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1. Sun Protection

More than anything else, sun protection will help to prevent the aging of your skin, The sun is largely responsible for wrinkling, blotchy pig entation (Lentigines, also called "liver spots"), thinning of the skin, broken blood vessels (telangectasias), dryness, texture changes, uneven color and some sun related skin diseases that make the skin look older. Daily use of sunscreen products with at least an SPF of 15 along with protective clothing such as full-brimmed hats, long sleeved blouses and shirts, and slacks instead of shorts will greatly reduce the aging of the skin and the possibility of skin cancer. Sunglasses will also protect the eyelids from aging and will help reduce crows feet by reducing the squinting which comes from sun exposure without eye protection.

Melasma has been considered to arise from pregnancy, oral contraceptives, endocrine dysfunction, genetic factors, medications, nutritional deficiency, hepatic dysfunction, and other factors.

2. Avoid Smoking

The majority of cases appear related to pregnancy or oral contraceptives. The infrequency of melasma in postmenopausal women on estrogen replacement suggests that estrogen alone is not the cause. In more recent experience, combination treatment using estrogen plus progestational agents is being used in postmenopausal women, and melasma is being observed in some of these older women who did not have melasma during their pregnancies. Sun exposure would appear to be a stimulating factor in predisposed individuals. Although a few cases within families have been describe, melasma should not be considered a heritable disorder.


3. Fitness

With age, extra weight can accumulate in areas under the chin, the neck or cheeks, giving the skin an older look. Other areas of skin such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and calves look older if they are carrying excess fat. A combination of balanced nutrition and exercise can greatly improve the appearance of the skin. Drinking enough water is also important. Improved muscle tone and improved circulation also help to keep that younger looking skin we would all like to maintain. Some excess fat can be removed by liposuction; however, it is much better not to accumulate that excess weight in the first place.


4. Smile!

Your face tends to conform to the position or expression that you carry most of the time. If you often frown or scowl you skin is more likely to develop lines or wrinkles between the eyes, down turning lines at the corners of the mouth, or other lines or furrows that conform to the frowning facial expression. a smiling, pleasant, relaxed expression is goof for your face and will help keep you looking younger.


5. Sleeping Positions

Sleeping on your face can cause sleep wrinkles. Sleeping in the same position most of the night for years can permanently crease your skin. With a small pillow under the lumbar (lower) spine, it is possible to sleep on your back comfortably without causing wrinkles on your face.


6. Skin Care

Consistent skin care is important in maintaining younger looking skin. In recent years, several products appear to cause an improvement in aged skin. Although Retin-A® has received a lot of publicity and does seem to improve the appearance of skin over a period of time, it can cause skin irritation, sun sensitivity, peeling, and requires a medical prescription. Alpha hydroxy acids also appear to achieve remarkable results in giving the skin a younger look and lacks most of the irritating side effects seen with prescription products.


7. Moles

As young children, most people have few, if any moles. Most moles appear as we grow older. We may look older than we are if we have numerous or unsightly moles, especially on the face. Moles can be easily removed by a skilled dermatologist or plastic surgeon. This can greatly improve the appearance of the skin and give it a younger, smoother look.


8. Blood Vessels

As we age, extra blood vessels appear on the skin. Three types of blood vessels are most common.


1. Telangectasias are blood vessel lines and blotches that occur on the face, neck, and upper chest. These are caused from sun damage, flushing or blushing, some skin diseases such as adult acne (acne rosacea) and excessive use of cortisone-type skin creams. Other activities which greatly increase the blood flow to the face such as vigorous exercise, hot spicy foods and drinks, alcohol, hottubs, etc. may aggravate this problem. It may be possible to prevent telangectasias due to flushing by using a cold damp towel on the face during vigorous exercise, during use of hot tubs or at other times when there is marked facial flushing. Sun protection with sunscreen products and a hat can also help to prevent this problem. Telangectasias are best removed with Krypton, KTP, copper vapor, continuous wave dye, or flash lamp pulsed dye lasers.


2. Cherry angiomas are small bright red, mole-like spots on the skin. These spots are easily removed with laser, electrocautery, or surgery. Getting rid of these lesions will remove one of the tell-tale signs of aging.


3. Spider and varicose veins appear on the legs with age. These are most often caused by heredity, hormones, and pregnancies. Sclerotherapy (injections) and new simple surgical techniques can easily remove most of these vessels giving the legs a younger look.


9. Brown Blotches

Brown blotches occur on the skin with age. These include freckles, liver spots (lentigines), and uneven pigmentation (melasma) which usually occurs in women because of a combination of sun exposure and estrogen type hormones either naturally or in birth control pills. The Phaze 13 Pigment Gel, or NuCelle® Mandelic Serum 10-15%, and prescription medications can both help. Laser treatment, dermabrasion (skin sanding), chemical peels, and liquid nitrogen freezing can also improve these pigmented blotches. These procedures are performed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.


10. Other Skin Blemishes Show Your Age Waxy scaling yellow, brown bumps (seborrheic keratoses) and fleshy tags (skin tags) occur with age and make the skin look older. Enlarged oil glands and small cysts commonly appear on the face with age. These small skin lesions are easily removed by a dermatologist using simple office surgical procedures, liquid nitrogen freezing or lasers. A clear complexion without all of these little distractions, gives a much younger look to the skin.


At some point you had acne, now you are left with embarrassing, ugly scars. There are ways to diminish and reduce the appearance of the acne scars. The severity of the scars will determine what you will need to do to diminish them. I would recommend seeking advice from a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon to determine the best course of action.


For very mild scarring you can try a few at home procedures and products to help reduce the appearance of the scars. At home dermabrasion and chemical peels can help diminish some scarring especially if you also use retinol or alpha hydroxyl acid lotions or creams. For sensitive skin you may not want to apply retinol or alpha hydroxyl products right after dermabrasion or peels because it can cause redness and irritation. Other products you can try are scar reducing creams like Mederma or Rosehip seed oil which is said to be great at reducing scar tissue. Aloe Vera juice and gels and lavender oils are also said to work well on reducing scars.


Professional treatments for scarring include Laser Resurfacing which involves the use of a laser to remove skin so new skin can form in its place. Laser resurfacing can cause uneven skin tones in people with darker skin. It is still being studied but shows a lot of promise. After treatment you may experience redness and swelling which may last for several weeks.


Dermabrasion has been around for decades. Originally sandpaper was used to remove damaged skin. Now a machine rotates to remove the damaged skin, the skin is numbed or frozen first. After the procedure your skin is raw and scabs will form. After the scabs heal your skin will be reddish for several weeks. Augmentation is a procedure where material like collagen or your own fat will be injected under the scar to bring it to the surface. The treatments last for about six months but they are working on more permanent solutions.


Subcision is a technique that detaches the scar from deeper tissue and allows a pool of blood to form under the scar. The blood clots and helps form connective tissue under the scar to level it with the rest of the skin surface. Subcision is usually combined with either dermabrasion or laser resurfacing.


The depth and shape of your scars will determine what treatment your doctor will recommend.

.Pharmaskincare® products are the unique result of modern biotechnology and dermatological research combined with centuries of scientific observation. These remarkable skin care formulations are not made by companies that spend most of their time selling lipsticks and perfumes, nor are they based on trendy or "secret" ingredients. The biology of skin is too complex for an individual ingredient to solve its problems, and treating the su


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Pharma skin Care



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Essential Skin Care - 5 things you must know about keeping your skin healthy.


The skin is quite an amazing organ. Weighing in at almost nine pounds, on average, the skin is the first line of defense for the body. The trouble is that we are not born with a user manual for our skin. To compound the issue, the most education people receive on the subject come from marketing messages produced by the skin care industry. As you will discover, the skin, although an amazing organ, is not that complicated to take care of. Below are the 5 essential things you should know about taking care of your skin.


1. The purpose of skin is to protect you and to excrete wastes. It takes oxygen and nutrients from the blood (not the air or any topical treatment) to help keep it healthy. It also expels oils, toxins and sweat through its pores. All of this, plus heavy moisturizers and creams and the pores can become clogged.


2. To keep your skin healthy, start on the inside first. Eat a healthy diet complete with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables that a high in fiber, water and antioxidants. In addition to eating properly, avoid excess alcohol and all tobacco products.


3. Keep your skin by cleansing with warm or lukewarm water. Splash the water on your skin gently and never expose your skin to extreme temperatures. Very hot or cold water can damage the tiny blood vessels in your skin, called capillaries. Also, while bathing avoid getting shampoo or other hair products on your skin because they can cause irritation. Remember to include your neck as part of your facial skin care.


4. When trying out products on your skin, always test with a small area. No matter what the claims on the product label (allergy-free, hypoallergenic, etc) you can still have a reaction to a new product.


5. Consistently follow a simple yet effective skin care regime. Cleanse, tone and moisturize.


Cleansing is very important because clogged pores usually precedes acne and blemishes. A cleanser should be slightly acidic to avoid stripping oils from the skin. Work the cleanser into your hands and then gently apply to your skin. Splash plenty of lukewarm water on your skin to remove the cleanser. In certain circumstances, you may need to cleanse twice. An example would include if you were wearing heavy cosmetics and/or cosmetics for a very long time.


Toning is the most important part of the skin care regimen. Toners are composed of mostly water and a little alcohol. They tighten the skin and help prepare it to receive the moisturizer. Make sure to check the ingredients and get one that contains cetyl alcohol. Any other kind of alcohol is too strong for the skin. The best way to apply a toner is with a spray bottle. It does not need to be wiped off either.


The last step is to moisturize. No matter if you have dry or oily skin, you still should moisturize. Make sure the moisturizer you choose is nonalkaline cream, lotion or gel. The type you buy should be based on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you can use a heavier product. If you have oily skin, go with a lighter product such as a gel. It is also good to use one that has UV protection (at least SPF 15). Depending on your lifestyle, you can also you a day cream and a night cream instead of a single product.


Proper skin care doesn't have to be complex, expensive or time consuming. These 5 essential principals will go a long way towards helping you keep your skin looking its best. Of course, some people have more severe skin conditions and they should always consult a dermatologist for professional advice.


Our goal is to help you find ageless skin care advice. Visit Anti Aging Skin Care for more information on natural skin care and the best skin care products.


Skin Care - How To Take Care Of The Skin You're In

Take care of your skin now and you'll reap the rewards later. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman have flawless skin. Legendary beauty, Sophia Loren gives meaning to the phrase "aging with grace". Of course these beauties have an advantage that most Americans do not have - large amounts of money. Many of us cannot afford to spend large amounts of money for beauty products. Some celebrities are known to spend up to $500 on small jars of "fountain of youth" type elixirs.


So what can the average American do in their quest for healthy looking skin? Stick to two basic practices:


Pick the Best Skin Care Products For You

The biggest factor in achieving healthy skin is to utilize products that your skin loves. In order to do this, you need to understand your skin type. Do you have dry skin and therefore need dry skin care products or do you have oily skin? Knowing your skin type will narrow you playing field. There are many, many products on the shelves at your local drug store or in your higher-end department stores. You've probably heard terms such as Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Beta-hydroxy Acid (Salicylic Acid), Retinol, etc. Cosmetic manufacturers use these propaganda-like words to sell their products. Do these terms really mean anything? How do they help your skin?


The simply fact is that you don't need to be a scientist to find the best products. Let common sense be your guide. Do you know someone, who has used the products before? Did they find it helpful? These are questions that you should ask when selecting products.


After suffering from acne and oily skin as a teenager and now dry skin - I have tried every acne skin care product, oily skin care product and dry skin care product on the shelf. I have also tried several natural/organic skin care products. Some work and some don't.

Over the years, I have developed my list of the best of the best skin care products including acne skin care products, dry/oily skin care products, natural skin care products and anti-aging skin care products.


Make Your Beautification Ritual, Routine

Once you find the best skin care products, develop a skin care treatment/beautification routine. If your routine is in the morning or evening, then give yourself about 15 to 30 minutes to engage yourself without interruption. Take pictures of your starting point so that you can track your progress each week. Beauty is only skin deep but a beautiful heart and mind, deserve beautiful skin.


Delia Galley is an avid day spa fan and writes about health and wellness. Visit for a list of over 50 day spas in your local area.


Guide to Skin Care


Winter is the time of year when our skin often gets dry. The trip down the isle for a moisturizer can prove daunting. There are skin moisturizer products ranging in price from $2 to $200. Can a $200 moisturizer really be a hundred times better then the $2 moisturizer? The key is to find a product that feels good and works on your skin.


If you have sensitive skin, you will want a fragrance-free moisturizer because perfumes can irritate the skin. The Cetaphil products are good because they are reasonably priced and fragrance free. The Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion ($9.99 for 16 ounces) is a good for all around use and most people are happy with it.


There are spa treatments, done by a professionals as well, people specifically trained in the compounds and with a resurfacing machine. Unless you have extremely distressed skin (determined by a Doctor) I suggest a home treatment. I like having the control of the product, you can feel the microcrystals rolling off the dead skin .I do not like the hand held machines they sell for home use, I feel they are a gimmick to sell what you really need, the Microdermabrasion! You should not overdo the treatments. Twice a week is the standard suggested use for most products out there; always follow manufactures directions. It gives the skin time to regenerate in between the treatments. Look for a good quality product with Quartz crystals.


For an even less expensive product, try regular old petroleum jelly ($2.00 for 10 ounces) or mineral oil ($3.99 for 16 ounces). Both are very good for holding moisture in the skin. If you do not like the way they feel on your skin, use a small amount. For the lips, try Chap Stick ($1.29 for .15 ounces) or Carmex ($1.29 for .3 ounces). For the face, I would recommend Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 ($10.99 for 4 ounces). It feels less greasy on the skin and has the added sun protection.


Dry hands are the most common problem. The best and least expensive moisturizer is still the old reliable petroleum jelly. If you don't like the feel, try Neutrogena Hand Cream ($3.49 for 2 ounces). There are a couple of things you can do to avoid dry skin. Take shorter showers with warm, not hot, water. The hot water removes protective oils from the skin. Use a mild soap and apply moisturizer within five minute of getting out of the shower. If you have persistent dry, itchy skin that you cannot resolve with over-the-counter moisturizer creams, you may have a more pressing problem. If your skin problem is causing you lack of sleep or is troublesome for more than one week, it's a good idea to see a doctor.


Dr. West Conner is the author of the incredibly popular workbook "How To Save Money On Your Prescription Drugs" and the audio CD "Are You Spending Too Much On Your Prescriptions?" Through his many years of practice, Dr. Conner has developed a number of unique and creative ways to lower prescription costs. Visit for more details.

Skin Care & Makeup

Rejuvenating Your Skin after Weight Loss Surgery by Virginia Alexander

Weight loss surgery creates an entire new person--not just in size, but also in body chemistry. Individuals that had dry skin may have oily skin after weight loss; people with oily skin may just find their skin dryer than usual. The most common skin problem after surgical weight loss surgery is large pores and dull-looking skin. Of course, their pores are large when you consider because the skin had been stretched. If you are experiencing this problem, it is vital that you work on minimizing the pores and bringing the elasticity back into your skin. I know this better than most, since I lost over 140 pounds with weight loss surgery. There are just three basic steps to take for beautiful rejuvenated skin. First, determine your skin type. Second, choose a skin-renewing treatment. Third, maintain your skin by following a quick and easy daily care skin routine.


1. Determine your Skin Type Most of us fall into the following categories: normal-combination skin, dry-sensitive skin, or oily skin. Some of us battle with acne or occasional breakouts. Acne is usually associated with oily skin, but hormonal changes can cause an acne condition in even normal skin types. We need to use products designed for our skin type in order to have flawless-looking skin, regain elasticity and minimize pores. Simple skin-type test: In the morning, wash your face. Do not apply toner, moisturizer or anything else to your skin. Wait about an hour. Then, take four pieces of white tissue paper; gently press one piece on forehead, one on your chin, one over your nose and one on your cheek.


The results: DRY/SENSITIVE: No oil will appear on the tissue. Skin feels tight after you wash it and can appear flaky or dull. OILY: Oil on every piece of tissue paper, skin will appear shiny. Skin may also be crusty or flakey around nose. NORMAL/COMBINATION: If the tissue you placed on your forehead, nose and chin has a little oil, but your cheek area is dry, then your skin type is combination. Once you know your skin type, choose products designed for your skin's needs. ACNE: acne is a skin condition, not a skin type. It can be caused by many factors, we usually think acne is "caused" by extremely oily skin, in reality any skin type can get acne.


Acne can be caused by hormonal changes in the body as well as external factors .It is a skin condition that generally have bumps and eruptions under the surface of the skin. Sebum and debris get trapped under layers of dead skin cells causing eruptions and redness. Depending on the severity of the condition, Your Physician should be the one to determine what type of acne you are experiencing, as well as your specific treatment.


2. Choose a Skin-Renewing Treatment The very best thing you can do to improve your skin texture and moisture balance is to use Resurfacing and Rehydrating (R&R) treatment system such as microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion will help minimize your pores, release blackheads and help bring back the elasticity of your skin. It exfoliates the dead or dying cells, leaving behind new cells that we need to keep our skin hydrated. There are Professional Microdermabrasion treatments; these are usually done by a skin care expert. They use a Microdermabrasion compound with a machine to aggressively resurface your skin. They should only be done in a Doctors office, by a professional.


As we age, we lose our moisture balance. That is why wrinkles, fine lines and flaky dry or dull looking skin form. Our body chemistry plays an important role in how we age, as does the environment. Sun damage, pollution, and stress play a very important role in how our skin looks. We need to regain the moisture balance we had naturally when we were younger. By following a simple R&R system, we can bring back and maintain a more youthful and resilient look. A resurfacing treatment should be done once or twice a week only. More is not better, since the collagen bonds need to reform in-between treatments.


After you resurface, be sure you moisturize your skin. It is important to remember that this treatment is best done at night before going to bed. At night your body is in repair mode, giving you a great look when you wake up in the morning. I do an R&R over my entire body at least twice a month. After all, it is all skin!


Perform Daily Skin Care Proper skin care, to me, is no different than brushing your teeth. You brush your teeth twice a day, so perform your skin care routine at the same time. It only takes two minutes and will make a huge difference in the way you look.


Simple Daily Skin Care Process:

1. Cleanse: to remove all dirt and debris from your skin .Choose a cleanser designed for your specific skin type .Dry sensitive skin will respond to calming compounds like Azulene or chamomile. Normal skin look for a product that has a ph of 5.5, this will help the skin retain a healthy balance. Oily skin I like a produtst with a lactic acid compound.


2. Tone: to remove oils and the left over cleanser that is still in your pores. Follow the same rule as with a choosing a product for your specific skin type. Remember the cleanser will continue to do its job. When it starts coming out of your pores, it will eat through your makeup application. That's its job. That is why a lot of women think base or foundation will not work on them or the reason your base or foundation appears streaky.


NOTE: stay away from any alcohol based toners; they dry the top layer of the skin, snapping the pores shut fast, trapping debris under the skin, only for your pores to reopen naturally an hour or so later to release what looks like an oily looking skin condition. When in reality it is a condition caused by alcohol.


3. Moisturize: It is the primer for your base. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is extremely important. There is a difference between oil and moisture. Apply moisturizer with your sponge: where you are dry, it will be absorbed; where you are oily it will jet over, our skin will absorb what it needs. Always choose a moisturizer that is specifically designed for your skin type! And remember there is a difference between oil and moisture, there are products on the market today designed to be oil free, for oily skin!


Start with these basics and you will be on your way to healthy, resilient skin in just a short time! Please take the time for you--you are all so very beautiful!


Note: Specific skin conditions, like ,acne, exzema, psoriosis, rosacea or other abnormalities should be addressed by a physician before starting any type of skin care program or treatment. Virginia Alexander is a production stylist for Film & Television. She has successfully worked in her profession for over 25 years. She educates celebrities on skin care, makeup, and wardrobe style. Five years ago, she began working with individuals that have had WLS; she has created skin care programs, make-up looks and restyling post operative's wardrobe. You can learn more about Virginia and her services at "Making the world more Beautiful, One woman at a time"


Virginia Alexander International - National Make Up Artist Union Local 798 Iatse

Virginia Alexander began her career in the beauty/ make up industry in Washington DC. In to political figures and business professionals who needed to project their individual image in a professional manner. She increased her horizons to include the production level by providing her talents as a make up artist for Video, Photography, Motion Picture


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More coming soon!


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Healthy Diet Weight - Spelt is one of the oldest grains known to mankind. Grown as far back as 5000 BC, the spelt grain has hardly changed from that time until today. In fact, spelt was even referred to in the Bible, mentioned in both Exodus 9:32 and Ezekiel 4:9.

Medically Diagnose Treat - A shooting pain in the knee. A burning sensation in the hand. Before you know it, you have rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the joints.


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