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Teeth Whitening Articles, Tips and Information

Teeth Whitening Products - A True Love Story

There were so many teeth whitening products found in the dental aisle at the local grocery store, that Jonathan could not decide which one was best for him. All he wanted was to finally have white teeth, but after looking around he could not decide exactly how much should a bright smile cost. There was a diverse amount of teeth whitening products on both sides of him, and the shelves were absolutely packed with gels, toothpastes and creams that all touted themselves as the absolute best choice in tooth whiteners.

Just as Jon felt he might drown in a sea of teeth whitening products, he reached out for one more white teeth remedy, and he placed his hand on someone else's hand who was also reaching for the same product that promised a low bright smile cost.

With all his worries about how much should a bright smile cost, Jonathan found himself picking up every tooth whitener around him and reading the product information to himself but out loud. "This tooth whitening gel eliminates stains and will guarantee the white teeth you have always dreamed of," he told one teeth whitening product, as if the box of tooth whitener would somehow speak back. "And this product promises to guarantee teeth whitening also - or your money back." Jonathan began to worry more; all he wanted was to whiten his smile before tomorrow's big date with Sheila - they had met in this very grocery store last week.


She told him she'd come to the tooth whitener aisle for the same reason he had; she wanted to have beautiful white teeth for when she met him tomorrow. So she came back to the store to get some teeth whitening products, but had seen Jon looking through all the products for the very same reason. "Well, I don't know how much might a bright smile cost, but I might do know one thing." Jon told her with his own bright smile. "I know that I'm glad we are both nervous about the same silly thing, and that makes me think that tomorrow will be the start of something absolutely wonderful." And it was.


Find more about teeth whitening on Teeth whitening products. - Web content experts.


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How to Get the Best Results Whitening Your Teeth


A person's smile is one of the first things you notice on someone's face, and the color of their teeth can make their smile pop out at you and catch your attention or just sit there. There are several methods to improve the color of your teeth, unless your teeth have been permanently damaged by childhood use of tetracycline or some other anti-biotic. So for all you coffee, tea and red wine drinkers as well as you smokers out there, the following teeth whitening methods are for your review.


They are readily available in your local drug store or supermarket.


The simplest way to brighten your smile is using an electric toothbrush along with a tooth whitening toothpaste. They are very cost effective however if you do not have the patience to wait to see results, this method may not be for you. You may consider this method as a maintenance program.


The quickest way to get your teeth white is in your Dentist's office. The procedure is called "BriteSmile". According to their claim, BriteSmile is a premium treatment for people who want the best possible teeth whitening results and in just one hour, the in-office treatment will whiten your teeth up to 14 shades. The procedure is only done at a dentist's office. A special high concentrated bleaching gel is applied to your teeth and then a laser is pointed at them for one hour.


My friend has had the treatment done with very good results. It whitened his teeth several shades, however, there were several downsides. First off, teeth and gum sensitivity will usually occur. Sensitivity to cold or hot foods for the first few weeks is a common complaint. Also, the results do not last as long as one would expect, maybe less than one year. For the price point, it can be costly, up to $550 per treatment; one would expect the results to last a bit longer.


Another option for quick results is the Crest Whitestrips that can only be purchased in the dental office. The reason they are only available from your dentist is that the level of peroxide (bleaching solution) is at a much higher concentration (7%) than the Crest Whitestrips that are available in your local drugstore. Within a couple of days, results were visible while using these strips. Applied to the upper and lower teeth twice daily, you will notice a big difference. One of the greatest benefits of this product is that there is no sensitivity like there was with the BriteSmile treatment. And the cost is only $70 per box which has enough strips to last you 3 weeks.


The methods that I have described seem to be safe and effective ways to brighten your smile. Good Luck!

Article written by Gary Nave of

Teeth Whitening Techniques that Bring Out Your Brightest Smile

So many people are embarrassed to let their smiles show. Bright smiles often become a memory of the past due to age, coffee, or tea. However, there are many teeth whitening techniques available today to bring back your pearly whites.

Here are several options for the person who wants to enjoy a whiter, brighter smile:

Laser teeth whitening is an option that has increased in popularity in recent years.

1. One of the most popular options is the Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure, which can make your teeth up nine shades lighter. Laser teeth whitening can give you a brighter smile, but you can expect a fairly high price tag. This procedure can also be fairly time-consuming.


2. You could also get your teeth whitened professionally at the dentist. This option is costly and time-consuming as well.


3. Another common teeth whitening technique is to use whitening strips. One of the most popular options in this area are the Crest whitening strips. This can increase the lightness of your teeth by several shades. These have been found to be quite effective. They can be easily purchased at a pharmacy or drugstore and are worn up to twice a day for half an hour each time. This option is much more cost effecient. The only drawback that you might face with whitening strips is that they only whiten the teeth they are in direct contact with. Some people have found that the strips are not long enough to cover all they show when they smile. A tray based system will solve this problem by delivering whitener to all the teeth equally.


4. Whitening trays can be worn for up to several hours a day. This is a very successful method because the whitening gel is kept continually on the teeth. However, it is not used as much as the other options because it tends to interfere with daily life.


However, there are a variety of options to fit anyone's lifestyle.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. You can now make it a lasting impression. If you are looking to put on your best smile, visit the teeth whitening techniques would be best for you.

How Zoom Teeth Whitening Works

No matter how frequently you brush your teeth, no matter how careful you are when flossing, they will still get yellow after a while. This natural process of teeth loosing their bright white color is aggravated if you are a smoker or if you drink coffee on a regular basis. There are several procedures, such as the Zoom teeth whitening method, that can help your teeth get back to a bright new white in a matter of hours.


Apart from the popular Zoom teeth whitening procedure you can also try several others, however, when making the choice, your dentist should also have some advice for you. In general you can opt for an "at home" whitening method or for the several dental office whitening procedures. The last set of procedures includes the Zoom teeth whitening method - let's see why this procedure is so effective.


How does Zoom teeth whitening work?

This method consists of a mixture of gel and special light wave treatments. The patient is seated and the dentist uses a retractor to separate the lips from the teeth so that the gel can be applied. A special gel is then applied on all the exterior faces of the teeth. The dentist is careful, at this point, not to let the gel touch the patient's gums too much, as it may cause irritation or lesions. After the Zoom teeth whitening gel covers the teeth uniformly, the dentist will shine a special bright light on it for about one hour. The special properties of the Zoom teeth whitening gel and the energy produced by the lamp produce chemical reactions that lead to tooth whitening. Although waiting for an hour in the dentist's chair for the gel and light waves to take effect might sound boring, it is one of the best tooth whitening methods available today.


How long does it last and what effects can I expect?

The answers to the questions are different from one person to another. In most cases, a Zoom teeth whitening procedure is done twice a year. An average person who drinks coffee frequently and smokes daily will have improved tooth brightness - around 10 shades brighter. After the procedure is completed, the teeth will gradually start to regain their yellowish color over time, depending on how well you take care of them. On average, people who went through in office tooth whitening procedures noticed that their teeth stay white for months, although the initial brightness does not last more than a few weeks. The beauty of this system is that it is fast, efficient and has no side effects (although some patients did experience tooth sensitivity for one or two days after the procedure). Overall, Zoom teeth whitening is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get a bright and attractive smile.


Learn about various tooth whitening systems such as the popular Zoom teeth whitening procedure at Lustrous

Lighten The Color of Your Teeth by Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is the process of lightening the color of your teeth. The methods employed to whiten teeth have been used in the world of dentistry for years. The process of whitening teeth has been found most on teeth that are mildly discolored. Teeth that have extensive staining will require a great deal of bleaching in order to remove the stains. Teeth that have been damaged and stained due to medication such as antibiotics take longer to respond to treatment and in some cases the treatment is ineffective. The degree to which the teeth whiten will vary from patient to patient.


He looked up from his hand to those same piercing green eyes he'd met last week. "What are you doing here Sheila?" He asked her.


The degree to which the teeth whiten depends greatly on the structure of the teeth and the duration of the treatment. Tooth whitening can be done a variety of ways. Most people today are opting for what is known as home bleaching. This is where you whiten your teeth by using a mild whitening solution that is retained in custom filled appliance that is worn over the teeth for a period of time during the day.


Tooth discoloration is caused by many factors. One of the leading causes of tooth discoloration and the need for tooth whitening is smoking, and coffee consumption. Coffee and smoking combined can make the teeth appear brownish in color. Tooth Whitening works for almost everyone but there are some cases in which the treatment appears to be ineffective. If a person has dark intense stains then it has been found that the treatment of tooth whitening is not as effective as if the stains were minimal. If there is a congenital discoloration that has been present from birth then there is a chance that any tooth whitening treatment will not work. If a person has crowns, dentures and even veneers then they should seek other treatments for having nice, whiter teeth, as tooth whitening is usually not effective in these cases.


If you are interested in the tooth whitening process then you can consult your dentist and see what options are available to you. You can your teeth professionally bleached by the dentist or you can try some methods at home such as whitening strips and toothpastes both of which have been proven to white teeth effectively. There are other ways of whitening teeth. You can look on the Internet and see what you can find.


James Hunt has spent 15 years as a professional writer and researcher covering stories that cover a whole spectrum of interest. Read more at


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Professional Tooth Whitening - Modern dentistry has improved and changed a great amount in the last ten to twenty years, and this has led to new treatments being available to everyone, rather than just the few rich people who could afford it.

Teeth Bleaching Trays - Companies that sell teeth whitening kits target markets based on what they understand the market (you and me) are most interested in hearing. There are some tooth whitener products that tout the amount of the whitening gel they provide.

Teeth Whitening - The process of teeth whitening is extremely difficult in many areas, such as making the dental appointments that are difficult to work into your schedule with work or school, etc. With Brighter Image you get an inexpensive answer to this problem by setting up your teeth whitening experience online and getting the products directly from the lab.

Teeth Whitening Formula - People that have tried Pro White Smile Teeth Whitening Systems have said they have seen visible results in a couple weeks. Pro White Smile Teeth Whitening Systems come in both single and family kits.

Teeth Whitening Gels - When purchasing teeth whiteners over the counter to use at home there are some things you need to know. Some whiteners will definitely brighten your smile but may also weaken the enamel of your teeth.

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