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Slim-Fast: Drinking Your Way to Weight Loss

You may have seen one of the ever-present cans in the grocery store and been tempted to pick it up. Yet, you're not sure whether Slim-Fast will be effective in helping you to lose weight. You should know that the Slim-Fast program is considered quite successful in the fight against fat--although not everyone is sold on the plan.

Slim-Fast also now offers more variety. In addition to all the different flavors of shakes it offers, Slim-Fast also provides dieters with soup, pasta, and nutrition bars.

Nearly thirty years ago, S. Daniel Abraham revolutionized weight loss programs with the Slim-Fast drink. According to the company website, Slim-Fast represents a sensible way to slim down. In fact, more than two dozen medical studies indicate that the diet program is a winning formula for losing weight. Slim-Fast is considered to be a nutritionally-balanced plan, offering dieters proteins, carbohydrates, and a healthy amount of fat. One of the recommendations of the Slim-Fast program is its convenience. You can drink on the run, enabling you to fit nutrition into your busy day. In addition, the program is considered far less expensive than other diet plans, particularly pre-packaged diet plans such as NutriSystem and Jenny Craig.


Another advantage to the Slim-Fast program is that you don't have to worry about counting calories, cooking meals, or figuring out portion sizes. Slim-Fast has, in essence, done the work for you. Also, you can now choose between two different Slim-Fast programs: the Optima Diet and the Plan for a Low-Carb Lifestyle.


The company's website contends that the program is a proven weight loss tool. Dieters have had success in maintaining their weight over one to five years' duration. A spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association has called the website "user-friendly." By visiting the site, you can be put in touch with registered dieticians who can answer your concerns. The website also offers a support group, which can be a critical factor in maintaining weight loss over the long term.


Slim-Fast's goals as far as weight loss is concerned follow government guidelines. The idea is to lose ten percent of one's weight over six months, meaning that one would shed no more than two pounds a week. Slim-Fast's plan calls for only 30 minutes of exercise a day, which seems entirely doable. Dieters may also be inspired by the success stories posted on the company's website. However, there are disadvantages to the Slim-Fast program. For instance, if you don't like the taste of the shakes or food, you could find it difficult to continue with the meal plan. Also, some people report feeling hungry, despite eating the recommended portions of food.


Slim-Fast, in essence, does the thinking for you, so, for the most part, you do not get the experience of shopping for wholesome food for yourself. You might also tire of the program quickly, causing you to gain back the weight you initially lost. While Slim-Fast may be effective for the short-term, it is a difficult program to maintain for life.


As a result, Slim-Fast gets mixed reviews--even from members of the medical community. While some dieticians are fans of meal replacement programs, others see them as potentially harmful and nutritionally inadequate. Whether you can effectively lose weight with Slim-Fast depends upon whether you have the discipline and desire to remain with the program for the long-term.


If you start to use Slim-Fast for a while, then stop, you will likely gain back the weight you initially lost. However, for decades now, Slim-Fast has been winning the hearts of dieters and the company shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Slim-Fast may be one way that you can drink yourself to optimum weight loss.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


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Weight Loss Facts - I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no magical overnight pill which will shed those stubborn pounds. Having said that, there are a number of organic materials which might be more effective than you would think.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Shopping Your Way to Weight Loss


While shopping may not qualify as an aerobic activity, it can certainly help you to shed the pounds, if you follow the right formula. What you buy largely determines what you will eat. Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy diet at home, you'll need to do some advanced planning before heading out to the supermarket.


Promote Weight Loss - Carbohydrates are the single most important food you can eat. That statement probably goes against everything you've ever heard, so let me explain. If you don't believe me, take this little test.


You need to take some time before going to the store to assess what your nutritional needs are.


The secret to weight loss may begin with your shopping list. For instance, a healthy diet might very well include breads and cereals, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, along with meat, fish and poultry. However, you'll need to decide on exactly which products to buy within each food category.


For instance, rather than purchasing white bread or cereals with little fiber, consider whole wheat bread and whole wheat cereals. Pass up the whole milk and whole milk yogurt and buy non-fat milk and yogurt instead. You should avoid iceberg lettuce and opt for Romaine; select fresh fruit rather than fruit in heavy syrup. You may be tempted to buy fried chicken, bacon or spareribs, but choose low-fat options such as baked chicken, lean hamburger, and grilled fish.


It's a good idea to go grocery shopping after you have eaten a full meal. Otherwise, your hunger could drive you to buy junk food and other unhealthy snacks. If you are operating on a full stomach, you'll think more clearly and you will be less likely to buy food impulsively. Also, it is critically important that you do not buy more food than you need. Otherwise, you will have a powerful incentive to overeat.


Before you go shopping, you might want to check out the layout of the supermarket. Find out where you can find those items that are likely to appear on your list. Otherwise, you could find yourself browsing the shelves, looking for food that appears interesting--but could also be quite fattening. Certainly, it may take some extra time to "scope out" the supermarket, but it will be well worth the effort, if it results in weight loss.


Whenever possible, you should buy individually packaged food. These single servings allow you to maintain proper portion control. For instance, if you feel you must indulge in potato chips, you will be far better off if you buy a single-serving bag rather than the family pack. Remember, large portions equal weight gain.


You might actually want to avoid shopping with coupons. Coupons can tempt you to buy high-calorie items that you might otherwise pass up. While everyone wants a good bargain, you don't want to end up paying for that deal by gaining additional pounds. It's a sad fact that you will rarely find a coupon for fresh fruit and vegetables. But you might think of the situation this way: You will end up saving money if you eat "fresh" because you will not have to invest in additional clothes.


Also, when you're considering which foods to buy, concentrate on the product labels. There, you'll find a great deal of nutritional information, indicating fat content, calorie content, portion size, and vitamin and mineral content. If you end up bringing the product home, you should serve the item according to the suggested portion size. In other words, if a portion equals one-half cup, don't opt for two cups. In essence, you should be treating food as if it's a medication that must be used as directed. In this way, you should avoid the weight loss that comes with overeating.


It is interesting to note that the American Institute for Cancer Research determined that only 12 percent of shoppers determined portion size by using the label. As a result, paying attention to nutrition labels is a counter-cultural thing to do. But it is certainly a good habit to get into. Otherwise, at the end of the day, you could end up with far more fat than you bargained for. You may be amazed at the amount of weight you can lose just by diligent shopping. A little advanced planning can go a long way to ensuring weight loss. And you might actually save yourself some money, since you will no longer be buying expensive snacks.

As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


When Fast Weight Loss Becomes Unhealthy


You've made the decision to lose weight as quickly as possible. You have your diet in place and you expect to follow it religiously. At this point, you may be wondering how much weight you can lose in a given week and whether fast weight loss can be dangerous for your body.

There are a number of things that can affect your weight loss.

For instance, family history, or genetics, can play a significant role. Also, your weight loss may depend upon how much exercise you're engaging in, as well as how much stress you are under. Your metabolism, or how quickly you burn calories, can also have a major effect.


Theoretically, you could lose as much as 20 pounds a week. However, much of that weight could be water weight. That means that, once you go off your diet, you are likely to gain much of that weight back. Also, unless you engage in strength training, you will be losing muscle as well as fat, since about ¼ of the body's weight consists of muscle. It is interesting to note that, at most, you can probably lose four pounds of fat in a given week.


Nature has a way of protecting the body against excessive weight loss. If, for instance, your calorie count suddenly drops, your body will compensate for the fact by reducing your metabolic rate. As a result, you'll need fewer calories to maintain your weight. This explains why some people lose weight up to a point and then cannot lose any additional weight, no matter how hard they try.


If you lose weight quickly, there's a good chance that your health will be jeopardized. For instance, fast weight loss has been linked to the appearance of gall stones. Also, you may experience loose skin as your weight goes into free fall. Perhaps most distressing of all, if you experience rapid weight loss, there's a good chance that you will gain the weight back again. This is because it is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet regimen. You may find yourself falling back into your bad eating habits after a period of deprivation.


Fast weight loss also places you at greater risk for an eating disorder. You may be tempted to starve yourself, leading to anorexia. Or, because your food cravings are so great, you may want to binge and purge, leading to a case of bulimia. This is why it is so critically important to lose weight under a physician's care. Otherwise, you could be doing more harm to your body than good.


Although the body has the capability of shedding a great deal of weight over a period of time, most medical experts agree that one should not expect to lose more than one or two pounds a week in order to remain healthy. This can be disappointing to a dieter, especially one that needs to lose about 50 pounds. However, doctors believe that the go-slow approach is best for long-term weight loss. Otherwise, you could end up with a number of health problems you weren't anticipating.


There are a number of approaches you can use to lose weight. For instance, you might follow the Atkins plan, the Zone, or the diabetic diet. You might try Sugar Busters or the Carb Addict's prescription for losing weight. However, it is vitally important that you accompany your diet plan with an effective exercise routine. One of the best exercises you can do, in fact, is the easiest--walking. It has been said that you can lose as many as two pounds a week, just by walking alone.


As has been demonstrated here, rapid weight loss should be approached with caution. It is far better to lose a few pounds each week and maintain that weight loss over the long term. In essence, all good things take time, and that is particularly true when it comes to weight loss. Perhaps the best advice is to be patient. Follow a reasonable diet, get plenty of exercise, and drink a good amount of water. That way, you should be able to slowly lose weight--without jeopardizing your health in the process.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


Learning to Say No--The Secret to Weight Loss

From the time you were a child, you might have been a people pleaser. You tried to ace your schoolwork in order to win your parents' practiced soccer for hours on end to win a vote of support from your coach...or you diligently practiced your piano chords in order to earn the gratitude of your music teacher. There's nothing wrong with aiming to please. It can make you a respected leader, a valued friend, a comforting mentor. However, it should be recognized that some food addictions begin with an inability to say "no."


It might have begun with a Thanksgiving during your childhood when your mother asked if you wanted a second helping of mashed potatoes. Or a teacher at your elementary school might have given you a gold star if you cleaned your plate. You were probably taught that it is wrong to waste food and that a hearty appetite was a good thing. The problem is, such cues from your environment might have caused you to learn the wrong lessons when it came to food consumption.


In our society, many people have difficulty saying "no." They want to be part of the crowd and they don't want to stand out for non-participation. They will do all they can to blend in and that leads them to say "yes" more times than they'd like to. In fact, the epidemic of alcohol and drug abuse may be due in part to the refusal of many people to say "no."


Admitting that you have a problem overcommitting yourself is the first step to progress. It shows that you have a great deal of insight into your own problems with food and you want to change your bad habits and replace them with admirable ones. But this can be difficult, given the fact that so many families have a number of rituals involving food. Also, unlike cigarettes or marijuana, food is not considered inherently bad--nor should it be. However, you need to learn how to use food effectively.


Part of your training begins with learning the power of "no" or "no thank you." You need to learn to assert yourself, to recognize that you do not have to go along in order to get along. You realize that you are doing yourself no favors by accepting extra helpings of pasta--in fact, you could be doing your body a great deal of harm. The key now is to do something about it.


What's the best way to undergo assertiveness training? One method you can use is role-playing. Practice saying "no" to extra servings with the help of a friend playing the role of adversary. In this "pretend" situation, you may feel more comfortable saying "no." You will also learn that saying "no" isn't the end of the world; that you will not automatically lose friends by taking a "negative" stance.


Another trick you might use is making sure that you do not slouch while sitting at the table for your meals. Slouching indicates defeat--a belief that a situation is hopeless. With your head held high you will gain the confidence you need to say "no"--and to mean it. Yet another effective strategy is to keep a journal recording your thoughts after you've said "no"--either to more food or to a commitment you just can't handle at this time. Putting your feelings in writing can be quite cathartic. It can also help you with problem-solving, enabling you to figure out ways that you can say "no" without hurting another person's feelings.


Something else you will need to learn is that it is not necessary for you to fulfill another person's expectations. In other words, whether your Aunt Mary thinks you're eating enough really doesn't matter. If you recognize that you are overweight, Aunt Mary's opinion shouldn't be taken into account. You must do what you think is best in order to take control of your eating. Assertiveness will not happen immediately. But, with practice, you can learn to say "no" like a pro. And you--and your waistline--will be better off as a result of what you've learned.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


Reward Your Way to Weight Loss


From an early age, we are conditioned to reward ourselves with food. It might have begun in kindergarten, when we were treated to cupcakes at the annual Halloween party. It may have continued through junior high and high school, when we reached for the cookies after a hard day at school. In adulthood, we may buy a high-calorie frappucino to celebrate a success on the job.


But the problem is, food was not designed to be a reward. It exists simply to give us energy. When we look at food as a reward, there is a great temptation to overeat. We believe that we deserve it, that we've earned this opportunity to indulge. We feel gratified when we eat food that might otherwise be forbidden.


Our food-as-reward culture has had calamitous consequences. An increasing number of us are overweight, and getting fatter by the year. We suffer from a myriad of health problems as a result of our obesity. We may feel lethargic and unmotivated--too stuffed to engage in exercise. We have become a nation of couch potatoes.


Yet, we don't have to continue living this way. We can simply stop rewarding ourselves with food. However, it may not be that simple. We will have to change our mindset--to develop alternative systems of rewards. While this may seem difficult at first, it can be accomplished in time.


Here are some ideas for rewards that do not involve food:

* Give yourself a day at the beach. This can clear your mind and can be wonderfully invigorating.

* Schedule some play time. Your play might involve tennis, video games, or blowing bubbles--whatever activity that will get your mind away from the daily routine.

* Go shopping at a dollar store. You won't spend much, but you could pick up some tremendous bargains.

* Share some quality time with your dog or cat. Grab some pet toys and have some fun.

* Go to the cosmetics counter of your local department store and indulge in a makeover.

* Spend a day at a spa. It can be wonderfully relaxing to be pampered with massage and aromatherapy.

* Volunteer an hour or two at your local elementary school. Being with children, even for a short time, can be a rewarding experience.

* Take your children to the playground, a roller rink, or a swim club. The activity can leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

* Buy a new CD from one of your favorite musical artists. Then make sure you spend an hour or two listening to it.

* If you play a musical instrument, sit down and play a few tunes. Music can be a great mood-elevator.


If you don't like the idea of developing an alternative reward system, consider simply varying your routine. If you've become accustomed to rewarding yourself with a high-calorie cappuccino in the morning, spend some time in quiet prayer or reflection instead. If you feel as if you'll be tempted to raid a candy store on your way home from work, take an alternate route instead. In general, keeping busy can prevent you from indulging in food rewards. For instance, you might be so busy reading or knitting that you simply don't have time to reach for a snack.


Making a conscious decision to no longer use food as a reward is certainly counter-cultural. We have been conditioned to believe that there should be a plate of brownies at the end of the rainbow...that heaven is just one hot fudge sundae after another. While food itself isn't bad, our expectations about food can be. The first step to ending a food addiction may be to recognize that food can no longer serve as our reward.


While it can be rough getting out of the food-as-reward habit, it is well worth the effort. If we no longer view food as the prize, we will organize our day differently. We'll devote our mealtimes to food, and the rest of our day to something else. We will eat only those foods designed to help us stay healthy--and we'll be in better shape as a result.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit

NutriSystem: Weight Loss is All in the Planning

Beef Stroganoff with noodles...basil chicken with tomato sauce...tuna casserole...turkey with dumplings. These might not sound like diet foods, but they are, according to the NutriSystem diet program. The program offers separate pre-packaged food plans for women in general, men in general, diabetics, and vegetarians. And, according to medical research, dieters who use a plan such as NutriSystem lose 30 percent more weight over a period of four months than people who follow other weight loss programs.


In all, Slim-Fast now features more than a hundred different products. If you follow the Slim-Fast plan, you will need to eat three meals each day, along with three snacks made up of fruits and vegetables. Two of the meals and one snack must be made up of Slim-Fast products. Because of the frequency with which you'll be eating, you shouldn't suffer from hunger pains. One study actually showed that individuals who used Slim-Fast over a period of a decade were 33 pounds lighter than dieters who did not use Slim-Fast products.


Visit the NutriSystem website at, and you'll find a number of testimonials from successful dieters. For instance, there's Janet Z, who lost 24 pounds and is quoted as saying, "My favorite thing about the NutriSystem program is the convenience of it all, the variety of food, and the fact that this Italian girl can eat pasta every night if she wants to!"


And then there is Nicole S., who lost 28 pounds. Nicole states, "I thought it was extremely easy. I carried them in my bag and there were plenty of choices. I never got bored and I'd say that it's foolproof." The NutriSystem plan offers you food that ranks at the low end of the Glycemic Index, which determines the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar. Those foods that lead to stable blood sugar have a low Glycemic Index ranking. The idea is that, by following the NutriSystem program, you will end up burning fat. The plan requires you to eat five times a day in order to speed up your metabolism.


Originally, Dr. Jay Satz began the NutriSystem program as a diet plan which offered dieters only 400 to 500 calories per day of nutrition. Today, the calorie allowance at NutriSystem is much more generous. The program offers 140 different meals, from pancakes to fettuccini alfredo, and from cheesy potatoes to chili with beans. Satz himself is partial to the chicken marsala for his main entrée and chocolate crunches for dessert.


Backers of the NutriSystem program say that it offers appropriate nutrition, enabling an individual to lose weight without sacrificing valuable nutrients. The food portions are determined for you, so you do not have to worry about eating too much. Also, since the food is sent right to your home, the program receives high marks in the convenience category.


There is no need to visit a NutriSystem center, although you can call a weight loss counselor for support. Membership is free and includes unlimited counseling, newsletters, online classes, a computerized weight control diary, and online chat rooms. Also, when you enroll in the program, you will receive a complimentary diet analysis.


With the NutriSystem program, you end up eating 55 percent of your calories from low-glycemic carbs, 25 percent from protein, and 20 percent from fat. The plan is low in sodium and derives less than five percent of its calories from trans and saturated fats. The meat tends to be lean and low-fat, while whole grain foods are also plentiful in the meal plan. Under NutriSystem's guidance, you'll eat more than four cups of fruits and vegetables a day--the amount advised by federal health officials.


Another advantage to the NutriSystem program is that it enables you to plan meals far in advance. Generally speaking, you begin with four weeks' worth of products, enabling you to have enough meals and snacks for a full 28 days. If you choose, however, you can order as much as ten weeks' worth of food.


Primary advantages to the NutriSystem plan include the fact that it is highly easy to use, since you will have food delivered directly to your door. The menus also tend to be rich in nutrients, making the meals a healthy choice. One of the major disadvantages, however, is that you will not learn how to shop for healthy food or learn how to prepare it, since the choices are made for you.


Also, you may not like the NutriSystem food, which may make it difficult to stick with the program. In addition, the program can cost you hundreds of dollars--an investment you might not be prepared to make. Moreover, some health experts say that you are far better off working with a registered dietician than trying to follow a prepackaged meal plan.


As a Teacher of Sport and Physical Education, Tony Robinson has a keen interest in Health and Weight Loss issues. For handy hints and tips for weight loss visit


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Effective Nutritional Strategies - Safety. Although there are numerous ways in which exercising safely is beneficial to you, one of the most important and the least observed is concerning the spine and lower back. There is nothing inherently wrong with spinal movement.

Online Search Over - Depression is a medical condition in which a person feels very sad and worried. The person feels that his/her situation is a hopeless one.


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