One of my favorite health tips drives my friends nuts when I start preaching about juicing!


Do you have enough time in your day to eat all the recommended fruits and vegetables that will keep you healthy and happy???


It's not easy! But my personal solution is MY JUICE MACHINE!


Look into getting a juicer for your own health boost! A juice machine is the best investment you can make for your health and happiness!


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Effective Dry Skin Treatment Also Helps Weight Loss

Moisture within the cells is one of the main requirements for soft and supple skin. But most of the water we drink is absorbed by the blood stream and expelled through the kidneys. So, how do you increase the moisture within the cells? In addition to using a good shielding lotion to form a protective layer that keeps natural moisture locked in, the key to dry skin prevention is increasing the amount of fat in your diet.

First of all, let's take a look at low-fat products.

As most people are told they need to decrease their fat intake to lose weight - attested to by grocery store shelves laden with low-fat products that sell like hotcakes - this may sound like bad news for dieters. But, in fact, the exact dietary changes you need to prevent dry skin are those that will also help you lose weight.


This also affects the skin in three ways: first, the skin is being given the nutrients needed to be healthy; second, the additional fat in the diet provides more fatty acids for the oil-producing glands, thereby increasing the production of the natural oils necessary for soft skin; third, it corrects the balance of fats to carbohydrates. This balance is the major factor that determines the moisture in the skin because the proper balance of fats and carbohydrates is essential for the production of water within the skin cells.

Where do you start? As the average American diet is usually high in carbohydrates, the first thing to do is lower your carb intake.


For most people this will mean eating less grain and flour products. If you replace the grains with vegetables, you'll still get the carb and fiber you need, but your carbs will be lower. Next, stop using low-fat products and foods that are substitutes for products that contain fat. Yogurt should be made of whole milk, use butter instead of margarine and other low-fat substitutes, use olive oil or butter for cooking, and make salad dressing with olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar and your favorite herbs or spices instead of using low-fat salad dressings.


The next step is to keep the moisture in there - another major factor in dry skin prevention. Although moisturizers are generally thought to be the solution, they are about as effective as low-fat food products are for weight loss. Your best bet, and the one recommended by thousands of doctors, is a good shielding lotion.


Gloria MacTaggart, is a freelance writer who contributes articles on skin care for 21st Century Formulations. For more information, visit


More Info On Weight Loss:

Exercise Before Meals - So many people invest a lot of time and effort beating themselves up about how they look and what they eat, but does it do them any good? No! If you are encouraging and supportive of yourself, just as you would be for a child who was learning to walk, you will find that you get rid of weight so much easier - and a side effect of this is that you will feel much better about yourself.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Bust Your Way Through Weight Loss Plateau


Did this ever happen to you before? You trained really hard, workout 6-7 times a week, 1 to 2 hours each session, you did your cardio workout religiously and pump the weights until you want too puke out, but still you are not losing weight. You get really frustrated and want to give up because you can't seem to lose that fat to get your six-pack.


Still Lose Weight - Obesity is a national health emergency in the United States. Surgical weight reduction is one of the ways many Americans are choosing to deal with the battle of the bulge.


Well hitting the weight loss exercise plateau is a very common thing because most of us do not know that it existed!


Well, you most probably have hit your exercise plateau. Weight loss don't occur in a linear form, meaning that if you initially get on to an weight loss exercise program and see good results, losing 1 pound of body fat a week, and if you continue doing the same thing month over month, your weight loss progress will slow down, even though you do the exact thing. Well, this because you body have adapted to the exercise routine and its intensity.


I have this client that came to me asked " How to get abs? I have done literally everything by the book for months and I can still see my abs! For six months I have been doing 5 times a week running for 4 km and weight training 3 times a week doing a 3-day per week body split, doing 3 sets per exercise, crunches every day!"


Simple, change your exercise routine! You get results from exercising in the first place because your body is adapting to the intensity and stress that you have given to it, it will respond the same way if you don't change the routine, by not changing at all! Get what I mean? If you keep doing the same thing everyday, your body is adapted to the routine and finds no reason what so ever to change. It likes to stay comfortable. In order to over come the weight loss exercise plateau, you have to keep to body guessing by changing the exercise mode, changing the exercise intensity, changing the exercise its self and also changing the body part combination. It is advised that you change your routine at least every 4 weeks if your beginner, for advanced exercisers, to overcome exercise plateau, changing it more often is better.


Why 4 weeks for beginners?
Well, it takes time for a beginner exerciser to master the particular exercise and exercise plateau is unlikely to happen to beginners because the body is not used to exercising. Here are fantastic tips to get you out of your exercise plateau. Overcome exercise plateau with different exercise. There is no just one best exercise for a muscle. There are a variety of exercises for any single muscle. Take the chest muscle for example, just to work the upper chest muscle, you can do incline dumbbell chest press, incline bench press, incline machine cheat press, incline dumbbell flye, incline cable chest flye and push up with feet on a bench. You can also use a fit ball and place your upper back on the top of the fit ball and perform your incline presses and flyes. Use a combination of cable, machine and free weights to compliment the benefit of each other.


Beat exercise plateau with different reps and intensities. Don't get to hang up on the 3 set, 8 - 12 reps stuff. No doubt, according to your own fitness goals, the rep range have to be set but try different rep range occasionally to shock the muscle and drive them crazy! Try high reps like 18-20 reps, super low reps with heavy weights 3-6 reps or use this all time favorite of mine, rep it out until failure and use a spotter to help you complete 5 more reps. By hitting the muscle differently, you can over come exercise plateau because the body will feel some new stress and then respond to it. So, if you have been doing 10- 15 reps for months, try doing 8-12 rep with heavy weights for 2 weeks, using 70% of your one rep max. Then get back on to the 10-15-rep range again for 3 weeks.


Changing the intensity of your workout routine can also help you defeat exercise plateau. Decrease your rest time between sets from 1 min to 30 seconds. My all time favorite method of changing my workout intensity is by using high intensity weight training methods like superset, Triset, giant set and circuit training. Superset is doing 2 exercises back to back with no rest. The exercise can be for opposing muscle or within the same muscle group, for example, biceps and triceps, upper chest and middle chest or hamstrings and quads.


An example of a bicep and triceps superset exercise:

Standing bicep barbell curls.
Standing cable triceps press down.


Triset is a combination of 3 exercises for a particular muscle group with no rest in between. A good muscle group that you can use Triset for is triceps, legs and shoulders. The muscles involved in this set should be different. An example of a shoulder Triset is:

Bent over dumbbell rear delt flyes
Standing dumbbell lateral raises
Standing dumbbell front delt raises.


A giant set would be a combo of 4 exercises with no rest in between. Use this for large muscle groups only like legs, chest and back. An example of a leg giant set would be:

Barbell squats

Leg press
Leg curls
Straight leg dead lift

The rep range for these combinations would be 8, 10 and 12. Do 3 of each.


Circuit training is a routine where cardio and weight training is combined to increase intensity. It's a very good routine for defeating exercise plateau. In a program that consists of 10 intervals, one interval will consist of 2-weight training exercises and one high intensity cardio for 2-3 mins as a mark. The circuit is fast moving keeping the heart rate elevated at 80% of the targeted heart rate. The targeted heart rate can be calculated by taking 220 minus your age and then minus your resting heart rate. With the final figure, you add back on your resting heart rate. That is your targeted heart rate.


Another excellent way to overcome weight loss exercise plateau is by doing different form of cardio machine, with different terrains and of course with different intensity. If you find just jogging constantly for 1 hour is boring, then include some higher intensity training like HIIT cardio training, fartlek training, or pyramid style running. This will give some twist to your cardio workout and you will be looking forward to the next session. Using different cardio machines occasionally can help your overcome exercise plateau as well. Different cardio equipment uses different muscle group like for example the treadmill use a lot of quad, hamstring and calf muscles but using the stepper or the stair climber, you can incorporate the butt muscles more, where else with the rower, you include the upper body as well. By using different muscle groups for your cardio, the body is kept guessing and this will help you break down that exercise plateau.


Changing the combination of muscle groups to workout can also help you get past that weight loss plateau. It's not necessary that chest have to be trained with biceps or back muscles with triceps. For one month you can do a push and pull combination, for example training chest (push) and back (pull) or shoulder (pull) and legs (push) or training one muscle group a day. Take an active rest for increased effectiveness in overcoming exercise plateau. Too much of a good thing is not good. For one week, stay active to keep the calories down but stay away from the gym! Go for sports and outdoor activities. This will give your muscles and joints a good full rest, and your mind too. Then when you make a comeback, it will be explosive. The key for a successful weight loss program is to keep trying new workouts and ideas. Keep the body guessing!


Yours Sincerely,
Leong. or to search the entire site.


Hello, I have been a personal trainer since 2000. I have also joined bodybuilding junior competition and claimed my first state title in 2001 and from there I moved on to joining male pageants and won my first Mr. Intercontinental for Malaysia in the year 2002. Life has been interesting and fitness has really changed my life. I used to be fat and now, since I have managed to lose weight successfully, I share my knowledge and passion with my clients!


Weight Loss Pill

Why is it that everyone is looking for the easy way out. One of the latest fads is a weight loss pill. What happened to self-control, exercise and sensible eating. Next, I suppose we will need a pill to gain weight, a pill to Make us taller, or shorter, or more beautiful. In fact a pill for everything we want. We live in a world of instant gratification.Why am I against a weight loss pill, or most pills, for that matter? Well, for one thing I believe that any pill, or drug, that interferes With nature must, inherently have some side effects, maybe even serious side effects. Just read the notes that come with many drugs and check the side effects. Often These seem worse than the original problem.

For God's sake what is wrong with having some measure of self- control, of taking responsibility for our own actions.

Many overweight and obese people who may take a weight loss pill will, no doubt, stuff themselves with even more fast foods, biscuits, sweets, coke, beer and pizzas. They may think '' Oh! I'll just pop another weight loss pill and I'll be OK ''. Next time you go to the supermarket just check out the shopping trolleys of overweight people. I'll guarantee they are loaded with fast foods, convenient packaged foods, beer, cokes, ice creams, doughnuts etc. The trolley will probably be packed to the brim or over flowing.


Isn't it about time we got back to good old fashioned values? Isn't it time we ate sensibly and for good health? Isn't it time we got off our backsides and did some exercise? Isn't it time to be responsible for ourselves, for our health and well being? Isn't it time we learned to say NO to the easy way out? A weight loss pill may have some advantages for those people, who through no fault of their own, have an inherent weight problem. For most people...forget about a weight loss pill. After all it was your lack of self-control that caused you to be overweight. Shouldn't you do something to lose weigh, get fit and healthy..... Not a weight loss pill.


Ron Kehoe is a 73 year old from the UK who practises what he preaches. He has trained with weights for over 55 years. He plays golf, paints and runs his own internet business. See him at


Best Weight Loss Secrets


So it's no secret anymore that America is one of the most overweight countries today. Our weight issues have been a hot subject in the media and news for several years now, and new trendy diets and weight loss programs have been spawning out of control. If you are like many millions of other Americans and are overweight, you're probably very interested in finding the best weight loss system possible. Are these new trendy diets the way to go? What about medication, or even surgery? The rise in the use of both medication and surgery is to me a little scary. While they are both the best weight loss methods with respect to losing weight fast, they are also the most risky, and have vastly more side effects and dangers compared to dieting and exercise programs.


Surgery, whether it's liposuction or a gastric bypass, is always inherently risky. While liposuction is definitely the safer of the two common forms of weight loss surgery, it remains very expensive, and can leave you with a pretty vicious scar. Gastric bypasses are more drastic, and can lead to serious tissue damage, medical conditions and nutrient deficiencies. So surgery is the best weight loss procedure in that it gets the weight off fast, but because of its danger and high cost, it really should be reserved for people that suffer from obesity that is causing serious and immediate adverse health effects. Medication is less drastic than surgery, but not by a lot, and in itself has plenty of dangers associated with it. Regardless of what you hear advertised, any drug or herb that suppresses your appetite will have some potentially harmful side effects, and shouldn't be taken without talking to your doctor first.


As tempting as they may be, medications aren't the best weight loss method for most people, and should be reserved for more serious forms of obesity. Unfortunately, its good old diet and exercise that is the best weight loss method in the end. The good news is our understanding of both diet and exercise is improving. We now know that starving yourself is not the answer. Actually, studies today are showing that the best weight loss diets are the ones that encourage you to eat a lot and often, but stick to healthier foods.

Foods high in fiber, vegetables, lean protein, and low fat, eaten throughout the day will help you maintain a high metabolism. If you're hungry, eat! Starving will slow down your metabolism considerably, so keep eating but just eat healthy things.


Joe has enjoyed outdoor sports for over 2 decades and knows which ones bring the greatest health benefit. For his latest dietary articles, see: Hoodia Patch


Rimonabant Acomplia: a synonym for weight loss


Keeping up with the calorie count can be quite a tiresome task. Fast paced life of the contemporary world, makes it even more difficult to maintain a healthy body. Irregular meals, dependence on junk food, lack of physical activity all contributes to those extra pounds.


Rimonabant is an anti-obesity drug, which was discovered and manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, a French pharmaceutical company. It functions as an appetite suppressant. It works on the principle of targeting the CB-1 receptors, which are responsible for your appetite and nicotine intake. This in turn makes you eat less than your normal appetite, leading to weight loss.


It is an ideal solution for people who have BMI greater than 30. BMI refers to Body Mass Index, which is a calculated value of body weight in proportion to height. Rimonabant pill is like a magic potion, which can facilitate you to make an easy escape from the clutch of obesity and its consequent health problems.

Besides, serving as a weight loss pill it can also curb the unhealthy craving of smoking. Its benefits also include improvement in cholesterol and other metabolic related health issues.
Pill Rimonabant has been recently launched in the UK, under the name of Acomplia. The European Commission permitted the vending of Rimonabant Acomplia in the 25- member European Union. Sanofi-Aventis contemplates to now launch it in the US, as Zimulti.


Rimonabant clinical trial has proved its effectiveness in loosing weight as compared to other weight loss drugs. Rimonabant Acomplia treatment should be accompanied with a low calorie diet and an exercise plan to obtain considerable amount of weight loss. It is an oral prescription drug, with a customary dosage of 20mg. Rimonabant diet pill should be swallowed in one gulp with a full glass of water. Adhere to your doctor's prescriptions to achieve the desired weight loss.

Market is cramped with other alternatives to Rimonabant such as Adipex, Orlistat (Xenical), Bontril, Didrex, Diethylpropion, Sibutramine (Meridia), Ionamin, Phendimetrazine, Tenuate as well. Yet, Rimonabant dominates the market due to its optimistic results and affordable price range. A prior consultation with a doctor is recommended, before you move ahead with Rimonabant treatment.
Unearth a healthy you with Rimonabant Acomplia.

Rimonabant Acomplia is an anorectic anti-obesity drug. Sanofi-Aventis, a French pharmaceutical company has discovered and developed it.


Lily Parker, an associated editor to, is a contributing author to the for distinct article sites/journals. Please feel free to visit for more information on General Health related issues. Or write to him at Any comments and /or suggestions will be highly appreciated.

The Best Weight Loss Program - Does It Really Exist?

Deciding on the best weight loss program for you can be confusing. You need a healthy weight loss program that will allow you to lose weight safely, but there are so many diets out there today; it's hard to know what the best one really is! It's no wonder that time after time, your diet fails and you're right back where you started, or worse, you put on extra pounds. Each new diet is advertised as the best out there, but they don't put the emphasis where it should be - on a healthy weight loss program that lets you lose weight safely. Why do so many diets fail? Why is it so hard to find the best weight loss program that will help you lose all the weight you want? The answer is simple - diets fail because they're too restrictive. We need to eat a variety of foods to survive. When you break a diet, that's your body's way of telling you to take care of yourself!


The best weight loss program isn't a crash diet. It's not one of those diets where you deprive yourself of your favorite foods. The best weight loss program won't make you feel hungry all the time. It is one of those diets where you still get to eat your favorite foods. It will let you eat enough that you don't feel hungry every minute you're awake. The best one is the one that allows you to lose weight safely. That's what it comes down to - the best weight loss program is a healthy weight loss program. It doesn't cause you to lose weight too quickly, and it allows your body to get all the nutrients it needs, so that you don't feel hungry all the time. It is one where you don't feel like you're even on a diet!


So - what is a healthy weight loss program? One where you can lose weight safely and naturally? Does it even exist? It sure does. And it is really simple. There are no gimmicks, no fad foods, and you don't have to spend hours a day in the gym. If you want to lose weight safely, the best weight loss program is simply a combination of eating a balanced diet, portion control, and exercise.


Why is it the best? Because it's healthy and will let you lose weight safely, at a moderate pace. Losing a lot of weight very quickly isn't good for your body, and when you lose weight too quickly, you're more likely to gain it back. On the best weight loss program you still get to eat your favorite foods, so you're not depriving yourself of anything. Fad diets tell you what to eat and when to eat it. The best weight loss program is the one that lets you eat when you're hungry, because starving yourself makes you more likely to overeat. By adding some gentle exercise, such as walking, you'll feel healthier and burn extra calories.


That's the best weight loss program. It's a healthy one, and you can lose weight safely. No special exercise equipment to buy and you don't have to starve yourself!


Alexander Grigor is an author of the unique Christian-based natural weight loss system called "WOW! Program". Visit his web site at to find out how you can use a mighty power of Faith combined with healing gymnastics to get rid of excess weight and keep it off.

Easy 3-Step Weight Loss!

What are the 3 most important steps you can take right now to get off the weight loss and diet roller coaster once and for all?

Believe it or not, almost effortless weight loss can be obtained by simply 1) writing, 2) speaking, and 3) feeling your goal daily. No kidding! Here's how to do it...


How does this work?

Many vitamins are fat-soluble. When you remove fat from food, you also prevent the absorption of the food's inherent nutrients thereby preventing any health benefits that should have been derived from the food. This leads to a body that, while maybe not underfed, is undernourished. For the cells in the body, that translates to starvation, and the reaction of fat cells to starvation is to hold onto the fat they already have, and take every opportunity to produce new fat cells. So, adding fat to your diet allows the absorption of the nutrients you need.


First of all, please be aware that your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind or willpower. It is where all lasting change occurs. For this reason, you'll mostly use your imagination as your playground since it accesses and affects your subconscious mind directly.


Step One:

Write down exactly what the end result will be when you're successful at weight loss:


A. At your end result, how much do you weigh? (Hint: What is your intuitive ideal weight?) B. How much time did it take you to get there? (Hint: Use your intuition and be realistic!) C. Imagine how it FEELS to have a body at this weight once again. (Hint: How great did it feel when you were at this weight before?)


Example affirmative goal:

"By (insert date), I have easily and safely done whatever is needed so that my weight is (insert realistic ideal weight). I feel (insert all positive feelings). I have easily achieved this or something better joyfully and in ways that are for the highest good of all concerned."

Write this paragraph out by hand every day. (Do not expect to get the same weight loss results by waiting for the 5th day and writing it 5 times - you must write it by hand at least once every day without skipping.) Write your weight loss affirmation out slowly, neatly and with care, so that your subconscious mind gets the point that you are serious and taking the correct time and steps to achieve your goal.


Step Two:

When you're done writing it out by hand, speak your weight loss goal out loud, preferably in front a mirror looking into your own eyes.


Step Three:

Vividly recall at least three extremely positive experiences when you were at your ideal weight. Write down keywords that describe all the positive thoughts, emotions, and senses you experienced with each situation. (If you recall anything negative, simply leave it out.)

Keep writing until you've described the whole of your experience in as many senses, positive words or phrases as possible. As well as your emotions and positive thoughts, keep in mind your sense of hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing and touching.


Concentrate on each experience.  Relive them by playing mental movies in your mind. Hear the sounds. See the colors.  Smell the scents.  Touch the objects in your surroundings.  Feel all the positive feelings once again. In your mind's eye, put this mental movie straight out in front of you and amplify every color, every feeling, every sound... Make the movie fill out the entire screen of your mind.

Repeat every morning upon awakening, and every night as you're falling asleep.


That's it! :-)

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this process is so simple that it won't work. In fact, I dare you to commit to this simple 3-step weight loss system for one whole week! -- Your Consistent Thoughts Become Your Reality. -- You get what you focus on. Repeated often enough, these actions will create a new conscious mental pattern that will: A. Show up in your thinking first; then B. Become a part of the way you speak; and finally C. Almost without your awareness, will become your actions; and D. Your life experience.


Barbie Zabel's mission is to help you create greater
prosperity, freedom, health & joy in your life.
Attain Weight Loss Success with *Life's a BEACH*
Easy Diet Plan for Fast Weight Loss.


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Effective Natural Weight - Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off? We have all heard that weight loss is just a matter of taking in less calories than we expend.

Acid Reflux Home Remedies - Did you know that yogurt may help heal your esophogus and make your acid reflux go away?

Ginkgo Biloba Dosage - Ginkgo biloba extract is derived from ginkgo biloba tree. For thousands of years, ginkgo bilobo extracts from leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree were used by the Chinese as herbal medicine to treat various medical disorders. Asian countries also make use of ginkgo biloba extracts to treat symptoms ranging from dizziness, short or long term memory loss, inflammation and impaired circulation to the brain.


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