypnosis - Weight-loss is one of those things that most people consider at some time in their life. Trying to find the best diet or the most efficient type of exercise seems to be a never-ending job. Initially it may seem that the desire to find the ideal weight loss program is all about looking good to others, this may be true but in reality it should be all about your own feelings of self worth and that relates to more than just your appearance.

Weight Loss Hypnosis - The most frequently reported study to promote Hoodia Gordonii as a weight loss supplement was conducted with obese individuals who were given Hoodia Gordonii and left in a room with little to distract them except TV, reading and eating.

Weight Loss Industry - When you go on a diet and decide you want to lose some weight, most people think "I'll stop eating so much, maybe do a bit of exercise and be my ideal weight in just a few days". Sadly, these people end up disappointed and usually heavier than when they started.

Weight Loss Information - Well, here it is, late night TV and I'm flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch. As I'm surfing the tube, I notice a huge amount of weight loss infomercials. And you know what, most of them literally make me sick to my stomach. Not because I despise TV, but because I can't stand it when companies blatantly lie to unsuspecting consumers and make MILLIONS in the process doing it.

Weight Loss Issue - You may be surprised what the federal government has to say about weight loss. The National Institutes of Health has some interesting ideas about what it takes to trim the fat. You may find that a number of these ideas conflict with what you've been hearing in the popular press.

Weight Loss Issues - A recent study shows that people who drink diet soda on a daily basis are more likely to gain weight, over a ten year period, than those who drink no soda at all. Clearly, the concept of 'diet' soda - soda with little or no sugar, fat or calories - is backfiring.

Weight Loss Lesson - I was watching a spiritual program recently and the person asked a question and then his answer really caught me off guard. I'm going to ask you the question he asked and then give you his answer. It will definitely make you think.

Weight Loss Lesson - If you were going to travel to the other side of the world, you'd need to plan it. I mean, you're not going to just book a seat on a plane, take off and just take it all as it comes. You need to plan your finances, organize time off from work, get a visa, book accommodation, the list goes on.

Weight Loss Maintenance - A quote from Nelson Mandela illustrates this in showing you that you are an AWESOME child of God. I look at this quote each and every day when I do my energy circles. I encourage you to print this and tape it somewhere so that you see it everyday.

Weight Loss Operation - "There goes Godzilla" and I was stunned to see the neighbourhood children point and run as I glared at them. I knew that I was plump, but Godzilla, I rushed in dumped all the groceries at the door and checked my self out in the mirror. I mean...after a long time, really checked myself in the mirror.

Weight Loss Quick - A metabolism drug like ephedrine, has shown many people how to burn fat fast. These drugs however, are associated with a certain degree of risk. What about their effectiveness compared to these risks? And what should you do to minimize the probability of side effects.

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Smoke Causes Cancer - Based on the lack of scientific evidence, there is no conclusive data which says secondhand smoke causes cancer. Over the past few years, the secondhand smoke debate has been discussed and debated endlessly.


Anti Aging Supplements - Gerald and Johanna Talifero Anti-Aging Guide offers you real rejuvenation techniques through foods and a way of eating that prevents and reverses aging.


Acid Reflux Syndrome - Because prescription medications can sometimes have unwanted side effects, many people look for alternatives such as an acid reflux homeopathic remedy or an acid reflux herb. Like most prescription medications, a genuine acid reflux homeopathic remedy is not designed to be taken for long periods of time. Once symptoms are no longer present, use should be discontinued.


Another Arthritis Diet - Good news! If you're an arthritis sufferer, you don't have to give up your golf game! In fact, playing golf can add strength and mobility to your body overall and improve your range of motion.Research shows that one of the best treatments for osteoarthritis is exercise.


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