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Skin Care Articles, Tips and Information

Anti Aging Skin Care - Tips for defying skin aging

Know the Common Signs of Skin Aging

Different people will show different signs of aging at different times in their lives. For a person is in his or her mid-late 20s, the skin is generally in good condition but some signs of skin aging may appear. Depending on the person's lifestyle, some of these signs could include dry or rough skin, blotchy skin, darkened and dull skin or an uneven skin tone For a person in his or her late 20s or 30s, more signs of skin aging may appear. These could include loose skin, larger pores or even fine line and wrinkles.

Extrinsic or photo aging is also called sun-induced skin aging and therefore largely preventable.

For a person in his or her 40s, deeper expression lines, frown lines on the forehead, more obvious wrinkles and crow's feet may appear. The skin may appear more sallow and less firm.


For a person in his or her 50s and 60s, deep wrinkles and folds of skin may appear. The skin becomes more dry and rough. Age spots may also appear.


Understand the Cause of Skin Aging

Skin aging is 90% of the time due to sun damage and 10% due to genetic factors.

Intrinsic or biological aging is due to genetic factors. The intrinsic factors are the slow down of skin turnover, decreased collagen and sebum production.


Sun damage is accumulated a little each time there is an exposure to the burning rays of the sun. The damage is not immediately noticeable. Often one is not aware of the amount of sun damage accumulated until much later, years later in fact.


Never Too Early to Start Protecting Your Skin

Your skin starts to age from the time you were born! As sun damage is primary cause of skin aging, it is never too early to start protecting your skin from the burning rays of the sun. So always apply sunscreen lotion on yourself and your kids when you are outdoors. Prevention is always better than cure!

If you love to sun tan or an outdoors person, a good, strong sun cream is a must.


Stub out that Cigarette

Not only is smoking detrimental for your health, it is also bad for your skin. It reduces blood flow to the skin and causes the skin to look dry and sallow. Smoking further encourages wrinkles to develop around the mouth as smokers puckers their mouth and "crow's feet" around the eye due to squinting to avoid the smoke.


Other Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Other anti aging skin care tips include:


May is one of the editor of where you can learn more about skin care, skin care products, skin problems and more. Read this article for more detailed anti aging skin care tips to help you defy skin aging.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Avocado Great For Skin Care


Avocado is also known as Alligator Pear originated in southern Mexico. It has become a useful ingredient for our daily skin care routine. It is rich in fat as well as protein. These fats are monounsaturated which is good for a healthy heart. The provision of vitamin E in avocado helps the heart to remain fit. It is also known to supply 60% more potassium in comparison to banana.


Simple Recipes for Skin Care

Puffed Eyes Cut avocado into slices and place it under each eye and relax with it for next 20 minutes. The changes would be remarkable. Eye Cream Make an eye cream by mixing 5 drops of almond oil in 3 ripe slices of avocado. Blend this mixture and dab it around your eyes. Keep it for five minutes then rinse.


Another method of making the eye cream is by using 1/4 cup avocado oil with 1/4 cup aloe vera gel. You could also use apricot kernel, grape seed or sesame oil.


Facial Mask This facial mask is useful for dry skin. Mash half avocado and apply it leisurely on your face. Keep it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. Make a paste of ½ ripe avocado mixed with 1 tsp vegetable oil. Apply this paste on a washed and clean face. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse it with warm water. This masque is very good for dry skin.


Smooth and Beautiful Hands Make a paste by mixing 1/4 peeled & smashed avocado, 1 egg white, 2 tbsp. oatmeal and 1 tsp lemon juice. Apply this paste on your hand and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it with warm water and pat it dry. You would be thrilled by the results by using it regularly.


Facial Scrub You would need 2 tbsp. flax seeds, 1/2 mashed banana and 1/2 avocado peel. Use a small bowl to mix flax seeds and banana. Scoop the banana and flax seed by using avocado peel. Massage this scoop on your face in circular motion, slowly and gently. Rinse it with warm water.


Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautions while following instructions on the recipes from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.


Sharon Hopkins maintains various sites providing information on hair and skin care. Avocado Uses For Skin Care. It is being widely used by everyone.


Nailing down good skin care habits can be right at your fingertips

When most people think of skin care, they tend to focus on the exposed areas of the skin - the face and neck, hands, arms, legs and body. But in fact, proper skin care extends to the hair and nails. The cause of brittle and cracked nails and dry skin around the nail beds is usually a lack of moisture.


It is also rich in fiber, foliate (folic acid), vitamin B6, iron, copper and magnesium. Other than applying avocado on your skin, consuming it in salad form can also be beneficial for your skin. Avocado contains vitamins like A, D, and E which has penetrating qualities to improve your skin. Avocado oil is also very useful for skin care. The oil is useful to remove any sun damage or age spots. It also softens the skin and provides a moisturizing effect and can do wonders on damaged, undernourished and dehydrated skin.


Nails serve many important functions. With nails, we are able to pick up and manipulate objects. Additionally, nails help support the tissues of the fingers and toes. Most importantly, nails often reflect our general state of health. Doctors frequently look to the nails for more chronic medical conditions like liver disease, kidney disease, indications of poisons, and more. Nails, like hair, grow from the matrix just under the cuticle. As older cells grow out, they are replaced by newer cells, become compacted, and take on a hardened form.


Nails are produced by living skin cells in the fingers and toes and are primarily composed of keratin, a hardened protein also found in skin and hair. The nail itself consists of several different parts, including:


Nail Plate: The visible part of the nail on fingers and toes.


Nail Bed: The skin beneath the nail plate.


The area under the cuticle, the hidden part of the nail unit where growth takes place.


Lunula: This is part of the matrix and is the whitish, half-moon shape at the base of the nail, usually most pronounced on the thumb.


Cuticle: Tissue that overlaps the plate and rims the base of the nail.


Nail Folds: The folds of skin that frame and support the nail on three sides.


Nails take a lot of abuse and nail disorders comprise about 10 percent of all skin conditions. The most common of these include trauma, white spots, splinter hemorrhages, ingrown nails, fungal infections, bacterial infections, tumors and warts, psoriasis and eczema, and even nail biting. Most minor nail injuries, such as fingers slammed in doors, ingrown toenails, and minor nail infections, usually heal on their own. More serious injuries or disorders may require professional treatment.


Because nail disorders respond very slowly to therapy due to the slow growth rate of the nail and its inability to absorb medications very well, prevention is often the best medicine. Treating nails with shielding lotions that provide barriers to evaporation can prevent water loss in the nail. Because nails are a nonliving structure, water loss from the nail is permanent.


By keeping the nails and hands moisturized with a quality shielding lotion, which protects them, promotes healing, hands and nails will experience less frequent dry cracked skin and be less a target for external irritants or infections.


Shielding lotions were able to help Rhoda Cores find relief from dry cracked skin.


"I use a shielding lotion to protect my hands from the severe cold weather here in central Illinois," says Rhoda Cores of Morton, Ill. "I use it every morning and have had very few cracks on my fingers and around my nails this winter."


Good nail care begins with proper hydration using a quality shielding lotion and can prevent many common nail afflictions, but should not be a substitute for more serious nail conditions. Contact your dermatologist for treatment options if your nail condition doesn't improve on its own.


Len Simpson contributes articles on skin care for the National Skin Care Institute. For more information, visit


Facts on Selecting Facial Skin Care Products


Facial skin care products are essential to keeping not only your beauty but also preventing aging and other skin problems, such as scars from severe acne. However, before selecting the skin treatment that is right for you, it is necessary to determine your skin type.

You probably have read the skin care tips intended to help you identify your skin type, but if not you should learn more before selecting facial skin care products. There are five main skin types and different facial skin care products for every one of them, depending on your skin type the skin treatment will vary.


Normal skin type does not feel or look dry or oily, it is easily identifiable by its pores, visible but not large or clogged, although occasionally may break out in spots. This skin type looks fresh, clean and comfortably smooth after washing.

Skin care tips: a gentle foaming facial wash accompanied by mild massaging is enough for basic skin care, along with a set of facial skin care products designed for this type of skin, and applied after washing your face. Do not forget to include a refreshing facial toner in your skin treatment.


Dry skin has a papery and thin texture, feeling dry to the touch with fine pores. After washing, it feels extremely tight. Although it practically does not break out in spots, by mid-day flaky patches appear on it even if you are using a skin treatment that might not be adequate for your skin.


Skin care tips: use special facial skin care products for dry skin, including creamy cleansers instead of soap. The cleanser must be left on the skin for several minutes before sweeping it away with cotton, splashing cold water onto your face and using a thick cream moisturizer to seal moisture throughout the day.


Oily skin types looks and feel very greasy and its texture is coarse and thick with large, visible pores. Although it feels fine after washing it, by mid-day the skin looks shiny and usually breaks out in spots making most facial skin care products useless if you do not use the type especially designed for oily skin.


Skin care tips: selecting the right skin treatment, a gentle foaming facial wash and an astringent lotion is basic along with a light oil-free moisturizer, making sure to absorb the excess of the product with a tissue to avoid the shiny appearance of your face.

These are the three most common skin types; the other two are combination skin type, featuring normal skin with a few oily patches, or dry patches, and the sensitive skin type, which may have the characteristics of the others, but it is easily irritated, causing itching and other reactions.


Skin care tips for this type of skins include the use of the facial skin care products corresponding to their main characteristics, applied to specific areas of your face. In addition, skin care for the sensitive type requires hypoallergenic products so they cannot cause you harm or uncomfortable reactions.


Natalie Aranda writes on health, beauty, makeup tips and hair care.


Facts on Selecting Natural Skin Care Products


Because of the large number of natural skin care products available today, finding the most convenient ones for skin treatment can be a difficult task. From the products claiming to be made up with the latest discoveries and technologies, to those as natural as water in nature, the array of options are countless, and most of the time requires some skin care tips to allow you to find the right one for your skin type.


In fact, one thing that you should know in advance is the fact that none of them can magically erase all of your skin's problems such as, freckles, scars, stretch marks, imperfections or signs of aging. Natural skin products sometimes contain toxins that contribute to certain forms of skin allergies in sensitive individuals, as well as sinusitis.


A skin treatment with high levels of toxins can be carcinogenic, or cause you all sorts of health problems if you are not aware of the skin care tips provided by a dermatologist or beauty expert. Research estimates that approximately 8% of all the cosmetic products on the market contain at least one ingredient documented to create adverse reactions.


Hyper-pigmentation, dermatitis and acne are just a few of those adverse effects, more often associated with chemicals but not with natural skin care products. Make sure that your skin treatment consists of plants providing living substances and vital life energy, instead of novice toxins, because they will penetrate through your pores, and travel through your entire body via the circulatory system.


Among the useful skin care tips, consider the avoidance of natural skin care products containing perfume, synthetic fragrances and dyes, and be careful when applying alcohol-based lotions or toners, that disturb your pH level, which dehydrates your skin. Your skin treatment should not include bar soap for cleaning your face, unless it is naturally formulated to maintain your correct pH balance.


There are many other skin care tips and you can benefit from all of them. However, remember that natural skin care products claiming to include in their formula pure essential oils, need to be contained in dark glass bottles or especially lined packaging, otherwise they are lying about their formulation, because that oils are very volatile and need special manipulation.


Double check the ingredients of your skin treatment and ask your beauty advisor about your concerns. Many natural skin care products are sold at health care related stores so it is easier to get supportive information from health practitioners, avoiding potential health risks such as allergies, rashes, asthma, headaches, hormonal imbalances, cancer, and even reproductive complications,


Natural skin care products are designed to help you without the hazards of chemical products. The choice of the right skin treatment based on skin care tips and analyzing your own skin characteristics can make the difference between a healthy skin and side effects caused by inappropriate products.


Natalie Aranda writes about health, beauty and makeup tips

Skin Care And Anti Aging Treatments - Three Of The Best

As we grow older and older, the skin losses its elasticity, causing wrinkles to appear. This happens because along with the age comes losing the Elastin and Collagen, the main "ingredients" for an elastic, unwrinkled skin. However, this is just half the problem, because these two natural elements stop reproducing as well. This has been a problem ever since the humankind started to put value on the looks.


The ancient Egyptians were the first to use skin makeup, but the ingredients they used only covered the imperfections that the age brought and did not prevent them. The modern history of anti-aging products started with the Josiah Macy Foundation, in the late 1930's, when they released "Problems of Aging: Biological and Medical Aspects." This represents the foundation of anti-aging products and medicine. Cynthia Kenyon made another breakthrough, almost sixty years later, in 1993, when she was able to prolong the lifespan of a certain type of skin-helping worms. After that, a boom was registered in anti-aging products. But as the manufacturers started to grow in numbers, so did the fake products, which not only didn't help the user, but also could threaten his/hers health. Thus, in late 2001, the U.S.'s Senate came to an agreement: there would be laws to protect the public from fake anti-aging products.

These being said, it's time to present some of the most respected anti-aging products.


ProPLEXIN-CR® - This appears to be one of the most respected anti-aging products. This is how its developer presents it.


"ProPLEXIN-CR® works by implementing a comprehensive approach targeting the primary causes of dermal decline. ProPLEXIN-CR® contains a true 10% maximum concentration of Argireline™ (AH-3) - a neuropeptide which inhibits wrinkle formation by preventing the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles that cause facial wrinkles. Argireline™ is the most recommended and effective alternative to Botulinum [...]


While many competitor products may include one or two of ProPLEXIN-CR's 12-core components, no single product has ever combined all of them. Only genuine ProPLEXIN-CR™ contains this comprehensive, proprietary complex. Additionally, most of these materials are extremely expensive. Consequently, the minimal concentrations used in many competing products offer little or no efficacy and are useful only for the marketing of the product. Only ProPLEXIN-CR™ safely combines all of these ingredients in a unique synergistic manner, at levels that are consistent with the maximum safe concentrations. ProPLEXIN-CR™ defines a new standard of excellence for the treatment of facial fine lines and wrinkles."


Prevage Anti-Aging Treatment - Another product very intensely marketed is Beauty Naturally. A few descriptions.


"Beauty Naturally® successfully optimizes the immune properties of B-Glucans from yeast extract, combining it with the self-healing power of B-Mannans from aloe vera & other glucans, with botanical AHA/BHA's, natural moisturizing factors (NMF's) & anti-puffiness property of a unique phospholipid phytosme of licorice to create a Bio-Skin Care Regimen that is beyond comparison!

The only skin maintenance system you'll ever need!


The Bio-Skin Regimen is a simple & flexible routine using the most basic skin care principles: Cleansing, Toning, Cell Renewal & Moisturization. Once your skin is normalized to its youthful potential, the same regimen can be your maintenance skin care routine for years beyond!"


Re-Storation Skin Treatment - "The the original 'all-in-one' that started a skin care revolution, Re-Storation Skin Treatment is formulated to provide every essential ingredient to repair, nourish and protect skin in one indulgent step. Re-Storation Skin Treatment is a comprehensive age-defying therapy and moisturizer in one jar. Re-Storation's innovative combination of hydroxy acids, potent antioxidants, vitamins, natural botanicals and enzymes optimize skin tone and texture, fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, provide resistance to damaging elements, and replace and maintain moisture necessary for beautiful skin."


These are only three products in what is a hugely popular marketplace. When it comes to skin care, it is vital to do your own research, take heed of other peoples recommendations and find a product that suits your skin type and budget.


Nick Carter writes for www. - a top resource for skin care and anti aging treatments

Moisturing - The Secret Skin Care Ingredient

Moisturizers - The Most Important Ingredient In Your Daily Skin Care Routine

If you have dry skin or maybe winter has left your skin itchy, dry and flaky, a moisturizer can help. As you probably know, the top layer of skin is dead, and the layers below supply it with the moisture -- water, oils and salt -- that it needs. Moisture is constantly lost through evaporation even under the best conditions. When you bring in winter winds, low humidity, and dry indoor heat the skin's water loss is greatly increased. That is why moisturizers applied to the skin play such an important role.


There are two types of moisturizers:

Emollients -

These work very much like your skin's natural oils by forming an oily barrier on the skin's surface that seals in some of the moisture and blocks evaporation.


Humectants -

These attract and hold water on your skin's surface. Which moisturizer is best for you depends on your skin type, and the ingredients in the moisturizer. And, most times, it has very little to do with expense. It's a choice that you make after evaluating all factors. In fact, there have been studies which concluded the most effective moisturizers were the least expensive ones. One thing to consider is this: the simpler, the better. The more ingredients in a moisturizer you use on your skin, such as, perfumes, emulsifiers, coloring, thickeners, etc., the greater the chance you will have some kind of allergic reaction if your skin is sensitive.


Preserve Your Skin's Moisture - Tips and Suggestions

-Use warm water as opposed to hot for bathing or showering, and limit the time spent to 10 to 15 minutes a day. Use mild soaps which you dilute with water before applying to your skin. Excessive bathing, especially in hot water, and the use of strong soaps wash away the natural oils that are there to help keep water in the skin.

-If you bathe rather than shower, use a little bath oil in the water.
-Apply a moisturizer to the skin all over your body immediately after bathing or showering. In this way, the skin's moisture is sealed in. Apply light films of moisturizer rather than one heavy coating.
-Dry hand thoroughly after washing. Apply a good hand cream.
-Give elbows and knees special attention during winter months.
-Exfoliate gently with a natural luffa sponge, and apply a moisturing cream.
-Always wear gloves in cold weather to limit the evaporation of moisture from your hands.
-In cold weather, cover your face with a scarf or possibly a ski mask.
-Protect lips with a lip balm when out in the winter months. Avoid licking them which causes chapping and cracking.
-Eat a nourishing, well-balanced diet for your inner as well as outer health.
-Drink 8-10 glasses a water a day. Drinking adequate water on a daily basis is also important for glowing, healthy, moisturized skin.

Follow these steps and watch your skin improve.


S.J. Peel, webmaster. Visit where you will find a complete information site about skin care.


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Aging Skin Care - Growing up, I always looked forward to watching the Peanuts special: The Great Pumpkin. Little did I know that once I grew up, I'd learn just how great pumpkins really are- especially for skin care.

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Personal Skin Care - Rosacea (say row-ZAY-sha), a chronic skin inflammation is a facial skin disorder which affects an estimated 15 million Americans, most of whom don't know they have it. In a study, over three-fourths of people polled were not familiar with rosacea.

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Natural Skin Care - Queen Cleopatra, Josephine Bonaparte, and today's women share a common interest in skin care. The plethora of advertisements showcasing skin care products may constitute a new-age revolution, but the art of skin care is as old as human civilization.

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