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Skin Care Articles, Tips and Information

Do you know what the best Antiaging Skin Care Product is?

While searching for the world's best anti aging skin care product I found myself traveling to the mountains of the Swiss Alps, the jungles of Africa, the caves of Egypt. All the while in the ed my discover was on so simply yet incredible it was more then i had bargained for.

It turns out that green teas actually do help with skin care and the prospect of having healthy, younger-looking skin.

Green Tea as an Antiaging product?

Who knew that in one cup you could possess something that can prevent heart disease, gum diseases, help you lose weight and even cure cancer? The claims against green tea are bold, so what can it do in terms of an antiaging skin care product? It's an ancient drink that has been used as health food for all the benefits mentioned above and more.


Green tea has a high content of polyphenols. Polyphenols while in some plants contribute to the color of leaves during fall and autumn, in tea they act as an antioxidant. Helping to prevent cardio vascular disease and cancer.


The Polypheols in green tea which give it antiaging properties are known as catechins. Catechins make up almost 25% of the volume of a dried tea leaf. For comparison one cup of green tea will provide you with 10-40 mg of polyphenols which is more then a full serving of broccoli.


There are polyphenols in tea that do a lot of the work and these are generally called "catechins". These catechins perform the bulk of the work and believe me, there are a lot of different catechins in tea, especially green tea. In fact, green tea has almost 20 times the amount of catechins in it as black tea.


Tea increases the antioxidant quality of your skin and even your blood by allowing it to take on more oxygen and breathe easier, so naturally the higher amount of polyphenols you have working for you the greater antioxidant quality your skin has. It sounds like an unorthodox method in terms of skin care, especially in a market filled with creams and lotions and serums, but it is possible that the best antiaging skin care product out there is something you drink.


Further Research

While I continued to research antiaging skin care products, I was overwhelmed with the vast number of commercial creams, and lotions available. We are on a quest for the perfect product to reverse signs of aging, when really the best weapon we have to fight it is free. We should be using our knowledge and education on the topic to our advantage before we run out to purchase the latest fifty dollar jar of cream. The best weapon against aging is in fact our knowledge.


For more information on anti aging techniques other then surgery visi our website Anti Aging Skin Care


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care Treatment, Food and Recipe!


As you get older, your body's energy needs drop and demands for nutrients increase. While aging is inevitable, many of the degenerative changes that prevail past middle age can be easily prevented. Recent medical research confirms that good nutrition can prevent, or slow, conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease. Proper nutrition is an important part of any 'aging well' strategy. Lets now figure our these changing needs.


Changing Needs:

A person's body composition changes with age; muscle mass decreases due to disuse and fatty tissue increases. The metabolism slows down and fewer calories are required. A 50-year-old who needs 1,800 calories a day will require 1,440 at the age of 70.


People who fail to cut on food intake are likely to gain weight. With increasing age, the body is less efficient in absorbing some nutrients. An older person will need extra amounts of the following essential nutrients:


. Calcium to prevent osteoporosis and maintain healthy bones. Include sesame and mustard seeds, leafy greens, figs, milk and milk products and fish in your diet.

. Vitamin D, needed in order to absorb the calcium. Fish oil is the best source of Vitamin D. Ghee, butter and eggs also contain a small amount of Vitamin D. The best natural source is sunlight.


. Vitamin B12 to build red blood cells and maintain healthy nerves. Eat dairy products, meat, shrimps and eggs.

. Zinc to help compensate for lowered immunity. Cereals, nuts and oilseeds are important sources of Zinc.


. Folic Acid, B vitamin, used to make DNA and red blood cells, will help lower blood levels of homocysteine, a compound in the blood associated with an increase risk of heart disease. Pulses and legumes such as Bengal gram and green gram are rich sources. Green vegetables, cluster beans, spinach and mint are valuable sources. Others include gingelly seeds and meat.

. Fiber to prevent constipation. Include all vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grain and cereals.


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. One of the most important nutrients is water. It prevents dehydration. Have at least 12 glasses per day.

Random Tip for Dull Skin: To improve a dark and dull complexion, take 1 tablespoon of gram flour, pinch of turmeric powder, few drops of lime juice, 1/2 tablespoon olive oil, 1/2 tablespoon milk. Mix the ingredients together. Apply the mixture to your skin. Leave it on for half an hour. Wash off with water.




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Also get free tips and tricks on Skin Care at Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care Tips and Products


5 Tips To Improved Skin Care

It's the first thing that people notice about you. Healthy skin is beautiful, which is why a proper skin care regimen is essential. There are products at every turn that promise to help improve skin and even provide a flawless complexion, but which ones really work? Do any of them work? Sure, they do. While there is no miracle product that will provide instant skin care results, there are plenty of over-the-counter products that will leave your skin feeling and looking just as beautiful as you want it to be.


. Potassium, especially in the presence of high blood pressure or the use of diuretic drugs. Pulses like green gram, cow's peas, red gram, black gram and vegetables like lotus stems and sword beans are rich in potassium. Other good sources are legumes, leafy vegetables and fruits like bael, sweet limes, peaches and apricots.


Skin Care Tip # 1

Use a quality exfoliation product. This will help to remove dried or dead skin cells and will expose the new, healthy cells in their place. Not only will your skin look better, but it will feel better (and softer) as well.


Skin Care Tip # 2

It's tempting to spend a few hours in the sun or even soak up some rays in the tanning bed, but that's a big 'no-no' if you care about your skin. In addition to being dangerous where health is concerned, either of these are simply not good for your skin's appearance. Blistering, peeling and premature aging/wrinkles can all occur as a result. If you love a suntan and cannot get through the summer without it, consider a self-tanning lotion instead. Years ago, these products were famous for giving an orange, rusty look. Thankfully, those days are over and quality self-tanners are now providing a natural flawless tan without early aging or any known health concerns. Before applying to the entire body, use a small test area to make sure that no irritation occurs.


Skin Care Tip # 3

If you have problems with dry or cracked lips due to harsh winter weather or even extreme wind, use lipstick or lip balm. This will help to protect your lips and keep them moisturized and feeling soft.


Skin Care Tip # 4

If you suffer from dry or cracked skin, then you already know how miserable this ailment can be. If you want to get ride of the tight skin and embarrassing redness, consider purchasing an 8oz. Jar of Pacquin Plus Hand & Body Cream. It provides instant relief, but takes several applications to get your skin soft and looking as good as new.


Skin Care Tip # 5

When choosing a product to use on your skin, including soap, avoid anything with harsh ingredients. Always use a soap that features a moisturizer, which will replenish the natural moisture of your skin and leaving it feeling soft. In addition, always look for products designed for sensitive skin if you are so inclined.


The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes. It should not be considered as, or used in conjunction with, professional medical advice. Consult your dermatologist prior to beginning any skin care regimen or if you have been diagnosed with any disorder involving the skin.


Learn more about dry skin - visit our website at for dry skin articles and reviews.


Healthy Skin Care Education in 3 Easy Steps


Most people are self conscious about their skin. Everyone wants their skin to look young and healthy, and will go to many lengths to protect our skin from anything in the environment that could harm it. Our skin is the largest organ in, or on, our body. It performs many functions, primarily serving as protections against foreign substances entering out body. It also serves as a transfer point for the release of toxins from our body, and keeps water inside, inside. These are just some of the reasons our skin needs to be protected and cared for. Everyone wants to obtain the flawless skin of today's models and celebrities, and here are some ways that you can achieve just that.


Tip #1

Many experts say that exfoliating your skin is another great way to attain a beautiful skin. So, try to invest in a good body exfoliant or "loofah", as it is commonly called, as it is capable of eliminating the dead skin cells from your body. Accordingly, this should be done once or twice a week so to free the skin to breathe. What's more, exfoliants help to prevent ingrown hair from developing. However, it is necessary to avoid using any body exfoliant on the skin on the face. The main reason for this precaution is that the facial tissue is more sensitive and finer than those tissues of the body.



Something you might not have considered to be beneficial to your skin, yet is key to maintain a healthy glow is drink lots of water. It is often said that the simplest way to clear and supple skin that is no longer dry is to drink plenty of water. Water has long been considered as the most effective natural treatment or an almost free treatment for any skin condition because of its being alkaline, with pH 7.3. It prevents dehydration which is capable of producing sebum or oil from the sebaceous glands. Your skin needs water in order for it to function best, thus doctors and nutritionists recommend that a daily intake of between 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is highly needed.



To maintain and achieve healthier skin you should also watch your diet. Nutrition plays a vital role in skin health too. Specific foods such as those acidic foods and dairy products are said to be potent in causing an allergic reaction in some people. Also, one of the widely debated topics in the area of nutrition today is chocolates. Some say that chocolate does affect the condition of the skin, while others say it doesn't. Whatever the result may be, the best recommendation is just to follow a nutritious diet that has a number of fresh fruits and green-leafy veggies, as well as fiber.


Learn more tips for clearing up acne quickly and why skin care is so important at


Demystifying Anti Aging Skin Care


The anti aging skin care market is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Everyone is looking for the proverbial "Fountain of Youth" and they're willing to pay a hefty price for the search. The developers and manufacturers of anti aging skin care products are working around the clock to come up with new and better ways to keep people looking youthful.


Who's driving this market? For years, women have been the biggest consumers of anti-aging skin care products. But today, as the first of the Baby Boomers begins to enter their "golden years," men are becoming just as demanding. Whether the result of a personal preference or whether it's an attempt to remain standing in a fiercely competitive global marketplace, more men are turning to anti aging skin care products than ever before.


So which of the anti aging skin care products is the best? That's difficult to answer simply by reading product literature because they all make that claim. Many people believe that the "better" products are the ones that cost more but this isn't necessarily true.


Interestingly, one of the best anti aging skin care products available isn't labeled as such. Your best defense against the signs of aging is sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays is crucial if you want to avoid wrinkles. It's one of the best habits you can adopt early in life. Another lifestyle habit worth developing is consuming a fruit- and vegetable-rich diet which will give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to offset the signs of aging. One habit that's definitely worth stopping is smoking. Smoking saps the body of antioxidants, something it needs to produce collagen which is what gives skin its elasticity.


Anti aging skin care products are out there, and many are produced and marketed by reputable cosmetics and skin care manufacturers. If you're trying to keep that youthful appearance, the secret to success is combining the right anti aging skin care products with a healthy lifestyle!


Dennis Frank is an Internet Entrepreneur and Author of many fine websites such as Please visit the website for more related articles and information about Anti Aging Skin Care

How You Can Use Your Diet as a Major Component for Your Natural Skin Care Program

With so much emphasis today on staying healthy and looking good we see many remedies for skin care and a healthy look, that it is sometime very confusing. Although there are many great products being marketed today there are also many things that one can do to assist your body in creating and producing beautiful skin from the inside out. The following foods incorporated into your diet will make your natural skin care program work in synergy with your body to produce beautiful skin.


People spend a lot of money every year to look good. To have beautiful smooth wrinkle free skin but neglect to give the attention to the foods that they consume that will add to their beautiful skin. It is not enough to just exfoliate, and use the lotions and potions to have beautiful skin. Beautiful skin comes from the generation of healthy vibrant cells being produced from within your body.


One of the most important substances you can put into your body to aid in producing excellent skin is water. Water flushes toxins out of your body, it help you loss weight and is a major source of hydration. If you are only putting a moisturizer on top of your skin this is not enough. How about adding moisture to your skin from the inside by drinking plenty of clean purified water.


Your diet and the foods you consume not only affect your skin but your overall health. If you choose to put garbage in your body you will get garbage out. So for starter I'll tell you what to avoid. Avoid greasy fatty foods and processed food. Being today to put wholesome fresh foods into your body and let that nutrition rebuild and keep your skin and entire body vibrant and healthy.


How do skin care products work?

When you frown, smile squint or use any other common facial expression, your muscles contract under your skin. When you do it over and over again, the result can be wrinkles. Skin care products injected directly into the muscles works by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the injected muscles thereby reducing those persistent lines to form on your face. By regular application of skin care products you can actually find the wrinkles disappear.


For starters you should be consuming foods that contain vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes healing, help rebuild collagen, and produces skin with elasticity and firmness. Food such as citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli and cabbage are high in vitamin C and can help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.


Green tea is also an excellent anti-oxidant which improves your immune system and is an excellent substitute for coffee.

Soy proteins which have a high amount of amino acids, flavonoids and vitamin E help the skin retain moisture and give the skin a smooth appearance.


The essential fatty acids which are your omega 3's and 6's are the good fats that the entire body needs. These good fats will help your skin, hair, nails, muscles and all your cellular functions. It will help to clear up blemishes and reduce wrinkles. Food like olives, olive oil, almonds and avocados are excellent sources of your good fats. Also fresh fish like salmon will provide a good source of your omega 3's and 6's. And let's not forget our greens. Vegetables such as spinach, collard greens, and kale are high in vitamins A, C and E. They also contain good amounts of iron and fiber. These foods help to reduce wrinkles and give your skin a healthy look.


Another great food to help your skin and your immune system is yogurt. Yogurt contains friendly bacteria which help improve your digestion which in turn improves your immune system. An improved immune system will definitely support your largest organ, your skin. One other food that will assist your body and your immune system to produce healthy skin is garlic. Garlic is high in anti-oxidants and has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. It will assist your body and immune system to stay healthy and fight off infections and disease.


And now the best part. For all you people who desire great healthy looking skin this will probably be your favorite part. Cocoa powder which is found in chocolate is very high in polyphenol anti-oxidants. It has twice the anti-oxidant properties of red wine and three times the anti-oxidant properties of green tea. Dark chocolate typically has the highest percentage of cocoa. I have seen some dark chocolates as high as 83% cocoa. Now remember everything in moderation. Don't go and eat a box of chocolate every day. Just a small piece every few days and only eat the finer dark chocolates with the highest amounts of cocoa.


You see there are many excellent nutritious foods you can consume that will add to your natural skin care program and will also help with your overall health and well being. So eat well, look good and keep your skin healthy from the inside out.


Douglas is in pursuit of the complete life which beings with optimal health at the core and is the foundation for a great abundant life. If you are interested in building a healthy and vibrant body and mind in pursuit of a complete life visit

Are skin care products the right choice for great skin?

It's true that skin care products are essential to having good skin. Taking care of skin is important considering the destruction one goes through the aging process. With number of skin care products coming up in the market it is difficult to choose the right one. One needs to select a skin care product that would make a great impact on the skin.


Can an appropriate skin care product give the skin a natural look?

No skin cream can assure you an immediate natural look. It might take at least four to five weeks for your skin to react to the skin care product. The muscle activity that causes frown lines between the brows is simply reduced so you can still frown or look surprised without the wrinkles and creases between your brows. The only problem with these skin care products is that they will provide results as long as you apply them. The moment you stop applying them your face will once again loose its luster and appear like it did before treatment.


Side effects resulted by a skin care product

The most common side effects include headache, respiratory infection, flu syndrome, temporary eyelid droop ad nausea. These events are quite likely to occur within the first week incase the associates skin care cream doesn't suit your skin.

Isabella Rodrigues writes for, offering the latest information on skin care, visit them today for more information on skin care products.

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