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Teeth Whitening Articles, Tips and Information

What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

The obvious benefits of teeth whitening are an improved smile and enhanced appearance which is more accepted in the public eye.  For people who are looking to change their appearance but are on a more limited budget teeth whitening can be a viable option because of its relatively inexpensive price tag compared to purchasing a new wardrobe or the like.  Most people have a tendency to become self-conscious of their appearance when teeth aren’t exactly the ideal shade, but when does teeth whitening pay off?

How about after you have just undergone a life altering event that left you a little self conscious like surviving a car accident or gaining a decent amount of weight? 

Imagine that you are going in for that all-important job interview; you know the one that will let you move into an apartment with some extra space AND allow you to be away from work enough to actually enjoy it.  It is proven that hiring specialists make a special point of looking for people who have a positive attitude and are prone to compulsive smiling.  What if you went in and didn’t smile simply because you were conscious of your smile?  Kiss that job goodbye when it was lost by something that could have been so easily corrected.

Teeth whitening can alter your appearance in a big way without letting you friends and acquaintances know of a major change.  In other words, they will notice that something is different about you, but just not be able to put their finger on it.  Do you care?  Nope, you just know that you are looking better.

In essence, teeth whitening has little effect on the health of most teeth.  Most teeth in need of teeth whitening are not a health risk they are just stained from tobacco or caffeine or the like.  However, it is a process that has gained mass popularity and even more respect in the cosmetic surgery community for the affect it can have on one’s appearance and personal self-esteem.  Look into what teeth hitening can offer you and see if you’ve found the answer to your personal appearance needs.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


What is Teeth Whitening?

It is not something that will ruin your life or even begin to alter your course of success, but as far as self-esteem goes, the whiter your teeth the better.  There is no doubt that the task of keeping your teeth white is difficult and can even seem impossible at times, but
have no fear, dentistry is here.  Braces are horrifying, but can correct the alignment of your teeth.  Teeth whitening isn’t horrifying, but can correct the color of your teeth and your appearance to others.

Some view it as an extension of your personal wardrobe, a vital part of your personal appearance, but it may be even more important.  Your coworkers or business associates will likely look you in the face; they will most likely focus on your eyes and mouth.  When speaking they will look in your eyes, when you speak they will move back and forth between your eyes and your mouth.  You better make sure your teeth are presentable.

A very important thing to remember for anyone considering teeth whitening is that it is rarely a one-time procedure.  Many times, teeth whitening is a process that takes both time and patience from the parties involved in trying to achieve the white shade.  Aside from the potential time constraints, teeth whitening can be a costly procedure due to the lack of insurance cooperation.

Teeth whitening is a process that is purely cosmetic in that it is not a process to overcome some type of physical discomfort.  Those who go through the process of teeth whitening should do so to overcome a self confidence issue, not to expect the alleviation of pain.  If pain is experienced in the gums or teeth then contacting a dental health professional should be the first move for the pain stricken person.


White Light

If you don’t have the time to go to a dentist for laser teeth whitening and don’t have the patience for the normal home based teeth whitening procedures then you should look into the White Light Teeth Whitening.  With the White Light teeth whitening home based
process you can combine the ease and comfort of the at-home with the proven speedy results of laser teeth whitening.  So now you need to know, how does the White Light teeth whitening process work?


Teeth whitening is a procedure to improve the color of your teeth by applying a gel-like solution or, for an even more in-depth rocedure, whitening the tooth from the inside.  The process will be repeated, relatively painlessly, until the desired shading is chieved for the tooth’s color.  Most dentists perform this procedure in their office as part of a normal, everyday type of process.

The White Light system for teeth whitening uses a gel based applicator for chemical whitening.  After applying the gel the White Light is held in the mouth for 10 minutes at a time to speed up and facilitate the teeth whitening process.  Since some people do develop a sensitivity to gel and light based whitening agents you can do the White Light once a day for only 10 minutes and still see results.

Most people end up doing the White Light for up to 30 minutes a day to get the most out of the White Light system.  The White Light system is based on a dual gel principle that isn’t used by most teeth whitening experts, but it is very easy to use and comes with an
instruction manual and tip sheet.  If you lose it, no problem it is very easy to find online instruction manual to continue your White Light process.

The White Light teeth whitening system is easy to use, but even easier to get started with a great startup offer for just a few dollars for the first month.  It is easy to get refills to continue the use of the White Light system, you should continue to use it for at least one time a month after you achieve your desired whiteness to maintain your look.  The White Light has been proven effective, but how would you know unless you tried?

The teeth whitening goal is to improve your appearance in situations where you are uncomfortable with your look.  However, anyone with a major life changing event on the horizon should consider the use of the White Light system and teeth whitening.  Before a
wedding, graduation, or major job interview, give yourself time to try the White Light teeth whitening system.


Why do I need Teeth Whitening?

The altering of one’s appearance has become the favorite pastime of the United States of America, so it should be no surprise that teeth whitening has become a regular procedure.  Whether it is dyeing your hair, changing eye color through contacts, or undergoing
liposuction to lose weight, changing one’s appearance can be a great boost of confidence.  Teeth whitening should be considered by people who need to correct an addiction to colored beverages or those suffering from enamel deficiencies.  It is NOT a solution to


The Zoom system requires that your teeth be treated in three separate 15 minute intervals, a total of 45 minutes in all.  Again, during this time you are left to be comfortable watching television or listening to music to help pass the time!  After the 45 minute time period is over then your teeth will be much whiter, possibly even as white as they have the potential to be!

Who should consider teeth whitening?

o     People who are addicted to caffeine, tobacco, or colored food (fruits and vegetables) should consider teeth whitening.  These can all cause a slight discoloration that could be easily corrected by the teeth whitening procedure.
o     Individuals who suffer from self-esteem issues related to appearance should consider teeth whitening for a big boost.  Teeth whitening is relatively painless and inexpensive, so it would definitely be a good start.
o     People who are approaching a major lifestyle change should consider the appearance enhancements brought by teeth whitening.  Job interviews, graduations, or weddings are major lifestyle changers. 
o     Anyone who is looking to gain a more youthful appearance, low self-esteem or not, should consider teeth whitening.  Teeth whitening can take years off of the appearance of an individual.
o     People who have taken some significant traumatic punishment to their teeth should consider teeth whitening.  Teeth whitening can help you avoid those annoying, “what happened?” type questions.

It should be noted that for those who don’t have access to dental insurance that teeth whitening strips can usually be purchased from your local retail stores.  These may not have the same strength as what is used in a dentist’s office, but they could do the trick
while saving you a bundle.  If you do have access to a dentist you should consult them for advice before moving forward with any teeth whitening procedure.



The idea of teeth whitening has taken off in the United States and around the world as people continue their quest to improve personal appearances.  With the Zoom teeth whitening system dentists and other dental health professionals have taken the next step toward making teeth whitening a proven and effective process.  Zoom combines the process of gel based teeth whitening procedures with the benefits of laser technology to achieve the desired shade of white teeth.

The Zoom process usually takes around 45 minutes and can improve the shade of your teeth by between 7 and 10 shades.  Zoom provides an immediate effect for the appearance of your teeth that will last a long period of time and be very safe.  The safety of the process is only outdone by its comfort as it happens while you sit back in a chair and watch television or listen to the radio!

Your dental health professional will begin by placing a device in your mouth that will cause it to remain open and available to the dentist’s work.  With your teeth wide open and available the dentist will then apply the special gel that is designed to work directly
with the Zoom laser light.  The dentist will then recline your chair and place protective glasses over your eyes to shield you from the laser rays that could be harmful to your vision if exposed for long periods of time.

With Zoom teeth whitening your main concern is going to be your out-of-pocket expense.  Unless you have a very generous dental insurance provider then the Zoom process could cost you around $500 to $2,500.  However, the thing to keep in mind is that the Zoom
process has become the most widely respected and consistently effective teeth whitening service on the market, so you truly get what you pay for!


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