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Stop Smoking Cigarettes Articles, Tips and Information

You can always try stop smoking herbs

Stop smoking herbs can help you give up the smoking habit. They help in combating the withdrawal symptoms that every smoker faces when he tries to give up smoking. Among other things, the herbal cures lead to positive mood swings and reduce the urge to light another cigarette.

You must also eat lots of raw or lightly steamed fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water, fruit juice, herbal tea, etc, to flush out the nicotine.

Some of the natural substances that can be used by people when they quit smoking are:

1. Lobelia or Indian Tobacco: It has the same effect as nicotine though it is not addictive. You can get it in a dried state or as a liquid extract and take it whenever you crave for nicotine.

2. Mimosa tea:  Giving up smoking may make you feel anxious, or give you a headache. A strong cup of Mimosa tea can boost your mood and help you calm down. It is not addictive and is recommended for use instead of anti-depressant medicines. Similarly, the traditional Chinese CaoSu herb diminishes the desire to smoke.

3. Non-tobacco cigarettes: These look like regular cigarettes and are available in many flavors like burnt sienna and menthol.  They offer the same sensation while smoking as regular cigarettes but are healthier because they don’t contain nicotine or tar.

However, you must consult your doctor before taking herbal medicines, because many of them may contain substances similar to drugs.

Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


How does stop smoking hypnosis work

Stop smoking hypnosis sessions involve suggestions, positive affirmations and hypnotherapy techniques to help you give up smoking. They deal with the problem as a psychological issue, and not as a physical craving for nicotine.


The smoker is encouraged to think positively.

The smoker who visits a hypnotherapist is advised to look into the future – into a situation where there is no cigarette is his hand. He is made to believe that he can give up smoking.

The smoker is repeatedly told of the benefits that result when the cigarette is stubbed out, till the smoker’s mind gets conditioned to the idea. Once this happens, the smoker’s subconscious mind spurns the idea of smoking whenever the urge arises.

The positive thoughts are burnt into the smoker’s mind during the session that the smoker has with the hypnotherapist. This session may be followed by a few more sessions later on, depending on the progress achieved by the smoker. The smoker is also given a CD that carries stop smoking messages. The entire idea is to reinforce the value of giving up smoking.

The hypnotherapists argue that withdrawal symptoms are caused mainly by conditioned responses. The smoker does not make an honest attempt to give up smoking because he consciously believes that it is very difficult to give up smoking. That is why there is no guilt involved when a smoker fails in his attempt. His mind tells him that it was a difficult proposition, and pats him for at least trying.

Stop Smoking Gum - There is nothing more valuable than stop smoking advice. It prepares you for the emotional distress that follows when you give up smoking. You also learn how make a plan, set a date and the treatment to take.


Stop Smoking Hypnosis - Stop smoking herbs can help you give up the smoking habit. They help in combating the withdrawal symptoms that every smoker faces when he tries to give up smoking. Among other things, the herbal cures lead to positive mood swings and reduce the urge to light another cigarette.


Stop Smoking Program - A stop smoking program helps you understand the problems that you will face when you give up smoking; it also tells you how to cope with them. Another important feature of such a program is that it provides you support and encouragement, without which it is not possible to give up smoking.


The hypnotherapist tries to break this mindset by generating new conditioned responses that are positive, and give the smoker the confidence to give up smoking.

A conditioned response may be as simple as pressing the finger with the thumb and holding them together for about half a minute. The smokers are also told to take three deep breaths and drink a glass of water whenever there is an urge to smoke. Invariably, they dilute the smoker’s urge to light a new cigarette.


Stop smoking hypnosis seminars can be a great help

The stop smoking hypnosis seminars are an attractive option for smokers who do not want to go for nicotine replacement therapy or use other aids to quit smoking. These seminars are held in virtually all major American cities and you can register by paying a nominal fee.

Group seminars are usually held in the form of a single session and run for a maximum of 2 hours.

These sessions are open for all, and usually enjoy a decent success rate. If one session doesn’t work, you can undergo a re-consultation.
The first forty minutes is an informative session where a practiced and a trained hypnotherapist speaks on the benefits of the hypnosis program. There might be instances when a smoker who has actually quit smoking with the help of the hypnosis program may also share his experiences. The actual procedure begins after the briefing.

In a hypnotic procedure more emphasis is laid on the psychological healing of a person rather then physical. The hypnotherapist talks about the benefits of not smoking during the time you are in a state of trance. When you come out of the trance, your mind is conditioned to avoid cigarettes totally. There are no withdrawal symptoms experienced by a person.

There are chances that the group hypnosis seminar may not produce the desired results for some of you. This is because the degree of hypnosis required for placing people in a trance usually varies from individual to individual. If you have a tendency to be distracted by small noises then group hypnosis is not for you. The motivating factor for quitting also varies. A better option in these cases would be to go for one on one hypnotic procedure.

Also, you need to check the background of the hypnotherapist before registering for a seminar. There are some hypnotists who are very good at their work; but there are some who are average. You need to find the ones who can deliver the goods.


Stop smoking inhaler can reduce your dependence on cigarettes

The stop smoking inhaler is an important component of the nicotine replacement therapy. It is more effective than other aids because it produces the illusion of a smoke. The smoker can not only hold the inhaler like a cigarette but can also puff on it.

The inhaler usually consists of two parts -- a nicotine canister that stores about 10 mg of nicotine and a plastic mouthpiece that is used to release the puff into the mouth.  Each puff releases a small amount of nicotine that is quickly absorbed into the blood stream, producing the feeling of well being similar to a smoke.

The method of using the inhaler varies from person to person. Some puff heavily on the nicotine inhaler, some space it out.  Normally, six to 12 puffs are enough during a day. However, much depends on the state of the smoker and the advice given by the physician.

Generally, several inhalers are needed during the course of therapy spanning a period of six months. The intake is highest in the first few months; after which it is slowly reduced.

It is very important not to smoke when you are using an inhaler. Otherwise, the nicotine levels in your body would rise to alarming levels, reducing any chances of the inhaler producing a healthy effect.

The inhaler should not be used by pregnant or lactating mothers. People suffering from asthma or cardiovascular diseases should opt for this treatment only under medical supervision.

The inhalers and the units should be properly disposed after the prescribed course is over as they can be poisonous for small children. Throat irritation and mild coughing may be experienced when the inhaler is used for the first time. The side effects usually disappear on prolonged use.


Stop smoking injection can reduce the smoking urge

The stop smoking injection is advertised aggressively by most anti-smoking clinics these days. The smokers are usually given three injections of Scopolamine or Atropine behind the ears, on the hip or on the arms.


Try taking hot baths, whirlpool baths and saunas. These make you feel better, and reduce the urge to smoke. Another way to fight the craving for nicotine is to chew on a large flavored toothpick, or squirt juice into your mouth. Similarly, drinking herbal tea, which is made from five different herbs, can help you to fight the urge to smoke.

The drugs are medically classified as anticholinergics and help in controlling neural activity. They have been extensively used in the medical field in the form of anesthetics during surgery or as a temporary means of curing Parkinson’s disease. 

As an antismoking aid, these chemicals act on the nicotine sensitive areas of the brain and reduce the craving for a smoke. A single session may last from an hour to an hour and a half and costs approximately 350-500 dollars.

As a part of the treatment the patient is required to wear a scopolamine patch behind his ear and take atropine tablets for two weeks after getting the shot. The clinics also offer counseling sessions that help fight withdrawal symptoms and mood swings.

The most common side-effects associated with anti-smoking injections are dizziness, dry mouth, headaches and problems in urinating. This happens soon after the injection is given.

Long term effects include hallucination, strokes and heart attacks. However, these are rare, and are usually observed in those smokers who are subjected to high dosage. In extreme cases the person can also end up in coma.

A smoker needs to undergo a complete medical check up before treatment. However, this treatment should be avoided for pregnant women or those who suffer from cardiac disorders. People who are using other narcotics also should avoid the anti-smoking injections.
It is, however, not a very well established technique. The success rate is not very high, and the chances of side-effects are high. It is therefore essential to investigate the clinic and the doctors before going ahead with the treatment. A chat with former patients can also help a great deal.


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Nicotine Replacement Therapy - A stop smoking patch looks like an extra-large sticking plaster that is stuck on the skin. It releases nicotine that is absorbed slowly through the skin ensuring that the individual does not get addicted to another form of nicotine. The nicotine patch has another advantage: it does not contain the other harmful chemicals present in cigarettes.

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