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Weight Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Why Weight Loss Diabetes Diet is Necessary?

If you are Diabetic patient and overweight, you need to follow a weight loss diabetes diet. Overweight is prime reason for most of the diabetes. The weight loss diabetes diet prescribes to take foods which contain fiber. You need to eliminate fat in your diet.

Reduce in take of sugary foods – contrary to popular belief; you should not stop eating sugary food.

You should take foods with sugar content in a very controlled way. Eliminate unsaturated fats from your diet – this fat finally gets deposited in the arteries. This fat deposition chokes the artery and creates obstruction in free blood transmission in your heart and body. This is fatal for the diabetic patient.Hence, you should only use mono-saturated fat while cooking your meals.


Include nuts and seeds in your diet – it has been observed that nuts and seed have a very good effect on the diabetic patient. Include a large number of fruit in your diet – when one adopts a weight loss diabetes diet you will first of all need to cut off snacking. Fruits contain fibers which are good for diabetic patients.


Reduce the salt intake – it is advisable to reduce the intake of salt to reduce water retention in the body and subsequently kidney disorders which are actually very common with diabetes patients. Ensure that you limit alcohol to the minimum possible – alcohol is known to lower blood glucose levels which can induce hypoglycemia; this is extremely fatal when you are thought to be hyperglycemic and treated as such.


Author works with Diabetes Prevention Centre. You will get excellent information in Diabetes site.


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Gordonii Diet Pills - I'm always so in awe of the synchronicity of things. When we let things happen as God intended and not try to put our energy on the outcome or how things are "supposed" to show up, we let the Universe do its wonderful job in providing all the things to move us forward with our mission here on earth.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Easy Natural Weight Loss, It Really Isn't That Hard


Due to the huge health hazards associated with obesity, it is important for those who are overweight to try and lose weight, and get back into shape. Arguably more importantly is that when doing this, they do it in a safe manner. Through this article, I will try and guide you in ideas and methods to lose weight safely! Okay, to lose weight, calories used per day by the body needs to be greater than calories consumed per day. Below is a variety of ways to help you on your way!


Stop Smoking Hypnosis - Stop smoking herbs can help you give up the smoking habit. They help in combating the withdrawal symptoms that every smoker faces when he tries to give up smoking. Among other things, the herbal cures lead to positive mood swings and reduce the urge to light another cigarette.


This is probably the easiest of all methods to implement into your day to day life.


• Firstly, during your everyday life, you can take lots of small easy steps to help burn some extra calories. Rather than taking the lift/elevator/escalator, take the stairs, although this is minor, through the week, it all adds up. This method itself is unlikely to help you shed lots of pounds, but in conjunction with other small ideas for example get off at a bus stop ahead of your desired destination, and walk the final leg of your journey, or even better, cycle the whole of your journey while following a few of the tips on eating below, and you should find yourself losing weight in no time.


• This is obvious, but you should try to cut down on fatty foods, fast food is a huge culprit for clogging up your arteries with cholesterol and piling on the pounds. For example, there are several fast food meals that contain over a whopping 1000 calories, to put this into perspective, women should eat 2000 calories a day, and men 2,500! So that’s nearly half of your daily calorie allowance in one meal that is not even likely to sustain your hunger for more than a couple of hours and so should be avoided. Also when shopping, when buying low-fat products, you should be careful to look at the nutritional information, quite commonly the food manufacturers replace the fat with sugar. Excess sugar that is not needed by the body is converted into glycogen and is stored as fat.


• Avoid fizzy drinks e.g. coca cola, these drinks are packed with sugar and as a result contain loads of calories, replace these with healthier drinks such as water and you'll find yourself cutting back on lots of calories, as well as saving your teeth and some extra cash.


• Try and do at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days of the week, this could just be a walk round the local park, football in the garden with friends, or a gentle game of tennis. The goal for losing weight is to use more calories than you consume, this exercise will help you on your way.


• Around 50-60% of your daily calories are recommended to come from carbohydrates. Try to make as many of these from foods that are high in complex starchy carbohydrates, opposed to sugary carbohydrates.


• Be sure to watch you portion size, often portion sizes are much smaller than you'd expect, if you are counting calories, be sure to only eat the portion size that it recommends, otherwise take into account the extra calories that will be consumed by the large serving.


• When you feel you need a snack, rather than reaching for a snickers or a couple of biscuits, replace these high calorie snacks with some fruit. Not only will you eat fewer calories, but you will also consume vitamins and minerals which the body requires.


• Personally, I do not recommend diet pills; this is due to negative side affects that some will produce. Furthermore there is no guarantee that you will lose a noticeable amount of weight, and there is a good chance that you will just put it straight back on.


Implement a number of the above points, and you should start to burn more calories and consume less, and in turn, lose weight! Remember the golden rule that is, to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume! A happier and healthier life awaits you.


Victor Lensora - Owner of the Awesome Health Website Along with the brand new blog helping you with loads of tips to lose weight without endangering your health! For running tips and advice go to


Weight Loss Diet Programs

The proper meaning of diet is to follow eating regimen. When it comes to losing weight, what one really means is losing fat.

Weight loss can be loss of muscle, water (fluid), or fat. Usually people’s weights fluctuate (often due to hydration levels and for a few other factors). Obesity is a growing threat for the majority of people throughout the industrialized world. This is due to unutilized fat in the body, which leads to obesity, which in turn leads to some other health disorders. No wonder weight loss diet programs are so popular across the world.

Weight loss diet programs are based on the simple theory of energy intake and expenditure.

People vaguely realize that more eating means gaining more weight. And if calorie burning is more than its intake, one is bound to lose weight. Unfortunately, the real solution of this problem is not so simple. There are five principles to keep in mind - diet (nutrition), cardio (exercise), dedication (consistency), goals, and weight training. It should also be kept in mind that there is no common single solution for all the problems. And, there are no magic potions or miracle instant cures.


The easiest way to follow a weight loss diet program is to follow a controlled and well-planned food chart. One will have consider the recipes and food intake in accordance with one’s gender and how much weight one intends to lose. There are a number of weight loss diet programs: low GI diet, low carb diet, low calorie diet, cholesterol lowering diet, 10-minute meals, vegetarian diets, and many others.


Diet Programs provides detailed information on Diet Programs, Free Diet Programs, Online Diet Programs, Weight Loss Diet Programs and more. Diet Programs is affiliated with Weight Loss Diet Plans.


Stuck in a Weight Loss Rut? It's Time To Reinvent Yourself!


Put your hand up if the scale has ever gotten you down, if you've ever told yourself you're useless or stupid, or if you've ever eaten something just to make yourself feel better -- and then suffered through the guilt afterwards. Wow, look at all those hands! If you're like a lot of people, you've gotten into a rut while riding the weight loss bandwagon, forgetting that the big picture is a healthy body and a healthy mind.


It's time now to reinvent yourself! Not that there's anything wrong with you, of course. But it's time to stop plodding along the same route. It's time rediscover yourself and take on a whole new attitude! Take the "Reinvention of Me" pledge - and take it as often as you need to! FitWatch's "Reinvention of Me" Pledge

I promise to be kind to myself, especially through my thoughts and actions. I am a good person, worthy of respect.

I promise to silence my inner critic whose negative energy always seems to drag me down. That critic will no longer have power over me.

I promise to find a source of comfort other than food. When I need to feel better, I will do that activity instead of eating.

I promise to make good food choices the majority of time; my body deserves the good, clean energy of healthy, nutritious food.

I promise to be active every day, even if it's only for a few minutes; the power of movement will energize me to move more and more each day.

I promise to remember that I am much more than a number on a scale and to love my body exactly as it is right now.

I promise to spend time each day reflecting on how I'm feeling; only through knowing where I am now can I get to where I want to be.

I promise to remove "I should" and "I must" and replace them with "I want to" and "I will." Such small words will have a powerful impact on my attitude.

I promise to surround myself with positive and energetic people and to brush off the negative energy of people who bring me down.

And most importantly, I promise to be my own best friend and to work hard towards the reinvention of ME…

Suzanne Hiscock has been interested in fitness and nutrition for over 16 years. She is the owner of Fitwatch Inc. and developer of the FitWatch Fitness Tracker, an online food and exercise tracker. You can visit the site at for a variety of fitness calculators and tools, including an online calorie counter.


Testing The Stamina Of Exercising Women - A Prerequisite For Weight Loss


Of late women are highly health and look conscious. Now a day you can see more number of women who join the slimming gym, exercise classes, aerobic, yoga classes etc for effective weight loss. These women who exercise not only maintain their shape but also increase their stamina. Is there any procedure to test the stamina? Many may have doubt on this. Yes, there are many, let us discuss some of them here.


Hydrostatic weighing
As per this method the women who is exercising is made to stand in the water. She is asked to wipe the bubbles in total. Then she is made to blow out 80 % of the air in the water and the remaining 20% of the air in submerged condition. The person who is testing or measuring the height, weight and the capacity of the lung taps the side of the tank once the measurements are over. The women who are on regular exercise will have more lung capacity, which is an indication of her stamina that is a prerequisite for weight loss.


Measurement of circumference of the waist
It has been proved beyond doubt that fat located in the abdomen in the Waist region is more harmful than the fat located in the other regions. The abdominal fat or the waist fat leads to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The women with these problems will never have good stamina. The circumference of the waist should not be more than 88 cm in women [in inches 34.6] and 102 cm [i.e. 40 inches] in man. By measuring the waist circumference of the women who exercises one can definitely test the stamina of the women and also confirms whether she is performing any weight loss exercises.


Flexibility testing
The women who are health freak do exercises regularly. Their body will be fit and flexible. The flexibility is due to the burning of the fat stored in the body near waist, thighs and other places. More the flexibility more will be the fitness and stamina. The flexibility of the body can be measured by using unilever inclinometer or goniometer, which measures the range of motions of the joint and angles of the joint.


Running for fifteen minutes
You can ask the women who is exercising regularly to run on the plain field continuously for 15 minutes. They will do it with ease whereas the women who are not used to any kind of exercise will struggle and will never complete the task. This is because the lung capacity and the stamina of the women who are used to exercise will be certainly more. When women do exercise the lung that needs to take care of the oxygen requirement of the body will be made take the increased workload. Though it may struggle in the beginning it will adjust itself to the increased workload over a period of time. The lung also will get strengthened in the due course. This is the reason for the increased stamina for the women who exercise regularly for getting effective weight loss..


Beep test
This test is also known as YO-YO test. As per this test two markers will be made on the field with a gap of 20 -22 meters. The person whose stamina needs to be tested is made run back and forth between the markers. A cassette will control the speed with which he runs. The speed will be gradually increased, till the person fails to maintain the speed. The person or women who can run and maintain the speed for longer time is considered to be the person with good stamina.


Credit goes to the Dyenira Management Group Staff. Similar articles can be found here:

The Scientific Effects Green Tea Has On Weight Loss

Green tea has received great attention over the past couple years due to the many health benefits researchers have associated with it. Several studies prove that it does indeed have a positive effect on our health, including the fact that it can help people lose weight. Increasing fat oxidation and increasing thermogenesis are two ways in which this tea contributes to weight loss. Here we will examine each process and how these factors aid in losing weight.


Some fat is important, as our bodies require fat for nutrition as it aids in the transport of vitamins and minerals through our blood. It isn't shocking news that too much fat in our diet can lead to many health problems including heart attack, high cholesterol, stroke and other heart related conditions. An increase of fat oxidation leads to weight loss, and regular green tea consumption is a form of increasing the oxidation process. There is also a firm belief that drinking the tea helps to optimize the use of fat in the body and increases athletic performance and energy. Combined with an intense workout (which also evokes a high rate of fat oxidation), tea can be considered a safer alternative to all the diet pills flooding the market these days.


Green tea also helps curb appetite cravings by decreasing the sharp spikes our bodies feel after the consumption of carbohydrates. It slows down the action of amylase (the digestive enzyme responsible for carbohydrate breakdown and digestion) which causes the carbs to be released into the blood slower. This keeps the body from feeling a steep increase in blood sugar which later leads to "carb crash." This phenomenon is often linked to snacking behaviors in between meals (which is never good when we are dieting), and can be slowed down and/or stopped thanks to the tea's regulation of blood glucose levels.


Along with increasing fat oxidation and regulating blood glucose levels, increasing thermogenesis is another effect linking green tea to weight loss. The human body produces heat as a means to burn fuel; this is known as thermogenesis. Caffeine and other compounds in the tea create a higher rate of thermogenesis enabling the body to burn calories faster by increasing metabolism. Unlike other metabolic enhancers (such as diet pills or other synthetic drugs) tea creates a gradual increase and is not harmful to the cardiovascular and nervous systems. This makes drinking it a safe and effective form of weight loss.


Steven Broffman is a writer for Specialty Tea Benefits, a site dedicated to the health benefits of various teas. Read more about green tea and weight loss at

Negative Calorie Foods for Weight Loss Diet

All foods have some calorie content. Then how a food can possess negative calorie?

The negative calorie foods need more calories to digest than the number of calories they give to the body. We can understand this by the following example.


What is Weight Loss Diabetes Diet?

A balanced diet is important when you are suffering from diabetes. You need to follow basic rules of dieting. Simple instructions from Dietitian for weight loss diabetes diet for you: Eat small and regular foods– avoid meals with sugar and large meals. Take small meals in a small interval of hours. This will help you to control the maximum glucose content in your blood. It helps you to avoid any crisis due to sudden increase glucose level in blood.


Let us suppose a food has x calories. If it requires y calories to digest, then the number of calories this food gives to the body =x-y. We consider three situations depending on the values of x and y.


(a) If x is more than y, the body gains in weight. This is the situation in which the number of calories of the food is more than the number of calories needed to digest that food. Fatty foods are the examples of such foods. The fat very easily goes to the waistline.


(b) The foods with x=y require the same amount of calories to digest as their own calorie content. Such foods do not add any calories to the body and may be called as zero calorie foods. Watermelon is an example of zero calorie food.


(c) If for some foods, y is more than x, then the result of this calorie equation becomes negative. In nature there are certain foods possessing this negative calorie property that take extra calories from the body fat to get ingested. Because these foods take additional calories from the body fat, they are known as negative calorie foods.


The question arises, do such foods are really available in nature?

There are some studies in support of negative calorie foods. Celery is known to require more calories for digestion than the calorie content of itself, so it is a negative calorie food. These foods are natural plant foods like vegetables, fruits and beans.


Vegetables and fruits like asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, celery, cucumber, carrot, spinach, turnip, zucchini, apples, oranges, lettuce, grapefruit and strawberries are some of the examples of negative calorie foods. One thing is common in these foods. All of these foods are low in fat and calories and high in carbohydrates. Absence of fat ensures that these foods if included in your diet, will not increase your weight. Breaking of carbohydrates in the digestion process will consume considerable number of calories.


Looking to the negative calorie property of these foods, it can be thought that if these foods are included in diet, they can be of immense value for weight loss. A healthy weight loss diet plan should therefore include vegetables, fruits, whole-grains and beans. If you include as much negative calorie foods as possible in the your diet, then there is no need to count calories. The weight loss diet based on negative calorie foods can give you the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers necessary to keep you fit. You will see amazing weight loss results if you routinely add negative calorie foods to your diet.


[Please note that this article is not a subsitute for medical advise. You have permission to publish this article in your web sites, ezines or electronic publication, as long as the piece is used in its entirety including the resource box, all hyperlinks (clickable) and references and copyright info. You are not permitted to include any additional hyperlinks.]


For more information on negative calorie foods, negative calorie recipes and diets with negative calorie foods, visit the web site: Negative calorie foods weight loss diet


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Weight Loss Formula - For most of my life, or at least as long as I can remember, I have been overweight. No let me rephrase. I have been fat. Yes, fat. Not just a little overweight, not big boned, not plus sized or comfortably large. Not weight challenged or in need of loosing a few pounds.

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Weight Loss Industry - When you go on a diet and decide you want to lose some weight, most people think "I'll stop eating so much, maybe do a bit of exercise and be my ideal weight in just a few days". Sadly, these people end up disappointed and usually heavier than when they started.

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Colon Cancer - Your fibre intake is a critical factor in weight loss and general well-being. Health professionals advise that adults should eat at least 25-35 grams of fibre each day. The current average in western countries such as Australia and the US is well below the recommended levels.


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