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Acne:  A Skin Infection That Can Destroy The Self Esteem

Acne, or pimples, are some of the worst skin conditions that can effect an individual's self esteem.  People who are left to deal with it on a daily basis do not realize that there are other solutions to treating the skin and allowing those little red dots to vanish.  On top of that, many individuals have misconceptions about it as well.  Some believe that it will just go away one day.  Yet for many, it can be a lifelong condition.

There are many myths about what causes those pimples in the first place. 

What Is It?

The pimples that you see on your face each day are actually small infections on the skin.  The pores of the skin are attractive areas for bacteria to get into and multiple.  When the skin is over producing oils, it makes for a very warm and moist environment for the bacteria to grow.  And, often, individuals who have these conditions often do not exfoliate the skin.  The dead skin cells can get trapped in the pores actually becoming fuel for the bacteria to feed off of.  The skin reacts through the formation of a pimple as it tries to extract the bacteria from it. 

The pimples can be treated though.  Through the use of medications as well as through the use of skin care regimen, it can be lessened and can actually be cured from the skin.  But, it is necessary to take steps to doing so as not everyone's body is capable of dealing with pimples on their own. 

On top of all of this, the pimples that show up are often on the face.  This allows many people to deal with self esteem issues simply because they can not cope with the look of the pimples.  While not everyone will have the same severity of pimples throughout their lives, everyone will deal with it at one point or another.  In fact, the condition has nothing to do with being dirty or not taking care of yourself, but rather a condition that your skin needs help in curing.


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Acne Laser Treatment:  Is This An Option For You?

Acne laser treatment is fast becoming a popular choice for acne removal.  For individuals that have tried a wide range of acne medications and still have problems with this skin condition, the laser treatment can be one of the best things to come along.  The process is quite simple.  The laser treatment works carefully and accurately to eliminate the acne that is on the skin and can often stop it from coming back.  Learning about how it works will help you to determine if this treatment is right for your acne.


The laser will actually destroy the gland that is in the skin that controls the production of oils in the skin.

How It Works

Laser treatments for acne work by using a high powered, highly controlled laser.  The laser works over the skin by using a very high speed laser that is carefully controlled by a technician.  This gland is often working too hard and overproducing oils.  The oils create a very attractive place for bacteria to live.  When bacteria get into the pores, in these warm environments, it will grow and reproduce.  The result is that it will form a pimple on the skin.

Lasers are also able to kill off the existing bacteria that are there.  They destroy the bacteria through a very finely controlled level of heat that is in the laser's light.  By destroying the existing bacteria and working to stop the glands from over producing oils, acne can be officially healed for many individuals.

On the other side, though, there are a few drawbacks to using laser treatments.  First, there may be the need for several treatments to be administered.  Not all acne will be affected as some will continue to be troublesome.  In some individuals the treatment does not work as well as it does for others.  And, worst of all, the treatment is quite expensive especially when several treatments are needed.

But, laser treatment for acne can and does provide a wide range of benefits.  In fact, the largest benefit of laser treatment is the fact that it is likely to improve acne and therefore improve the self esteem of individuals who deal with it daily.


Acne Medication:  What Can Help You

Acne medication can be purchased in different types.  You can purchase over the counter products that are effective at relieving the infections on the skin and you can use a wide range of prescription medications that can also be quite effective.  You need to find out just what medication will work for you based on what needs you have.  And, you need to insure that you follow the treatment carefully so that it can work for you.  Then, the medication can really help to improve your outlook on life.

Your first option is to use over the counter medications that treat acne. 

Medication:  Over The Counter

These are really a wide range of products.  Some use alcohol like products to help kill the bacteria and cleanse the face.  Others are creams that fight the bacteria growing inside the actual pimple.  Still others are a combination of facial cleansers and subtle medication.  What you choose is up to you.  But, what you will find in most of these products is that they can only work if you follow their treatment instructions perfectly.  That is because bacteria can continue to grow and cause inflammation if they are untreated even for one day.

Medication:  Prescription

If the over the counter products do not work for you, you can often seek the help of a dermatologist to help you.  These individuals can do a wide range of things for you.  For example, they can help to kill off the bacteria that are casing the infection in the first place.  This will help the existing pimples to go away because the bacteria are dead and the skin can actually heal itself.  Another type of medication that will work for acne that is caused by over producing oil glands works by turning off the oil glands themselves.  By controlling hormone levels within the body, the medications can stop the production of oil and therefore make the skin unattractive to bacteria.

In any of these cases, to get rid of acne, you need to properly care for your skin and follow directions carefully.


Acne Skin Care:  Caring For Your Skin's Infections

Acne skin care is something that most individuals just do not spend enough time on.  Many individuals have to deal with acne during their adolescent years.  For many, it can continue into their twenties, thirties and for others it will continue throughout their lives.  For each person, there is a different cause and therefore a different treatment in mind.  But, through a few healthy steps, you can minimize the effects of acne. 

Tips To A Healthier Look

* Skin care starts with keeping the skin clean.  While the skin does need some oil, many individuals that have acne have skin that is over producing the acne.  By properly cleaning, with a deep cleanser, the skin is less likely to have a build up of oils for bacteria to grow in.  This makes it a less attractive environment for acne to occur.

* Exfoliating is also important.  Use an exfoliating cream or cleanser along with a brush or towel nightly.  Do not rub in too hard, but gently work your way around the skin.  This will help to remove the dead skin cells that often block pores and leave skin vulnerable to acne infection.

* Treatment for acne can also come in the form of medications.  Because acne is an infection in the skin, it can often be treated with antibiotics.  This will need to come from your doctor.  Many natural and over the counter skin care regimens are available to do the same thing as well.

Treatment of acne can also happen through natural and organic means.  You'll find a wide range of products on the market that are well suited for the treatment of acne.  If your condition is severe, though, it is very important to seek out the help of a professional.  This individual may require you to seek out the help of a dermatologist who will test your skin to find out what the problem is.  A more specific treatment can then be provided to you.

Acne is no fun and it effects just about everyone.  When you take the time to properly take care of your skin, though, it can be something that is less destructive to the self esteem.  What most individuals need to understand is that acne can be controlled, in most cases, if the individual works towards reaching that goal.


Acne Treatment:  Are There Options For Me?

Acne treatment is available and does work for most individuals who need it and use it regularly.  It is necessary to find out several things first and then to find the right product to do the job.  Acne can be treated and it can be relieved.  Here are some methods in which that can happen.

Common Myths

For example, some parents will tell their adolescent child that eating too much chocolate can cause pimples. Or, that those greasy French fries are the cause.  The fact is that these things do not play a real role in the development of the pimples but can hinder the body's ability to heal from it.  That is only because by eating these foods, the individual is less likely to eat a balanced diet that allows the body to fight infections as it should.

* First, acne is caused by bacteria that are in the pores of the skin.  Since that is the case, many individuals can see improvement to their acne through a treatment as simple as purchasing a good quality cleanser to properly wash away the extra oils on the skin. 

* Second, exfoliating can also help.  By removing the dead skin cells that often clogs pores, individuals can find a wide range of relief.  This can help the skin to look better as well as to remove the fuel that keeps the bacteria alive. 

* Third, acne can also be treated through medication.  By seeking out the help of a dermatologist, you will be able to gain access to medications such as antibiotics that will actually treat the bacteria itself.  But, this often is only a temporary relief simply because it only gets rid of the bacteria but the conditions are still there for new bacteria to form and grow.

* Natural and organic products and treatments are also available to help.  These can get into pores and really do a wonderful job without the use of any chemicals. 

* Lastly, you can even use laser treatments to get rid of acne.  By literally burning the skin and the bacteria, it can help to unclog pores as well as kill the bacteria growing there.

Which treatment for acne is right for you?  There are several that can be.  You will need to start with a proper cleansing product for your face and take care of it at least twice per day.  Whenever you use cosmetics or lotions on the skin, make sure to properly clean them away.  When using treatments for the acne, you need to allow them to work the best that they can by following the instructions carefully.  These things will allow you to have healthy, acne free skin.


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