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Weight Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Weight Loss During Menopause IS Possible!

Menopause: an unloved but unavoidable time period in every woman's life, during which hormones act up and many unwanted symptoms show up. One of the hardest to deal with is weight gain.There are a number of different issues that can contribute to weight gain during the pre- and post-menopause time frames. It is important to understand this, as it is easier to combat several smaller issues than to fight one big issue.

As you approach menopause, please take the time to visit your doctor and have your thyroid tested.

As you deal with each issue, you will eventually destroy the overall problem: menopausal weight gain. Let's look at some of these issues:

An inactive lifestyle - Our culture contributes to this daily. Most of us spend the day sitting down at our jobs, and when we are at home we have many time-saving devices which, unfortunately, also save us from having to move around and get exercise. This lifestyle, combined with menopause, causes weight gain to accelerate. This can be combated by making some small changes in your habits. Walk or bike to work or in the evening. Join a fitness club or class. Get a pass to the local pool. Even going up and down stairs instead of taking the elevator helps to get your heart rate up and burn off calories.


A slowing metabolism -

Unfortunately, with age comes a slower metabolism. While it is easy to write this off as a hopeless issue, since we all age, it is one that can still be fought by adding exercise into daily routines.


Inherited weight problems -

If people you are related to struggle with their weight, take this as a warning sign: you are probably prone to weight problems as well. Just knowing this can help you to prevent weight gain, as you can be on the lookout for any signs of obesity and be ready to make changes in your lifestyle or eating habits to counter it.


Thyroid troubles -

Often, people are not aware that their thyroid is not working properly, and just attribute their weight gain to menopause. Medication is available to help get the thyroid working properly again. Don't be overwhelmed by these changes, and don't be afraid of what menopause will bring. Be informed and be ready to combat unwanted symptoms. If you do, you will be making yourself healthy and your life more enjoyable.


Learn more about weight loss during menopause at


More Info On Weight Loss:

Effective Weight Loss - Most people just don't understand that weight loss does not necessarily mean fat loss. In fact, many of the products and studies that go one nowadays concentrate on the area of weight loss. But, none of these studys really let people know the exact amount of FAT that's actually lost.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #52


Investing in ourselves--why don't we do it?

We will put everything else first before we decide to make the investment in ourselves. When we do this, we say, "I am last." What happens as a result? We keep this pattern of behavior alive in every area of our life. Then we wonder why things keep happening to us.I have a client who routinely has accidents. Finally, with this last accident she is "getting it." She understands that success is a system. In order to be successful, one must keep doing the daily activities that set up a regimen, a system.


When my client is on track, a system of investing in herself, she feels great. When she is off track and not doing her daily work, then all sorts of things befall her, including her accident-prone nature. Recently, she called me and NOW "gets it." She knows she must set the intention that her life is important, and schedule the time to instill this in her consciousness. She is saying, "I am important, therefore, I devote time to ensuring I am important." This has taken some time for her to learn this. Together we have cleared a lot of her negative thought patterns, but the daily work, the practice, is just as important to keep reinforcing the positives.


Michael said he constantly practiced (doing his daily work) to be a successful athlete. He could not just shoot a few baskets and then go out and be a top athlete. He had to exercise, eat right....all those components to help him be at the top of his game. He also mentioned that he believed it was very important to have a coach to guide him in his success. Michael Jordan isn't the only one who benefits from a coach. Everyone I know who is successful in their business has a coach.


How would you benefit from having a coach?

Are you at the top of your game?

Daily work is merely practice in how to be a better person. Using stress release techniques, exercising, eating nutritiously, cleansing the body, meditation, laughing, forgiveness...all these daily components can help us be at the top of our game. If you find you get off track easily, perhaps you could benefit from a coach. I can help coach you to be successful and have abundance in all areas. Maybe you need to lose some weight, maybe you need a better relationship with your significant other and/or with your children, maybe you want more energy or less stress. Whatever the need is, I can be the means to help you get those things. Who do you know who is successful who doesn't invest in himself or herself? Be at the top of your game, and invest in yourself.


Tami Close helps people fall in love...with themselves. She is a weight loss consultant and uses an integrative method, including cleansing and nutritional products from Isagenix, in her weight balancing program. She is a #1 best selling co-author with Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, Wake Up...Live the Life You Love.


Weight Loss Lights Path for Attractive Body Stats


The term over weight is generally used to indicate that a human (or other mammal) has more body fat than is typical or required for the normal functioning of the body. Being overweight is a fairly common condition for many people, especially in the United States and other developed nations where food supplies are plentiful and lifestyles often do not involve a lot of exercise. Recent studies have indicated that as much as 64% of the adult U.S. population is overweight, and this number is increasing. weight loss for good is the goal of almost all individuals unhappy with their current figure stats including size and shape. Lose extra fat stored on your body to lose weight and keep it off... for good and tasteful essence of life.


She is ready to embark on cleansing her body as well and going to start using the cleansing and fat burning products from Isagenix. This powerful, two-pronged approach (cleansing the body and cleansing the thoughts) will be the system that will be her life force. Sometimes it takes a coach to help us though as self-sabotage (our EGO) can be right there waiting for us to fail. Recently, I was listening to a teleseminar where the person was talking about Michael Jordan.


Exercise and a balanced diet are the key factors in fat loss and weight loss. If you are eating more calories than you are burning off throughout the day the result will be that the calories will be stored as fat. My aim in this article is to lighten the path that takes you to the world of health and fitness. So just decide about the method you want to use to bring down the extra fat that changed the shape of your personality from attractive one to dull. Keep yourself motivated and focused for your goals - everyone can lose weight and keep it off for good lovely body shape and vitals stats! Hope information shared in above lines will compel you to step your foot towards the lighted path that take you through the journey of weight loss.


Saurabh Verma is working as Sr. Web Content Developer for leading pharmacy web-site


Weight Loss with the South Beach Diet

Among all the FAD diets that have come and gone during the last years, the South Beach Diet belongs to the long lasting ones. The basic of this diet is the low carb philosophy introduced and developed by Dr. Atkins and known as the famous Atkins Diet. However, there are some differences between these two weight loss diets. The South Beach diet has been followed by thousands of people since its inception several years ago. The diet plan, developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston, works by restricting carbohydrate intake through a three phrase process to help the dieter lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. Similar in nature to the Atkin's diet, the South Beach diet plan differs in two very important ways: It does not encourage the unrestricted eating of fats and it does not count the grams in carbohydrates.


The three phases involved with the South Beach diet plan include an induction phase that promotes rapid weight loss, a continued weight loss phase that will help remove one to two pounds per week, and a maintenance phase that the dieter should adhere to for the rest of their lives to maintain the weight loss. In the first phase carbohydrates are all but banned from the diet, the second phase reintroduces carbohydrates in limited amounts and the final phase promoted healthy eating through low carbohydrate intake and fat moderation.


As with most diet plans, the South Beach diet has not had long-term research to back up the overall health benefits of the diet. Many dieters feel that low carbohydrate plans, or any plan that restricts a certain type of food, are harder to stay on because our bodies naturally crave carbohydrate-based foods. Several medical organizations have come out in recent years warning against any such diet that restricts food intake of a certain type because they believe that in the long-term it will do more damage to the body than good. As such, before beginning the South Beach diet (or any diet plan) you should consult with your doctor about the possible side effects and risks associated with it.


Weight loss is a journey, and should not be thought of as just a goal that once achieved can be forgotten about. Proper diet and exercise are the only long-term way that has been studied for maintaining a healthy body. While the South Beach diet may work for some people it should not be thought of as the only solution to weight loss issues.


Ian Koch is a writer and internet publisher who likes to publish Information about Weight Loss . Check out for more.


Choose Wise Diet for Quick Weight Loss


Losing weight can feel like a sweet dream that turns off once you wake up in the morning. But it's not as hard as it seems - nor as complicated. Your weight loss can be quick and simple - if you choose the right diet as diet plays vital role in putting extra kilos on your body. The problem today is not that we don't know how to lose weight - but that we don't know which method to choose. There is unlimited number of diets available to choose the best one but real problem lies in identifying the best diet that can induce weight loss program. But not every diet will work for you. You don't want to waste valuable time and energy on a diet that doesn't work.


So how do you find a plan that will speed you towards your dream body? In order to find a diet that works best for you, look for below mentioned essential points:


Proven Successful Background in Bringing Desired Results

If it worked for other people, the diet has a high probability of working for you too. Look for realistic sounding testimonials, this means they won't sound perfect since they are written by real people. In general, the more testimonials the better. It's always more reliable when people are willing to give their full name on a testimonial however many people can be shy about this so don't expect it. Before and after pictures are always nice to have although again, not necessary since lesser known diets that work well may not have the money to sponsor a before and after weight losscontest.


It Fits Your Personal Style & Needs

While many diets may work - they may not work for you because they don't mesh with your personal style. Every person is different and has specific preferences, needs and experiences in the weight loss arena. So before making your final choice, make sure it fits best with your personal style. I've seen people lose weight at lightning speed when they choose a diet based on their personal style.


weight loss as a daily activity in individual's life is an essential component as it reflects the true meaning of being healthy. If your aim is to live life that is full of sweet colors of perfect health in combination of perfect figure stats than make sure to bring mentioned below changes in your life style. As someone has rightly said health is wealth, it seems quite true in present context as health defines success for individual in life.


It must suit your Enthusiasm Flavor

One of the most underrated facts to success in any weight loss plan is enthusiasm. Generally it was seen in most of the individual's attitude that the thought of weight loss program takes on a negative connotation in their minds. You have to get excited about the diet - you have to believe in it and be motivated to commit your time to trying it. When you don't believe in the diet you don't believe that it will help you lose weight - and what you believe you will eventually manifest. Make sure the diet plan you choose gets you excited and enthusiastic. Perhaps it introduces a totally new concept you've never thought of before. Perhaps you're salivating at the ultra-fast results it produces. It doesn't matter as long as it gets you enthusiastic and excited about your weight loss.


Hope above mentioned hard realities about the success of chosen diet plan will help you to get the right figure. So with crossed fingers wish you all the best for a wonderful charming result in the form of attractive body stats. It is better to use your grey matter before staring a diet plan for amazing body stats.


Saurabh Verma is working as Sr. Web Content Developer for leading pharmacy web-site

ABC of Weight Loss Component

The term weight loss is of utmost importance as condition of being over weight runs in correlation to the concept of weight loss. Being over weight in the era of slim and trim attractive body stats is like a curse on the personality of individual suffering from the negative effects of condition known as over weight. If you are looking for long term association with lovely and sexy figure than bring the required changes in your present lifestyle. For healthy weight loss, most experts recommend a combination of healthy eating patterns and regular physical exercise. Other methods of losing weight include use of prescribed or herbal drugs or chemicals that decrease appetite and/or increase physical activity.


Anti-obesity drugs include all pharmacological treatments intended to reduce or control fatness. Because these drugs are intended to alter one of the fundamental processes of the human body, anti-obesity drugs are medically prescribed only in cases of morbid obesity, where weight loss is life-saving. Prominent weight loss medication used widely all over the world to treat medical condition known as over weight or obesity include: all time famous phentermine, phendimetrazine and Adipex. If you want to achieve dreamed vital stats for your figure that can match with that of supermodels and of your favorite actress put your faith on quick weight loss medications.


● Make sure to indulge in serious exercise schedule at least for one hour daily.

● Always eat healthy diet minus junk food and aerated drinks.

● Remove the element of stress from your life.

● Always maintain smile on your face as it reflects state of your persona.


This is all about ABC of weight loss that I want to share with you. Success of this effort lies in the fact, if you all start looking for healthy life by introducing concept of weight loss in your heavy weight life. Enjoy life as much as you can as no one knows when again you get chance to live life of human being.


Saurabh Verma is working as Sr. Web Content Developer for leading pharmacy web site


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Weight Loss Formula - For most of my life, or at least as long as I can remember, I have been overweight. No let me rephrase. I have been fat. Yes, fat. Not just a little overweight, not big boned, not plus sized or comfortably large. Not weight challenged or in need of loosing a few pounds.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis - Weight-loss is one of those things that most people consider at some time in their life. Trying to find the best diet or the most efficient type of exercise seems to be a never-ending job. Initially it may seem that the desire to find the ideal weight loss program is all about looking good to others, this may be true but in reality it should be all about your own feelings of self worth and that relates to more than just your appearance.

Weight Loss Hypnosis - The most frequently reported study to promote Hoodia Gordonii as a weight loss supplement was conducted with obese individuals who were given Hoodia Gordonii and left in a room with little to distract them except TV, reading and eating.

Weight Loss Industry - When you go on a diet and decide you want to lose some weight, most people think "I'll stop eating so much, maybe do a bit of exercise and be my ideal weight in just a few days". Sadly, these people end up disappointed and usually heavier than when they started.

Weight Loss Information - Well, here it is, late night TV and I'm flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch. As I'm surfing the tube, I notice a huge amount of weight loss infomercials. And you know what, most of them literally make me sick to my stomach. Not because I despise TV, but because I can't stand it when companies blatantly lie to unsuspecting consumers and make MILLIONS in the process doing it.

Weight Loss Issue - You may be surprised what the federal government has to say about weight loss. The National Institutes of Health has some interesting ideas about what it takes to trim the fat. You may find that a number of these ideas conflict with what you've been hearing in the popular press.

Weight Loss Issues - A recent study shows that people who drink diet soda on a daily basis are more likely to gain weight, over a ten year period, than those who drink no soda at all. Clearly, the concept of 'diet' soda - soda with little or no sugar, fat or calories - is backfiring.

Weight Loss Lesson - I was watching a spiritual program recently and the person asked a question and then his answer really caught me off guard. I'm going to ask you the question he asked and then give you his answer. It will definitely make you think.

Weight Loss Lesson - If you were going to travel to the other side of the world, you'd need to plan it. I mean, you're not going to just book a seat on a plane, take off and just take it all as it comes. You need to plan your finances, organize time off from work, get a visa, book accommodation, the list goes on.

Weight Loss Maintenance - A quote from Nelson Mandela illustrates this in showing you that you are an AWESOME child of God. I look at this quote each and every day when I do my energy circles. I encourage you to print this and tape it somewhere so that you see it everyday.

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Total Global Amnesia - Everyone already knows that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle even if certain people choose not to exercise at all.


Cancer Information - Worse, Wilson had to recuperate during the infamous ice storm, which knocked out power and heat to her home for days.


Cancer Awareness Pins - Everyone has seen them. The small ribbons and pins that people are wearing on their shirts, purses, hats, and jackets. Whether they are pink or red, white, and blue, it is easy to spot cancer awareness pins.


Training Weight Loss - Your diet doesn't impact your cholesterol levels as much as you think it does. It doesn't increase it as much as you've been led to believe and it certainly doesn't help to lower cholesterol like the so- called diet experts tell you.


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