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Weight Loss : 7 keys to Success

You have to have the right mindset to make any weight loss program work. Without the right attitude you will have an uphill battle to succeed - but if you get your head together before you begin, and keep yourself in the right frame of mind throughout your program, you multiply your chances of losing weight successfully.

Successful weight loss is about much more than buying the latest diet and exercise program.

So what is the right attitude to ensure you succeed? Ideally you need all of the following:-

1. Absolute desire

You have to want a new slim figure and better health more than that piece of chocolate cake. Work out why you want to lose weight and remind yourself every day (every meal time if necessary) why you are doing this.


2. Willingness to change

You have to want to lose weight so much you're prepared to change your attitudes and your lifestyle little by little until you're living the life that keeps you slim and healthy forever.


3. Commitment to do this for once and for all

Make a firm decision to achieve your target, put it in writing and re-read it every day. Constantly renew your commitment to yourself.


4. Knowledge of yourself

No matter what your circumstances, you need to accept that you are responsible for your current weight. Only you can say what passes your lips and what doesn't. Only you decide how much or how little you move every day. You need to understand the reasons why you put on weight in the first place so that you can undo those habits. You need to know your weak spots and look for the best ways to work around them, knowing what you know about you and your lifestyle.


5. Self-belief

You must know in your heart of hearts that you can do this, that you can rely on yourself to follow through your commitment and not let yourself down. Everyone can lose weight, but you must believe it too.


6. Self confidence

You need self-confidence to keep your commitments in the face of pressure from others, self-confidence to do new things, to try new forms of exercise, to join a gym or a new class. Surprisingly you also need to have self-confidence to face the world as a slimmer person because you will attract attention and admiring glances that you're not used to.


7. Determination and perseverance

When the going gets difficult the successful just keep going. If you choose the right weight loss program, one that is balanced, and fits your life your level of fitness and circumstances and just keep going with it, you'll succeed. So don't give up. The great thing is that you can choose to have these personal qualities and attitudes today, simply by changing the way you speak to yourself, being more positive and acting as if you have these characteristics already. You can choose to change your attitude for weight loss success or you can choose to carry on as you are. It really is up to you (and your mind) to make your weight loss program a success!


Janice Elizabeth is a weight loss coach, slimming club owner and author of "The Diet Exit Plan". Her system promotes permanent healthy and automatic weight loss through making small changes to your everyday habits. Get her FREE 15 page report "How to lose weight without dieting - 7 secrets the diet industry doesn't want you to know" at TODAY!



We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


Weight Loss - The Dangerous Obsession


The Dangers of the Fad Weight Loss Diet by Raj Pandey

Our Obsession with Weight Loss

Whether it is weight loss, skin appearance, hair loss or personal shape and body image, the human population is addicted to personal appearance, and self-image. This momentum to change personal image is created, reflected, and perpetuated throughout what we see on an everyday basis in the media. Many times, the most toned, in-shape and leanest body wins when it comes to many avenues of life. This creates pressure on people to lose weight using a number or methods - weight loss pills, calorie reduction and fad dieting.


Although this experience is true for both males and females, many time women are more subjected to this pressure to lose weight and conform to perceived standards, thus 'opening the door' for quick methods to melt away body fat and become lean and trim. A Fad diet is simply any dieting system that is the 'catchphrase' of the day, and has become popular amongst people for many reasons, many times not even for its weight loss abilities. Often fad diets arrive that are not effective in helping people lose weight, other times diets go overboard and do not promote natural weight loss - instead causing a rapid decrease in the muscle and health of the human body.


The fact is, the human body does need some form of carbohydrates to function. The brain and entire body use sugars stored in 'carbs' to create energy necessary for movement and thought. Overloading the human body with protein requires an incredible amount of water to break it down, thus depleting the body of water causing headaches, fatigue, constipation and possible dehydration. Besides those obvious dangers, there is also the long term dangers of this new twist fad diet - the long term effect we have yet to know about.

Another popular fad dieting system is fast or quick weight loss pills. Many of us seem all-too-anxious to take the newest form of a pill which claims to help us lose weight and reduce body fat. Many times too often, we fail to look at the ingredients.


Weight loss pills can contain Ephedrine and large amounts of other appetite suppressing stimulants - chemicals made to increase the response rate and workload of the human nervous system. The thought is that if the body can be forced to work harder and for a longer period of time, the body will begin to condition itself and shed pounds. Unfortunately, many people find themselves with health problems including lack of sleep, irritability and even addiction to the powerful ingredients in these diet systems, as well as unbalanced overall health. May times once the dieting system is ceased, the rebound effect causes the person to eat more and gain back weight over time to restore their health.


Moderate Natural Weight Loss Over Time

The real key to maintaining great health and losing weight while feeling good still balances on a moderate weight loss approach. By combining a natural weight loss herbal formula with exercise a wholesome, proper diet, you can see amazing results and remain healthy and full of energy. Eat reasonably - from all four food groups, and DO include carbohydrates in your diet - your body will thank you. Find a great herbal weight loss supplement and combine it with exercise. Even a small amount of exercise combined with the right herbs and a proper diet will ensure you consistent and continual weight loss, increased muscle tone and metabolism, and overall healthy energy to take on life.


Raj Pandey is the creator of a female and male hair loss treatment program at, and has written hundreds of articles and tips about dealing with hair loss. For more <a href="

Herbal Phentermine Weight Loss

Herbal Phentermine is a Non-Prescription appetite suppressant that is 100% natural and safe. Scientifically designed to create the similar effects of the popular prescription phentermine version, Herbal-Phentermine works to increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite, burn calories and increase energy.


One example of a current 'fad' diet is the 'Atkins' diet. While the initial 'Atkins'diet has been around since the early 1960's, and began as a sensible and moderate attempt to reduce caloric intake of carbohydrates, the modern public has taken it to its extreme. This new form proposes cutting carbohydrates out of the diet completely and relying on protein solely for nutrition. What once was a sensible and focused way to reduce carbohydrate intake and lose weight has become an all-out carbohydrate depletion.

One difference between Herbal Phentermine and Phentermine is that with herbal phentermine there is no prescription needed! Therefore, there is no online consultation, no doctor visit, no online questionnaire form and no waiting for a doctor's approval. Herbal Phentermine is an exclusive formulation of research-supported botanical ingredients designed to support a healthy diet. Learn more at


J. Ratliff is a health writer for Ask Wellness.


Dietrine Weight Loss

How does Dietrine work? During the digestive process, your body converts carbohydrates, found in starchy foods such as potatoes and pasta, into sugar. Your body does this by breaking-down the carbohydrate molecule with alpha amylase, an enzyme that is produced in the pancreas. These sugar calories are either burned off, through exercise, or stored as fat cells for future use. Unfortunately, inactivity means that these stored fat cells accumulate. The result is weight gain.


They also found that an increase in a hormone called parathyroid hormone, known to regulate the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body, decreases fat burning after a meal. Researchers prescribed the 10 subjects either a low or high dietary calcium intake over a 1 year period. The subjects were then assessed by measuring respiration and serum parathyroid hormone concentrations after they had consumed 2 isocaloric liquid meals containing 100 or 500 mg of calcium at the beginning of the study and after a year.


Dietrine Carb Blocker with Phase 2®, an exclusive, all-natural nutritional ingredient extracted from white kidney beans, "neutralizes" the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert starch into glucose and then fat. Essentially, it allows the carbohydrates to pass through the system with less caloric intake.* The Phase 2® starch blocker has been clinically proven to reduce the absorption of starch by 66%-75% resulting in significantly less net caloric intake.


J. Ratliff is a health writer for

The Calcium and Weight Loss Link Uncensored

What has calcium and weight loss got to do with tiny glands found inside your thyroid ?

Give Up ?
Well, apparently some think it has a lot to do with it. Quite recently you might have heard in the media about research that high calcium intakes promote fat burning. For a while now, those related to the dairy industry have been pushing the calcium and weight loss link.[2] The latest claim has been based on a study designed to examine the mechanism by which calcium may increase the fat burning effect of a meal. The study's outcome suggests that these glands may play some role in the calcium and weight loss story.


But there is a downside that some have forgotten to mention. This study was very small and used participants that were not overweight. The study focussed more on the way in which calcium may affect fat oxidation, rather than whether there is a causal link between calcium and weight loss. You can see the research abstract for yourself here. The research conducted jointly by Purdue University and Indiana University and funded by the Dairy Council, found that diets high in calcium from dairy sources increases the fat burning effect of a meal.

The results of the study indicate that the group who received the high calcium intake had higher fat oxidation levels after a meal than did those in the group who received the low calcium meal. They also found that increases of parathyroid hormone were associated with decreases of fat oxidation after a meal.


What does this new study tell us about calcium and weight loss?
The study is small, it had a total of 10 participants. For it to be able to conclude that there is a link between calcium and weight loss, a larger study would need to be done. It does however, tell us that there may be a viable link between calcium and weight loss.


Making Sense of The Confusion
Let's put this whole issue into perspective. There are two clear groups who have weighed into this issue. On one side are the food police activists who caution consumers against jumping on the "drink milk and lose weight" bandwagon. On the other side are manufacturers and dairy producer associations who have previously seen milk drinking rates decline, and want to get the message across that you need to drink more milk. Both sides are trying to get your attention as a milk consumer.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that high calcium intake is linked to weight loss.[4] However, some are suspicious that these studies have been funded by parties with a vested interest in the calcium and weight loss issue. [3] It is not always true that because a scientist has received funding from industry that their work will automatically be biased, but it should be made clear where the money has come from. If it does not matter where the money came from, then independent researchers should be able to get the same outcome. Having said this, why have other published studies found no evidence of a link between calcium and weight loss?


Supporters of the calcium and weight loss link say that this is because drinking more milk may only help to lose weight, if the individual was calcium deficient in the first place.[4,5] The overwhelming truth is that, and even the 24/24 Milk website acknowledges this, is that the research is still emerging.[6] There is still more work to be done. However, in their favor, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that there is some kind of link between calcium and weight loss.

So should we drink milk, or not to lose weight?
Whatever the outcome of the dairy and weight loss research, dairy foods still provide your body with a myriad of nutrients important for good health. If you are not getting 3 servings of dairy each day, then on a general basis, you need to increase your dairy intake, but watch your calories. Include low fat dairy within a well balanced diet, calorie controlled diet.

What should we do before increasing our dairy intake?

Talk to your doctor. Everyone is different, with differing needs. Your doctor will be able to tell you whether an increased dairy intake is appropriate for you. More Information:

Tufts University The Dairy - Weight Loss Debate
American Dietetic Association Milk Your Diet: A New Approach to Fuel Your Weight Loss Efforts
Milk, dairy fat, dietary calcium, and weight gain: a longitudinal study of adolescents.

[1] 2005 Dietary Guidelines For Americans
[2] 3 A Day 3 A Day Calcium and Weight Loss Position, 24/24Milk
[3] Science In The Public Interest Milking The Data
[4] Ilich JZ. A lighter side of calcium: role of calcium and dairy foods in body weight. Arh Hig Rada Toksikol. 2005 Mar;56(1):33-8. Abstract
[5] MedicineNet Lawsuits Challenge Dairy Weight Loss Claims
[6] 24/24Milk Experts Weigh In: Q & A

Date Written: 19th December 2005
This article represents the opinion of the author and in no way should be taken as medical advice. See your doctor today and discuss real dietary solutions specifically for your weight loss situation. This website and Savvy Fat Burning Food makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding errors or omissions and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for loss, damage, illness or medical event resulting from the use of information contained within this article.


The 2005 Dietary Guidelines For Americans recommends that you get 3 cups of low-fat or fat-free milk -- or the same amount of low-fat yogurt and/or low-fat cheese on a daily basis. [1] This essentially is the general message being put across by the dairy industry at the moment.[6] If you consume whole milk products, most likely you will actually put on weight, because of the extra calories.


Want to learn about calcium and weight loss, or just being healthy ? Many people do, and reading about research and the food that goes into your mouth represents an important way you can educate yourself about balanced nutrition. Visit Savvy Fat Burning Food today, and read more about Calcium and Weight Loss.


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