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Do you have enough time in your day to eat all the recommended fruits and vegetables that will keep you healthy and happy???


It's not easy! But my personal solution is MY JUICE MACHINE!


Look into getting a juicer for your own health boost! A juice machine is the best investment you can make for your health and happiness!


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Skin Care Articles, Tips and Information

Body and Facial Skin Care during Winter

Are you having trouble with maintaining your skin care during the the harsh winter season? Welcome to the club! But do not fret since there are still very practical ways for a perfect skin care even during winter.

Further, these three energies are associated with a season.

The activities of your mind and body are governed by three psycho-physiological energies known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha, as per the philosophies of ayurveda. Having perfet balance of this three energies is important for your good health. Once even one of these energies became imbalanced, your health may suffer.

This is the time when you should be "armed" with the knowledge of important ways to keep Vata dosha in balance. These ways will prevent Vata-associated skin problems that may occur during the winter season. So take not of the following and be well-guided:

1.Do not expose your skin to freezing temperatures and drying cold winds that are usually the elements brought about by the harsh winter. You can prevent exposure by dressing warmly in layers and wearing a hat, scarf and gloves whenever you have to go out during cold weathers. Natural lip balm should be used to protect your lips from drying. If you have none available, a light layer of ghee or clarified better will do. 2.Using a rich, natural moisturizer will protect your facial skin from cold winds and dry air of heaters. You can apply this at least twice a day. Remember to apply it after cleansing though. 3.If you have a naturally dry facial and body skin, give it additional lipid support by doing oil replenishment about three or four times a week.


A nourishing base oil like almond can be a good option. 4.During winter, do a routine pre-bath warm oil self-massage to keep your skin silky smooth and tones the muscles. It will also help to calm nerves and aid in circulation. Almond or sesame oil are very much recommended for use in this kind of massage. 5.To prevent the dryness and cracking of your feet's skin, which tends to occur more during winter, give your feet a relaxing soak at night about three times a week. You can use a large, wide-mouthed bowl with warm water for a quick foot bath. Then, rub herbal lotion, some shea butter or almond oil on your feet after the soak. 6.if your skin is very dry, it is not recommended to bathe more than once a day. Warm water is ideal temperature for a bathe or shower and it is gentler for the skin. Do not use very hot water.

Aside from these skin care tactics, eating the right foods that would help in nourishing the skin and drinking lots of water are among the best and original ways of facial and body skin care. By doing a holistic approach in caring for your skin, you will surely get the best results. -30-


Kay Zetkin is the author name used by Lala C. Ballatan. She discovered the pleasure of writing through her daily journals as a teen-ager.

For her, writing is an effective tool to express your viewpoints... To write is already to choose, thus, writing should be done along with a critical mind and a caring soul. She hopes to become more professional, skilled and mature in her craft.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Help! I Need Acne Skin Care Products!


If you suffer from acne, you may need acne skin care products. There are lots of acne skin care products on the market. Which acne skin care products are best? The following list was put together by Teen Advice:


This mask is scented with lavender which will help with stress as well as acne.

Acne skin care products #1 choice: Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask. This mask is said to take care of the acne you already have and thwart any acne that may be in your future.

Acne skin care products #2 choice: PhytoMe Acne Gel will not only take care of a really nasty case of acne, it will also help with the pain you may have.

Acne skin care products #3 choice: Neutrogena Cooling Mask is a product that is good for cleaning your pores. Acne skin care products such as this one are not meant to get rid of acne but will help prevent future outbreaks.

Acne skin care products #4 choice: Acne Dry Spot is intended for use at night. Acne skin care products like this one should diminish blemishes overnight. Acne Dry Spot should be used only on places that have been affected with acne.

Acne skin care products #5 choice: Bjore Blemish Bomb is like an acne patch and also works overnight.

Acne skin care products #6 choice: pHisoderm 4-Way Daily Acne Cleanser is a product that works for all skin types. Acne skin care products that clean, tone and fight acne are good because they will help with clogged pores and reduce acne outbreaks.

One of these acne skin care products should work for most people who suffer from acne.


Timothy Gorman is a successful Webmaster and publisher of He provides more acne clearing solutions, remedies and acne treatment information that you can research in your pajamas on his website.


Skin Care Enhance Your Pretty Look


Who doesn't want to look beautiful? Everybody wants to look pretty and fresh. Taking care of your skin is one way to achieve what you hope for. Whether we like it or not, beauty does seem to affect the ease and success of an individual's life. That's why no body wants to look pale, unhealthy and dull.

Perfect beauty is absolutely what you and all women desire.

You can feel good about yourself if you have good look. Thus, skin care, hair care, and other beauty treatments should be on your program then. You will need some tips in order to make them successful. Here are some skin care treatment tips, given free just for you!

Tips for Perfect Beauty There is no doubt that your skin needs special treatment since it is the body's largest organ. You may not know how to take good care of your skin, how frequent you should do it, and so on. Keeping the skin moist, elastic, and smooth is one of the best ways of skin care treatment. Look at these helpful tips below:

1. The first thing you must know about skin care treatment is to do it regularly. You can start it from the very easy way, like washing your hands and face with a natural soap or cleanser.

2. Which type of skin do you have? Dry, normal, or oily skin? Get to know your type and use appropriate skin care products for the treatment. Consult with your beautician if you're not sure about it.

3. Eat lots of healthy foods, namely fresh fruits and vegetables which act as great antioxidants. They are substances that prevent damage in the body caused by free radicals. Strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, tuna, and mostly seafood, as well as onions, garlic, and broccoli are great sources of food high in antioxidant.

4. Avoid smoking and stay away from alcohol. They are real skin enemies since they create wrinkles to your skin and making it dry.

5. Carry out proper treatments for your skin: clean your skin with water and free-chemicals cleansing products everyday, scrub your skin regularly to remove dead cells and smooth the skin, and moisturize it with skin lotion and cream containing high amount of vitamin E.

Those tips above are actually only a few of numerous skin treatments. You should maintain your youthful looks by always giving good care of your skin. Consuming vitamins and supplements is also a good way to do it. Don't forget to drink a lot of water and exercise regularly! Have a healthy skin, and of course a healthy living!


Loraine Lesley is editor for some Website concerning women. She wants to help women to look beautiful, that's why her object features practical articles and tips on Skin Care, Hair Care, and more. To discover more of her advice, visit and


Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment, Products and Tips

Why to let people know your age when you can keep them guessing? But shedding off years from your appreance isnt always a piece of cake. At times, it can present a picture where you are trying a bit too hard which you should avoid. But there are some magic tips which you can always use to hide your age

1) Give special attention to neck while moisturising your face. Neck reflects your age.
2) Regularly follow a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin.
3) Frame your face well with layers instead of keeping it all in one length while getting a haircut for yourself.
4) Dont apply too much of make-up. It echoes your frustration related to your ageing skin.
5) Always go in for cream-based cheek color over powdered one.
6) Caramels, dusty pinks topped with gloss make make the lips much younger.
7) Avoid brown, deep mauves, matte reds.
8) For those with glasses, opt in for coloured plastic glasses rather than metal frames.
9) Choose from grey or brown eyeliners. NO BLACK EYELINERS.
10) Fringes and bangs look very cute and throws you into your earlier times.
11) Take special care of your eyebrows. Its very important in taking off years from your face. Go for a medium thick brow that looks like it's naturally in good shape.
12) Most important of all, Quit Smoking right now. It infacts make you look much older than you are. Get some Quit Smoking painlessly : Effective Tips at



Jasdeep : for your complete and most comprehensive family guide on Health.


Holistic Skin Care


The skin is our largest organ. It forms a vital, protective barrier that acts as a first line of defense from environmental assaults. Because the skin is a crucial part of the body’s immune, circulatory, and metabolic systems, it reflects the state of our health and well-being. The way skin looks and functions is directly related to the health of the body as a whole. That is why it is important to use holistically formulated products – products that enhance the natural metabolic functions of the skin and to help prevent the signs of premature aging. These formulas help protect against the loss of resiliency and maintain crucial moisture reservoirs in the cells. Holistic Skin Care is scientifically formulated to be both preventative and reparative, helping to bring the skin back to a healthier, balanced, holistic state.


When a person is young, their skin is naturally resilient. In early adulthood, the skin begins to lose more of its strength and firmness due to sun, diet, environmental and genetic factors. Both chronological and photo aging play a part. Holistic Skin Care, developed according to the most recent findings in cosmetic research, helps prevent the signs of skin damage that become visible as we age.

Our scientists have researched state-of-the-art technology and ingredients to create formulas that are scientifically superior but also non-irritating and gentle in nature. This unique approach insures that all ingredients are compatible with the skin and assist in reinforcing the total body connection.


This philosophy mandates that all Holistic Skin Care products omit all known or suspected irritants. These irritants, which are present in many popular skin care and makeup lines, can cause adverse reaction to the skin. Holistic Skin Care is an extensive program that includes products for different types of skin, for different stages of life, for different degrees of photo damage, and even for different areas of the face and body. This specialization is most important since the skin differs in thickness and in its ability to retain moisture from person to person and in specific areas like the delicate skin around the eyes. Over time, Holistic Skin Care helps to improve the natural functioning of the skin, not just its appearance. Take the first step towards a lifetime of healthy, radiant, youthful skin


Skin Care Innovation is revolutionizing the skincare industry with its line of Holistic Skin Care Line
Visit them today

Why Skin Care Doesn't Work!

Skin Care Products Wont Work.....! No skin care or cosmetic product,( or any other product for that matter) will work, unless you use it!

Sounds obvious, right? But don't we all have a "graveyard" drawer of unused and never to be used skin care items? Bought on a whim or from convincing sales pressure, with little thought of how they fit our needs, wants, lifestyles, etc.? So, what properties make-up your ideal skin care?


Vata, which qualities are dry, rough and cool, rides higher than usual in most people's physiologies during winter. Once mid-October to mid-February comes, Vata begin to show signs into people's physiologies. This is the time when we feel that our skin is dry and flaky. We feel the experience of having disappointingly chapped lips and dry, brittle hair. So, once these manifestations begin to annoy you, you will soon experience more aggravating conditions. Your skin may be the worse hit.


1.Ease of use? Unless it fits into your lifestyle, you wont use it! It 's that simple! Unless you're Oprah or some other celebrity, with others at your beck and call, your skin care is your responsiblity and with most of us already running on over-time, fast and easy is a not just a bonus, it's a must!

2.Natural and environmentally-friendly? A growing number of consumers are choosing to use earth-friendly, cruelty-free, natural skin care and cosmetic products. The skin care industry is responding and there are now many sources where these items can be bought. Choosing the most natural skin care we can find is just a part of the other healthy choices we make, such as not smoking, balancing our diet, exercising and getting enough rest.

3. Cost? Skin care doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive to work! I have seen a jar of face cream that cost $1000.00! I have never and would never use it. There is no need to spend that amount on skin care, when there are more cost effective alternatives, that work just as well. Believe me...I know! Whenever, I have a facial or massage, my soft skin, immediately becomes the talk of the salon or spa. They (the staff) want to know my "secret". When I do reveal my secret and how reasonably priced it is, they always want to try it. Don't make the mistake of buying skin care or cosmetic products without knowing your skin type. No matter how high quality or how high priced the product is, if it is not designed for your skin type, you're defeating it's purpose and wasting your time and money.

4.Guaranteed Skin care that is not over-hyped and full of empty promises and unrealistic goals, such as(look 20 when you're 50), can offer guarantees! Why, because the same ingredients work in the same way(unless the customer is either(a) allergic to or(b) does not use the product as intstructed). For example, in an exfoliating gel or serum, fruit derived, alpha-hydroxy acids(AHA's) will gently remove thedead cells and debris from the uppermost skin layerand reveal a smoother brighter complexion. This is it's characteristics and what it is designed to do and will do, when used as it should be!

Be wise and educate yourself about your skin care choices, not just about what the products do, but how they do it and whether you will actually use these, sometimes, very expensive items.


Yvonne, invites you to come share her skin care "secrets"s. For natural, effective skin care that's easy to buy, use and return (you wont to!)


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Breast Plastic Surgery - Aesthetic plastic surgery is something that many people are considering today that would never have thought of it before. Adding a bit of beauty or changing their looks as they age is something that is becoming more of a fashion trend than it is for medical reasons. Others are doing it to look more like a celebrity. Still others are having things that they do not like about themselves erased within just a few hours of having the surgery.

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Advice Skin Care - Skin, the protective covering of our body bears assault of changing climates and seasons. Scorching heat of the summer vexes the skin with sun burns and dehydration. Thus the skin needs rest and rejuvenation in winter. But winter takes its own toll on the skin. The cold and dry weather of winter brings about drying of skin making it scaly.

Aging Skin Care - Growing up, I always looked forward to watching the Peanuts special: The Great Pumpkin. Little did I know that once I grew up, I'd learn just how great pumpkins really are- especially for skin care.

All-Natural Skin Care - With all the skin care tips, advice, opinions and information today, you might think it's very confusing! All you want is what is best for your skin. It may be overwhelming for you to try to keep up with the constantly evolving technology.

Anti Aging Products - Anti-aging skin care products claim to provide relief from wrinkles and the crows feet. They claim that they can make you look younger than you are. But, do they work? There are many anti aging products available throughout the web. Most of them are able to provide you with some relief from the symptoms that we consider signs of age. But, they are far from the miracle cure that many individuals believe them to be.

Overall Skin Tone - SKIN: Looking after your skin in summer the right way is very important. So, make it a point to use a face wash. If you are on the run, never forget to carry face wipes. They help to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. They even take the grime off the face.

Particular Skin Type - Acne is one of the most common skin conditions today. It affects or has affected nearly everyone at one time or another. Acne skin care is the most important tool in reducing or eliminating outbreaks. Many different things contribute to healthy skin.

Personal Care Products - To know what to look for in an antiaging skin care product, it's important to understand what causes deterioration in the skin over time. All aspects of aging, including slack skin, wrinkles and uneven skin tone are the result of free radical damage at the molecular level. Oxygen molecules are the bad boys of the antiaging world.

Personal Skin Care - Rosacea (say row-ZAY-sha), a chronic skin inflammation is a facial skin disorder which affects an estimated 15 million Americans, most of whom don't know they have it. In a study, over three-fourths of people polled were not familiar with rosacea.

Proactive Skin Care - Acne is often seen as something of a trifling problem, a few zits that complicate a teenagers already confusing life, but nothing that's going to kill them - and, of course, they'll grow out of it! Anyone who has ever suffered with acne however, whether as a teenager, or as one of the growing number of people who develop the skin condition during their adult years, will tell you that the problem is not quite so trifling.

Prostate Cancer - A recent study has shown that immune stimulation has a significant effect on tumor growth in animal specimens. Safe and effective forms of immune stimulation can enhance cellular immunity, which in turn enhances the activities of T-helper cells and natural killer cells.

Anti Aging Elements - Aging is a huge part of your life and it is happening to your body and skin every second of every day. As you grow older, your skin begins to thin, lose moisture and ultimately appear wrinkled and sagging.


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Hormone Replacement Therapy - Guggulu, commonly known as guggul in Hindi language, is very important and trustworthy herb in ayurvedic system of medicine. It is an important content of very famous ayurvedic classical medicines like yograj guggulu, kaishore guggul, triphala guggul, chandraprabha vati, arogyavardhani vati etc.


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