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Skin Care Articles, Tips and Information

Skin Care Tips - Ideas to Help Care for Your Skin

Skin care tips - there is good information to help you feel and look healthy. Do you have recurring acne or eczema, pimples, blackheads or cold sores? Did you inherit sensitive, oily or dry skin? Perhaps you are simply looking for tips in finding a greaseless moisturizer or how to get rid of wrinkles.

Most of us have this type, an oily area or T-zone across the forehead, nose, and chin with dryness on the cheeks.

First determine your skin type


• most common in teenagers because of hormone shifts in adolescence

• prone to acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples



• use oil-free moisturizers to maintain a shine-free complexion

• keep skin very clean

• needs special cleansing with hot water and cleanser to prevent pores becoming clogged

• avoid harsh products that strip natural oils



• tight, rough feel and dull appearance

• problems caused by wind, extremes temperatures and air-conditioning

• ages more slowly



• wash face with a cleanser once a day - preferably in the evening

• rinse thoroughly

• pat dry with a soft towel - rubbing can irritate

• in the morning just splash cool water or apply a moisturizer

• baths and showers - every other day or less

• avoid using products that contain alcohol which can cause irritation

There are cleansers available which help reduce bacteria on the skin. There are alcohol-free toners that protect against environmental elements that can further dry the skin.



Ideally, one product for each of the areas would work but this is expensive and unnecessary. A simpler way is to use a cleanser for the central oily panel and dilute it with water for the drier areas. You may want to experiment a bit as the dry areas may not need as frequent moisturizing.



• control oiliness in problem zones to prevent breakouts

• keep cheeks well moisturized

Find good cleansing gels with a fusion of botanical extracts of aloe vera, sage, chamomile, vitamin A & E and essential oils. This is a product that will nourish and leave the skin feeling smooth and refreshed.



• thin or fine-textured and prone to allergic reactions

• reacts quickly to both heat and cold

• sunburns and windburns easily

• irritated often by temperature changes, some detergents, cosmetics and alcohol used on the skin

• may be red and blotchy, with visible surface veins



Use mild baby soap on the face, rinsing thoroughly and pat dry using a soft towel. Don’t use makeup or perfume in case of a reaction without first trying it on the inside of the wrist.

Tips for Care of Normal Skin

Keep it clean using a products that may be fortified with effective antioxidants. The combination of vitamins A, C, and E and green and white tea makes this a perfect addition to any anti-aging routine.


Mature skin

• becomes rougher

• develops lesions such as benign tumors

• becomes slack (loss of the elastic tissue causes the skin to hang loosely)

• becomes more transparent with age (thinning of the surface layer of the skin)

• becomes more fragile with age (caused by a flattening of the area where the epidermis and dermis (layer of skin under the epidermis) come together

• becomes more easily bruised (due to thinner blood vessel walls)



• use a moisturising cream both day and night

• drink a lot of water every day

• avoid sun damage

• a short walk daily is good for circulation and encourages the transport of oxygen to all cells of the body


There are products that cater to the older person. Enjoy a good cleansing skin care regimen which contains UV filters that improve the skin’s defences against the elements. Complement this with an antiaging product developed to fight wrinkles and other fine lines.


Antiaging Tips

Products containing Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or Olyhydroxy acid (PHA) can help remove the outer layers of dead skin. This leaves your face looking fresher and younger in appearance. AHA and PHA are especially beneficial for wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, the two areas where women most like to see improvement.


The most important thing in preventing early aging is to protect yourself from the sun. Use a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. This will provide a shield against harmful UV rays. And make certain that the products do not contain anything that would cause potential allergies such as fragrance or PABA sunscreens. It is wise to avoid smoking. The smoke and tar deprive the skin of the nutrients and oxygen it needs leaving it looking dull. Harmful free radicals form and weaken the collagen and elastin fibres, resulting in prematurely wrinkling.


Forget about Greasy Products

There are greaseless moisturizers on the market. Some contain hydrating oils and emollients with a pleasant scent. Find a non-greasy product that softens the skin and provides a defence against any weather. Some can be used as a foundation or without makeup and can be layered over other moisturizers. Other formulations provide a non greasy and non-clogging product or the advantage of a non-staining moisturizer that can be used day and night.


Men -

Tips for Good Care

Shaving should not be the limit of your daily care. Your skin is approximately 20% thicker than a woman's. Because of the sebaceous glands being more active, your skin tends to be much oilier. Proper skin care is essential to good health so that problems such as sun-damage, age lines or acne can be checked before they begin. Gel for shaving is a much better option than shaving cream, which has air pockets that can lead to nicks. Apply clear since lathering produces the same effect as a cream and can be drying to the face. A swivel-head razor will decrease nicks, as opposed to a disposable razor. Find a clear, non-foaming aloe vera based shave gel that makes it easy to maintain sideburns and other facial hair.


Choose the Right Product

Using a skin care product safely means being informed about the ingredients it contains. Stress, sun, wrong skin care and seasonal changes are some of the most common dilemmas. Get serious about identifying the problem so you can properly care for your skin.


As we grow older, we want to care for the skin that has protected us for so many years. Too, we see younger people struggling with potential problems that can be helped with the right understanding of their skin type and situation. With ongoing research, many more products and better understanding of their formulations we, the consumer, are the beneficiaries. The Internet has opened up a world to us to do our own individual research. Check us out on or

Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Skin Care Against Aging - What Are Lasers?


Lasers are heard in every context of skin care now. Whenever you think of any skin procedure, you think of laser, when you think of hair removal, again laser.


What are lasers? How are they so effective? Let us find out.


Laser- what is that?

The full name of lasers is- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In lasers, the light has a single wavelength and does not get scattered. You can focus this very high energy light on any object. If you put on a torch at night, you will find the light scattering in a circle. In laser that does not happen. Light travels in a straight line without any scattering and carries very high energy.


Skin Care- How lasers are used?

Lasers are used for their high energy and focusing ability. While performing laser resurfacing of face, the surgeon can burn layer by layer of the skin with precise control. As the laser burns away the skin, there is no bleeding and control of contouring is very precise. Doctors can remove lot many surface damages with lasers.


This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.


C.D.Mohatta writes articles on skin problems, skin treatments and skin care. You can visit Doctor Good Skin for more information about how to have good skin. If you love solving quizzes on personality, relationships and career, you can try hundreds of them at Fun Quiz Cards. if you want to know how to improve your relationships better, you can read articles, advice and tips on love, dating, relationships, marriage and break-ups.


Skin Care - Youth With Liposuction

As we grow in age, our body collects ft at different spots. We may try many methods such as dieting, exercising and other methods but fat at some sites on the body does not go away and gives our body an unbalanced look. To get our beauty back, doctors use liposuction to take out the fat from that site and within hours you will not believe your own eyes.


Skin damage and lasers-

Lasers are used to treat blotchy spots, sun damage spots, and wrinkles of different depths such as crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, uneven pigmentation and many other facial aberrations. Non-ablative lasers are used to promote growth of collagen in the dermis and give you the plump look again. Lasers are of different types and before undergoing any treatment you must find out more about the laser that will be used on you, its side effects if any and the experience and ability of the surgeon who will be doing the treatment. in laser treatment a surgeon’s ability is very important to get results.


Skin Treatment- Are you the candidate for liposuction?

If you are overweight and don’t want to try any other method such as diet control or exercising, your doctor may refuse to perform liposuction on you. It is not for the body but a particular place that is not responding to fat reduction. If you are in good health and have fat problem on few sites of your body you are the candidate for tumescent liposuction as it is called. Earlier it was liposuction. Now with latest techniques the procedure has become very simple and is called tumescent liposuction.


Skin Treatment- Which places can be contoured?

Tumescent liposuction can be used to remove fat from different sites such as jaws, chin, upper arms, neck, lower abdomen thighs, hips etc. these are the places that destroy your look. By removing excess fat from these places doctors can give you your attractive young look again. Please consult your doctor for details. This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.


C.D.Mohatta writes on skin problems, skin treatments and skin care. You can visit online skin care guide for more information about how to have good skin. The author also writes for free screen savers and desktop wallpapers on topics like nature, spirituality, motivation, love, holidays, animals, etc. Also try out some free fun games.


The Most Important Summer Skin Care Tip


Well summer time is here and everyone is looking to enjoy themselves, but that doesn't mean you should stop worrying about you skincare regimen. In fact you will need to kick it up a notch in order to maintain the health of your skin under the summer heat and sun. It is well known that the sun can actually increase the rate at which wrinkles appear. Let's not forget things like ultra violet rays and it's harmful effects on your skin such as types of cancers. So here are a few tips to help you get your groove going without worrying too much about the administrative issues of skincare and other issues like that. Before you run out and have a great time cruising down the highway- top down, rolling with your sidekicks flirting with the fine fellas, you want to make sure that you have plenty of sun tan lotion prepared for your little trip.


It may feel like a chore at first because after a long winter you just want to get your groove on and have a good time enjoying this fine weather with the smiling happy people. However by taking this one precaution you will definitely be able to enjoy yourself much more without having to worry about whether you will get sun burnt or not. In case you haven't been sun burnt in the past- let's just say it's a very displeasing and rather an uncomfortable situation to be in. So here are a few hints to get your groove going without worrying too much about the administrative issues of skincare and others minor details like that.


Here is a list of some of the different "hotspots" where you will need to be wary of your skin when you're at those places. Hotspots meaning you're going to have to bring tidy sum of lotion for you and your buddies to prevent getting sun burn and getting adversely affected by UV rays. Some hotspots include your friends pool party, the local public beach, or a barbecue in your own back yard.

Make sure to have a stash of tanning lotion just in case. More likely than not, you will be using it on a daily basis during the summer time especially.


Find the best skin care products and get your skin care products today!


Dog Skin Care


Dogs are very sensitive and affectionate. Dogs obey and follow instructions if they are put into practice from the puppy stage. Dog care is not a simple procedure. One has to know a lot of things about dogs. Dogs are to be regulated in their food habits, personality, the toe nail lengths, and sensory organs. Dog’s skin is very sensitive. The dog’s skin is shining, healthy and free from dandruff if it is taken proper care of. Its skin depends on the diet it has. Its skin will be in good condition only if it has correct weight. An underweight or an overweight dog may have health problems. Knowledge, precaution and proper attention will surely keep the dogs healthy. Regular vaccinations ensure dogs from getting affected from any infection.


The most common disease is allergy in dogs. To keep them away from allergy the surroundings should be clean. A daily bath to a dog will make its skin lose its natural oils. It is advisable to give a bath at intervals or when you find them to be very dirty. They should be patted dry with a soft towel and their coat should be brushed with a soft brush. This will help the skin look shining and healthy. Every dog has to taken for a regular checkup. Not only this, but one has to check its skin for insects. If so it should be cleaned and powdered by some medicated dog powder. It contracts any skin problem by the slightest change in temperatures. If it is too cold, its skin will turn dry. So it needs a warm condition to keep its skin healthy. Dogs should be taken care with patience, utmost attention and periodical checkups. Though it is not cheap to maintain a healthy dog, a periodical checkup is essential.


Dog Care provides detailed information on Dog Care, Dog Day Care, Dog Dental Care, Dog Ear Care and more. Dog Care is affiliated with Large Dog Beds .

Natural Skin Care with Essential Oils - Part 1

Looking good starts with great skin, and aromatherapy can help you achieve this in a number of ways: essential oils make excellent moisturizers due to their outstanding penetrative properties. There is always the perfect oil to care for your particular skin condition.


First Things First

For a holistic approach, start with nutrition. Skin care starts with what you put into your body, so avoid harsh moisturizers, cigarette smoke, pollution, dry air-conditioning, alcohol, caffeine, and junk food. Having a healthy diet made up of a range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, will give your body the building blocks (vitamins and minerals) that it needs to keep your skin looking great. Drinking plenty of water during the day will ensure that your skin is well hydrated, supple and elastic, keeping those wrinkles at bay.


Skin Types

Choose the right oils for your skin types, and remember that your skin type will vary: it may become more oily during your period, and more dry during winter. All skin types can use lavender, and all except oily skins can use chamomile, rose and sandalwood. If you have oily skin, try bergamot, cedar wood, cypress, frankincense, juniper, sage and lemon. Sensitive skin types are usually safe with neroli, chamomile, sandalwood and rose oils.


Occassionally a few dry spots may appear on your skin. Firstly, ensure that you are drinking plenty of water. Secondly, make up a mixture of 1 drop each of lavender, lemon and neroli in 5 mL of base oil (eg. jojoba), and apply to the affected area with a cotton tip.



Pamper yourself with a variety of ways to use the essential oils that are right for you. Try a facial steam bath: boil some water, add five drops of your favorite oil (or a combination of two) and using a large towel, steam with eyes closed for five minutes. Alternatively, dilute six drops of your oil in 30mL of jojoba oil base, and use a small amount as a moisturiser at night time. Use a maximum of three different oils in this mixture.


Cleansers, Toners, and Masks

Combine a few drops of your choice of oil with an unperfumed brand of cleanser to cleanse your skin. Rose water (normal, dry & sensitive skin) or witchhazel (oily skin) are ideal bases for toners – either spray directly onto the face or apply gently with cotton wool. Herbal infusions such as chamomile, marigold, nettle or rosehip teas can also be used as a base, in combination with orange or lavender oil. For a natural mask, finely grind oatmeal and mix with hot water to form a paste. Add 15 drops of essential oil per cupful of paste. You might also wish to experiment with adding natural yoghurt to the mixture. After smoothing it onto your face, allow it to dry slightly and then gently wash it off with cotton wool or a beauty sponge. Remember to avoid the eye area.


Angela Page writes about Natural Skin & Beauty Care. For further information and products visit You may reproduce this article only in its entirety, together with the link to the author’s website, from which this article is sourced.

Natural Skin Care with Essential Oils - Part 2

Looking good starts with great skin, and essential oils form part of the natural and holistic approach to skin care, leaving you looking and feeling beautiful. Part 1 of this article highlighted that nutrition is central to healthy skin, outlined which oils are suitable to the variety of skin types, and how best to apply them for general skin care. This article focuses on how to manage specific skin care problems with essential oils.



Several essential oils are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as their ability to regenerate the skin to a healthy state. These include geranium, bergamot, lavender and lemon.


Cold Sores
Tea tree oil (undiluted) may be useful in treating the spread of this herpes virus due to its strong anti-viral properties.


Broken Veins
These broken capillaries are caused by a number of factors such as alcohol, caffeine, hot and cold elements, insufficient water intake, and inherently delicate or fragile skin. Ensure your skin never dries out and apply treatments which include parseley, chamomile, cypress, geranium or rosemary oils diluted in a heavy base oil.


Angela Page writes about Natural Skin & Beauty Care. For further information and products visit You may reproduce this article only in its entirety, together with the link to the author’s website, from which this article is sourced.


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Aging Skin Care - Growing up, I always looked forward to watching the Peanuts special: The Great Pumpkin. Little did I know that once I grew up, I'd learn just how great pumpkins really are- especially for skin care.

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Overall Skin Tone - SKIN: Looking after your skin in summer the right way is very important. So, make it a point to use a face wash. If you are on the run, never forget to carry face wipes. They help to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. They even take the grime off the face.

Particular Skin Type - Acne is one of the most common skin conditions today. It affects or has affected nearly everyone at one time or another. Acne skin care is the most important tool in reducing or eliminating outbreaks. Many different things contribute to healthy skin.

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Personal Skin Care - Rosacea (say row-ZAY-sha), a chronic skin inflammation is a facial skin disorder which affects an estimated 15 million Americans, most of whom don't know they have it. In a study, over three-fourths of people polled were not familiar with rosacea.

Proactive Skin Care - Acne is often seen as something of a trifling problem, a few zits that complicate a teenagers already confusing life, but nothing that's going to kill them - and, of course, they'll grow out of it! Anyone who has ever suffered with acne however, whether as a teenager, or as one of the growing number of people who develop the skin condition during their adult years, will tell you that the problem is not quite so trifling.

Breast Cancer Infiltrating - It is advisable to compile a list of questions to put to the medical staff prior to any appointments or consultations and to get a relative or close friend to go along with the patient.

Breast Cancer Screening - It is generally accepted that by the time a cancer is found by mammography or palpated during a clinical breast exam, the cancer has been growing for 8-10 years.


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Baby Skin Care - Going to a dermatologist is always prudent whenever you have a severe, puzzling or persistent condition, but, regardless of what other treatment is recommended, there are a few self-help basics that will go a long way when it comes to preventing and treating skin conditions.


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