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Stop Smoking Cigarettes Articles, Tips and Information

Benefits of a stop smoking patch

A stop smoking patch looks like an extra-large sticking plaster that is stuck on the skin. It releases nicotine that is absorbed slowly through the skin ensuring that the individual does not get addicted to another form of nicotine. The nicotine patch has another advantage: it does not contain the other harmful chemicals present in cigarettes.

Pregnant women, however, need to be careful about using nicotine patches, since nicotine may slow down the growth of the baby.

It also helps people to get through the withdrawal period relatively easily, because their bodies are constantly absorbing small amounts of nicotine. This reduces the craving for cigarettes, and also reduces restlessness, irritability, anxiety, headaches, dizziness, constipation, insomnia and tiredness.

You can use a patch that releases a higher dose of nicotine initially and then taper off the dose by using patches that release smaller doses. Some patches release nicotine for 16 hours, while others release it for 24 hours.

This allows the smoker to regulate the nicotine intake. However, it is yet to be established as to what is more beneficial: gradual reduction in the dose of nicotine or its sudden stoppage. Similarly, it is difficult to say whether 24-hour patches are more effective than 16-hour patches.

A nicotine patch should be applied to a clean area between the neck and the waist that is free of hair. It usually doubles the rate of success for people who are motivated to give up smoking, as compared to those who rely only on their willpower and the advice of a doctor.

Those with high blood pressure and heart problems also need to be cautious about using nicotine patches. Similarly, people with diabetes, stomach ulcers, severe liver or kidney problems, or an over active thyroid gland need to consult their doctor before using a nicotine patch.


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Fight withdrawal symptoms with stop smoking pill

The stop smoking pill is used to negate or reduce the effect of withdrawal symptoms that appear when an individual tries to quit smoking. Most of these pills use Bupropion hydrochloride to combat withdrawal symptoms.

Two popular anti-smoking pills are Zyban and Wellbutrin. Zyban increases the circulation and release of endorphins by stimulating the pituitary gland. The endorphins, in turn, boost the energy levels and make a person feel good. They also create a sense of false pleasure similar to the one experienced while smoking.

Also, the drug should be taken only on medical advice. Its normal course runs over 8-12 weeks. During this period the individual must consult the doctor regularly to avoid any side effects. The maximum dose prescribed for a single day is two tablets.

The drug should be avoided by people who are suffering from stomach disorders like anorexia or bulimia. This drug was initially used for treating depression hence it should not be taken by people who are on medication, especially those who are using monoamine oxidize inhibitors for treating depression. It has been observed that the drug may lead to seizures or fits in few cases. That is why the drug should be avoided by people who suffer from epileptic fits and seizures.

Insomnia and dry mouth are the side effects linked to the tablet. These symptoms are usually not harmful and recede after a period of time. The tablet can also be taken by people who are suffering from bronchitis or other pulmonary disorders.


Chart your way, draw up a stop smoking plan

The best way to quit smoking is to have a stop smoking plan. It becomes a roadmap, a guide to give up smoking. However, the success of the plan depends on your determination. The best laid plans go wrong because the smoker cannot give up the urge for one last cigarette after quitting.


The pill is available in a tablet form and should be taken regularly for a week. This is very important for the drug to act. Individuals who stop taking Zyban after one or two days or take it intermittently are rarely benefited. Traces of the drug must be present in the bloodstream for at least a week.

The first step in the stop smoking plan is to decide the stop date. The stop date can be any date. It can be a week from now, a month from now or even three months from now. However, for your resolution to work it should be as early as possible.

A common method adopted by most people is to smoke to their hearts content till the D-date and then call it quits. You need a very strong willpower to pull this off. A better way is to gradually reduce your nicotine intake, so that your cigarette consumption is down to the minimum by the time you reach the D-date.

The next stage is the most difficult as it deals with withdrawal symptoms like mood changes, depression, irritability, emotional distress etc. A nicotine replacement therapy is the best option to fight withdrawal symptoms. Under this therapy, you can trade your cigarette for a nicotine patch or gum. This ensures a minimum amount of nicotine in your body even though you are not smoking. The treatment usually spans a period of six months or more.

There is always a danger of going back to cigarettes. To avoid this, a person can attend counseling sessions or become an active member of support programs. You can also seek the support of friends and family members to avoid a rebound. A good way to suppress the urge is to take up a new hobby that keeps you busy.

The last is called maintenance or staying on the non-smoker line permanently. This can be brought about by avoiding places and people where smoking is common. It is important to constantly remind yourself the reasons for quitting.

If a relapse occurs do not be discouraged. You can try again.


Stop smoking support can ease withdrawal pains

Today, a smoker wanting to give up smoking is not alone. There are several stop smoking support services that help the smoker. These include self-help groups and stop smoking clinics. Besides this, there are several professional counselors who are willing to extend a helping hand. All that the smoker needs to do is to reach out to these support services.

The biggest advantage that these support services offer is counseling. They advise the smoker of the kinds of treatment available; and even help the smoker select the treatment that will suit him most. They also offer emotional support and guidance when the smoker is struggling to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

The smoker is provided proper guidance in drawing up a quit smoking plan. This guidance includes details of the kind of withdrawal symptoms the smoker will face, and how the smoker should overcome them.


Most smokers like to quit abruptly, while some do it in stages by progressively reducing the number of cigarettes they smoke everyday. You can prepare for the big day by telling everyone about your intention and making a plan about nicotine replacement therapy, support groups, classes, etc.

The smoker is advised about the nicotine replacement therapy, and the different products that are available under this therapy. These include nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine tablets and nicotine inhalers. All these products release a small amount of nicotine in the smoker’s bloodstream reducing the smoker’s craving for a cigarette.

The smoker is also told of the advantages of drugs like Zyban that create feelings similar to that of smoking. The smoker is advised of the length of the course, the side effects of Zyban and when to start or stop the cure.

In some cases, the counselors advise smokers to go for acupressure treatment. Such treatment releases positive energy in the body making a smoker feel cheerful and happy even though he may be going through the withdrawal phase.

There are many self-help groups that provide useful literature, and also spend time with the smoker during the withdrawal stage. Support is also extended by family and friends who help the smoker engage in new activities to keep his mind off cigarettes.


Stop smoking technique

Stop smoking techniques can help smokers to break the smoking habit. It helps if you make the decision to quit smoking yourself. Believe in the benefits of giving up smoking and commit yourself to making an honest attempt to quit.

According to the Stages of Change Model, there are stages in changing behavior. In the pre-contemplation stage, the smoker is not thinking seriously about quitting.

In the contemplation stage, the smoker is considering quitting, but is not ready to make the attempt at that time. In the preparation stage, the smoker is serious about quitting and may have a plan.

The first 6 months when the smoker is quitting is known as the action stage. The maintenance stage is the period of 6 months to 5 years after quitting. The ex-smoker is aware of the danger of starting to smoke again and takes steps to avoid it.

If you want to quit smoking, you need to have a plan and decide on a date when you want to quit. You can pick a date at random, or a birthday or anniversary.

On the day when you quit smoking, keep yourself active and drink lots of water and juices. Dispose off all your cigarettes, ash trays, lighters, etc. Avoid alcohol and situations where you may be tempted to smoke. You can commence counseling sessions and nicotine replacement therapy, if you choose.

Deep breathing and oral substitutes like carrot sticks, raw vegetables, sunflower seeds, sugarless gum or hard candy can be useful. If you feel an uncontrollable urge to smoke, abstain for at least 10 minutes. This may allow you to regain control of yourself.

You may face strong urges to smoke, months, or even years after you quit. Even if you do revert to smoking, don’t lose heart. Learn from your experiences and prepare to make a stronger attempt the next time.


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