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Achieve Good Health and Weight Loss through Walking Exercises

Many people are encountering problems with their excess weight. There are those who are suffering from obesity which is really alarming and dangerous to their health. Fitness experts recommend walking as a good way to lose excess weight and maintain a physically fit body.

Aside from walking, proper diet and exercises are interrelated to one another when it comes to weight loss.

Of course, there are far more effective ways on how to lose the unwanted calories in your body. You can engage yourself to a more intense workouts and diet programs which have shown fast results in achieving your goals to lose weight.


Many fitness experts say that walking is the simplest way to lose weight. Walking is a form of exercise that we can do everyday. There are people who do not like the thought of engaging themselves on intense workouts and physical trainings. Some people also like the thought of paying expensive fees on gyms and weigh loss programs.


Walking as a form of exercise can help you with that. You do not need to pay fees to do walking. Generally speaking, walking is inexpensive. You do not need to buy diet pills, pay workouts and trainings and get new exercise gears and equipments for your exercises.


Aside from being a great way to lose weight, walking is also great with your entire fitness and health. It is the primary step to get you motivated and be more dedicated in losing weight. You may set long distance walking in the morning. This is a great way to keep the body active and alive. Now that you have decided to be more active and lose weight through walking, you may need to remember some important things that can help you to be motivated during your walking sessions.


1. It is recommended that you do your walking slowly. You may set long distance training if you are already through with short distance walks. You may start off walking a mile and then add more miles. Five to six miles of added walk would be beneficial for a healthy heart.


2. You should always keep track of your body's reaction. Observe how your body reacts with long distance walking. Walking can also be a great warm up before you engage with intense exercises like running and marathon.


3. To see great results on weight loss, it is recommended that you allot 20 to 30 minutes of walking. This will get your heart rate up and will maintain a good blood circulation. Make walking your daily routine to achieve quick results. If you have a busy schedule, you can at least do it 4 times a week.


4. It is recommended that you keep pace of yourself while you are walking. If you are feeling a little tired and getting bored with your walk, you may stop for a while and take a short rest to refresh yourself for another mile of walk.


Even when you are doing high intense work outs, without proper diet, you cannot get positive results with your weight loss. It is also important that you are properly motivated and dedicated with your desire to lose that unwanted weight.


Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes in the latest in Dieting. For more information regarding Walking And Weight Loss please drop by at


More Info On Weight Loss:

Fast Weight Loss - OK, so you've tried everything, and you're just not losing any weight. You've been fat for years, you've been on all the diets, you don't have the willpower to keep anything up, and you're considering drastic measures. But just how dangerous are the more drastic ways of losing weight, and do they really work? You should realise that hypnosis, herbal remedies, and other non-surgical options that sound too good to be true are always scams.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


How To Avoid The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateaus


Weight loss plateaus can be pretty discouraging for even the most motivated and driven individuals. If you don't avoid or overcome your weight loss plateau you run the risk of losing motivation and becoming disillusioned with your weight loss program. The real shame is that you give up on all your gains when you are so close to realizing your dream if only you just break through the plateau. Weight loss plateaus are a normal part of our life. We encounter it in most things that we do where we have become accustomed to it over time. When this happens we usually find that progress either stalls or slows.


Weight loss plateaus often occur 8-12 weeks into your program. One of the simplest ways to avoid encountering the weight loss plateau is to change your program every 4-5 weeks. As with all things in your life when you start something new you will find most of the gains in the early part, usually the first week or two and then noticeable progress starts to decrease as you continue with a plateau occurring usually around the 8 to 12th week as your body now is comfortable with the program.


So with this in mind you can change your exercise so long as you are able to keep to the above percentages and duration. One example is if you have started with the treadmill you can now shift to a bike for 4-6 weeks. Or you can change from a treadmill to bike with alternate sessions. It's up to you. Likewise with weights you want to be either increasing the weights or increase the reps. There is no reason why you can't translate this to your meals as well. Why not introduce foods that you haven't tried during your weight loss regime. The key is variety, by keeping variety in your weight loss program you are keeping it interesting and enjoyable. We tend to stick better with things that we find stimulating.


For more personal growth articles visit:


The Natural Growth Hormone Myth and Weight Loss

I'm reading a lot lately about training techniques that supposedly raise your natural growth hormone (GH) to help you lose weight / burn fat. Techniques such as super sets, drop sets, static holds, high volume, very high reps, pumping, and circuit training are claiming to be the way to "naturally" raise this hormone in the body. People are recommending to train in such a way that will give you that "deep burning sensation" in the muscle, which allegedly is an indication that lactic acid and growth hormone is being released. Now, those that believe in this think that this GH release and elevation in the body will help accelerate the fat burning / weight loss process. Well, true, growth hormone DOES burn fat.......but when raised in high dosages.


So for example with respects to a weight loss program involving exercise sessions at the gym then change either the actual exercise equipment you are using or a variable within the exercise to give your body a new variation to get used to. To get the benefits of aerobic exercise you want to be able to try and maintain your heart rate at around 70% of its maximum for at least 30 mins and up to 60 mins. As you progress on your fitness regime you will find over time that you are able to maintain your heart rate at 70% intensity with less strain and work on your part. So you will want to review your maximum heart rate every time you change your program so that you can continue to keep to the 70% number.


Here's the real world truth that these individuals are either unaware of or are ignoring:

The body's natural GH production is from 1 IU to 2 IU per day, at most, even during a weight loss workout.However, it takes at least 4 IU a day to see a real difference in any fat you may burn. That's more than DOUBLE the amount of GH that your body can naturally produce (without drugs), regardless of how much of a "burn" your feeling or how many super sets, drop sets, or circuit training sessions you perform. Many confuse “feeling a burn” in the muscles while training with burning body fat.


Others think that getting an incredible “pump” is an indication that they are putting the weight loss wheels into motion. Now, don’t get me wrong. Any type of exercise, whether it gives you are “burn” or “pump, or not, is excellent and must be done if you are serious about losing weight. However, the issue I want to clarify here is that it is becoming more and more popular lately to create fat burning / weight loss programs around the basis of raising the body’s natural GH levels. Entire books and programs are being written for those that want to lose weight fast on the foundation of this misconception.


Always keep in mind the 2 biggest and most important factors to lose weight / burn body fat:


1. Intense weight training to build lean muscle


2. Eating the correct calorie amount for your particular body type / metabolism, regardless of what type of calories they are

Focus on those 2 factors and I guarantee you that you’ll lose weight 1000 times faster than those that are trying to “raise their GH”.

So, next time you read some article about someone claiming that you can burn fat from “naturally raising your body’s growth hormone, you now know that in the REAL WORLD it won't work to help you burn fat / lose!


How did a Cleveland Firefighter discover how to lose over 50 pounds of fat weight and 10 inches off his waist in 3 and half months WITHOUT using any supplements, doing NO cardio, and no fad diet? Jonathan Perez has created the *ultimate* guide - "Fat To Buff!.....How To Lose Weight Eating Any Foods You Want Every 4th Day, Using No Supplements Whatsoever, and No Cardio" FREE Details: ------->

Weight Loss With Teens - Why It Can Be So Scary

Concerns and dangers of child and teen weight loss is becoming such an issue, especially with parents and guardians.

The trend today is to wear cropped tops and hip hugging skirts and pants, body image is at the forefront with youths today.

Children as young as toddlers are being dressed trendy, it is no wonder that clothes and image are so important for them now and later in life. Children and especially teens are so easily swayed by their peers and tv/ movie idols, that they will go to drastic measures to lose weight in order to look and wear clothes of their heroes. Anorexia and bulimia are very serious illnesses and are hidden easily from parents and guardians. Anorexia and bulimia are hard to understand as it affects people who to others look healthy and usually have a normal weight size. However, for the sufferer they see their body image as fat and undesirable. They are usually lacking in self confidence and self esteem. This could be due to a small thing such as being laughed at when they were younger or just too shy or embarrassed to discuss their feelings.


Whatever the reason, they are at risk. Their health may be compromised, maybe not now but later on. If not recognised earlier enough, the damage of starving the body may be irreversible. You can not force a person to eat if they do not want to eat. Nor can you stop a person from purging themselves either. You have to get to the root of the problem, discuss how they feel about themselves and find out why they feel they need to lose weight. Then look at ways to combat this problem. If a person is suffering from anorexia or bulimia they most likely will need professional help, but this does not mean having to be sent away to rehab, it may mean talking to a self help group. There are quite a few around today to help with these problems. So how to recognise the symptoms


Most people especially children can hide the symptoms well. Get an older photo of the child and compare:
• the colour of the skin – healthy glow or dull and pale
• the eyes - dull or bright
• the hair -.full and shiny or is it dull and flat and thinning
• legs and arms - do they have good tone or are they just skin and bone
• energy levels.
• young teenage girls, their menstrual cycles - these will be compromised.


Some people continue to weigh their food and count points year round, non-stop even after reaching their goals. These people are just a barrel of monkeys at Christmas time and party nights. Fun doesn’t exist in the land of ounces and extreme rigidity. Just plan your fun nights. Do not let social pressure get you in trouble all the time, but set aside some days where you can let loose and enjoy some of the great things life has to offer besides a 10% body fat level.


Some other tips with bulimia are Dental records, if a child/teen is forcing themselves to bring up the food they have eaten, they will develop cavities near the gum line. Watch their bathroom habits, are they constantly running to the bathroom after a meal, purging themselves of their food, brushing their teeth often because they are forcing themselves to be sick or by having a lot of loose stools and stomach cramps due to taking laxatives. With anorexia, play with the food on their plate or state they are not hungry, ate earlier while out with friends. Skip breakfast, will grab something on way to school. Won’t take a lunch or are tossing it away when out of sight. Check with their teachers if they are eating meals at school. If you have a good rapport with their friends, ask what they eat when they are out. But do not pry, this will lead to them hiding the fact even more.


Monitor what they are reading and logging onto on the internet. Denial will not solve the problem. Parents, Guardians, close friends must get past the idea that there is nothing troubling their child, that it’s normal for them to go through stages of not liking certain foods or avoiding eating with the family. They don’t have emotional problems. If you are reading this and any of these scenarios seem familiar then look further. There is a lot of pressure on teens to become vegetarian. Some vegetarians consider fish to be part of their diets. This is okay as they will get the necessary nutrients - vitamin B12, zinc and iron needed for growing, but they need to know which fish are better to eat more often and which to eat less.


Teens who give up all meat and fish are the ones for concern. Protein is very important for growth, healthy muscles, hair, skin and overall good health. The best source comes from animals. If teens give up this source then they need to be getting it from other areas, such as vitamins. However, studies claim that the quantity of nutrition from pills is not as good as you get from animal sources.

If any of this is a concern then it is time to take action. One way you can help your child/teen, is to understand about proper eating and understand what foods they should eat, how much and when and what to avoid. This will help you as well as help your child/teen to understand the importance of food and what is needed for a healthy body and how best to combat weight gain naturally. Hence, is now not the right time to take action with regard to your childs/teens health, and their concerns about body image and weight?


Mary Leahy is a registered nurse with many years experience in nutrition and assisting patient and their families on the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. She also lived overseas working in a mutli-national hospital along side a variety of multi-national staff members. Having the opportunity to observe and study a variety of cultures and their eating habits, and with the help of her husband they came up with this healthy eating program designed to help you understand all food groups, maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight naturally, can be found at

Staying in Shape After Weight Loss

These days a lot of people are working out and going on weight loss programs. A lot of people are succeeding too. This can cause a bit of confusion for those that finally make it and achieve their weight loss goals and finally get in shape. The problem is, now that you have achieved your goals, how do you keep that weight off?


One major fear is that it will all come crashing back in. All the hard work will be for nothing in a couple of months of living normally. In desperation of returning to what once was, a lot of folks are reaching for products they see advertised by the weight loss industry. Medications and herbal remedies, carb blockers and belly massagers to name a few.


The real secret to maintaining your newfound achievement is to keep on exercising. That is the angle that fills the number one position. No one would expect to have a job for 6 months and then continue to get paid for the next 30 years. Now of course if you work out until your 60-70 then your exercise pension just may cover you. If you decide to work out with only a little dedication, then your promotions to the next level will be slow. You can stay here and enjoy this place if you like, that is fine. If you would like to move up the achievement ladder, then continuing levels of dedication will be required.


Your diet fills spot number two. If you are simply going to stay in shape and enjoy where you are then your diet becomes more of a healthy lifestyle idea. You no longer need to count points or measure food, but you must remain in the sane zone. Because of your success, you know what is required of your eating. Dramatic changes to this will put your right back where you were. Slight variations and some treats now and then can be taken care of on the treadmill or running some hill sprints.


Number three is the lifestyle change. Number one and two tie up together and if you have them nailed then number three is already taken care of. The lifestyle change is where all the pennies add up to the weight loss, staying in shape dollars. A lifestyle change is something like getting involved in a social sport like joining a running club or baseball team. This makes number one, the continued exercise idea a part of your lifestyle and so gets done while you are still having fun. Another lifestyle change would be sucking it up for a couple of weeks to get used to black coffee instead of always having two creams and two sugars. Think of the calories that saves and burns over the course of a year!


Things that are done habitually over the course of an average day are the most important things when it comes to staying in shape and keeping off all that weight you lost. Day after day, month after month you do these things without even thinking. If your habits and lifestyle are geared towards healthy living, it will show. If you do small things all the time that will have a negative effect on your body, it will show also. It is just like a savings plan. Put in the good stuff on a regular basis and a year from now you will look and realize just how smart you were to do these things on automatic pilot. Without even noticing your positive habits, you stayed in shape year round because it became a lifestyle.


Ray Burton is a personal trainer and owner of the physical fitness and exercise site Buildingbodies. He has trained for Golds Gym, World Health Club and the Canadian Military. Ray enjoys helping people live better lives through his ebook on how to get in shape.


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Cancer Awareness Pins - Everyone has seen them. The small ribbons and pins that people are wearing on their shirts, purses, hats, and jackets. Whether they are pink or red, white, and blue, it is easy to spot cancer awareness pins.


Alternative Cancer Treatments - Lung cancer forms in the tissues of your lungs generally in the cells which line your air passages.lung cancer is a very aggressive type of cancer and if not caught early enough can have a very poor outcome.


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