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It's not easy! But my personal solution is MY JUICE MACHINE!


Look into getting a juicer for your own health boost! A juice machine is the best investment you can make for your health and happiness!


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What if Everything You Knew about Weight Loss was Wrong?

You have experienced the yo-yo effects of temporary solutions to weight gain.

There is a way to lose weight effortlessly and permanently. Forget the hype. Forget the magic pills. Losing weight is as simple as 1-2-3:


Get your mind in the game - this is the single most important thing you can do to lose weight effortlessly and permanently. I have recently tried this, and for the first time in years, the weight is coming off and it takes no effort on my part at all. It's fun. It's easy.

Through the power of a quality weight loss hypnosis program, you can effortlessly follow any healthy weight-loss plan and enjoy eating right and exercising more.

Here's the bottom line and a big dose of reality. The ONLY way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat right and exercise more. There just simply is no pill, mental program, or diet that will allow you to reach and maintain your ideal weight without eating better and working out.

You can use the power of hypnosis to put you on a path to healthy eating and healthy living. No gimmicks. Haven't you had enough of that? Now it's time for results.

How would you like to:

This isn't any typical diet plan. This is a life plan. You can:

Get physical exercise most every day - and have fun with it. Physical exercise is not only the key to losing weight, but it also has major health benefits:

Eat a Healthy, Nutritious and Delicious Diet - simple tips for eating well

Never, ever deprive yourself with traditional diets again. Program your mind for "thin" and achieve your ideal weight effortlessly and permanently.


Lynn Carnes is a seasoned leader and internet entrepreneur. Her passion is to help women live a life of passion, health, fitness and prosperity. Visit her website at:


Health needs to be earned!

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Diet and Weight Loss - Is it Really Necessary to Lose Weight?


Excess is definitely not just a cosmetic problem. People who are obese are at greater risk of developing health problems like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and more. What is alarming is that the rate of people becoming obese today is reaching epidemic proportions. While we can attribute this trend to numerous factors like a sedentary lifestyle, fast-food chains and overeating â€" the ultimate reason why obesity exists is because many of us choose to do nothing about it.


Moreover, obesity has been observed to affect the psycho-social well-being of children â€" with many of those brought to clinics diagnosed with a mild form of depression.


The Source of Our Obesity Problems

Obesity becomes an increasingly serious threat as we age. For people over 35, the chances of becoming ill with any disease increases two-fold if you are obese. But the problems for obese people start at a very, very young age. Obese children can get diabetes, high-blood pressure, and liver disorders. In most cases, obesity is not caused by genes. Rather, it's caused by an improper lifestyle. The prevalence of junk food, high-calorie snacks and fast-food chains contribute much to our problems. Moreover, children and adults are increasingly becoming more sedentary, watching television or playing with video games instead of getting out.


Weight Loss is a Course of Action

There is no doubt about it; obesity is a severe form of weight problems. People should not wait until they are obese before they do something. It is important that they do lose weight. However, to get a cure, you must first know the cause of the ailment. If you are not active enough, then a stringent exercise routine is often prescribed. If you have bad eating habits, then a diet program is what you need. Many times it's a combination of a lot of things, including psychological difficulties.


Dietary programs vary a lot. However, one thing they all have in common is the omission of saturated fat and simple carbohydrates. Overweight people should consult with a nutritionist to ascertain which types of diet programs will work best for them. Try not to emulate diet programs without asking a professional. Most diet programs are custom made. Just because a diet plan worked for someone doesn't mean that it will work for you.


As for exercise, regularity is the key. If you don't have time to go to the gym, purchasing your own equipment and exercising at home will do just fine. The focus is on aerobic workouts because this type of exercise is best for burning calories. Simple activities like walking or jogging are also great for weight loss. The key, however, is doing these activities routinely.


In many weight loss cases, a lifestyle change is most beneficial. Sometimes it is very difficult to break from a habit. The only way to change your habit is to consciously adjust your lifestyle. For instance, purposefully banning high-calorie foods in the house can force you to eat more healthy meals. Enrolling yourself at a health club, on the other hand, can force you to exercise regularly. Remember that discipline and motivation is extremely important to maintaining a weight loss plan.


Brad Howard knows "The Secret" to overcoming obesity. Give him someone with little to moderate knowledge and armed with "The Secret", they'll see quicker results than 97.3% of all people, even those that possibly know more on the subject.


How To Stay Committed To Your Weight Loss Program


I'm not going to lie. Achieving your health and fitness goals is a lot of work. Even when people hire me as their personal trainer, it still requires some self discipline to eat healthy and do the extra cardiovascular required to see results. Some clients eventually fall to the wayside. To give you the best possible chance to stick with your weight loss program and succeed, I will give you some of the best tips I tell my clients to keep them on the right track.

If you commit to this right from the beginning, it will help you not get distracted if you aren't losing weight after the second or third week.

1. Commit three months at the start of your exercise program: It is going to take your body some time to adjust to your new lifestyle change and how fast it adapts depends on how disciplined you are to diet, if you are consistent to your exercise, and your body's own personal reaction to change. After three months though, if you are doing everything that you need to do, you will see some change. You will get inspired and want to continue on to see even more results.


2. Make a long-term goal but focus on the short term goals: I truly believe that you can achieve any type of weight loss goal that you create, as long as you are committed to the program. You will never meet your long term goal in 30 days. That is why it is called a long term goal. Focus on the short term goals and they don't have to be tangible changes. For example, yes you could say I want to lose 1-2 pounds this week, but also make a goal of hitting cardiovascular 5 times in a week or trying to eat 3 servings of fruit for the day. If you make realistic short term goals, you can see little victories easier and over the long hall, become the big victory that you are striving for.


3. Get the support of your family and friends: All too often, I meet with a client who wants to lose weight, but her spouse or children ridicule him/her or discourage the attempts. As someone who understands how you will feel by losing the weight, you need to have a heart to heart with your family and friends and explain why this is important to you. Whether it be for your own health or just to make you feel more self-confident, you need to convey this to them. If they truly care about you, they will help you out in everyway possible. It is always better to have help, especially when trying to achieve a goal that for the longest time you have deemed insurmountable.


4. Join a support group: If your family and friends can't be of help to you, look for fitness support groups out there that will. The Health Rejuvenation program that my company offers has several support groups. We provide a bi-weekly meeting place for local participants, a teleconference call, and a Yahoo! Group for out of town participants. If you are in a group with people who are trying to achieve the same results, this is a wonderful way to remain accountable. Motivation and support permeates throughout the group, to help each other out.


5. Keep a log of your workouts and eating: This will keep you more accountable by seeing what you are doing. You might be less likely to skip a workout or have a poor quality workout, if you can see what weights you worked with last time. Also, you will be less likely to put that doughnut in your mouth, if you know you have to write it down. You can correct the errors in your diet and workout and keep you on the right track for success.


6. Hire a personal trainer: Yeah, I might be tooting my horn here, but my clients tell me that if they have to pay money for something, then they are going to try and stick with it. A personal trainer will put you on the right exercise program and nutrition plan that will best help you achieve your results. All you have to do is follow their instructions. To find out some quick tips on losing weight, you can email


I hope that these tips help you out. I know it sounds simple for me to say, but you have to be patient. You didn't get in your current shape overnight, so don't expect to change overnight. If you follow the guidelines that I suggest, you will be well on your way to achieving that lifestyle change you so desire.


Adam Kessler is President of Fitness Planning Consultants located in Columbus, Ohio. His company helps run Sports Conditioning Specialists, a private training studio for athletes and people wanting to get healthier. To learn more about the Health Rejuvenation program and his company go to


Caloric Restriction. The Key to Effective Weight Loss

All successful weight loss programs rely on one common denominator; calorie restriction. What is calorie restriction? Calorie restriction is an effort to reduce the amount of calories one consumes in order for the body to achieve a negative energy balance. This is simply a person reducing food consumption to the point that they are burning more energy than they are consuming. The body is then forced to use stored fuel (muscle tissue, glycogen and body fat) in order to survive. The burning of these stored fuels is cause of the weight loss phenomenon.


How does a person achieve this negative energy balance through calorie restriction? First a person must have an idea on what a calorie is. A calorie is a measure of heat. Food is the fuel our body needs to generate heat. If the body is not getting enough fuel from food consumption then the fuel must be found elsewhere. That fuel is found in our body fat. The best analogy for this process is gasoline and an automobile. Cars run on gasoline. Without gasoline, a car is useless. We drive our car and fill up with gasoline when we are getting low on fuel.


What would happen if we put 18 gallons on gas in our car if we only burned 16 gallons? We would have extra gas left over. That extra gas has to go somewhere so it goes into storage for when we only have 14 gallons available but we need 16 gallons. What would happen if we never tapped into our gas reserves? The surplus would keep growing and growing causing a need for larger storage tanks.


The human body works in the exact same way. The surplus fuel (food) is turned into stored energy (body fat) and the only way to reduce how much fuel is stored in reserve is to limit new consumption of fuel (food). This is the only way that the human body can body fat. A caloric deficit must be established so stored energy (body fat) can be burned to keep us alive. How is a calorie deficit achieved? The simplest answer is to eat a fewer number of calories then it takes to fuel your basal metabolic rate. The BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the measure of energy a person needs to subsist. People can figure out their BMR by using any of the numerous BMR calculators that can be found online.


Once the BMR is calculated a person can then have a goal to shot for. If the BMR is 2500 calories a day, they a person should shoot to try to eat fewer the 2500 calories a day for a consistent period of time. How can a person effectively create a caloric deficit? Part 2 of this article will address this issue.


Bill Evans is one of the millions who struggles with weight issues. Bill has a passion in helping people with this struggle and sharing what he has learned along the way. You can witness Bill's struggles at .


How To Assess Your Weight Loss Diet And Exercise Routine


Before you make any big life-changing decision, you will likely assess yourself and the situation. This means that you evaluate your abilities, your desires, and what's best for you. This should also apply before you begin a weight loss program. Start by doing a little in-depth research on yourself. Try jotting down information about your activities, goals, and interests. Use this information to formulate a realistic diet and exercise routine.


Conducting this type of self-evaluation can be difficult, even painful. But asking your self a few questions and being honest about the answers can be beneficial for your long-term health. You should do this before you begin a diet and weight loss regimen, in order to guarantee your success. According to the National Institutes of Health, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States. If you are not honest with yourself, and work to find a feasible health and nutrition program, you will suffer the effects for a lifetime.


Because so many diets expect you to follow cookie-cutter methodology, you might follow them for a while, but will quickly grow bored. That is why having a personalized diet and exercise plan is so important. By finding what works for you, you will have an easier time sticking to it. In your self-assessment, determine how you are doing physically and nutritionally. Grade yourself honestly. Establish how long you have been overweight and think about your crash dieting patterns. Also, determine if you tend to regain weight once you've lost it. After listing those things, determine what you want your realistic weight loss goal to be. A sensible goal is to lose about two pounds per week. Finally, determine how you can reach your goal most effectively. Consult a dietician if you need to.


Don't forget to consider your family medical history. A doctor or dietician will want this information as well. Consider any family members who are overweight. Is there a family history of heart attack, diabetes, or cancer? Also, learn such information about yourself as your Body Mass Index, your cholesterol level, and your blood pressure. Also, assess you general stress levels. Think about your current level of physical activity. How much you do physically now will determine the rate at which you can begin exercise for your weight loss goals. The idea of taking a personal inventory is not to discourage you, but to educate yourself about yourself so that you can approach a new diet and exercise lifestyle safely and realistically.


To learn more about weight loss and exercise visit

Meet your weight loss goals with My Pyramid Tracker 

As anyone involved with weight loss will tell you, there are countless weight loss plans and weight loss methods and new weight loss diets coming out all the time. In fact, just last year, even the USDA released an all new nutrition and diet plan for healthy Americans. On April 19, 2005, the United States Department of Agriculture unveiled its new My Pyramid nutrition pyramid. However, the USDA's new guidelines for a healthy diet plan are not so much NEW as they are more in depth, detailed and helpful in getting people to meet their weight loss goals.


You have tried the fad diets. Isn't it time you reached your ideal weight -- and stayed there?

It's time to address the root of the problem. Understand what causes you to overeat. Find out why you don't exercise more. The inner recesses of your mind can tell you and free you for good.


First of all, My Pyramid can be personalized. On the main page of their web site (, you have the option of entering your age, gender and activity level. Simply submit your information and instead of getting those vague, wide-ranging recommendations, you'll get a recommendation suited specifically for you.


While this is a tremendous improvement on the old nutritional pyramid, it's not the only improvement. The nutrition calculator factors in your age, gender and activity level to come up with a recommended caloric intake. From there, it breaks down the calories by food group, and explains exactly how much of each group you should eat per day for a healthy diet. It is much easier and much more accurate to figure out what 2 cups of milk is than it is to figure out how much 3-5 servings of dairy is.


Fortunately, the new My Pyramid doesn't stop there. Beneath the pyramid chart with the specific serving sizes on it, you'll find, divided by food group, a list of links to tips for making the healthiest choices from each food group. There are not only great diet tips and weight loss tips, but there are also tips showing ways to serve foods in appetizing and nutritious ways. But wait, there's still more...Want to know how your current weight loss diet stacks up against the dietary guidelines of the USDA and get specific, personalized recommendations for improving your current weight loss diet?


Well, at the bottom of the list of helpful links in the menu you'll find the My Pyramid Tracker. The My Pyramid Tracker is one of the handiest tools that I've ever seen or used when it comes to comparing and improving your weight loss diet. Simply, enter the foods that you eat in a typical day, click "analyze", and you'll get a detailed analysis that includes the calories, the amount of nutrients, the difference between your weight loss diet and an optimum weight loss diet, as well as specific recommendations for changes you should make to eat a healthier diet and facilitate your weight loss goals.


Not only that, you can actually save your history day by day to keep track of your eating habits and watch the improvements that your weight loss plan has provided. The My Pyramid Tracker is the diet diary with a difference. Use My Pyramid Tracker and you'll quickly see yourself eating better every day which will, in turn, naturally lead to long term weight loss


Adam Waxler publishes a series of weight loss information products including his weight loss blog that posts weekly weight loss tips @ and his new weight loss resource filled with with FREE weight loss articles @


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Ephedrine Weight Loss - 1. Dandelion: (Taraxacum officiale) Identity: Roots, Leaves - Can commonly be viewed as a weed in the yard that needs to be eliminated. However, it has been used over the centuries in salads and in Herbal Remedies for its help-healing properties.

Products Weight Loss - A healthy pregnancy almost always involves weight gain. But now that baby's here, you're probably wishing those extra pounds would hurry up and disappear!

Source Fitness Rx - "I'm fat, but I'm thin inside. Has it ever struck you that there's a thin man inside every fat man?" - George Orwell Obesity is life threatening according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recently ranked obesity as the number one health threat facing America.

Weight Loss Failure - is proud to introduce their free on-line weight loss program, "Weight Loss For Life". What sets it apart from other programs available on-line is its exclusive reliance on scientific evidence and its ease of use.

Weight Loss Foods - In response to an email I received from a reader I have taken up her suggestion to share my next weight control program by publishing my weight loss diary in article form for everybody to follow.

Weight Loss Formula - Mehta [You have permission to publish this article in your web sites, ezines or electronic publication, as long as the piece is used in its entirety including the resource box, all hyperlinks (HTML clickable) and references and copyright info.

Weight Loss Formula - For most of my life, or at least as long as I can remember, I have been overweight. No let me rephrase. I have been fat. Yes, fat. Not just a little overweight, not big boned, not plus sized or comfortably large. Not weight challenged or in need of loosing a few pounds.

Weight Loss Health - Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get bombarded by uncontrollable urges that can strike at any time? Sometimes you can be walking down the aisle of a grocery store and that piece of chocolate or bag of cookies just hops into your cart without your even noticing.

Weight Loss Health - If I were asked, "what is the most difficult thing many people find to do when they start a weight-loss program?", I would have to say right near the top of the list is this - they don't drink enough water!

Weight Loss Hypnosis - Weight-loss is one of those things that most people consider at some time in their life. Trying to find the best diet or the most efficient type of exercise seems to be a never-ending job. Initially it may seem that the desire to find the ideal weight loss program is all about looking good to others, this may be true but in reality it should be all about your own feelings of self worth and that relates to more than just your appearance.

Weight Loss Hypnosis - The most frequently reported study to promote Hoodia Gordonii as a weight loss supplement was conducted with obese individuals who were given Hoodia Gordonii and left in a room with little to distract them except TV, reading and eating.

Weight Loss Industry - When you go on a diet and decide you want to lose some weight, most people think "I'll stop eating so much, maybe do a bit of exercise and be my ideal weight in just a few days". Sadly, these people end up disappointed and usually heavier than when they started.

Weight Loss Information - Well, here it is, late night TV and I'm flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch. As I'm surfing the tube, I notice a huge amount of weight loss infomercials. And you know what, most of them literally make me sick to my stomach. Not because I despise TV, but because I can't stand it when companies blatantly lie to unsuspecting consumers and make MILLIONS in the process doing it.

Weight Loss Issue - You may be surprised what the federal government has to say about weight loss. The National Institutes of Health has some interesting ideas about what it takes to trim the fat. You may find that a number of these ideas conflict with what you've been hearing in the popular press.

Weight Loss Issues - A recent study shows that people who drink diet soda on a daily basis are more likely to gain weight, over a ten year period, than those who drink no soda at all. Clearly, the concept of 'diet' soda - soda with little or no sugar, fat or calories - is backfiring.

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Weight Loss Lesson - If you were going to travel to the other side of the world, you'd need to plan it. I mean, you're not going to just book a seat on a plane, take off and just take it all as it comes. You need to plan your finances, organize time off from work, get a visa, book accommodation, the list goes on.

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Means Joint Inflammation - Arthritis is a serious problem for millions of Americans, but the latest news on arthritis offers some new hope to those who suffer from this disease. Arthritis means joint inflammation and there are about 100 different forms of arthritis.
Bed Wetting Products - Wetting the bed is more than just a problem that happens to a child that has a solution. As a parent of a child that is having this problem, it is up to you to insure that the condition is taken care of by the doctor. In other words, you will want to insure that the wet bed is not going to harm things like their personality and their self esteem.


Arthritis Pain Relief 02 - For millions of people through out the world arthritis pain is something that they live with everyday. Most of them are on some type of prescription drug regimen to control the pain. However, drugs alone are often times not enough to keep the arthritis pain at bay.


Lung Cancer Prevention - In this article I am going to cover options for treating breast cancer, once it has been diagnosed. Unlike years ago when options for treatment were few and not very effective, today there are many options for treating breast cancer, many with excellent results and chances for full recovery, depending on the type of breast cancer and how advanced it is.


Cancer Cells - Even though surgery may be an option, you may find the doctor suggesting this type of treatment either before surgery to help shrink the tumor or after the surgery to help eradicate any of the remaining cancerous cells.


Older Antihistamines - In this article we're going to discuss the possible dangers and side effects of antihistamines and what people should be aware of when taking antihistamines to treat their allergies. For the most part, antihistamines are safe. Having said that, antihistamines can have side effects which, if the antihistamine is not properly administered, can be serious.


More coming soon!


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Chemical Sensitivities - Allergies are actually a mistake the brain makes as a response to certain substances. The brain perceives the substance as life threatening and creates histamines to battle the exposure to the substance. When the brain learns that this substance is not life threatening, it can change the response.


Diet Fitness Health - The most important picture you will ever change in your subconscious mind is the picture you now have of yourself right now. You will start with this image. You will start recreating your subconscious imagery by recreating your existing body picture.


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