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Phentermine -Weight Loss Mantra

With almost half of the world's total population suffering from the problem of obesity or overweight-many individuals severely so- its not ay wonder that that the segment of weight loss ad diet control pills is becoming the fastest growing part of the eve more faster growing dietary supplement industry. I the last decade, the sales of diet pills have been increasing with the annual rate of 20 percent In USA only.

Phentermine is a recommended appetite suppressant or a diet pill, which rouses the nervous system, which boosts the heart rate and reduces your carving.

Last year it reached the highest ever point of $two hundred million. Accorded to the experts, when our body is clean ad strong, it is capable of getting rid of all the unnecessary toxins, but when it becomes overweight, it becomes sluggish ad more prone to sickness. The immune system also loses its capability to tackle the attacking viruses that ca lead to sickness. Weight loss is a very significant thing for those who actually want to lose weight for the betterness of their fitness and for a healthier looking lifestyle.


The humorous thing that comes here is that most of the people observe themselves gaining weight ever before and don't do anything and after they have put on the weight, they starts panicking and looking for various weight loss aides including weight loss drugs. When it comes to the weight loss drugs, the best way to shed some fat from your body is to insure your weight loss medicine. One should ensure that the weight loss pill with the ingredients, which have the reputation in promoting weight loss, should be on the top of his list. A weight loss pill, known as phentermine is known to be the most popular drug known to the people all over the world. It is used to deal with obesity and excessive weight gaining.


This diet drug is very much similar to other diet control pills that are used for the short-term improvement along with the controlled diet and routine exercises for the treatment if overweightedness. It works in the brain with chemicals called neurotransmitters. If explained in detailed way, it actually stimulates the neuro bundles present in the brain to release a special group of neuro transmitters called catecholamines.


This includes adrenalin and nonadrnalin. This sends a special fight or flight signal response in the body, which in turn, put brakes on to the hunger signals. Because of all these processes in the brain, a person loses his appetite because the brain does not receive the hunger messages coming from the stomach. It is believed that this ncreased level of catecholamines is responsible for putting the halt on another chemical called neuropeptide Y, working as the same kind of messenger responsible for initiating eating, decreasing energy expenditure, and the useless expenditure of fats. The main work of phentermine is to make neurotransmitters move from one place to another and making itself effective as an appetite suppressant. There has been a lot of discussion on how to use phentermine.


But in any case, some clear-cut instructions are always given. They are:


This is also strictly advised that this drug should not be taken more often prescribed because this drug is a very fast habit forming drug. Also if a person is taking this drug for a longer period of time, it should not be stopped at once without consulting the physician. But in normal cases, it is prescribed for the smaller period of time i.e., 8 to 12 weeks. It is always advised to take help from the pill but not to get addicted to it.


Addiction to this drug leads to many side effect, which includes some serious and some non-serious. Serious side includes chest pain, tiredness, fainting, swelling in lower part of legs. Problem in breathing. They need immediate medical attention. Side effects, which are not so serious range from depression, nervousness, irritability, blurred vision to dryness of mouth, diarrhea, headache and can also reach to a change in person's sexual behavior. But if overdose is taken accidentally and some side effects are visible, taking immediate advice from a doctor is advised because it might get very serious sometimes.


Computers and Internet have made buying phentermine really easy in many terms. Because there are so many websites giving this facility of getting cheap phentermine and that to in the easiest way possible, it has become very easy for anyone to get this drug and start his/her own treatment. The good thing is that these websites also provides free consultation and free prescription, which makes it even easier to buy phentermine online. These online pharmacy stores sells cheap phentermine than the local drug store. These are the few reasons why people are going towards these online pharmacies.


It is recorded that in 1995 more than 4,852,000 people bought medicines they needed from these online drug stores. But before approaching these online pharmacies, this should be checked that they have fully implemented all the safeguards advised by the concerned authorities. Patients and practitioners must be cautious and observe to see if any of the ethical principles have been breached or laws have been broken when visiting any on-line pharmaceutical site.


"Kim Parker" is an associate editor to the website It is committed to provide visitors with complete information on weight loss, diet pills, obesity and phentermine. We also provide articles on health related topics. Your feedback & comments will be highly appreciated at email


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Weight Loss Expert - In the medical community, "obesity" is generally said to be present in women with more than 30% body fat and men with more than 25% body fat.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery


There is no doubt about it, excess weight comes with some heavy costs. Morbidly obese people- those who are more than 100 pounds over their ideal body weight- face not only some high social costs but some extreme health costs due to their body weight. For many of these people, traditional methods of weight loss such as diet and exercise simply are not within the realm of possibility- the slightest activities are too hard to handle, and the body has reached a point where an addiction to high fat foods is equal to that experienced by those addicted to heroine, with the resultant complications of withdrawal but without the convenience of less ease in accessibility. More people are beginning to turn to weight loss procedures such as gastric bypasses and gastric lap bands in order to lose some of the much needed weight quickly.


Like any other surgery, surgeries for weight loss carry with them inherent risks for lasting complications and even death. There can be many complications after any surgery as well, and it is best to find these out before undergoing the surgery itself. Finally, there is the rumor that surgery is the ticket to a hassle free weight loss. The reality is, weight loss surgery does not mean that the need to diet and exercise is eliminated. For most surgeries in fact, an even more extreme diet will often be required after the fact, and the same is true of beginning an exercise regime. Bodies that are fit are able to recuperate faster, and they are also able to process the food that is received more efficiently and effectively.


Remember, weight loss surgery does not mean an easy way out, avoiding the pain of exercise and the annoyance of dieting. Most surgeons will recommend that you start an exercise regime as soon as possible after the operation in order to assist the healing process and keep you from gaining the weight back. Weight loss surgery is best thought of as the chance to start over. Once the weight has been removed, the surge of energy and an enhanced natural capacity for exercise will allow you to begin the exercise routine that will be vital in maintaining a healthy weight for the rest of your life.


Robert Moongrave maintains a website on weight loss surgery after counseling people who have undergone this surgery.


Weight Loss And The Proper Nutrition.


Approaching the matter of nutrition and weight loss, we have to emphasize the two basic issues that nutrition itself is a culture of eating proper food in a proper manner. Let's start with the first, proper food. All cells and tissues in our body are formed by the food we eat. And also food is the energy source for our body functions. So, this can explain why proper food is so important. Food is one of our strongest motivators. And unfortunately, most of us consider food to be a source of pleasure only!


In the case of surgery, there are several benefits. The loss of the weight will immediately allow a patient to regain the energy needed for exercise that will be needed to maintain a healthy body. These surgeries also are known to reduce a patient's dependency on the foods to which they were formerly addicted, and also curb appetites. Some people may make the mistake of believing that weight loss surgery is a quick and easy way to lose weight. This is, however, not the case.


Our bodies are not fixed statues - they are always in process, which we call metabolism. Perception, memory and all the intricate complexities of bodily functions are possible because of having or producing enzymes, hormones and a thousand other wonders - that are produced in the body from what we eat. As a source of energy our body uses carbohydrates (sweets), fat and protein. To be more specific, carbohydrates are the source of immediate energy, proteins are the body building blocks, and fats are the high-energy storage. But these roles sometimes overlap.


And faulty nutrition is the usual cause of illness!

At the same time, with correct choices we can prevent many food-related diseases such as heart attack (!), stroke, essential hypertension, diabetes and - even cancer!


More than a century ago, Ellen G. White, in "Counsels on Diet and Foods", shared her observation: "At mealtime cast off care and anxious thought. Do not feel hurried, but eat slowly and with cheerfulness, with your heart filled with gratitude to God for all His blessings". Isn't it wonderful?


Just let me share with you part of our experience with nutrition and weight loss. If you haven't had any previous experience of following the simple principles I suggested when discussing how to reduce the amount of daily food, you might find them difficult to follow, but this is just on the face of it. In reality it is much easier than it seems! And I promise, I'll teach you how to master it. Because this issue of how to practice eating habits is essentially an important one!


The same food or eating process itself can bring you joy and fullness of life, or, on the other hand, if taken wrongly, can cause considerable damage to your health and even shorten your life!


How does overeating or eating the wrong food cause harm? The answer is: whatever food that our organism is not able to digest normally, becomes poisonous to us. Thus any poison will shorten our life!


This is the reason, why I suggest that my clients practice this: before starting to eat, gently close your eyes for a few moments, forget all your problems for a while and give yourself a smile! And then you can start eating. Another recommendation is this: when eating, try to keep your eyes gently closed (or just turn your eyes away from the served food), while slowly chewing a small portion of food in your mouth.


Believe me, this process will bring you much more flavor, and benefits at the same time. Because just by doing this small thing you will lessen the portion of consumed meal by three to five times!!! (As I have already mentioned) I would emphasize the importance of taking time to eat. When eating, if possible, make it a social occasion to communicate with your family or with your friends. But! (Always, there are some "buts"). If you decide to improve your eating habits, see if the company would be appropriate at this time, especially at the beginning. For this reason, it is better at first to have all the changes stabilized, so that you can resist any temptations...


But even when in difficult situations, we should never compromise basic principles of good nutrition. Always watch what you eat or drink!!! A well mannered person will know how to do this without compromising friendly relationships. As we do this, we will have the added benefits of alertness, clear thinking, and a perception that is fully aware of life's joyful events. But real joy comes from facing reality and patiently dealing with whatever life has to offer. If we take time to learn what is good for us and make a serious effort to put it into practice, we can expect to be rewarded with extra energy and a longer and happier life!


Let's take a look at sweets. Which are conglomerates of simple sugars, most important of which is glucose. This simple sugar is the supplier of the most bodily energy. Penetrating into the blood stream it meets the constant need of all the cells. Due to insulin, glucose is able to pass through the cell membrane and become available for use. At the same time, our bodies are capable of properly handling only a limited amount of simple sugars in a given period of time. When exceeded (if we eat too many sweets), the pancreas is forced to work overtime producing insulin for converting excess sugar into fat.


Small amounts of sugar will not do this, but we must remember that there is hidden sugar in most processed food and drinks. And this is the problem - we usually eat far more sweets than our pancreas can cope with!


Let's see how we can avoid this problem. When we plan our diet we should give preference to the natural source of sweets, like fruits, then wheat, rice, potatoes, beans, and other starch-containing foods. Because these vegetable foods require quite a long period of time for to be digested, and simple sugar is released gradually. This allows our body to process this energy in an orderly fashion.


Latest scientific researches have revealed that: consuming excessive sugar (too many sweets) can lead to such problems as:

* Constipation.

* Causing dental caries by providing an ideal culture medium in the mouth, and by slowing down the internal fluid circulation in the teeth.

* Depression of the immune system, by interfering with the germ-killing capacity of white blood cells.

* Promotion of adult-onset diabetes.


Now we come to the practical application of the above for the weight loss. With the exception of some fruits the ideal diet will include only a minimal amount of sugar, and provide an abundance of complex carbohydrates such as those found in vegetables and whole-grain pasta.


Alexander Grigor is an author of the unique Christian-based natural weight loss system called "WOW! Program". Visit his web site at to find out how you can use a mighty power of Faith combined with healing gymnastics to get rid of excess weight and keep it off.


The Real Reason You Overeat, And How It Affects Your Weight Loss Strategy

Reason, singular, as in: one? Ha! I eat because:

- I love food - I'm always hungry - It's just who I am - It's a habit - I can't seem to help it - I have self-esteem issues - I am a carb addict - I have no willpower - I love chips (or cookies, or....) - I'm not even aware that I do it - It's just something I do while watching TV - It's too hard to give up the foods I like - Besides, I'll just gain it back anyway - So I may as well comfort myself How can we boil down a complex issue to one reason? Yes, it is complex, which is why a diet is rarely the answer. Not for people who have a real food problem.


In my experience, we eat for the same reason that all mammal babies eat: because we are hungry of course, and, because we want to be reassured. We want to be made to feel like everything is going to be OK. And we want that at both a conscious and sub-conscious level. How does it relate to loving chips, or not being able to stop at one cookie? Whether we are physically addicted to a food or whether it's just a highly ingrained habit, we are conflicted over eating it. We know it gets us into trouble, yet we don't want to do without it. So anything that gets us thinking about the issue scares us.


For example:

- I want to lose weight and plan to restrict my intake. The resulting tension leads to more eating. - I give in and eat a few chips. My whole self tenses up over the glee of having them and fear of both having more and not having more, and I wolf a bag down before anything can stop me.


Even habitual eating in front of the TV relates to tension. Sure it is now mainly a semi-subconscious habit, but start thinking of reforming your ways, and watch your tension level rise. What about eating out of boredom? Boredom is a downright scary thing to experience. It's premature death. To be successful at weight loss, we absolutely must learn to deal with our need for reassurance, learn to defuse tension from all sources.


The best way to not be such a victim of fear and tension, is to become more comfortable in our selves and our world. People with a greater sense of self-mastery don't feel assaulted by stress as much. And that's quite a catch 22, because it's just about impossible to feel masterful, when you are at the mercy of your overeating urges. It's quite a destroyer of self confidence. But you can get there one mini-victory at a time. So irrespective of your choice of diet, successful weight loss calls for learning (and practicing over and over again) stress coping skills, and for gaining confidence in your self mastery.


Exercise helps because it reduces tension and makes us feel more confident and at ease in our bodies, in addition to providing all the metabolic and physical benefits. For some people, being more physically active was the key solution. Many need more help. Some get inspired by books, but most need other people to guide them for a while. We are talking about adopting a new way of being while fighting ingrained habits. Some structured support really makes the difference between wasting more years to food


Helene Desruisseaux is a success trainer and co-founder of MakingPeaceWithFood a weight loss program designed to eliminate food cravings. Get from their website a free report on "The top 5 mistakes people make when they try to lose weight."


Weight Loss Products - "Spoilt" For Choice


Over Weight, Obesity and Obsession with weight loss is a global phenomenon. While the severity and percentage of cases differ slightly from one country/region/culture or another, abnormal weight gains can happen to anyone in any region and hence the success and popularity of weight loss products. For e.g. in the United States of America, many millions go on diets, exercise regimen, miracle pills each year and while few succeed in losing weight, very few succeed in keeping the weight off in the long run. Losing weight and keeping it off requires many considerations. First and foremost you should determine correctly (if required, with medical consultation) about whether you are overweight and if so, by how much.


Once you understand that there might be health risks involved you have to start researching and learning about the many weight loss products and options available to you. Weight loss products are available aplenty in the market as it is a very lucrative business with a large client base and a well spread problem. While researching and narrowing down on weight loss products you have to keep many things in mind. First, it is always better to try out combinations of things rather than put all your eggs in a single basket. For e.g. along with dieting or any other weight loss product, a good exercise regiment can work wonders. This is because it is difficult to stay disciplined in any single weight loss method - say dieting or exercise and secondly the multiple methods can supplement each other nicely and give a better result.


It has been proven that obese people need more water than thin people. You should probably check with your health care provider to determine how much water is right for you. You should also be sure to drink water when you are exercising in order to replace fluids that you lose through perspiration. Of course, you may not enjoy the taste of water, particularly tap water. As a result, you might consider drinking water flavored with lemon, eating soup, or consuming fruits high in water content. Water can combat high blood pressure and can decrease your cholesterol levels. It can also be a remedy against water retention, kidney trouble, skin problems, and migraines. It may even help to prevent cancer.


Second, you should be extremely careful and cautious about the claims of weight loss product advertisements. It is always better to take your time, research the product and its claims, or consult a doctor or a known reference who has used the product. Many fad diets, calorie burners, even custom jewelry that is expected to use acupuncture techniques to control pressure points that stimulate hunger are available in the market. Enquire about the health risks involved, the speed of weight loss and whether customers using the weight loss product have been able to keep off their weight in the long run. Also check out about the costs involved including one time costs, recurring costs for visits or supervision, cost of pills, mixtures, special menus etc. It is always better to be safe than be sorry while using the weight loss products.


The best weight loss products that are prescribed and appreciated by both medical professionals and customers are the ones that work slow and easy. The problem with some quick fix weight loss products is that there might be health risks involved in losing weight rapidly and also the weight loss might reverse once you stop using the weight loss product. If your weight does not pose an immediate health risk, go for a combination of good diet consisting of nutritional products and a good mix of fruits, vegetables and low carb diet. Ensure that you take in enough food and calories required to keep you healthy and energized. Start on a slow and easy exercise regime and continue the weight loss program over a substantial period of time.


For more information about the best weight loss products at the best prices visit click here for the weight loss products


Water - The Key To Weight Loss

Current info about losing weight is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest weight loss info available. It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of weight loss Success is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about weight loss Success. When beginning a weight loss program, many people fail to incorporate enough water into their diet, causing them to lose the benefits that water can provide. As a result, they don't lose as much weight as they should. It has been said that water is a natural way to counteract hunger pains. When you drink water, you tend to "feel full" quite quickly.


It also flushes out your system, allowing your body to rid itself of harmful toxins. Water can also boost your energy level and improve your metabolism, allowing you to consume calories more quickly. Research indicates that hunger and thirst may be inextricably linked. That means that at times, you may think that you're hungry, while actually you're thirsty. Drinking water during those periods can help you to feel satiated without expanding your waistline. As a result, by consuming water, you may feel less of a need to eat. You might be wondering, however, how much water is enough. Generally speaking, you should be drinking eight ounce glasses of water eight times a day. However, if you are heavier, you might actually require more water than that.


Water can also enhance your muscle tone, helping you to achieve a more clearly defined physique. Therefore, it is particularly important that you drink a great deal of water if you enter into a strength training program. You cannot expect your muscles to work properly if you do not hydrate them with water. The temperature of your water can also make a significant difference. It is believed that water that is cold is digested faster than water that is of a higher temperature. In fact, water that is relatively cold in temperature can actually serve as a calorie-burner. You may be surprised to learn that your body is comprised of nearly 70 percent water. Therefore, water is crucial for the proper functioning of your metabolism.


Water can also help to regulate your body temperature, enabling your body to work more effectively. Certain symptoms will emerge if you're not consuming enough water. For instance, you may find it difficult to concentrate. You may also have a constant feeling of being tired. You may be constipated or experience dry skin. At times, you may also feel constipated and you may notice that you're not passing as much urine as you should. Of course, if you are not getting enough water in your diet, the remedy is simple--just turn on the tap and let it flow. However, realistically, it can be difficult to get into the water habit.


Therefore, you might have to trick your body into drinking water. How do you do this? To begin with, you should consider drinking a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. This will ensure that you are getting your day off to a healthy start. Have a drink in mid-morning and another right before lunch. If you drink a cup with lunch, you will have already had half of your daily water requirements. Have a drink in the mid-afternoon, another at dinner, one after dinner, and one right before bed. In this way, you will likely be getting all the water your body needs. Try this experiment for a few weeks, and you may be amazed at the difference you see in your health and appearance.


I hope that reading the above information was both enjoyable and educational for you. Your learning process should be ongoing, the more you understand about a subject, the more you will be able to share with others


J. Brian Keith is a proud contributing author for information about Atkins Diet Menu, Home Exercise Equipment and enjoys writing about many different topics. Please visit my other web sites for Free Articles and Photo Sharing.


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Organic Skin Care - Organic skin care refers to natural skin care products or therapies whose ingredients are grown organically in areas where soil is very rich in nutrients. Encompassing a plethora of plants, plant extracts, herbs, flowers and natural oils, organic skin care products are an extension of natural skin care therapies and products.

Acne Skin Care - Acne can be a painful and embarrassing condition for a person to be afflicted with. Often, a person who has acne cannot control its occurrence. But, by following a few acne skin care practices, acne can be controlled and even gotten rid of. Acne is an inflammatory skin disease that affects millions of individuals.


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