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Stop Smoking Cigarettes Articles, Tips and Information

The best way to stop smoking

The best way to stop smoking is to be clear about the reasons why you want to quit, and to make a plan. You will need the help and support of family and friends to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine replacement therapy in the form of gum, patches, lozenges, inhalers, etc can double your chances of success, by reducing the intensity of your craving.

Make a list of the reasons why you want to quit. These may include better health and fitness, longer life, reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, setting a good example for your children, fresh smelling breath, better chances of having a healthy baby, better skin with fewer wrinkles, reduced expenses, etc.

Set a date when you are going to quit. It may be a New Year’s Day resolution, a birthday or an anniversary. It may be No Smoking Day, which is the second Wednesday of every March. Fixing a date helps you to prepare yourself mentally.

Know what to expect and prepare yourself to face the withdrawal symptoms. Most people find the first few days to be the most difficult. Things may become better after the first three or four days. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms may include irritation, restlessness, frustration, sleeplessness and being accident prone.

Nicotinell, Nicorette and NiQuitin CQ are some of the nicotine products. Another option is to use the drug Zyban, which is available on prescription.

You need to find something to do, to take the place of smoking. You can drink a lot of water, tea, or juice, or chew gum. To avoid weight gain that usually accompanies quitting smoking, change your diet, avoid alcohol, and exercise more.

Avoid situations where you may be tempted to smoke. Reducing your smoking without setting a date to quit may not work, because your smoking is likely to increase once again.

Be aware of the fact that it is easy to give in to temptation and start smoking again, especially when you are tense and upset. You stand to lose all that you have gained, if you have a single cigarette.



We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


Easy way to stop smoking

There is no easy way to stop smoking. It’s a tough decision, and requires a great deal of will power to implement. The first step is to fix a stop date. This incidentally is the easiest, because the date is not immediate.

However, your determination lies in giving up smoking from that date. You can quit smoking gradually over the course of time or be a cold turkey. The latter is a common term used for people who smoke till the stop date and then give up smoking completely on that date.

The reason why smoking is so difficult to let go is because of the withdrawal symptoms one experiences on quitting smoking. These are commonly mood swings, irritability and anxiety. Therefore it is important to register with clinics or support programs that can help you pull through this difficult phase.

Take care to dispose all the ashtrays or any other reminders from your offices as well as home. Drink a lot of fluids or fruit juices instead of alcohol. It is essential to stay away from places and people who can increase the urge for a smoke. You can use your free time in pursuit of a newly discovered hobby or maybe visit a non- smoking support program

Acupressure and Acupuncture are alternative methods adopted by many people for stopping smoking. Regular exercise and a healthy non fatty diet can improve your health and will leave you feeling energetic. Yoga and walking are also very beneficial.

Lastly write down the reasons for quitting and read it every time you reach out for a smoke. Keep record of the number of days you haven’t smoked and tell yourself that you can keep it going. Treat yourself with the money that has been saved by not buying cigarettes. The biggest triumph would, however, be if you could influence others into giving up smoking.


Stop Smoking Gum - There is nothing more valuable than stop smoking advice. It prepares you for the emotional distress that follows when you give up smoking. You also learn how make a plan, set a date and the treatment to take.


Stop Smoking Hypnosis - Stop smoking herbs can help you give up the smoking habit. They help in combating the withdrawal symptoms that every smoker faces when he tries to give up smoking. Among other things, the herbal cures lead to positive mood swings and reduce the urge to light another cigarette.


Stop Smoking Program - A stop smoking program helps you understand the problems that you will face when you give up smoking; it also tells you how to cope with them. Another important feature of such a program is that it provides you support and encouragement, without which it is not possible to give up smoking.


Free stop smoking aids

There are not too many free stop smoking aids, but the few that exist are quite useful. The first are the help lines that have been set up by several states. These help lines are run by trained counselors, who provide valuable advice to a smoker who wants to give up smoking.


Nicotine Replacement Therapy is a commonly preferred option by most addicts. The cigarettes are replaced by nicotine gum and patches whose use over a period of time reduces your cravings gradually. These are available over the counters as well as by prescription.

The smokers can use these help lines to learn the different ways available to stop smoking. They can clear doubts about nicotine replacement therapy, and decide which nicotine product is best for them. They can similarly learn the advantages of laser therapy or use of drugs like Zyban.

The smokers can also join Smokers Anonymous. These are like self-help groups where smokers, who have given up smoking, advise those who want to give up smoking. These groups hold regular consultation sessions, which can be very useful for a smoker who is facing withdrawal symptoms.

The smoker can also turn to a family member or a friend and avail support. No monetary value can be attached to such support because it is genuine. The family member wants to help the smoker give up smoking, and is willing to spend hours with the smoker.

The smoker can also pick up a simple hobby like gardening or building scrapbooks from newspapers clippings. These will keep him occupied and reduce the urge to smoke. The smoker must learn to fill up hours with meaningful and engrossing activity. This can only happen if the smoker picks up an activity in which he is genuinely interested.

The smoker can also try to bring discipline to his life, by drinking a glass of water or fruit juice whenever there is an urge to smoke. Another natural way to fight the urge to smoke is to take a few deep breaths, and relax. Regular exercises also help. Ultimately, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and gives the smoker the strength to give up smoking.

Laser treatment to stop smoking

You can now go for laser treatment to stop smoking. It is a simple, painless therapy that uses low intensity laser beam, also known as cold laser, to kill your smoking urge. Normally, a single session lasting 20 to 30 minutes is enough to stop your smoking urge though in some cases two to three sittings may be needed.

The entire therapy is done in three stages. The first stage deals with the activation of points that can help reduce the dependence of the body on nicotine. This is followed up by controlling the appetite points so that you don’t gain extra weight. The last is the stimulation of relaxation points to release endorphins.

The release of endorphins, according to latest research, is critical to any treatment aimed at helping a smoker give up cigarettes. The endorphins, which are produced by pituitary glands, create a sense of false well-being and are generally present in large numbers in smokers.


You must also get rid of all ashtrays and cigarette lighters in your home and office. These are reminders of your smoking days, and can often induce you to start smoking again. A good move will be to stop visiting clubs or hotels where the rooms are filled with cigarette smoke. Even in your office, you must ban people from smoking in your presence.

However, they register a sharp fall when one tries to quit smoking. As a result of this the person experiences emotional distress, anger and a phenomenal urge to light another cigarette. Laser therapy activates certain specific points in the body that stimulate the release of naturally synthesized endorphins.

The stimulation points that are activated to release endorphins are ears, nose, hands, wrist, and forearm. This is why doctors consider laser therapy to be similar to acupuncture, an Oriental science that uses needles to activate pressure points in the body. In the case of laser therapy, this activation is done by a low intensity laser beam.

The laser ray is absolutely painless. There are no cuts or burns, and the success is rate is as high as 80 to 90 per cent. The only smokers who should not go for laser therapy are pregnant women, cancer patients and epileptics.

Natural stop smoking methods

You need not use nicotine replacement therapy or drugs to give up cigarettes. You can also adopt a natural stop smoking plan. This plan will depend on your will power, and your desire. You will also need the support of your friends and family members to help you during the first few days when the withdrawal symptoms are at their worst.

You will obviously need a stop date to motivate yourself. You may even make a poster listing the reasons why you need to give up smoking. These may prominently mention the reasons for quitting smoking. The poster then will become a great motivator to stand by your decision.

You may even considering adopting a new hobby that may keep you busy for hours. For instance, you may buy computer games which are an addiction in themselves. You cans spend hours playing computer games to kill the urge to smoke.

Another natural way to quit smoking is to drink lots of fluids especially fruit juices. These reduce the dryness that you experience in your mouth. They also make your body and mind stronger.

Group activity, especially involving non-smokers, is another useful way of staying away from cigarettes. You don’t feel the urge if you don’t seen any of your friends smoking. You also feel worried of invoking their condemnation if you smoke in front of such a group.

You will find that you come out a fitter and tougher person once you win the battle against smoking naturally.


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