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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Stop Smoking Cigarettes Articles, Tips and Information

Be careful in choosing a stop smoking program

A stop smoking program helps you understand the problems that you will face when you give up smoking; it also tells you how to cope with them. Another important feature of such a program is that it provides you support and encouragement, without which it is not possible to give up smoking.

The programs are normally spread over a period of 2 weeks.

The best stop smoking programs include counseling, both individually or in groups, and therapy. The therapy is decided on the basis of an individual’s health, for which a smoker is required to undergo a full medical check up.

The programs are invariably led by people who have had considerable experience in assisting people give up smoking.  One group that runs such programs is Nicotine Anonymous. It works on the same principles as Alcoholics Anonymous and smokers can attend its meetings free of cost. The American Lung Association, Health Department and American Cancer Society also sponsor such programs.

However, before joining any such program, you need to do some research. You must avoid programs that are not ethical, or programs that use injections or pills as the only method of treatment. The programs that refuse to disclose details of the chemicals used in injections must surely be shunned. So should be those programs that charge high fees or promise instant results.

You must remember that it takes time and patience to give up smoking. So, join a program that is well-planned, and which is willing to help you on a long-term basis.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Stop Smoking Gum - There is nothing more valuable than stop smoking advice. It prepares you for the emotional distress that follows when you give up smoking. You also learn how make a plan, set a date and the treatment to take.


Stop Smoking Hypnosis - Stop smoking herbs can help you give up the smoking habit. They help in combating the withdrawal symptoms that every smoker faces when he tries to give up smoking. Among other things, the herbal cures lead to positive mood swings and reduce the urge to light another cigarette.


Stop Smoking Program - A stop smoking program helps you understand the problems that you will face when you give up smoking; it also tells you how to cope with them. Another important feature of such a program is that it provides you support and encouragement, without which it is not possible to give up smoking.


Stop smoking shot can suppress craving for nicotine

A stop smoking shot uses anticholinergic drugs like scopolamine and atropine to suppress the craving for nicotine.  Since it can cause side effects, doctors advise medical examination before allowing the patients to go ahead with the treatment.

Usually the treatment involves taking one injection in the hip or the arm, followed by two behind the ear over a period of 60 to 90 minutes. After this the patient has to take atropine tablets, and wear a scopolamine patch behind the ear for two weeks. 

The treatment costs $350 to $500, and is partially covered by insurance. It is supplemented by educational aids and counseling to bring about a behavior change among patients.

People who recommend the treatment say that the shots prevent withdrawal symptoms by blocking the nicotine receptors. Others say that this happens only when very high doses of atropine are injected.

According to one study, about 40% of the people who took this treatment stopped smoking, though some clinics claim a success rate of 80%. There are some who are quite critical of anti smoking shots. They believe that more work needs to be done before establishing the efficacy of these drugs.

The side effects commonly associated with anti-smoking shots are blurred vision, difficulty in urinating, dizziness, dry mouth, confusion, etc. Hallucinations, heart attack, coma and stroke may be caused by excessive doses of anticholinergic drugs.

The treatment is certainly not advisable for women who are pregnant, or for individuals who have heart rhythm problems, prostate problems or are taking mood-altering drugs. It is best to opt for the treatment as a last resort. You therefore need to find out the rate of success, the reputation and the support offered by clinics that offer stop smoking shots.
You also need to follow all the instructions carefully.


How to cope with stop smoking side effects

Fortunately, there are very few stop smoking side effects. In fact, smokers who give up smoking become healthier, and live longer as compared to those who fail to do so. They only have to battle a brief period when they give up smoking -- the period when the withdrawal symptoms are most prominent.

That is the time when they feel anxious, irritable, confused and depressed.

They may also suffer from a slower heartbeat, increased appetite and weight gain. However, all these can be controlled through proper counseling and exercises.

The nicotine replacement therapy is especially useful in reducing the side effects. The patient can use nicotine gum, nicotine inhaler or nicotine patch to release small quantities of nicotine in the bloodstream to kill the urge to smoke. This lowers depression, and improves well-being.

They can also use alternative therapies like Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga  to relieve stress and make life without cigarettes more bearable. Another possibility is the use of laser therapy that releases endorphins in the blood stream, making an individual feel better.

The smokers who are most prone to side effects are those who suffer from depression. They need extensive counseling and support from family members and friends. Many of them are put on Zyban, an FDA-approved drug that helps to reduce the urge to smoke and is beneficial for treating depression among those who quit.

Most smokers who quit usually put on 5 to 8 pounds of weight. This should not be considered a dangerous side effect. You should remember that smoking is much more injurious to health than gaining weight. You can always reduce weight through exercise, dieting or Yoga. But you can't undo the damage caused by smoking to your health.

Your first priority therefore must be to give up smoking. You will feel better, healthier and more energetic.

Choose your stop smoking treatment

Today a smoker can choose a stop smoking treatment of his choice. The most popular is the nicotine replacement therapy. It gives the smokers a wide range of products to choose from. Each product releases a small amount of nicotine into the body, negating the urge to smoke. Some of the nicotine products that have been developed to kill the smoking urge are: the nicotine inhaler, nicotine gum and the nicotine patch.

The smoker can also use a pill like Zyban to stop smoking. Zyban prods the pituitary gland to release endorphins in the bloodstream, which, in turn, cause a positive upswing in the smoker’s mood. Generally, a Zyban course lasts 8 to 12 weeks and should be taken under medical supervision.

The smoker can also use the time-tested Asian therapy of acupressure. In this therapy, silver needles are used to release energy inside the body. Acupuncture creates a sense of well-being and assists the smoker to combat withdrawal symptoms.

Another way to combat withdrawal symptoms is to take laser treatment. The low intensity laser beam stimulates the release of endorphins, and kills the urge to smoke. Some smokers also use herbal cigarettes to give up the habit.

Besides this, the smokers can take the help of clinics or self-help groups that provide advice and guidance. Such clinics provide counseling to individuals who want to give up smoking. They conduct mind exercises to improve an individual’s will power and the desire to return to smoking. Hypnosis is yet another method that can be used to give up smoking.

However, considerable self-discipline is needed for any of these treatments to work. More often than not, smokers give up smoking for a few days or a few weeks and then pick up the habit again. They need the support of family members and close friends during this troublesome period.

Ways to stop smoking

Smoking is an addiction that is not easy to give up. You need support and guidance. More than that, you need to know the different ways to stop smoking. One of the most effective ways is nicotine replacement therapy, also known as NRT.

This therapy provides low amounts of nicotine to the person through gums, inhalers or patches. Whenever a person feels like a smoke he bites or chews the nicotine gum. This releases a predetermined amount of nicotine into the body, producing an effect similar to a smoke. The withdrawal symptoms gradually cease over the course of therapy. This therapy is highly recommended because there are very few side effects associated with it.

Zyban is another way to stop smoking. The drug acts by releasing endorphins in the body and inducing a feeling of pleasure, similar to the smoking pleasure.  However, the drug should only be taken under medical supervision and should be avoided by people who are suffering from cardiac disorders or those who are suffering from diabetes, anorexia or liver disorders. Epileptics and pregnant women too should stay away from the drug. The success rate of using this as a therapeutic aid is very high and the percentage of relapse is low.


During this period, trained counselors conduct four to seven sessions, the duration of which ranges from 20 to 30 minutes. The duration of the program or the sessions can be modified based on the needs to the participating group.

An alternative method is the combination therapy. This therapy makes use of both NRT and Zyban as a means to help quit smoking. Counseling sessions are held regularly and form an important component of the therapy. The patient can use NRT for the first few months and then switch to Zyban for the rest of the course. The dose varies for each individual. A success rate of 50% is commonly achieved by using the combination therapy.

Many believe that emotional counseling is the most important way that can help an individual stay off cigarettes permanently. The international Smokenders group carries out seven sessions to help a person grow emotionally stronger. They also advise that when a person feels the need to smoke he must consult a counselor immediately.

A person can also stop smoking all by himself although this is the toughest way and requires a lot of self discipline.


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Nicotine Replacement Therapy - A stop smoking patch looks like an extra-large sticking plaster that is stuck on the skin. It releases nicotine that is absorbed slowly through the skin ensuring that the individual does not get addicted to another form of nicotine. The nicotine patch has another advantage: it does not contain the other harmful chemicals present in cigarettes.

Stop Smoking Cigarette - Every former smoker can tell you just how hard it is to stop smoking cigarettes. However, there are a range of stop smoking commodities that can assist you on your transition to a smoke-free lifestyle.

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