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Do you have enough time in your day to eat all the recommended fruits and vegetables that will keep you healthy and happy???


It's not easy! But my personal solution is MY JUICE MACHINE!


Look into getting a juicer for your own health boost! A juice machine is the best investment you can make for your health and happiness!


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Weight Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Poor Weight Loss Advice : 10 Red Flags

There's a huge amount of weight loss advice and information out there. Much of it is of questionable value and some of it is quite misleading. This can even be the case for reports from seemingly legitimate scientific studies. So how do you sort out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to deciding who and what to believe?

Many products and programs will lead you to believe that you can lose a huge amount of weight in a short time.

1. Beware of the quick fix

Putting on weight is easy compared to losing it. As you did not put weight on overnight, do you really think you can lose it that quickly?


It's true that you can lose quite a few pounds in the early weeks on a weight loss program. If you are very overweight, you will probably lose a lot of weight at the start. But it's mainly water rather than fat. And that rate is not sustainable over the long term. So if you're told you can lose more than a pound or two a week on a particular weight loss program don't believe anything else they say either.


2. Too good to be true

If anything promises you can lose weight without changing what you eat or how much you move, then it's either dangerous or pulling the wool over your eyes. HEALTHY weight loss is always the result of eating fewer calories (and usually better quality food) or taking more exercise or both.


3. A biased study

If a study supported by chocolate manufacturers emphasises the value of chocolate and downplays the downsides then don't be surprised! Many "studies" are designed to show a product in a good light rather than to increase our knowledge of what works and what doesn't.


4. Drawing simple conclusions

Weight loss is a complex issue and huge amounts of data will come out of any study using a sizable group of people. It's difficult to isolate individual factors in a study because we all have different lifestyles, eating styles and exercise styles. If it were easy for us to keep to whatever regime was being studied, we wouldn't have problems losing weight in the first place. People are difficult to regulate! If any study tries to draw simple "black and white" conclusions, it is likely to be trying to sway you (unscientifically) in a particular direction.


5. A tiny sample

If only a few people have been studied then it's unlikely that the results can be sensibly extrapolated into the population as a whole. Thousands of people are needed in a study before a true pattern emerges.


6. Missing Evidence

Some ads quote doctors, whose medical school records or qualifications you can't find any trace of or studies you can't read about in any reputable scientific journals. Take these with a large pinch of salt especially if claims are made about miracle solutions you have to pay for. Do a little research before you buy.


7. Statements are refuted

With a little research online you can also often find leading scientists and scientific journals refuting some of the more dramatic claims from studies published in the media. Seek out the truth before you blindly follow advice in the popular press.


8. Animal testing

Just because something happens in mice, it does not follow it will happen in the same way for you. Also if a product has been tested with animals it's unlikely to hit the general public for some years (if it ever does) due to the stringent testing new (legal) products need to receive. So do not hold your breath waiting for a solution in that way.


9. No control group

Any study carried out should have a parallel study with a similar group who are not practising the behaviour or using the product being studied. This is so that they can measure the differences in the two groups. The gap has to be statistically significant to point to any meaningful result. Otherwise a group being studied may show a result just because the members of the group are being monitored and assessed.


10. Dramatic statements

Studies sometimes show that particular foods are good for you or cause this or that disease and these are often reported with dramatic headlines in the newspapers. In truth all foods in moderation are probably OK so read between the lines and see how much of a particular food you would have to eat to have a problem, or to gain the benefit they are describing. These statements are often made to grab your attention in the headlines rather than to give you useful information.


So where should you go to get weight loss advice?

If you want good sound advice about losing weight, you can do a lot worse than follow the latest government guidelines about healthy eating and exercise. While they may not be perfect, there would not be a huge obesity problem in the Western world, if we all followed them.


The fact is we don't even follow the simplest most straight forward advice, although most of us are already familiar with it. Advice about eating less fat, sugar and salt, increasing our intake of fruit and vegetables and taking 30 minutes exercise three times a week is ignored by most people. So why oh why do we try and follow every mad study that comes along in the hope that it will have an answer? Follow the simplest advice first to see the most dramatic changes and then you won't ever have to wonder if you are being told a weight loss fairy story.


Janice Elizabeth is a weight loss coach and author of "The Diet Exit Plan". Request her FREE 15 page report "How to lose weight without dieting - 7 secrets the diet industry doesn't want you to know" at TODAY!


More Info On Weight Loss:

Weight Loss Motivation - The Secrets have been in our family recipes, some even date back as far as 3000 BC. For years our Ancient ancestors have been using natural herbs and spices to heal and cure, even to take the weight off.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Discover How To Burn Fat for Fast Weight Loss - Part 1


Let's face seems like every time you turn your head, there is a new study done indicating that obesity and obesity related diseases are at an all time high (that's epidemic, folks!). I don't know a thing about you, but I'll bet that you don't want to be just another victim of the obesity epidemic!


In my experience, there is only one 100% sure fire way to truly burn fat and keep it off. Notice that we are talking about how to burn FAT, not lose weight. If you want to lose weight, sure, most people can do that, in different degrees. Because when we are talking about weight loss, we are also referring to lean muscle mass. That is where most conventional diet plans fail. They focus on weight loss plans. By the way, the term "lose weight" not only encompasses fat loss, but lean muscle mass and water weight as well. Did you know that within a few days of starting a new weight loss weight loss plan, the initial weight loss almost always represents WATER?

You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to accomplish your weight loss goals and burn fat!


The fact is that by eating the right foods (adopting healthy eating habits), limiting fat and sugar intake, and eating the right carbohydrates in a sensible manner will start you on the road to fat loss. Diet and exercise, as well as good nutrition, will help you to burn fat faster than ever before. Now it's time to start putting these tips to work for you!


We make it easy to burn fat, lose weight permanently and feel good about yourself. Read part 2 of this article, learn the essential keys to weight loss and get free recipes, tips and more by visiting:


Marie Borges is a motivational writer, author and healthcare consultant. She spent several years in the healthcare industry helping to educate and motivate people on the importance of successful weight loss and good nutrition to improve overall health and happiness. To change your body for the better, receive free tips, recipes, articles and more, go to


Treadmill weight loss workouts to build a leaner, healthy and fit body.


Treadmill weight loss is one of the more successful methods of losing weight. Treadmill weight loss helps individuals to loose weight by implementing workout routines on a treadmill machine. A treadmill weight loss workout enables user to build a healthy and fit body. Doctors, medical specialists, gym trainers and health specialists provide treadmill weight loss workout tips to individuals who desire to lose weight, build body sculptures and get into shape.


Have you ever noticed how many weight loss plans and fat loss supplements are out there on the market today? 100? 1000? Too many for you to count? And if you're like me, with all the information (or misinformation!) out there today, it is hard to decide which is the best weight loss plan for you. To add insult to injury, over 90% of people who try dieting will fail. And, of the ones who succeed, some will end up with more weight than they started out with.


Treadmill walking workouts for weight loss have consistently provided quality results and lasting benefits. These exercises allow people to work at their own pace to burn calories effectively. Using a good treadmill workout program has worked for many people and individuals. Treadmill workouts not only enable users to lose weight but also help users to maintain their weight loss. Treadmill weight loss is achieved by performing workouts on treadmills by virtually any age group and individuals of any activity level.


It helps people to lose weight and maintain weight loss by implementing a treadmill workout routine. A sensible, healthy and planned diet that will help users to shed their weight by unwanted pounds is implemented with along with the workout. While performing workouts on treadmills to reach treadmill weight loss targets, users need to be consistent in their planned workouts. Treadmill weight loss can be achieved if the user spends a certain length of time on the treadmill machine.


Treadmill weight loss workouts make the user walk or jog on a treadmill for certain time length and at least 5-6 days per week. Treadmill weight loss requires workouts that user spends 45 minutes or more per session on a treadmill machine. Consistency in treadmill workouts is the key to the success of treadmill weight loss. Initially treadmill weight loss workout starts at a nice and easy pace but over the period of time the intensity and length of the workouts is increased to achieve the targets of treadmill weight loss exercise.


During treadmill weight loss workout users need to keep in mind that they have their body moving for as long and fast as they can and still remain comfortable. The faster the pace during treadmill weight loss workouts on a treadmill, the more calories will be burned which will eventually lead to weight loss. Regular workouts on a treadmill increase the body's metabolism and make more weight loss.


Treadmill weight loss exercise is the best way to lose weight provided users plan their workouts on a treadmill and make it a daily habit. Consistency in maintaining workouts is the key to success of treadmill weight loss. Treadmill weight loss tips during walking workouts on a treadmill include maintaining a proper posture of the body, keeping the head up, relaxing the neck, swinging the arms at sides, holding the tummy in, keeping the hips relaxed & loose and concentration on breathing. Treadmill weight loss tips also include listening to music, watching TV, or talking to a friend next to you to avoid the boredom during treadmill weight loss workouts.


Treadmill weight loss workouts include numerous programs. Making treadmill weight loss workout a daily habit makes achieving weight loss ambitions more likely. Incorporation of 3-4 treadmill workout sessions each week is a planned program of treadmill weight loss. Forcing the body to become conditioned to more intense workout is another treadmill weight loss program. Treadmill weight loss sessions or interval workouts cause people to burn more calories and make the workout less monotonous.


Treadmill weight loss workout includes swinging of arms and variety of arm movements during walking workouts, which increases the metabolic rate and causes weight loss. Treadmill weight loss workouts help users to achieve their weight loss goals and have a positive impact on all aspects of their life including fitness, the way they look, the way they walk, etc. Treadmill weight loss workout on a treadmill machine is a simple way to reach weight loss goals.


Atanu. He has well known authority and can visit at


A little exercise is a healthy Weight Loss Plan

Are you shying away from exercise because it's too strenuous for you? Did you stop working out as the gym and its machines you went to were unfriendly towards you. In that case there are certain misconceptions which have to get cleared now. Firstly, any form of exercise is good for your heart and health. Be it walking, jogging, doing light floor exercises or simply ironing. It's any day better than sitting idle or watching TV. Being a couch potato doesn't help you fight obesity ( ). Shying away from exercises also does not bring any benefits.


For obese people who cannot strain and risk getting injured, walking is the finest form of exercise. Begin your day by walking a good 15 minutes. It's a refreshing feeling in the morning. And once you get comfortable with the walking style and time move ahead and make it 30 minutes. If you manage to walk an hour in good speed, it's going to benefit your weight loss plans highly. Remember, while walking you have to walk fast and move all your body parts well. Easy floor exercises will be effective too. But always consult a doctor and then a trainer for assistance. Since you are above the normal weight, small mistakes can cause big dangers. You can combine walking with floor exercises for better results.


Take note of health secrets

* Begin your workout after a doctor's advice and then keep watch. Check your weight once a week or regularly

* See if you experience weight loss. No change in weight means that you are not working out properly or devoting enough time to exercise

* Also consult your trainer for new work out tips


People fail to understand the advantages of exercises in any form. No matter when you do it or how often you do it, but certainly even a little exercise can encourage sufficient weight loss in your body. Most of people switch to /diet pills and that too without consulting any doctor. Before taking any medication one should consult doctor. natural ways are the best ways in regard of taking diet pills like Phentermine, Adipex and so on.


Bella is an associated editor to the website . It is committed to provide visitors with complete information on weight loss, diet pills, and online prescription drugs like Phentermine, Didrex by latest news, personal views, and articles on weight loss related topics. Your feedback & comments will be highly appreciated at


The Enemy of Weight Loss


Going out for a meal used to be something which happened only on special occasions but these days it's often a several-times-a week occurrence simply because we are too tired to cook. If eating out is a regular event for you, avoid the temptation to treat it like an invitation to over-indulge. This is part of your regular eating pattern so you need to treat it as such. Eat only as much as you need and no more.


Occasional overeating does no harm but any level of regular overeating is bound to result in you piling on the pounds. Having said that, you CAN eat healthily in restaurants, so if you eat out a lot, don't despair. Just plan your trip with care and set a firm intention to eat healthily before you go.


Bear in mind that the cheapest restaurant options are normally the most unhealthy. Fast food and lower end restaurants are not noted for their use of low-fat or low-calorie cooking methods or foods. So choose your restaurant with care, somewhere that you know offers a selection of healthier dishes or will prepare foods specially for you on request. If you have to wait for your meal at the bar, avoid alcoholic drinks which can increase your appetite and lower your resolve, not to mention the empty calories they contain. Avoid fizzy drinks with your meal and ask for water instead. If you drink wine with dinner, a small glass when you go out shouldn't do too much harm in terms of calories.


A Little Thought and Preparation Make a Big Difference

The method of food preparation also affects the Glycemic Index. Foods that are cooked or pre-cooked have a higher GI. For example, instant oatmeal or grits have a higher Glycemic Index than the same foods cooked in a more traditional manner. Due to this reason, individuals who are on a low GI diet tend to put more thought into foods consumed and tend to consume less pre-cooked, pre-packaged foods filled with preservatives or additives.


Restaurants often serve huge amounts and if you know you have a tendency to clean your plate no matter how much is on it, order a small portion or a starter in place of a main course. You can even share a dish with your dinner companion. If you're in the US you can request a doggie bag - but don't try this one in Europe unless you want some very strange looks. Avoid fried foods and those which are served in creamy or buttery sauces. Wherever possible go for plain grilled (broiled) chicken or fish and ask for any sauce to be served on the side. The same goes for salad where the dressing can turn a healthy dish into a dieter's nightmare.


Forget dessert too if you are trying to lose weight. You just don't need 300 or more extra calories on top of everything you've already eaten. If you choose an ethnic restaurant take the time before your visit to understand the various cooking methods and ingredients in typical dishes and if you're in doubt about a particular item on the menu ask the waiter for information. Above all, don't use eating out all the time as an excuse for not losing weight. You are the one ordering the food and no one is forcing you to eat it.


If you really can't resist when you go out, then take the time to plan, prepare and cook food at home so that you don't rely so much on restaurants. Arrange to meet friends for coffee, a sandwich or a movie rather than dinner or organise a more active outing such as a walk, shopping trip or bowling party. You are only limited by your imagination. On business trips, you can use local stores to buy healthy foods to eat in your room for at least part of your stay. The size of your expense account does not have to show up in the size of your waistline.


Janice Elizabeth is a weight loss coach and author of "The Diet Exit Plan". Request her FREE 15 page report "How to lose weight without dieting - 7 secrets the diet industry doesn't want you to know" at TODAY!

Why the Low GI Diet is the Key to Your Weight Loss Goals!

Losing weight is one of the hardest goals Americans annually seek to accomplish. The weight loss industry is huge and incorporates every type of fad diet, pill, cream, and lotion possible. Instead of falling prey to one of these "lose weight quickly" fads, entrust your weight loss into something that will guarantee you results: a low GI diet. This diet is certainly nothing new and does not require purchase of any expensive diet foods that are usually packed with preservatives. A low GI diet is much more than a typical diet--it is truly a change in your lifestyle, health, and overall well being.


What does GI Stand for Anyway?

The "GI" in GI diet stands for Glycemic Index. The Glycemic Index is based on the carbohydrate content of food and how quickly those carbohydrates affect your blood glucose level. Foods with a high Glycemic Index are quickly digested and turned into sugar. It is no surprise that these foods usually lack necessary vitamins or nutrients and contain needless calories and fats.


Foods with a high Glycemic Index (foods ranking 70 or greater on the scale) include:

* Foods high in sugar or glucose
* Baked or mashed potatoes
* White Rice
* Regular (not whole grain) bread
* Cookies, cakes, muffins, doughnuts
* Junk foods

It's All About Choices

By choosing to consume foods with a low Glycemic Index, you are making a conscious effort to consume foods that are nutritious and good for you. This diet is also critical for individuals with diabetes or other conditions that make it necessary to monitor their blood sugar levels. Make the conscious commitment to embark on a low GI diet and create a healthy lifestyle.


What foods are classified as low GI?

You will certainly be surprised with the incredibly long list of options available to individuals currently pursuing a low GI diet! These low GI (55 or less) foods include:

* Most fruits (apples, pears, oranges, berries, etc.)
* High fiber grains (bran, whole grain wheat's)
* Pastas
* Whole milk
* Low-fat yogurt
* Lentils
* Whole grain cereals (Special K, All Bran, etc)


These foods are readily incorporated into a daily diet and intermixed with foods that have a medium rank on the Glycemic Index between 56 and 69. These foods should be eaten sparingly, thoroughly mixed with the low GI foods. Such medium GI foods include:

* Boiled potatoes
* Dried fruits (raisins and apricots)
* Ice Cream
* Shortbread cookies


Where's the Meat?

If you are wondering where fresh meat, eggs, cheese, and vegetables rank on the Glycemic Index, it is because these foods do not contain carbohydrates. For this reason, they are deemed suitable to consume and still abide by the guidelines of the low GI diet. Whether you are a bona fide meat eater or a staunch vegetarian, you are sure to succeed on this great diet. A low GI diet is excellent for any individual wishing to lose weight without giving up the foods they love. This diet will allow you to joyfully consume beloved breads and perfect pastas without guilt! If you find yourself wanting a lifestyle change and are ready to lose weight, you'll definitely want to look for more in-depth information on the easily adaptable GI diet.


Wesley Atkins is a fitness and nutrition coach and author of the "Low GI Diet Breakthrough" ebook. For free tips, weight loss information, or to find out more about his book, visit:


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Weight Loss Failure - is proud to introduce their free on-line weight loss program, "Weight Loss For Life". What sets it apart from other programs available on-line is its exclusive reliance on scientific evidence and its ease of use.

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Weight Loss Health - If I were asked, "what is the most difficult thing many people find to do when they start a weight-loss program?", I would have to say right near the top of the list is this - they don't drink enough water!

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Weight Loss Hypnosis - The most frequently reported study to promote Hoodia Gordonii as a weight loss supplement was conducted with obese individuals who were given Hoodia Gordonii and left in a room with little to distract them except TV, reading and eating.

Weight Loss Industry - When you go on a diet and decide you want to lose some weight, most people think "I'll stop eating so much, maybe do a bit of exercise and be my ideal weight in just a few days". Sadly, these people end up disappointed and usually heavier than when they started.

Weight Loss Information - Well, here it is, late night TV and I'm flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch. As I'm surfing the tube, I notice a huge amount of weight loss infomercials. And you know what, most of them literally make me sick to my stomach. Not because I despise TV, but because I can't stand it when companies blatantly lie to unsuspecting consumers and make MILLIONS in the process doing it.

Weight Loss Issue - You may be surprised what the federal government has to say about weight loss. The National Institutes of Health has some interesting ideas about what it takes to trim the fat. You may find that a number of these ideas conflict with what you've been hearing in the popular press.

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