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Weight Loss - The Revival Of Spelt


Spelt is one of the oldest grains known to mankind. Grown as far back as 5000 BC, the spelt grain has hardly changed from that time until today. In fact, spelt was even referred to in the Bible, mentioned in both Exodus 9:32 and Ezekiel 4:9. While still common in many parts of the world, including Europe, spelt lost popularity in America as commercial growers looked for higher yield crops to provide for mass production. It is the integrity of modern spelt to the original grain that has rekindled interest of those looking for a more nutritious alternative to the highly processed grains currently available.

Spelt became less popular because of its hard outer husk which made it difficult to process.


Unlike the wheat most Americans have come to know, spelt has not been changed for centuries. Wheat production in America demanded higher gluten for commercial foods and a plant that was easy to grow and harvest. With these changes much of the wheat grown lost its nutritious value and became easy targets to pests requiring pesticides and insecticides to protect it during growth.


However, this husk protects the spelt from pests and pollutants and helps the grain to maintain its nutrient value. The spelt grain is high in fibre and has more protein than conventional wheat. It is full of amino acids and a good source of B vitamins. Spelt is easier to digest than regular wheat and has a subtle nutty flavor that many appreciate. One of the most desirable qualities of this nutritious and tasty grain is that individuals with allergies to wheat may be able to tolerate spelt grains and products.



Spelt is sold through organic health food stores. You can buy spelt grain, whole grain and white flours. Spelt products also include pasta, hot or cold cereals, cookies, crackers, bread, muffins, cakes and pancake mixes.



When baking with spelt you will need to adapt the recipe to account for the difference between spelt and traditional wheat. Increasing the amount of flour or decreasing the amount of liquids will enable you to use spelt in most recipes asking for wheat. Spelt needs to be soaked overnight before cooking. Cover with water and bring to a boil. Let it simmer in a covered pot for an hour.



Spelt has many features that make it stand out as the ecologically and nutritionally superior grain available. The tough husk means it can be grown without pesticides and insecticides and helps preserve freshness when stored. Its high nutritional value can't be compared to hybrid wheat currently produced and it appears to be easier for the body to tolerate. Spelt is not new to the world, but if you haven't tried it before, now is the time to introduce yourself to the oldest secret to healthy eating!


Jay is the web owner of Weight Loss Diet, a website that provides information and resources on nutrition, weight loss programs, and fitness. You can also visit his website at: for Healthy Diet


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Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Weight Loss & Organic Foods


Are you concerned that the food you are eating may be harmful to you and your family? With news reports about GM (genetically modified) foods, health scares about eating beef, chemicals on food affecting people's health and the intelligence of children, it's no wonder that many are looking to organic foods as an option.



Organic farming produces plant and animal foods without the excessive use of chemicals. It focuses on using fertile soil along with a variety of crops to maintain healthy growing conditions which produce a food with more nutrients and less chemicals than typical commercial foods. Organic farming prohibits the growing of GM foods, a controversial issue among commercial growers. Animals reared on organic farms are treated properly with room to behave like animals and are fed healthy food sources not laden with drugs and other chemicals.



One of the common benefits proclaimed about organic foods is that they taste better - but there are many other benefits to incorporating organic foods into your diet. Besides the physical benefits to you there are environmental benefits and benefits to the animals and people who live and work on the farms.



Organic food also protects the planet. Organic farming ensures that bio-diversity remains available in the foods we eat and the wildlife that live on the farms. Fruits and vegetables are naturally available in 100's of varieties. Commercial growing limits the variety of each food available by mass producing only a handful. Many species of birds, insects and other animals are affected by the chemicals and farming conditions used in growing commercial foods. Organic farms grow a mix of crops and promote a balanced ecosystem including insects that protect crops from pests and worms and other micro-organisms which fertilize the soil.



Organic farming is considered 'sustainable' farming. The workers and the animals are not as exposed to dangerous toxins or working and living conditions. This enables people to continue growing healthy foods for the rest of society without reliance on huge machinery and chemicals.


The animals raised on organic farms are not subject to the terrible living conditions imposed on commercially reared animals who often live in exceedingly small spaces without the freedom to move or interact. These unhealthy conditions lead to a spreading of illness which is combated with regular doses of antibiotics.


On organic farms the animals' needs are given priority. Healthy food, clean living conditions and freedom to behave like animals means healthier animals. When animals are sick they are cared for individually according to their actual needs.

Organic, sustainable farming protects humans, animals and the environment. Increasing the demand for organic products will encourage this form of farming and ensure that the food supply available to our children is a healthy one.


Jay is the web owner of Weight Loss Diet, a website that provides information and resources on nutrition, weight loss programs, and fitness. You can also visit his website at: for Healthy Diet


Weight Loss - Emotional Eating


Food is a source of nourishment and energy. Without food we would not be able to perform our daily activities. Our muscles would wither, our nervous system would fail. We all need food. However, food also has another role in our lives - a role of comfort and entertainment. Culturally and instinctively we prepare and serve foods to comfort those who have experienced loss, to celebrate joy or to show friendship and love.



Organic foods prevent people from ingesting regular amounts of pesticides and insecticides commonly found in commercial products. Animals are not routinely given antibiotics and other medication which enters the food supply to humans. Some research suggests that this excessive use of chemicals in food can be linked to increased health problems and interferes with the healthy development of children.



Seeing food as more than just a source of energy and enjoying it simply for the satisfaction it gives is not wrong. In fact science shows that food can promote good feelings by chemical reactions caused in our brains. What IS a problem is when an individual cannot experience pain, anxiety, joy or even boredom without turning to food as means of dealing with those feelings, or they are obsessed with food, weight and dieting.


Emotional eaters turn to food as a source of distraction from dealing with feelings. However, eating these foods leads to feelings of guilt which can only be soothed with more eating, restrictive dieting, excessive exercise or purging. Emotional eaters tend to value themselves based on their weight and how closely they've stuck to their 'ideal' diet. Because of this distorted relationship with food, foods are labeled "GOOD" and "BAD". Emotional eating can lead to serious eating disorders and depression.



Do you turn to food for reasons other than hunger? Are you obsessed with thoughts of food - whether you plan to eat it or are concentrating on restricting yourself from eating it? Do you regularly try diets and fail - leading to guilt and further over eating? Do you think about or attempt to purge excess food by throwing up or using laxatives? Do you exercise compulsively when you think you've eaten too much?



Since emotional eating is caused by looking to food as a coping strategy for emotional distress dieting can actually create more problems. When the emotional eater fails to stick to a diet they suffer feelings of guilt that can only be soothed with more food and in turn, more guilt or punishment.


Instead of trying to focus on what they are eating, the emotional eater needs to learn new skills for coping with stressful emotions. Often this requires the help of a Personal Coach or Psychotherapist who deals with emotional eating. It is only by finding replacements for the comfort food provided that the individual can put food into its rightful place and learn healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.


Jay is the web owner of Weight Loss Diet, a website that provides information and resources on nutrition, weight loss programs, and fitness. You can also visit his website at: for Healthy Diet


Weight Loss and Syndrome X

"I've put on 40 pounds in one year!" "It doesn't matter how much I workout, I can't lose weight." "My doctor must think I'm eating pizzas in the closet." With nearly 4 million Americans weighing in at over 300 pounds, is it any wonder the above cries are heard each and every day by countless frustrated people who can't lose weight? One such cause for the ever increasing need to buy larger pants is a disease known as Syndrome X.


Syndrome X is also referred to as Metabolic Syndrome, Metabolic Syndrome X and Insulin Resistance. It is a very common disease; however it is widely overlooked by many medical professionals. One statistic reveals 1 in 3 people suffer from it. This syndrome is a precursor to developing Diabetes Type 2. Sufferers have a high level of insulin. Their bodies are unable to process all the insulin that is being made from their diet. As a result, they become insulin resistant.


Think of it like this: You knock on someone's door because you want to come in. If they don't answer, what normally happens? You knock again, right? Sometimes you may even knock a third time, trying to gain entry. Insulin works in the same manner. The pancreas produces insulin (knock). Some foods cause the body to produce even higher levels of insulin (knock again). Once you become insulin resistant, develop Syndrome X, the body is unable to properly process the glucose, therefore the pancreas tries to make up for it by producing even more insulin. It thinks "no one is home" and just keeps making more.


The main purpose of glucose is to be used as fuel for the cells in the body to produce energy. Unprocessed glucose translates into fat. If the body keeps making it and it's not being processed, where does it go? Hips, thighs, stomach, and buttocks, that's where!

In addition to hypertension and heart disease, elevated insulin may be associated with weight gain and difficulty with weight loss, other blood sugar problems such as hypoglycemia, and some menstrual related imbalances.


Genetics is partially responsible for causing this disease. More likely though is lifestyle. In many cases years of high starch, processed foods, simple sugars, lack of exercise, smoking, and increased stress may be the culprit for Metabolic Syndrome X.

Now what? For starters, start exercising today. Increase water intake and totally omit starches, sugars, processed foods from your diet. Limit or omit caffeine. Try to maintain at least one third of your daily food intake to vegetables. Ask your doctor to test your sugar levels. Change what you're eating and get walking and you'll be amazed at the pounds start to fall off. The fatigue and fuzziness will start to disappear and in turn you'll feel much better.


Jay is the web owner of Quick Weight Loss, a website that provides information and resources on nutrition, weight loss programs, and fitness. You can also visit his website at: for Diet Plan


Weight Loss - Where's The Beef ?


There's a revolutionary idea "growing" in some science laboratories today - which if successful, could take the idea of eating chicken nuggets and other processed meats to a whole new level. Hailed as a potential answer for the world's food shortage, agricultural scientists in Maryland have taken the cutting-edge technique of tissue engineering and applied it to food - specifically, meat. They're growing clumps of meat in the laboratory.


The idea is not a new one, and not as much like something out of a science fiction movie as it seems. In 1932, Winston Churchill wrote an essay and said "Fifty years hence we shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium." Although it's been quite a bit longer than the 50 years he predicted, it looks as if Mr. Churchill's idea might just have some "meat" on it after all. In experiments done for NASA, small edible portions of fish have already been grown successfully from healthy fish tissues, which is believed to be a viable method of producing fresh food for astronauts during deep space missions in the not-too-distant future.


The process for culturing meat is actually a fairly simple one. Individual cells are placed into petri dishes and then grown into whole tissues. Of course, creating a small sample of fish, grown under specific conditions for a specific purpose is much different from producing enough meat to create even a single steak. That poses different challenges, all together. In order to produce meat on a large scale for example, the "cultured" meat cells would have to be "grown" on large, thin sheets of membranes. The right combination of cells including muscle and fat would have to be combined, to create the right texture and taste. Another challenge is that, like any muscle, during this process the muscle cells would have to be "exercised" so that they would grow and stretch and not turn mushy.


For a diet plan to be successful it must fit within the boundaries of normal day-to-day habits and activities. It must allow for the consumption of familiar foods in familiar and traditional social settings. The exclusion of "taboo" foods or your favorite fast food restaurant is generally a set-up for eventual dieting failure.


Once that enough of the right kind of cells were "cultured", they would be removed from the membranes, combined into the right thickness, and then processed into meat products such hamburger. Other questions that would have to be addressed before the meat was approved for human consumption would include the process used for harvesting the cells, the origins of the original cells, and the "ickiness" factor that would have to be overcome before consumers were ready to "chow down".


Researchers say that there are many advantages to meat that is grown in a laboratory. For one thing, it is better for the environment, because it would reduce the air pollution caused by raising livestock. (A recent report cited pollution caused by livestock raised for meat as causing 21% of the human-caused carbon dioxide in the world today). This "cultured meat" could also be engineered to be healthier than the meat grown on farms. For example, red meat is high in Omega 6, a fatty acid that causes high cholesterol. Using genetic engineering, Omega 3 could be added instead, which is healthier and better for you.


Another advantage would be a reduced danger of food or animal-borne diseases, and none of the pesticides that are found in meat today would be in the lab meat. And finally, another point that researchers believe will be a strong selling point, is that no animals would have to be killed, something that many vegetarians see as "murder" and one of the leading reasons some people choose not to eat meat.


The biggest benefit, these visionaries say, is that some day a single cell could produce enough meat to feed the world for a year. According to one scientist, the demand for meat is growing every year. In China, for example, their consumption of meat doubles every ten years. In India, the consumption of chicken has doubled in only five years.


But don't expect to be able get tasty, tender cuts of lab-raised meat such as steaks or chops or even chicken-wings at your local grocery store any time soon. What is growing in Maryland right now is a more of a generic type of meat that has no structure and little taste, and at the moment, is extremely expensive to produce. However, some universities have recently received grants to continue the research into this new possibility, and a group scientists have created a nonprofit organization, dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of food production. So it is entirely possible that in the future, consumers asking, "Where's the Beef?" may be looking towards the nearest laboratory, rather than Old McDonald's Farm.


Jay is the web owner of Quick Weight Loss, a website that provides information and resources on nutrition, weight loss programs, and fitness. You can also visit his website at: for Diet Plan

Weight Loss & The 5 Step Roadmap To Success

If you happen to be among the millions of people who are weight impaired, you may have already considered, or even tried many alternatives for losing weight...and you may still be seeking that one magic "remedy"...


Sadly, there are no magic remedies, diet pills, or supplements for losing weight. It takes desire, persistence and lots of accurate information seasoned with ample amounts of supportive and caring guidance, to succeed. Through the trials and tribulations of many failed weight loss plans we now know that if you try to manage your weight by making radical changes in your diet and lifestyle, you will eventually fail...around 95% of the time!


When you stop to think about, isn't it usually the things you are told that you can't do or have, that you desire the most? It's a part of human nature. We want what we can't have! Take it away from us, and surely this is exactly what we will want and crave the most...and this includes the foods we eat. Even the most highly regarded sources of information agree that we tend to focus on what we can't have (see what the Bible has to say about it; Romans 7:14-15).


So, a good plan for losing weight should not try to radically change your eating behavior. The plan should adapt to your daily activities and eating behavior. And of course any good plan should incorporate the benefits of good nutrition, convenience and practicality. The bottom line is that we are all very busy people without a lot of time to spare. We're not about to turn our busy lifestyle upside down to follow some restrictive plan for losing weight. Oh...maybe something like this will work for a short period of time, but the facts don't lie. Short term loss is long term gain (in weight that is!). Although the "crash" weight loss diets may work for a short while, most of us will find that before long the pounds begin to creep back on...and there is good reason for this.


- We're not going give-up eating at fast food and sit-down restaurants when we need a quick meal.

- We're not going to give-up eating with business associates, good friends and family or any other special meal occasions where dieting guidelines are difficult (or impossible) to follow.

- We're not going to completely eliminate the foods we love and crave.

- And we're most definitely not going to waste precious time preparing special dietary meals from "scratch" every day!


It's important to know that you don't have to stop doing any of the above to lose weight. You can look and feel like a million bucks, take years off your appearance and have the energy and vitality to accomplish your dreams, by following a few simple guidelines. Here they are...


1) Take it one step at a time.

Some of the greatest accomplishments in life begin by taking one small step at a time. When we are challenged to think deeply, encouraged by others to succeed, and ultimately inspired to take action, great things start to happen!

If you have important weight loss goals you are not achieving, try to spend less time worrying about all the possible "causes" and start concentrating on how you can make progress. This is one of the keys to moving forward and a simple, but powerful tool for success.


Step #2 - Assess your dietary needs and lifestyle.

Awareness is the key!

Learn about your specific dietary needs (caloric intake) and daily energy requirements. We're talking a basic understanding here, and not having to go into any great detail. Here is a great tool that can help:


Step #3 - Seek advice from friends and trusted authorities.

Don't believe everything you hear! There are thousands of diet "scams" on the market. When you find a trusted source, ask as many questions as you can about diet and exercise. Find out what has worked for others. But always be on-guard for "quick fix" won't work!


Step #4 - Start creating a SYSTEM of support.

About 85% of our "happiness" and well-being is determined by the quality of our relationships with other people. Loving, caring relationships and a network of friends, family, and colleagues lowers stress, increases longevity and helps us to accomplish our goals in life (including losing weight).


We are social creatures and we do our best when we have friends to cheer us on, offer support, give advice and hold us accountable when necessary. This makes it easy for us to succeed. So, surround yourself with people, tools and activities that make it easier to succeed than to fail! Arrange your living environment and social situations so that every thing around you pulls your forward!

Step #5 - Use your resources. Read motivational tips, general health information and any other literature you can get your hands-on. Information is power!



There you have it. So, get started today on "your" Road to Success!


Jay is the web owner of Quick Weight Loss, a website that provides information and resources on nutrition, weight loss programs, and fitness. You can also visit his website at: for Diet Plan


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