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Top 10 Tips to Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness Tip 1

The most important tip of the "Top 10 Tips" is to always fill up on the best-for-you-foods first; then you can eat other foods. The moment you decide to make some changes in your diet in order to lose weight and/or gain health and fitness, the very first thought that probably pops into your head is: "What am I going to have to give up?" You can't help but moan. Instead of thinking about what foods you "have to" sacrifice, focus on what foods you "get to" add to both fill you up and satisfy you.

This is even easier than eating 10 fruits in a day.

You "get to" add at least 10 fresh fruits to your day. Does this sound like a lot of fruit? If you would consider eating fruit only throughout the morning, enough to satisfy you and fill you up, you may surprise yourself and eat as many as 10 fruits by noon. Even if you can eat only 5 fruits until noon, by eating fruit for snacks, you can easily eat 10 fruits by the end of the day. You also "get to" add 10 vegetables to your daily food plan.


For dinner follow the one rule: fill up on salad and other vegetables before eating other foods. If you eat enough vegetables to fill you up, you may naturally gravitate away from those foods that are void of nutrition and fiber, and full of fat, cholesterol, and animal protein. Simple addition: 10+10 premium foods by the end of the day, plus whole grains and beans, equals better chances for better health today and for the rest of your days.


Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a motivational health speaker, writer and lifestyle coach. Visit Dr. Leslie at Http:// for practical direction, hope and inspiration.



We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


The Top 10 Tips to Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness. Tip 2


1. Fill Up On Premium

2. Get Satisfied, Not Stuffed

3. Search and Destroy

4. Eagle Eye All Labels

5. K.I.S.S.

6. Stockpile Handy, Healthy Snacks

7. Tricky Tactics

8. Don't Kiss and Tell

9. Stockpile Mental Ammo

10. Seek and Shine


Our hunger drive tells us when we should eat. Although many of us try to fight against our hunger drive, especially when we are dieting, the hunger drive always wins.


Tip #2:

Get Satisfied, Not Stuffed

As human beings, we have basic instincts that keep us alive and thriving. Our thirst drive tells us when we need to hydrate our bodies. Our sex drive is critical for reproduction and the procreation of the human race. That's why we can't starve ourselves forever on calorie-restricted diets--because we get hungry with too few calories and not enough nutrition.


We can't fight a basic instinct.

We get hungry for one very fundamental reason--our bodies need nourishment. A full stomach doesn't necessarily mean nourishment. That's why you can eat a large meal and still feel hungry afterward--because you filled your stomach with foods empty of nutrients that feed your body. The bottom line is: we should eat when we are hungry, but choose foods that are nutrient-dense, fiber-dense, and fat-, cholesterol-, and calorie-sparse. And we should stop eating when we are not hungry anymore. Eat until your brain, not your stomach, tells you that you are satisfied. This takes a while to get used to but, rather than eating until your stomach is over full and distended, eat until your brain tells you that you have eaten enough.


In other words, eat good-for-you foods until you are "satisfied," not "stuffed." If you eat until you feel stuffed, then you have packed away too much food and too many calories. It takes trial and error to learn the difference between "satisfied" and "stuffed," and to have the awareness and self-discipline to respond appropriately--stop eating. However, by adopting a plant-based diet, it is doable. In fact, over time, you will find that the difference between feeling "satisfied" and feeling "stuffed" is not subtle at all, and it is much more comfortable to stop eating before your stomach gets overloaded.


Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a motivational health speaker, writer and lifestyle coach. Visit Dr. Leslie at Http:// for practical direction, hope and inspiration.


The Top 10 Tips to Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness. Tip 3

1. Fill Up On Premium

2. Get Satisfied, Not Stuffed

3. Search and Destroy

4. Eagle Eye All Labels

5. K.I.S.S.

6. Stockpile Handy, Healthy Snacks

7. Tricky Tactics

8. Don't Kiss and Tell

9. Stockpile Mental Ammo

10. Seek and Shine

Once you make the commitment to transform your eating habits, go on a search and destroy mission in your own kitchen.

Tip #3: Search and Destroy

Be a commando in your own cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer. Hunt down and remove all those foods that provide the emptiest calories and the poorest nutrition with the most fat, salt, sugar, and chemicals--chips, cookies, boxed cakes, snacks, salted nuts, candy, pop, meats, frozen dinners, and over-sugared or over-salted frozen and canned goods and drinks. Whether you give the food to a neighbor, the food bank, or just throw it out, it is not being wasteful.


Waste is when you fill your own body with foods that don't feed you, but deplete you. As you are cleaning house, think to yourself: "Does this food feed me or deplete me?" If it feeds you, keep it. If it depletes you, toss it. If you don't clean out your kitchen, sooner or later those very familiar, not-so-good-for-you foods will call to you. They will plead and beg until all your resolve dissolves, and they fly into your mouth before you have the chance to protest. That doesn't mean that you can never have those foods again.

How ridiculous!


But it does give you a bit more control if you are forced to go out of your house to get them. If they are right under your nose, it is next to impossible to will yourself not to eat them.


Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a motivational health speaker, writer and lifestyle coach. Visit Dr. Leslie at Http:// for practical direction, hope and inspiration.

The Top 10 Tips to Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness. Tip 4

1. Fill Up On Premium

2. Get Satisfied, Not Stuffed

3. Search and Destroy

4. Eagle Eye All Labels

5. K.I.S.S.

6. Stockpile Handy, Healthy Snacks

7. Tricky Tactics

8. Don't Kiss and Tell

9. Stockpile Mental Ammo

10. Seek and Shine


Tip #4: Eagle Eye All Labels

Before buying any packaged foods, read the label and become familiar with the ingredients that are best to avoid.Generally speaking, if the list of ingredients is long and includes words that are unfamiliar or you can not pronounce, buyer beware.


Learn the "buzz" words that represent chemicals and foodstuffs that are harmful to you:

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) Hydrolyzed protein (contains monosodium glutamate) Caseinates Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats Sugars which come disguised as: corn and other syrups, lactose, maltose, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, dextrin, malt, fruit juice concentrates, and even the words "no sugar added" means there is sugar in that product Artificial sugars such as aspartame Salt or sodium chloride which is hidden in almost all processed foods, especially breads and canned goods Enriched white flour or wheat flour (wheat means white) Natural flavors Artificial Preservatives Flavoring Red 40 (or any color on the label)

Learn to be suspicious of anything that has a label. Every label is guilty until proven innocent.


Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a motivational health speaker, writer and lifestyle coach. Visit Dr. Leslie at Http:// for practical direction, hope and inspiration.

The Top 10 Tips to Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness. Tip 5

1. Fill Up On Premium

2. Get Satisfied, Not Stuffed

3. Search and Destroy

4. Eagle Eye All Labels

5. K.I.S.S.

6. Stockpile Handy, Healthy Snacks

7. Tricky Tactics

8. Don't Kiss and Tell

9. Stockpile Mental Ammo

10. Seek and Shine


Most of the time, your lunch should include a large, green-leafy salad with 10 different vegetables. Just with this one salad, you have already eaten at least 10 vegetables and at least half of the fruits by noon, and dinner is yet to come.


Tip #5: K.I.S.S.

As you are transitioning to eating healthier foods, use the K.I.S.S. principle when it comes to preparing meals for you and your family:


Keep It Simple, Silly (the real word is--stupid). If you make meal planning, preparing, and shopping too complicated and time consuming, it is easy to get discouraged and give up. Unless you enjoy reading recipes and making elaborate meals, be practical and plan simple meals. If you are like most people, you don't want to spend your entire life in the kitchen. As you become more comfortable eat better and better, you will discover that the best, most nutritious meals tend to be the easiest to prepare. How much planning and effort does it take to wash and cut up vegetables and mix them into a salad?


How much planning and effort does it take to buy whole fruit--bananas, apples, oranges, grapefruits, grapes, peaches--peel and/or wash them, stick them in your mouth and chew? Furthermore, don't even think about making two different meals for one dinner. If you are cooking dinner for your children and husband who eat differently from you, cook one meal, and you pick and choose out of that meal the best food for you. For instance, if you prepare meat, potato, vegetable, and salad for your family, your best selections would be the salad first, followed by the vegetables and potato. As a rule, the simpler the better. Don't make life more complicated than it already is.


Dr. Leslie Van Romer is a motivational health speaker, writer and lifestyle coach. Visit Dr. Leslie at Http:// for practical direction, hope and inspiration.


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