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Skin Care Articles, Tips and Information

Natural Aging Skin Care Products

It is said that 'beauty' is skin deep and as such the skin care assumes much significance in today's beauty conscious world. One may wonder whether any special care is needed for skin alone for a normal person.

The face is the first and the best part of the body that gets attention from others.

The answers may vary but the truth remains that, all are not normal skinned, and people with not so normal skin need give the desired care for their skin to look natural and feel good. The natural ageing process, exposure to sun light, regular smoking etc. may contribute for the lesser production of collagen and elastin, two fibers that hold the skin together and make the skin look young and smooth.


Skin care products that contain Argireline derived from Amino acids helps relax facial tension. Extract obtained from edelweiss is another substance that acts as an anti oxidant and prevents the ultra violet light penetrating into the skin besides cleaning up of the free radicals getting damaged by metabolism and pollutants. Yet another natural product is shea butter a natural moisturizer that prevents dryness of the skin.


Naturally one would like to present a good facial appearance for that first impression. There is no dearth for skin care or rather facial care products in today' s market, with each product claiming to be better than that of the other.


However the fact remains that, the best skin care product varies from individual to individual depending upon the type of skin one possess, the region where one lives, the food habits one follow among many other relevant factors.


This article is to be used for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice regarding skin care treatments. Prior to beginning any treatment regimen, the patient must consult a licensed medical doctor or dermatologist for advice and/or to determine the best course of action for his/her individual situation.


Find more about skin care treatments, aging skin care products and many other aging skin care resources on


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Goddess Within now to offer discount Murad Skin Care Product Line


Tucson, AZ -- May 2006

- Goddess Within, Inc., the leading provider of both women's and men's cosmetics online, has just added Murad Skin Care to their many offerings. In addition to Murad Skin Care Anti Aging products, Goddess Within will also carry Acne Treatments, Sun Protection, and Dry / Sensitive Skin products. All can be found at discount prices.


Murad Skin Care Products are the award winning, scientifically proven skincare solutions - and at Goddess Within, you can take advantage of free shipping with every Murad Skin Care purchase.


Murad Skin Care Products to be carried by Discount Cosmetics provider Goddess Within will include:

Night Reform® Treatment, Murad Clarifying Cleanser, Wrinkle Free Forever, Murad Acne Body Wash, Murad Acne Complex Kit, Murad Age-Balancing Night Cream, Murad Eye Treatment Complex SPF8, Murad Hydrating Toner, and more.

About Murad Skin Care (


About Goddess Within, Inc. (

The essence of our company is to provide you with the best products to nurture your Goddess Within. How do we do that? By constantly searching for health & beauty products that not only make us look good, but FEEL good! We believe true beauty is about what's inside.


Goddess Within, Inc., the leading provider of both women's and men's cosmetics online, has just added Murad Skin Care to their many offerings. In addition to Murad Skin Care Anti Aging products, Goddess Within will also carry Acne Treatments, Sun Protection, and Dry / Sensitive Skin products. All can be found at discount prices.


Petroleum Jelly as Leading Skin Care Product

Petroleum Jelly also known as Vaseline or

Petrolatum or Soft Paraffin is one the most oldest & conventional Skin ointment. Its main constituents are Waxes & Oils.

It is an unctuous translucent waxy fibrous jelly-like structure usually comes in Snow White or Pale Yellow in Color. Unlike cold creams, Pure Petroleum Jelly is the only full Hydrocarbon Oil based Product which even today serves as foremost Skin Protection Media during winters. When applied on Skin during cold climate, it protects against skin contraction & chaffing. Its also widely used as a lubricating media for Baby Skin when applied on areas where the Nappies / Diapers are put on, further preventing skin rashes due to elastic bands. Petroleum Jelly also serves as soothing media for Burnt Skins. In Hospitals, Petroleum Jelly is widely used for First Aid for Burn cases. It forms a Protective Layer & prevents Moisture to leave out of the Skin.


Our fabulous beauty products come straight from the source. What does this mean for you? No old product, no old packaging, no counterfeits, and no knockoffs. Only the best, newest, authentic brand name beauty products out there! Why pay more for the best? Shop here for great prices, great service, and the best in beauty to nurture your Goddess Within.


Petroleum Jelly passed with US or BP Pharmacopeia Standards, are Non-Toxic & Non-Allergic. Today there is awareness of this Product world wide & sold as a very common Cosmetic Product which does not require prescription. There exists large Number of Private Label & Corporate brands sold throughout the world. The retail sale constitutes the maximum distribution in the legion of this Product.


Apart from Finished Packed Product, Pure Petroleum Jellyalso is used as a Raw Material for many Cold Creams & General Purpose Creams. It forms as an Oil Phase constituent in any form of o/w or w/o Creams. For Creams, it adds body & also the waxy feel required for skin protection.


Petroleum Jelly is also used as a Raw Material or a Base Product for many Ointments. Generally it forms a Major constituent as a Base Product which is in combination with Active Ingredients. Examples are Balm / Pain Relief Ointment. A very general formulation with Pharmacopeia approved Ingredients, of a Pain Relief Balm which also can be made at home is as under : -

1.Petroleum Jelly : 91%
. 2.Menthol Crystals :1%
3.Eucalyptus Oil :1%
4.Methyl Salicylate :2%
. 5.Paraffin Wax :5%


Apart from this Petroleum Jelly Based Ointments also can have Active Ingredients such as Specialty Oil Soluble Herbs, Herbal Extracts, Vitamin E, Lanolin etc. In many African & South American Countries Petroleum Jelly formulate known as Hair Food is used to apply on Hairs for scalp nourishment. The other most common uses are Lip & Heel protection. It Protects Lips from Cracking & also quickly heals Cracked Heels. Petroleum Jelly in Consumer Packs are sold in Plastic Jars or Plastic Lammi Tubes, the two are most conventional packaging sold under various Brand names.


The largest Petroleum Jelly producing countries are Germany, USA, India, Iran & China. The Reason being is also since, that the Product is made majorly of Petroleum Derivatives. The Raw Materials of Petroleum Jelly are primarily :

Paraffin Wax
Microcrystalline Wax (Patrolatum)
White Mineral Oil (Liquid Paraffin)


Generally Waxes are in proportions of 30-35% & Oil are in proportions of 65-70%. All these Raw materials are Petroleum Derivatives produced by Oil Refineries. Despite being a conventionally old product, but due to its multiple benefits & rising awareness, there is a global Growth for the market of Petroleum Jelly & its allied products.


There are many Companies who produce Petroleum Jelly & allied products under Private Label Brands. In consumer packs, its important to outsource the Product from right Producers having cosmetic manufacturing licenses. One of the Prime destinations for outsourcing is India. Not only India is come off age with New-Age standards for quality assurance & control, the companies established here, cater to world wide market for many cosmetic & toiletry products for global brand owners & importers.


Tarkesh Botadra, Trade Analyst for FMCG Products. For more details please visit


Acne Skin Care Treatment Product Information

Your skin is an organ with a very complex structure, serving as an important factor in the metabolic process and playing an important role in protecting your organism. The skin protects your body against external factors that could harm internal tissues. Since your skin does so much for you, you should care for it properly in return.


Skin Care

Everyone wants a healthy, clean and smooth skins, without any lesions or scars. The only way you can achieve a perfect skin is by taking good care of it. You shouldn't waste your time looking for miraculous treatments that will cure your acne overnight.


The only way to achieve and maintain a healthy skin is by following three basic steps:


* Always go for the best acne skin care treatment product

* Plan a schedule to apply the product on your skin

* Protect your skin from external factors, such as aggressive sunlight or other whether related factors and food allergies


The amount of time you spend caring for your skin while you are young determines the way your skin will look when you get older.

How To Choose An Acne Skin Care Treatment Product


There's a wide range of acne skin care treatment products available on the market. Some can prove very efficient, while others are a waste of money. However, different treatments work for different people. The first thing to consider when purchasing an acne skin care treatment product is what type of skin you have. Most people have a dry, oily or combined skin. There are very few persons with a normal skin. Determining your skin type is the first step. There are a lot of products available for all types of skin.


Acne is often a result of the sebum that causes your pores to clog. This is why you need to use a cleansing milk at least once a day to wash your face with. There are various cleanser available for different types of skin.


Acne Skin Care Rules


* Take at least 20 minutes a day, either in the daytime or in the evening, to care for your skin

* Start treating acne when it's still a minor problem

* Use only non-comedogenic cosmetics

* Never try to squeeze at your pimples

* Avoid excessive sun exposure

* Keep your skin clean

* Wash your skin if you've been sweating


The only way to achieve the healthy and smooth skin you want, you have to spend quality time caring for your skin and use the best acne skin care treatment products. Acne appears generally during puberty, but it can prolong further even after you reach adulthood. Initially, acne lesions are very small, but if you don't do anything about them, they can grow into deep cysts. Severe acne is much more difficult and painful to fight against.


Michael Morris Acne Skin Care Treatment Product Infos and Other Valuable Resourcese Here


Helpful tips to care for your skin


Skin is the outer most covering of your body, which need to be kept clean and nourished. If your skin is kept in good health, then you will be feeling more beautiful, fresh and young. Your skin needs to be pampered and taken care of. The skin is the part of the body, which is exposed constantly to various types of pollutants and harshness from the surroundings. These pollutants harm the skin and the skin loses its youthfulness and glow. Here is some basic information about how to keep your skin healthy. You need to know your skin type before starting any skin care program. There are four basic skin types, normal, oily, dry and sensitive skin.


You need to wash your face to remove the dirt from it and to keep it clean. You should never wash your face with hot or cold water. Hot and cold water cause broken capillaries on the skin. Always wash your face with lukewarm water to remove the dirt and to open the clogged pores of your skin. You should wash your face as often as possible. But never forget to wash it before going to bed and in the morning. You should never go to bed with makeup on. You should use a mild cleanser suitable to your skin type for cleansing your skin. The surfactants present in the cleanser remove the dirt, and the oil secreted by the sweat glands. You should apply the cleanser gently over the face in circular motion. Then wash the face with cool water.


You need to give your skin a dry exfoliation brush in the morning to remove the dead skin cells. Exfoliating your skin is very essential in order to make it bright and glowing. The purpose of exfoliating your skin is to remove the dead superficial skin cells and to make way for the new skin cells to appear. This will give you a youthful and glowing appearance. The new cells also absorb moisture readily than the dead cells. Exfoliation also improves the blood circulation. You can use a soft natural bristle brush for dry exfoliation. If your skin is oily, then you need to exfoliate atleast 4-5 times a week.


Those with dry sensitive skin can exfoliate once or twice per week. In order to keep your skin soft; you need to moisturize your skin. Moisturizers help to draw and seal moisture into the skin. This will rejuvenate the skin cells and make the skin feel soft and glowing. You should not overdo it as it can also result in clogging of the pores. You should select a moisturizer, which suits your skin type. Moisturizers also help to protect your skin from sun damage. Moisturizers with sunscreen are available which can be used in the daytime to protect your skin from the harsh UV light.


You need to invigorate your skin by massaging them in slow circular motion. This will help to improve the circulation and will also prevent formation of wrinkles. In order to have a healthy glowing skin you need to rev up your digestion. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced healthy food. Avoid oily and junk foodstuffs. In this way you can prevent constipation and other digestive problems which are the main cause for skin ailments like acne, pimples etc.


Tania writes on skin care tips, freckles and health care.

Olive Oil A Great Solution For Hair And Skin Care

Olive oil has been widely used in your salads as well as many other things. It is one of healthiest components to make your food taste better. This oil comes directly from the Mediterranean Region and it has become so famous that it has been used in all the continents.


It is a favorite among all the health conscious people. Due to the immense number of benefits, it has been ranked among the top nutrition provider. It has been widely used in soaps making it mild and very skin friendly. It also helps to moisturize your body by the use of this oil in the soap.


Home Made Recipes

If you want to have smooth and fine nails olive oil is the best solution. Dowse your nails in a cup of olive oil for 30 minutes and find the best results. Apply Olive oil liberally on your hands. To avoid spreading it elsewhere wear cotton gloves. This method helps you to get a smoother and softer skin.


Causes of Acne:

Hormonal changes in teenagers and adults can cause different types of acne in teenage boys and girls. Statistics show that eight out of ten teenagers display some type of acne during their adolescent years. While our bodies need some oils, excessive build-up of oils can promote blocked pores, causing whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.


Olive oil is the best solution for chapped lips. It does wonders to your lips.

To have beautiful, lustrous, shiny, silky and dandruff free hair, olive oil is the best bet. You can apply good amount of oil on your hair and cover it with a shower cap for 30 minutes, later shampoo it.


It is great moisturizing solution which makes your skin softer and smoother.

To make yourself an interesting bathing solution you can add 3-4 tbsp of olive oil with a few drops of essential oil.

You can make an excellent night cream by using 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup water. This helps to lighten your skin, kill bacteria and makes your skin smooth and clear.


It can work as a cleansing cream if you have dry skin.

Apply olive oil and then scrub with good amount of sugar. Later, wipe the sugar off your face with wet and warm cloth. One of the easiest ways to get facial done.


Soften your feet by applying olive oil on your feet.

Mix in bowl 1 egg, 1 tsp honey, 1/2 tsp olive oil and few drops of rose water. Use this as a mask for dry skin. Once applied keep it for sometime, later rinse it off with warm water. Dab it dry.


Make a paste by mixing some mashed apricots and warm olive oil. Apply this paste all over your face and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off with water.


Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautions while following instructions on the recipes from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.


Sharon Hopkins the webmaster for hair-n-skin-care site which guides us to the important skin and hair care tips. Natural Care with Olive Oil-Good For Hair and Skin For great looking skin and beautiful hair it is a great solution.

Causes of Acne - Skin Care Solution

In order to answer this question, we should first examine different types and causes of acne. It's important to note that you are not alone in your struggles with acne. Acne is a skin condition which effects millions of people. Acne does not discriminate. It can appear on the faces of the young and old of both sexes of any and every cultural background.


Types of Acne:

Whitehead Acne: As the name suggests, whiteheads are named after their appearance. If your pores are clogged, yet bulge with a white tip - these are whiteheads.


Blackhead Acne: Like the whitehead, a blackhead is named after it's physical description. If your pores become clogged, yet stay open - a blackhead becomes visible. The top surface of that part of your skin will darken, displaying the rapped dirt in the pore.

Pimple Acne: Sometimes our pore open, leaving them vulnerable to bacteria. Should bacteria, known as sebum, enter - the skin will display a red bump. This is commonly referred to as a pimple.


Nodule: These are clogged pores which are very deep in the skin. These nodules are infected lumps or cysts which can be tender to the touch or very painful.


Excessive washing removes all oils from the skin. The face needs some oil to maintain its healthy appearance. Otherwise you become a candidate for dry damaged skin or more acne. Scrubbing your face is never the solution. Gentle exfoliation is always suggested, but scrubbing is a no-no. The objective is to soothe your face and rid it of acne. Not aggravate the skin and cause yourself pain. Washing your face with water, while healthy for your skin, is unlikely to remedy the issue - which lies in the buildup of oils in the skin caused by DHT.


Acne Solution: Finding an acne treatment that attacks the real root cause of acne - the buildup of oils in the skin which leads to blackheads and attracts bacteria. By reducing the level of DHT in the skin layer, oil production is reduced, thereby eliminating acne creating at the source.


Richard Sutter is team member of Clearogen, an acne treatment company providing new technological advances in acne skin care, created by Dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi. Visit today.


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Advice Skin Care - Skin, the protective covering of our body bears assault of changing climates and seasons. Scorching heat of the summer vexes the skin with sun burns and dehydration. Thus the skin needs rest and rejuvenation in winter. But winter takes its own toll on the skin. The cold and dry weather of winter brings about drying of skin making it scaly.

Aging Skin Care - Growing up, I always looked forward to watching the Peanuts special: The Great Pumpkin. Little did I know that once I grew up, I'd learn just how great pumpkins really are- especially for skin care.

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Overall Skin Tone - SKIN: Looking after your skin in summer the right way is very important. So, make it a point to use a face wash. If you are on the run, never forget to carry face wipes. They help to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. They even take the grime off the face.

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Hair Loss Caused - An expert panel of research dermatologists carried out a photographic assessment after five years of clinical studies and discovered that most men will see hair growth results within three to twelve months after starting a course of treatments using Propecia.

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