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Skin Care Articles, Tips and Information

Benefits and Uses of Neem, Tulsi, Wheat grass and Amla on Skin Care

You might be surprised to know that skin is the largest organ in human body. It is a kind of sheath that separates us from the outer environment. It protects our internal organs from getting exposed to the harsh climatic condition pravelling outside. Any problem in skin or any kind of infection to the skin can causes threat to the internal organs. It helps in keeping our vital organ from hanging outside the body getting infected very easily. It also helps in maintaing body temperature. More importantly it helps us in perceiving sensation of touch.

Epidermis is the outer most layer of the skin and is the part of the skin, which is visible with our normal eyes.

According to modern sciences skin is made up of three layers. Named epidermis the outer layer, dermis the middle layer and subcutaneous fat the inner layer. Ayurveda believes that skin has six layers.

More the melalin content darker is the complexion. Actually melanin is a protective device of your skin that helps you to protect from sunburns and very harmful ultraviolet rays or more commonly called UV rays.


This is the reason tanning occurs in people who get exposed to sun. But melalin production is not enough to give all round protection to protect skin from dehydration and cancerous cell production. Important thing about epidermis is that it is composed of dead cells hence is non vascular i.e. it does not have blood supply and nervous supply.

Second is the dermis layer that lies below the epidermis. As it is beneath the epidermis hence dermis is not visible. Dermis serves very important function in the protective and perceptive role that skin plays. It serves many functions, as it possesses nerves ending, vascular supplies and glands (both oil or sebaceous glands and sweat glands). Due to presence of these factors we can perceive the touch sensation. Vascularity to the skin initiates in dermis and hence helps in providing proper nourishment to the skin cells.


Dermis also contains sebaceous glands or more commonly called oil gland, which helps our skin in lubrication thus helping it from catching any infection. It makes our skin work as raincoats therefore help skin from getting sogged and swelled away in water. Sweat glands play a very important role in our life. Most important of all is that it helps in maintaing our body temperature; secondly it plays an excretory role by excreting out harmful toxins that might have formed in our body; thirdly it helps in protecting our body from microorganism as it possess antibacterial properties.

Third and the most important of all the layers is the subcutaneous fatty layer. Its role is to work as a shock absorber in he body and to maintain body heat from getting transferred to outside temperature. It also helps in holding internal organs tightly as it is present beneath the skin. This also contains a very peculiar feature that only mammals possess i.e. hair follicles. This layer is full of hair follicles out of which hair grows out. Nourishment of hairs depends upon the sebaceous glands, which opens into the hair follicle thus proving it with shine and nutrients.

Types of skins
It is really very essential to know the kind of skin you possess, as right care of skin can help in reducing any skin problems and avoid diseases.

There are mainly 5 types of skin: -

1. Normal skin:

It not a commonest kind of skin. It is soft, smooth, velvety and evenly textured skin with no flaky dead cells and no pores visible. Proper distribution of oil and moisture is there that makes it a balanced skin i.e. not excessively dry and not excessively greasy. It is clear and free from blemishes


2. Dry skin:

Skin is said to be dry, when skin is dull, patchy, reddened and flaky especially around eyes. Dry skin may cause formation of fine lines on cheeks, under eyes and corners of mouth. These conditions happen when oil or sebaceous glands are not supplying good nourishment and lubrication to the skin. If proper care is not given to the skin then it may lead to initiation of wrinkles in early age.


3. Oily or greasy skin:

This kind of skin is thick, dull in colour and shiny in appearance. Due to over secretions of oils or sebum through oil gland, makes skin pores open and skin becomes sticky, which attracts dirt and dust from the environment. Due to this tendency, dirt and dust particles blocks the skin pores which are already widely open in oily skin leads to problems like black head, white head, acne and other skin related problems.

4. Combination skin:

Commonly seen skin texture which is the combination of two kind of skin i.e. some of the skin area is dry and some of the area is oily. Usually it follows the pattern of "T" i.e. the greasy part is usually the portion which is vertical to nose crossing nose (nose, mouth and chin) and horizontal on fore head and hence referred to as "T-Zone". The area left i.e. cheeks is comparatively dry.

5. Sensitive skin:

This kind of skin is very sensitive to any change in environmental conditions or any kind allergies, which may be caused due to procedures like bleaching, makeup's and other external applications.

How to know that what type of skin you possess
It is a very simple method to know that what kind of skin you possess by following procedure mentioned below. Whenever you wake up in morning, wipe your face with dry tissue soon after leaving your bed. If you find oil on that tissue, you possess oily or greasy skin. If you find grease on the center panel then you possess combination skin. If there is no grease at all then you either have dry or normal skin.

Now to check weather your skin is dry or normal. Just do one thing, wash your face with non-greasy soap and water. If you are left with the feeling of stretchiness and tightness on skin then you possess dry skin otherwise you have normal skin. If in daily routine you easily get skin allergies, rashes, itches and boils then your skin supposed to be sensitive

Our skin faces mainly three kinds of troubles

1. Firstly disease caused directly to skin from external source.
This includes diseases that directly infect the skin from outside for example fungal infection in early stages etc

2. Secondly disease caused due to systemic disorders. This is the second category of the disease, which is caused due to systemic infection in the body. For example leprosy, psoriasis


3. Thirdly it may represent mere symptom of another disease. In this skin is the mere face that represents the symptom of any disease prevailing in the body. For example loosening of skin, which might be caused by dehydration.

How to make skin to happy so that it may remain healthy and glows

1. Protect your skin from over exposure of sun by using sunscreens
2. Carry an umbrella or a cap with you when overexposed to external environment
3. Don't smoke and drink excessively
4. Wash your skin gently and with lots of care
5. Moisturize your skin regularly
6. Shave with care and softly. Only shave in direction of hair growth
7. Use of good skin cleansers and toners regularly to open up blocked pores.
8. Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices
9. Eat healthy food and avoid junk food.
10. Avoid use of chemicals on your skin

Inspite following these measures if you are not able to achieve the healthy and good skin then you must read below.
Here are some herbal remedies that is the answer to all your problems

Benefits of neem on skin
· Neem is a wonder herb. Since early times neem is known for its wonderful properties and marvelous results on skin. It works as blood purifier and is very helpful in eradicating toxins from the blood that are supposed to cause harm to the skin.

· Local application of neem powder or neem oil has miraculous results. It is a famous anti microbial herb, it renders all the microorganisms inactive therefore helping in proper healing of wound without causing any infections and septic conditions

· Good results have been seen on skin problems like acne and blemishes. It helps in disinfecting the hair follicles and helps in eradicating the particle which is the main culprit in blocking the pore

· Taking bath of neem leaves socked water helps our body to counter mild infections, which our body might get in day-to-day activity
· Neem helps in early healing of burns and injuries that might also helps in fading of scars that are left after the any injury
· Tropical application and internal use of neem makes us relieved from eczema and even ringworms
· Neem is very helpful in providing internal glow to the skin by providing natural supplements that are required for good and healthy skin
· Neem is extensively used in hair fall and early graying of hairs with very satisfying results.
· It also find its application in dandruff and in lice growth
· Neem is helpful in lighting dark circles which are usually caused due to life style disturbances

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Effects of Tulsi, the holy basil on skin
· Tulsi behave as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent thus helps in eradicating any of the microorganisms developing on the wound and the skin.
· Tulsi is a wonderful blood purifier that helps in eradicating any toxins circulating in blood and helps us from any kind of foreign invasion there fore helps in protecting our skin from acne and other skin infections.

· It helps in normalizing our digestive system thus helpful in treating cause by which dark circles are caused.
· Tulsi is helpful in skin conditioning by improving blood circulation thereby helping each and every cell to get its part of nutrition and oxygen that helps in glowing skin
· Tulsi works as a powerful antioxidant thereby helps in preventing early aging signs and makes the skin young as never before

More on Benefits and Uses of Tulsi on skin care

Wheat grass and its effects on skin
· Wheat grass has been used since ages as it is helpful in providing required vitamins and minerals that are very helpful in nourishing skin and helps it to look healthy
· Due to presence of vitamin E in wheat grass, it helps in preventing aging and also helps in maintaing shine on the skin.
· Vitamin E also helps in preventing dark circles around eyes

· It is a good remedy in any skin disorder, as it possesses the cold potency, which is helpful in curbing skin disease that are of hot potency.
· Super oxide dismutase (SOD) present in wheat grass helps in slowing the aging process of cell thus gives the property of rasayan to wheat grass

· Alanine, an amino acid helps in promoting blood formation there fore helpful in formation of RBC (red blood corpuscles), WBC (white blood corpuscles), blood platelets etc. which are helpful in providing proper nourishment and protection to cell from any foreign invasion
· Vitamins A present in wheat grass is very useful in improving vision of eyes therefore helping in providing proper nourishment to the skin under eyes preventing dark circles and sagging down of skin
· Iron is helpful in hemoglobin production therefore is helpful in increasing oxygen carrying capacity of blood and is helps in imparting pinkish colour to the skin

Amla and its benefits on skin
· It is very helpful in skin diseases as it has sheet virya (cold potency), it inhibits pitta dosha and thus helps in getting relief from it as all the skin disorders are caused by pitta dominance.
· Regular use of Amla promotes glow on skin and delays wrinkles or loosening of skin. Good results have been found in eczema.
· Its internal use as well as its local application on scalp gives good results in hair loss as it provides nourishment to the skin on head (scalp).

· It stimulates hair follicles thus promoting hair growth and also improves texture of the hair.
· It also prevents premature graying of hairs and dandruff, which is flaking of dead cells of the scalp.
· Indian women generally use Amla to wash their hairs, which act as natural hair conditioner as it helps in providing good nourishment and also helps in normalizing blood supply
· It is helpful in making skin glow and works as an antioxidant therefore prevents wrinkles and loosening of skin.

More on Benefits and Uses of Amla on skin care

Aloe vera: a skin specialist herb
Aloe vera is an herb extensively used in enhancing beauty in natural way.

· Aloe vera is known to help in condition known as dermatitis (an inflammatory disease of the skin) therefore helps in relieving from it
· It stabilizes digestive system and therefore is very essential in providing proper nourishment to the skin.
· Being an herb of cold potency, it helps in fighting against any skin diseases that are caused by pitta related disorders
· It works as magic in burn cases and researches have proved its efficacy in healing wounds faster than any thing
· It is helpful in erasing blemishes and dark spots on face generally caused after pregnancy.

· It helps in fighting with acne and other allergic disorders of skin thereby making pores clear and healthy
· Helps in lightening of the skin colour, as it helps in fighting extra amount of melalin that has been produced in body
· It works as an antioxidant therefore helps in fighting with the age related changes that has occurred with growing age
· Helps in slowing down the wrinkles developing on the skin.
· Helps in increasing circulation of blood thus facilitating easier oxygen exchange between the cells thus providing them nourishment


Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Technologies Revolutionizing Skin Care Treatments


If you are tired of using topical skin treatments that only cover up, not treat, skin issues, there are a few new technologies to consider for your skin treatment.


Poor Eating Habits - During the digestive process, your body converts carbohydrates, found in starchy foods such as potatoes and pasta, into sugar. Your body does this by breaking-down the carbohydrate molecule with alpha amylase, an enzyme that is produced in the pancreas.


Most topical over the counter treatments are primarily geared to covering up skin issues, not treating them.


Technologies Revolutionizing Skin Care Treatments

Skin medications and treatments come and go with the wind. The latest, greatest breakthrough to skin treatment is often a humorous memory a few years later. The simple fact is skin care is a complicated matter with many different aspects involved. Yes, they claim to treat the underlying problem, but you usually will see a note in small letters indicating the FDA has not tested or approved the claim. Put in simple terms, the claims being made are a bit overoptimistic.


If you wish to improve the health and appearance of your skin, there are options available. Traditional courses of treatment include Retin-A, the wonder skin care drug and various other creams and acids. There are, however, a few new technologies that are being used in the treatment of skin issues that are proving to be revolutionary.


IPL is a new treatment that is producing tremendous results. IPL stands for intense pulse light and similar to a laser treatment. The treatment is undertaken by exposing the skin to multiple wavelengths of intense light. This stimulates the underlying dermis material of the skin to produce new cells through slight heating. The physical improvements include reduction of age spots, spider veins,

pigment variations and reduction of pores. The treatment can also be used to reduce unwanted hair. IPL is not a one time treatment. It takes multiple sessions to obtain the desired effect. While this may be considered a negative, it is important to note that you are able to return to work, etc., immediately after the treatments, which minimizes any interruption in your life.


Thermage skin treatments are another new technology that is getting a lot of publicity. At first, it was believed thermage was the big breakthrough in skin care. The technology takes the novel approach of stimulating the dermis while leaving the outer layer of epidermis intact. In so doing, the body is believed to shed the damaged outer skin while replacing it with healthier, new skin cells. The treatment actually works, but one problem has arisen. Patients report that the improvements only last three to four months. At the end of the day, thermage skin treatment is just another temporary treatment, not the end all it was supposed to be. Still, three months is better than nothing.


The medical technology field is hyperactive. New technologies are produced regularly. Many of them offer the hope of total medical solutions, but hope does not always translate to fact. In this case, IPL therapy seems a much better long-term option than thermage skin care.


Ricardo de Silva is with Plastic Surgeon Practices - a directory of plastic surgeons. Visit us to read more plastic surgery articles.


Skin Care Products Used By Medical Professionals


It slices, it dices, and it will make your bed! Alas, such fanciful claims are both the stuff of late night television and skin care products. Ditch it all and read on to see what doctors use for skin care treatments.

Your skin is one of the first things people see, so caring for it is critical.

Skin Care Products Used By Medical Professionals

The problem, however, is you are inundated with different products that supposedly are the big breakthrough to skin care. Alas, most of them are not. Instead of treating the underlying problems giving rise to blotchiness, pigmentation issues or blocked pores, they cover up the problem. While this may work short term, it means you will have to continually purchase and use their product. Hmmm...funny how that happens!


If you have skin care issues that significantly impact your appearance, you need to clean out your bathroom and stick with the basics. In this case, we are talking about the products used by doctors. Let's take a look.


1. Vitamin C Creams - The most basic of products, but they work. Vitamin C creams are boring, but very important. First, they block the chemical reaction that causes skin damage when exposed to the sun. Second, the creams stimulate the collagen production in the dermis, which smoothes out your skin and limits wrinkling.


2. Retinoic Acid: A classic product for skin care treatment, it has been around forever because it works! Known better by the name Retin-A, this treatment stimulates cell production and increases blood flow in the skin. It also regulates pigment production and new collagen. In human terms, Retin-A forces the skin to shed the damaged cells while producing new ones that are healthier and do not have pigmentation problems. The only downside to the drug is it causes the skin to be very sensitive to sunlight while it is being taken.


3. Hydroxy Acids - Hydroxy acids are used to create smooth skin and decrease pore sizes. The acids work by speeding up the shedding process of cells from the outer epidermis level of skin. This pushes new, healthier cells to the outer layer of your skin. New skin always looks better because it has not been exposed to sun, pollution and so on.


There you have it. Three of the basic medications used by medical professionals for skin care. They may not be dramatic or the next big thing you read about in magazines, but they work. In the end, isn't that what you are really after?


Ricardo de Silva is with Plastic Surgeon Practices - a directory of plastic surgeons. Visit us to read more plastic surgery articles.


Nighttime Skin Care Beauty Routine - 3 Bedtime Essentials

At the end of the day, it's so easy to do as little as possible about skin care - splash water on your face, brush your hair and brush your teeth - before going to bed. That is a nighttime regimen, but hardly a good one if you are planning to have clean, nourished skin. Too many women do not give their faces the proper attention before going to bed.


Leaving make-up on overnight has consequences that are not good. Pores become clogged, and the skin tone turns dull and flat. If you can devise a nighttime routine that is easy, quick and relaxing, the appearance of your skin would improve 100-fold.



Cleansing the face before going to sleep is essential. Don't make the mistake of paying more attention to putting on your makeup than you do to taking it off. With the array of facial soaps, gels, milks, and lotions that are on the market today, selecting a cleanser is just a matter of personal choice. Whatever you do choose, apply it with a clean, white washcloth dampened in warm water followed by an alcohol-free toner. A toner will remove any excess residue from the skin without taking away the moisture. Don't confuse a toner or refresher with alcohol-containing astringents which are used mostly for problem skin that has a tendency to develop blemishes.

It is best to remove eye makeup with a gentle product made specifically for that purpose. If the skin beneath the eyes is puffy, apply a cotton ball saturated with cold chamomile tea to the area. Chamomile is a natural soother which will help reduce any swelling. It should definitely be a part of your skin care routine.



Apply a night cream. Night creams are not the same as day creams. Night creams for the skin contain higher concentrations of humectants which are ingredients that attract moisture from the air and hold it against the skin. Whereas day moisturizing creams are made to be used with makeup without interfering with it, night creams are intended to be used on skin that is free of makeup. It is formulated to be richer than day creams and work to your best advantage for the entire night. For the optimum benefit, mist the face with an atomizer since slightly damp skin absorbs moisturizers better than dry skin can.


Restful, Relaxing Sleep

A night of good, restful sleep is also an important part of overall skin care and the appearance of your skin. Many beauty and skin care companies advocate the use of aromatherapy for this purpose. Lavender, sandalwood, rose and geranium plant oils are said to relax and calm the brain. They are often used in bath products, oil lamps and candles. Other scents you might want to try for promoting relaxation include, chamomile, sage, orange, lemon grass and seaweed.


Applying talcum powder enriched with plant and flower essences at bedtime can leave a soothing scent on your skin.

Including these three skin care basics as part of your nightly beauty regimen -- cleansing, moisturing, restful sleep --will without a doubt nourish and improve your skin and its appearance.


S.J. Peel, webmaster and author. Visit where you will find a complete information site about skin care.

Preventive Care of Your Skin


The condition of your skin is one of the keys to your appearance given the fact it is the first thing people see. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple steps you can take to care for it.


Preventive Care of Your Skin

Our skin is made up of three layers. The Epidermis is the outermost layer and sheds off every couple of weeks. The dermis lies under the epidermis and is where most of the action happens when it comes to caring for your skin. Finally, the subcutaneous area is the third level where skin attaches to the rest of our body through fat and fiber areas. Understanding that there are three levels is the first step to taking care of your skin.


It is important to understand that there are skin care products and then there are powerful skin care products. If you have significant skin issues such as shading or blotching that make a major difference in your appearance, most over the counter products are not going to make a major difference. Yes, this is true for even the wonder treatments touted by the media. Most over the counter treatments cover up the problem, but don't treat it.


If you have major problems, you need to get prescription remedies that are far more powerful. You can do this by going to a skin care specialist that is either a licensed physician or skin care physician. Guess which one is cheaper?!


When dealing with major skin care problems, you should listen and follow the advice of the medical professional you select. Although treatments differ, a common method for dealing with serious skin problems is a cycle of treatments. Every medical professional is different, but you will usually be instructed to take one or all of the following in a particular sequence - Retin-A, Vitamin C creams and an acidic product. Retin-A will stimulate new cell growth in the dermis and shedding of the epidermis. Vitamin C creams will block the damage caused by the sun. Acidic problems speed up the natural removal of damaged skin on the outer layer of epidermis.

The treatment prescribed for you will not be a quick solution. It will take months. If you are patient, however, you will eventually see significant improvements to your skin.


Ricardo de Silva is with Plastic Surgeon Practices - a directory of plastic surgeons. Visit us to read more plastic surgery articles.

Anti Aging Skin Care

The beauty of what you can do when deciding on the route you want to take in your anti aging skin care is that your choices are many. You can decide on the most extreme options and go with plastic surgery or botox injections or collagen treatments. These will make the skin appear to look younger and wrinkle free by injecting artificial things under your skin. Or in the case of plastic surgery, by moving the skin and possibly cutting away excess. These practices are totally unnecessary.


This layer of skin keeps on producing new cells, as 30000 to 40000 cells are lost every minute. It contains a very important content name melalin that is a very talked about things now a days. Melalin imparts colour to our skin.


Instead, you should try Anti Aging Skin Care techniques to tighten and beautify the real you. The key to your skin staying healthy and to limiting or eliminating winkles is not to allow your skin to dry out. This can be done by the use of creams, supplements and exercise.

Anti Aging Skin Care creams are easy to find. They will rehydrate your dry skin, which will put moisture back into the dryness that made you skin look less than what is could be. There are many to choose from and all of them offer a return to a healthier happier you.


Supplements are another possibility to help maintain better Anti Aging Skin Care. The beauty of supplements is that they are easy to find, relatively inexpensive and will help your whole body while improving your skin. These include vitamins, minerals and a variety of herbs. The vitamins can come from multi-vitamins bought in the store or an increase in the foods that will give you the natural vitamins you need. Incredibly these supplements can help improve the elasticity, the wrinkling, and even help to banish age spots.


There are exercises that can be done do stretch the skin, particularly the skin on your face, that will also help to get rid of wrinkles. Most of them involve the skin around your eyes and mouth. The most important thing to keep in mind about Anti Aging Skin Care is to satisfy yourself on how you look not others. Grow old gracefully and enjoy the trip!


Chris Lakatos is the creator of Anti-aging Health portal. You'll find useful informations, articles and resources to every aspects of your Health needs and medical advises.


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Acne Skin - Skin types are unique and react in different ways to weather, environment, and creams and/or lotions. In order to keep skin healthy and youthful in appearance it is essential to know your skin type and how to care for it.

Cancer Prevention - It doesn’t have to be that way. Gen Cells Cures is a scientific biotechnology company that is focused on a cure for breast cancer.


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