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Weight Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Three Steps For Permanent Weight Loss

Lots of us are over our ideal weight, and getting heavier all the time. It isn't necessarily easy to lose weight, but it can be done. There are a few simple steps you can take to make your journey successful. You can lose weight. If you have had some disappointments with weight loss in the past it may be hard to believe, but it is true. You can lose weight. But first you must learn the basics, and then you must apply what you learn.

It all starts with learning something about nutrition, about what you are eating. It isn't too hard if you start with the basics.

1. Understand nutrition

If you really want to lose weight you have to know something about nutrition. Understanding nutrition really just means knowing what you are putting into your mouth. It is not enough to follow the latest diet fad. You have to know what you are eating. If not, you can be fooled.


How do you really know what is right for you and what isn't?

How do you figure out why a new diet failed?

Or what worked that you need to continue?


There are labels on most foods. The labels are a good place to start. They list the calories as well as protein, fat, and carbohydrate content of foods. You can use them to compare foods and make wise choices. You will also want to get a good book that has nutritional information that you can count on. When it comes to weight loss knowledge is power.


2. Make a plan.

Once you know something about nutrition, you have to make a plan. It doesn't have to be complicated, but you have to have some idea of where you are going. You just take the basics you learned from reading your food labels and from your other reading, and figure out how you are going to use them. You make a simple plan that will fit with your life and your schedule.


For example, you start by finding out what protein is, where it comes from and why it is a crucial part of your permanent weight loss plan. Then you need to figure out where you are going to get the protein you need.


It may be as simple as cooking some chicken breasts to have in your lunch for the week. You can cook once per week if that fits your schedule, and pack each meal in an airtight container, one for each day. Taking you lunch in a cooler will not only help you eat right, it will save a lot of money you would otherwise have to spend buying your lunch.Or, it might be as simple as carrying a protein bar in your purse or briefcase.


You have to make sure that good, nutritious and satisfying food is available when hunger strikes. It won't do you much good to know what you should be eating, only to look around when you get hungry and all you can find is potato chips and soda. A little planning goes a long ways toward reaching your goals.


3. Keep your eye on your goal.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to keep your eye on your goal. Set a reasonable goal for yourself, and stick to it. One way to set a goal is to use the "body mass index." The body mass index is simply a way of finding how much you should weigh based on how tall you are.


Just type "body mass index" into any internet search engine, and you will find a calculator that will do the work for you. A number of 25 or less is considered normal. But remember, any weight you take off, even if you don't get quite to your "ideal weight" is going to have tremendous benefits for your overall health and for your mental outlook. You are probably going to have some ups and downs; most people do. But don't let them throw you off.


Learn what you need to know about what you eat, make a plan, and then keep your eye on your goal. The little slips, the little backslides, don't worry about these things. Look at the larger picture. Make a decision about how you want to look and what you want to do with your life. So you lost 20 pounds and gained back 2, or 3, or 5. It happens. But you've still made progress. Don't give up. Expect the little setbacks. They happen to everyone. Don't let it get you down and you will succeed. Follow these steps, learn something about nutrition, make a plan, and stick to it. And you will finally have the body you always wanted!


Dan Curtis, M.D. is Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of South Florida. He is the author of Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan. Sign up for his free newsletter: Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Tips, Tricks and Secrets. Click here--


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Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


The Truths About Weight Loss


Did you know that today obesity is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in the world. About 1.2 billion people in the world are overweight and at least 300 million of them are obese. That despite the fact that obesity is one of most preventable health risks, according to the World Health Organization. In fact in North America, obesity is on the verge of surpassing cigarette smoking as the leading cause of preventable deaths. Approximately 35 percent of women and 31 percent of men aged 20 and older are overweight or obese, as are about one quarter of children and adolescents aged 6 - 17. And these rates, which are already among the highest in the world, are increasing rather than decreasing. From a public health perspective, this is alarming.


Obesity is a physical condition that results from excessive storage of fat in the body. Obesity has been defined as a weight more than 20% above what is considered normal according to the body mass index, which is calculated from an individual's age, height, and weight. Obesity is a not only a preventable condition, but also a serious disorder that has implications on the person's heart function, blood pressure and blood sugar and causes a dramatic increase in lipid values. Therefore the need for weight loss becomes all the more important.


Obesity is normally measured by the - Body Mass Index. It is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by the square of the height in meters. A person with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25.0 kg/m2 is considered overweight; a BMI over 30.0 kg/m2 is considered obese. A further threshold at 40.0 kg/m2 is identified as an urgent morbidity risk.Obesity has been known to cut the lifespan of individuals by as much as half. If obesity is so important, what are the causes of obesity? People gain weight when the body takes in more calories than it burns off. Those extra calories are stored as fat.


The amount of weight gain that leads to obesity doesn't happen in a few weeks or months. Because being obese is more than just being a few pounds overweight, people who are obese have usually been getting more calories than they need for many years Genes, those small parts of the DNA that people inherit from their parents and that determine traits like hair or eye color play an important role in weight gain. Some of your genes tell your body how to metabolize food and how to use extra calories or stored fat. Some people burn calories faster or slower than others do because of their genes. Obesity can run in families, but just how much is due to genes is hard to determine.


Many families eat the same foods, have the same habits (like snacking in front of the TV), and tend to think alike when it comes to weight issues (like having a hearty dinner and encouraging everyone to eat extra). All of these situations can contribute to weight gain, so it can be difficult to figure out if a person is born with a tendency to be obese or overweight or learns eating and exercise habits that lead to weight gain. In most cases, weight problems arise from a combination of habits and genetic factors. Certain illnesses, like thyroid gland problems or unusual genetic disorders, are uncommon causes for people gaining weight. Sometimes emotions can cause obesity as well. People tend to eat more when they are upset, anxious, sad, stressed out, or even bored. Then after they eat too much, they may feel bad about it and eat more to deal with those bad feelings, creating a tough cycle to break.


A sedentary life is another main cause of obesity. People are much less active today than they used to be, with televisions, computers, and video games filling their spare time. Cars dominate our lives, and fewer people walk or ride bikes to get somewhere. As lives become busier, there is less time to cook healthy meals, so more and more people eat at restaurants, grab takeout food, or buy quick foods at the grocery store or food market to heat up at home. All of these can contain lots more fat and calories than meals prepared from fresh foods at home.


Truth No 1: -

Eating less food will not ensure weight loss. This is because your body adjusts to the less calorific intake For example if you have a calorific intake of 2,500 calories per day and you reduce that to1000 calories, your body's metabolism will actually adjust and burn these calories slowly. Thus you will not reduce weight, while your friend who is still having a calorific intake of 2,500 calories will not gain weight.


Truth No 2: -

Eating food less number of times will not help reduce weight. In fact our body needs food and we need to eat an adequate quantity at particular times in the day. In fact one needs to eat at least three times a day to reduce weight.


Truth No 3: -

Going in totally unplanned dieting will harm the body in the long run. Totally low carbohydrate or low fat diets simply do not work. Foods are basically divided into three categories - carbohydrates, fats and proteins. We need each of these food components, but in the right percentage. All obese persons eat these foods in the wrong quantities. They need to rejig the percentage intake of each of these three components of food while going in for a weight loss diet. This will ensure weight loss while being healthy.


Truth No 4: -

Just Exercising will not reduce weight. In fact by only just exercising you might also increase weight, which you did not want in the first place. Exercising must also be done at the right time and just adequate enough to make you feel invigorated. Too much of exercise and the wrong type of exercise will only leave you fatigued .


Truth No 5 : -

You need the right concentration of diet and exercise to reduce weight. A properly planned diet along with the right exercise depending on which part of your body has the highest propensity to put on more fat, will actually result in the healthy weight loss and give you a high degree of fitness.


Truth No 6: -

You need to take an appetite suppressant like Phentermine along with dieting and exercise to ensure that you does not fall victim to the primary reason why most people on diets fail - binge eating. Phentermine is a appetite suppressant which is used in the treatment of obesity. It is available in tablet and capsule form. One can easily buy Cheap Phentermine over the internet on popular sites such as - Phentermine Online. Not only that, cheap Phentermine is easily available online too. One can get Phentermine at a huge discount to the normal price at which is available at the local pharmacy.


If you are a person with a genuine desire to reduce weight, you will definitely benefit from these truths and act accordingly. Remember that it is never too late for weight loss as long as your personal physician has no objections. Weight loss is actually a disciplined process. In the words of David Viscott "You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be". If that's means being fit and healthy, then go all out for weight loss.


Stuart William is a contributing author to the for distinct article sites/journals. Visit the website for more information on Phentermine Diet Pills. For questions, please send an email to


weight loss diet


Rachanna, a middle-aged mother with one six-year-old daughter, has been skipping sweets for a few weeks now. She´s also become a stickler for portion control. She feels as if she´s eating less than ever, and she´s been diligently exercising for an hour at a time at least four days a week. Yet, she hasn´t lost a single pound.


In addition to other potential problems, people who are obese are more likely to be depressed. That can start a vicious cycle: When people are overweight, they may feel sad or even angry and eat to make themselves feel better. Then they feel worse for eating again. And when someone's feeling depressed, that person is less likely to go out and exercise. The best way one can avoid these health problems is to maintain adequate weight. And the keys to healthy weight are regular exercise and good eating habits. But all this is easier said than done. There are certain truths that you needs to know before going in for weight loss.


The question is, Why weight loss diet

This is a dilemma which affects dieters the world over. They think they are taking the steps necessary to lose weight, but nothing seems to be happening. In essence, they are trapped in a dieting rut and they don´t know how to free themselves. As a result, they become frustrated and depressed and may then engage in binge eating.


weight loss diet

One of the problems with diets is that they are often standardized. As a result, they don´t take into consideration your individual physiology and metabolism. They provide a cookie-cutter approach to weight loss—an approach which may not work in your individual case. As a result, an increasing number of people are turning to dieticians to formulate a person weight loss strategy for them. This process has been made easier through the Internet, where you can correspond with a dietician any time of the day or night via e-mail. The dietician can also act as your personal coach, helping you through your dieting dilemmas.


The Rule of Three - Easy Weight Loss like you won't believe!

Here's a weight loss tip that you won't believe - but it really works! Instead of telling you to eat less, this one actually has you eating more. And what's more, it works! By adding three times the nutrients to everything that you snack on, this diet is a great way of teaching you to regulate your eating. Here's how it works - both in real life, and in theory. You're trying hard to reduce your fat and calories, and to eat a healthier, more balanced diet. But it's inevitable - sooner or later you'll slip up, and find yourself reaching for the chips or chocolate. We're all human, and what's more, some low calorie diets really are restrictive and leave you craving calories. And once a craving sets in, it's hard to get rid of it.


The 'power of three' diet has this advice to give: don't resist. Give in to the craving, have the chips or chocolate or ice cream cone. And - here's the catch - add an equivalent - sized helping of a fruit or vegetable, and an equivalent helping of protein. So, you can have an ice cream cone, for example, but then you also have to eat an apple and a small piece of cheese, tofu or chicken. Basically, you can have your favorite snack foods - you can eat whatever you want. But whatever you eat, you can't have it by itself - you have to make it a balanced meal. The same goes for your actual meals - make sure that they have at least three components, and that they include a fruit or vegetable and a concentrated source of protein. As long as you have those two, it doesn't matter much what the remaining third of your meal is - it could be pasta, dairy, bread - whatever you want!


Why does this make you lose weight? It is a bit bewildering. After all, it seems like you're eating a lot more, not less. But studies show that this plan actually does help you lose weight or maintain weight loss, for several reasons. First, most fattening snack foods have a high glycemic index, which means that your body responds by releasing insulin. This leads to fat storage and weight gain. When you add a protein and eat it at the same time, that lowers or stabilizes your glycemic index. In a way, it neutralizes the harmful effects of the other food. This is something that even the Zone eating plan (a high protein approach) advocates. They say that, even though simple sugars are not recommended, if you must eat one now and then, add a protein. Think of it as harm reduction.


There's another reason why adding both a fruit or vegetable and a protein is effective, though. If you eat three different types of food every time you eat, you can't help but balance your diet. People who eat a balanced diet are seldom overweight. It's a great way of giving your body what it needs, and that, in turn, reduces cravings and urges to snack. If your diet is balanced, you are healthier, and it's easier to stay in control of your eating.


Finally, if you eat three types of food every time you have the urge to snack, it's almost guaranteed that you won't need to snack as much. In fact, you might find that a sort of transformation takes place over the span of just a few days. On the first day that you follow this plan, you may snack as much as usual, and therefore eat three times as much. Don't worry - it won't last. The next day, you may only feel the urge to snack half as many times, because you are already so well fed and satisfied. Soon, you will be able to stick to a healthy diet most of the time. That's when the pounds really start to come off.


Believe it or not, the 'power of three' system of eating really does work. By temporarily eating more rather than trying to eat less, you can stop feeling deprived and start being really well-fed. Over time (and it doesn't take that much time!) you will be able to establish much healthier eating patterns.


Michael Bens. For more great information on weight loss, diets, nutrition, and living a great healthy life style visit Gabae Weight Loss


Natural Appetite Suppressants Vs. Dangerous Weight Loss Drugs


Sometimes when we become so self-conscious about our physical appearance we would do almost anything to eliminate those unwanted pounds of fat. And sometimes we feel there are only a few choices to choose from. So what do many slightly and really overweight people do? Many turn to diet drugs without a second thought! The NAAFA website clearly informs the general public of how dangerous most weight loss drugs can be. For example, Phenylpropanolamine which was marketed under different names such as Dexatrim, Accutrim, Dex-a-Diet, and others, causes insomnia, headaches, anxiety, disorientation, fast heartbeat, hallucinations, vomiting, high blood pressure, heart and kidney damage, psychosis, heart attack, and lastly, sudden death! The site goes on to state that such drugs rarely ever produce enduring weight loss results.


At present there are more than 50 new weight loss drugs that are ready to be approved for consumer consumption. There is the case of the amphetamine appetite suppressant. In 1999, in France, this drug was removed from the market on account of causing serious cardiovascular side effects. Because of the serious side effects of weight loss drugs, more and more people are turning to alternative means for helping them win the battle against unwanted fat and obesity.


Yummy, I think I'll eat apples today. I'll have Fuji apples for breakfast, red ones at lunch, and those green ones for dinner. Is that really going to attract a whole bunch of people to buy this book? Here's my point. It is almost getting to the point where eventually there will be a book called, "The Sit Down With Remote in Hand Weight Loss Diet." This is what people want and as a personal trainer, I'm getting sick of reading these articles.


If I had a choice, I would first consider a natural "weight loss helper" over a diet drug. Why take unnecessary risks with your health. A safe alternative to weight loss drugs is to exercise regularly on a daily basis, 15-20 minutes, by walking, jogging, etc. Such exercise will help to suppress your appetite. Or you can simply try eating a little less each day in a progressive manner in order to prevent your body from experiencing a shocking reaction. Fasting is always a good idea as an effective measure for losing weight as well as for eliminating many toxins from your body.


If that does not work for you, nor excites you to new heights, there's a number of safe natural appetite suppressants such as Metabo-Speed XXX, or the much talked about African cactus plant called Hoodia Gordonii. By what I have read so far online about this Hoodia from South Africa, sounds very promising. It's supposed to naturally remove one's appetite by making your brain believe that you're full without having eaten.


Read Hoodia reviews / testimonials / side effects / best buy hoodia cactus products or acne products / solutions / cures / treatments

Eating Chocolate Ice Cream Every Full Moon Promotes Weight Loss

Are these the kinds of stories that we as health professionals are trying to write to enlighten the public or gain fame and notoriety? I read this story several days ago about some doctor who claims if you limit your flavors and pick a flavor of the day you will lose weight and has the case studies to prove it. C'mon!! First we have the Atkins diet, then the cabbage diet, and now this. I mean if you really want to prey on the many people who are so desperate to lose weight then do a case study on the above title. I'm sure you will sell some copies for that book as well.


Now, if someone didn't read the story very carefully they're going to say, "Hmmm, I'll start with a bowl of cherries, that's healthy. Then move on to cherry ice cream, then some cherry pie, and let's wash it down with some cherry coke." Laugh, but trust me those people are out there. They are the same people that think a French fry is a vegetable. I shouldn't be too hard on this guy because most of the time the health professionals that have these wacky new fads at least go for something that is usually considered a sin. The Atkins diet lets you eat bacon and hamburgers, just set that bun down okay. This diet still suggests that you eat fruits and vegetables, except eat one particular fruit for the whole day.


What was that recent book called, "The French Diet???"

Look do you really want to lose weight?? Then, I'm going to tell you the bad news; you are going to have to work at it. Yes you are going to have to watch what you eat, and exercise. If you notice all these articles on these new diet trends, even this last one on the flavors, they all have a one or two line blurb saying, "oh by the way you might want to exercise as well." I'm tired of seeing my clients try the latest new diet that has them lose weight only to gain it back and then some.


America wake up and smell the coffee. There is not going to be some magic pill that will make you lose weight. If there were, someone would be making money off it. Right now the only people who are making money are all the authors of these so-called diets that are lining their pockets with your hard earned cash, while you follow diets that don't work. Or if they do, it only works for a small percentage.


Suck it up people. Take charge and control of your destiny. Accept the fact that you will have to exercise for the rest of your life. You will have to watch what you eat, even though you can splurge once in awhile. If you have to lose weight, yes it might take some time, but it will come off (it didn't come on in a day did it?). If you accept these facts and implement them right now, I guarantee you will have a very fulfilling life that will be so much better than wondering how many peaches you have to eat today.


Adam Kessler is President of Fitness Planning Consultants, in Columbus, Ohio. Sign up for his fact-filled free report called "16 Tips for Looking and Feeling Better Than You Have in Years" at


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Fitness Weight Loss - The Atkins diet holds the controversial belief that low fat is not the only way to go for a healthier lifestyle and weight control. Dr. Atkins blamed carbohydrates (grains, pastas, fruits, potatoes) for weight gain.


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