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Brighter Image

The process of teeth whitening is extremely difficult in many areas, such as making the dental appointments that are difficult to work into your schedule with work or school, etc.  With Brighter Image you get an inexpensive answer to this problem by setting up your teeth whitening experience online and getting the products directly from the lab.  By making the teeth whitening products available to the general public directly online Brighter Image has opened the doors for so many people who could benefit from teeth whitening.

Brighter Image teeth whitening systems use a bleaching gel that is created from carbamide peroxide that breaks down the stains on the individual’s teeth. 

For as little as $99 you can begin the process of teeth whitening from your home with a proven and exciting product direct from the lab.  Brighter Image specializes in the competitive teeth whitening that are used by superstars, politicians, and other celebrities worldwide so you get the best possible result for the product you purchased.  But how does Brighter Image make their teeth whitening system work?

Less than 5% of people who use the Brighter Image teeth whitening plan do not see some level of hitening to their teeth.  If you use the Brighter Image teeth whitening system and don’t see any type of teeth whitening progress then you should consider an alternative teeth whitening system.  Full cure bleaching could be the answer for someone who doesn’t see the desired effect from a more economical teeth whitening procedure.

It is easy to get started with the Brighter Image teeth whitening system as you simply order the molding kit and then mail it back in a prepaid envelope.  The moldings are then made in the lab and sent back within 24 hours so the individual can begin the whitening
process right away.  The moldings will be used for 15 minutes to one hour at a time for as many days as it takes to achieve the desired shade of whiteness.


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Brite Smile

If you are looking to whiten your teeth but are unable to have the patience to use the whiteners for weeks at a time, you need to look into Brite Smile.  The Brite Smile whitening process allows for much whiter teeth in just one hour’s time.  Just one visit and one hour after arriving your teeth will be much whiter for years with a guarantee of a better smile given by several dental health professionals.


The patient is seated and has gel applied to his/her teeth before the seat is reclined and placed beneath a patented blue light

The Brite Smile experience is one that will allow you to achieve a better overall dental appearance without taking the hours it normally takes.  The light is left on for twenty minutes at a time while the patient is allowed to read, watch television, or listen to music.

This process is repeated three times in one visit to achieve the best possible whitening effect on the patient’s teeth.  The other teeth whitening processes can take anywhere from one to three days or an entire month to achieve their desired whiteness.  Not to mention
the repeated applications with uncomfortable, to say the least, products that will leave your teeth uncomfortable and sometimes even messy.

The whitening shades can be improved by over ten with Brite Smile’s patented system while most other processes can offer only seven or eight shades at best.  If you use toothpaste to achieve your teeth whitening desires then stopping the use of that toothpaste
will stop the effect.  At home trays and gel strips are undesirable to say the least, but Brite Smile gives you a comfortable feel in a quick process.

The best part of the Brite Smile process is that after using the at home applicators you are left to your own devices.  How do you maintain the look?  What is best to do to keep from losing the desired effect of the teeth whitening?  Brite Smile’s process gives you
particular steps to follow to keep your teeth white!  No more guessing, just give it a try!


Celebrity White

You watch the television all night to find ways to improve your life with interesting commercials and infomercials, why not try Celebrity White?  Celebrity White is an interesting home based teeth whitening process that involves three separate products to
facilitate the whitening process.  With Celebrity White’s whitening powder, oral rinse, and toothbrush you will have everything you need to achieve the white teeth you desire.

This powder has a peppermint flavor that makes the teeth whitening process easier and more enjoyable for the individual while also whitening the teeth. 

?     Celebrity White Whitening Powder-

Celebrity White also contains calcium peroxide that cleans and strengthens the teeth to begin the whitening process the right way.  The powder usually works in two minutes to begin your whitening immediately!

?     Celebrity White Oral Rinse-

The Celebrity White Oral Rinse works by using activated oxygen that both cleans the mouth and fights gum disease and tooth decay.  By destroying the things that normally help destroy your naturally white teeth, Celebrity White Oral Rinse helps you make your teeth white by using just two capfuls at a time.

?     Celebrity White Toothbrush-

The Celebrity White Toothbrush is designed to help take apart the chemicals that make your teeth discolored and stained.  By specifically designing this toothbrush to work with the Celebrity White system the process is taken to another level.

The Celebrity White system is not the most proven or effective teeth whitening procedure that you can do, but it certainly is inexpensive and easy to use.  While you won’t get the immediate results that you would with laser teeth whitening, you will have a little bit of money left for dinner or a good movie.

Celebrity White is a proven at-home system that can give a person whiter teeth in an affordable fashion.  While it may not have the success rate or ease of use that laser teeth whitening can offer, the Celebrity White system does offer a more cost effective teeth
whitening option.  Make sure you stay up to see the commercials for Celebrity White or just order it online today for less than $20 to make your smile whiter today!


Dentist’s Office Teeth Whitening

You can spend dollars and vast amounts of time at the grocery store buying everything you need to whiten your teeth or you can go the simple route and see your dentist.  The store bought teeth whitening systems can whiten your teeth in time and be very inexpensive, but the dentist spends his life on this, why not trust him?  Aside from it being his job, he can make it a much easier and less invasive process to boot.

Some dentists can perform teeth whitening with strong gel applicators and a powerful laser whitening tool.  The dentist will usually perform a professional cleaning and then apply the gel that begins working at the teeth with strong whitening chemicals.  After the
gel is applied the dentist will place the patient under a laser that speeds up and facilitates the process.

Most of the time the dentists will use a Zoom laser whitening system that can make an immediate result visible within one single our!  Even better is that when you are under the laser you can be listening to music or watching television, it doesn’t even seem like a
dental procedure is underway.  After the laser teeth whitening procedure is done you will have whiter teeth for over a year.

Another benefit of going to a dentist for your teeth whitening is that they are trained to notice the differences in every patient’s teeth shade.  Every person has a different shade that requires different treatment so they can use a different system to whiten the teeth. 
No sense wasting time trying gel after gel and toothpaste after toothpaste to achieve whiter teeth when you can have a dentist do it in one day.

Finally, a dentist can tell you how to maintain the white shade that you get from the process.  Even though you are spending a decent amount of money on the process at a dentist’s office, you are getting the expertise that goes along with it.  Don’t simply spend
upwards of  $1,000 or $2,000 on a teeth whitening for just one visit soon to be followed by another, get their knowledge and expertise along with it!


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Whether you are having a non-bleach or bleach based teeth whitening procedure done it is important to know what process is better for you.  There are two essential types of teeth whitening depending on the dental history of the patient in question, which type are you?  To help you decide if you should consider a bleach based teeth whitening or an alternative to the bleach based teeth whitening there is the following description of the two types of procedures.


The structure of the teeth is unaffected by the teeth whitening process, but an individual with previous dental work like caps or crowns still won’t see any benefit from bleach based whitening processes.

Non-Vital Whitening- In certain cases, such as a patient who has had previous dental work like a root canal, a patient is considered to be better suited for non-vital teeth whitening.  This means that certain teeth are going to be unresponsive to normal teeth whitening due to the previous work, but can be whitened through a more involved process.  The dentist will fill the tooth from the inside with a chemical that will whiten the tooth over time, though some will see results in a day or two.

Vital Whitening- Vital whitening is the teeth whitening procedure that is generally referred to in commercials and popular literature.  This is done by placing a whitening chemical gel inside of a mouthpiece that is then worn for a specified amount of time.  Sometimes that amount of time can be as simple as an hour or two at a time and sometimes it requires overnight application.  In any sense, vital whitening is what the mind turns to when teeth whitening is brought up in general discussion. 

If you are of the type who would like to avoid a dentist’s office to have your teeth whitening done, for lack of insurance or other reasons, vital whitening is your only choice.  An individual does not have the access to the resources or knowledge of the process to perform non-vital teeth whitening.  If you have had dental work done in the past it is essential to visit a professional to see what your options are for enhancing the shade of your teeth.  Otherwise, go to your local grocery or drug store and purchase the necessary teeth whitening products and enhance your appearance today!


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