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How to Stave Off Plastic Surgery Naturally and Attain a Younger Face

The world has seen great strides in medical miracles, technology and anti-aging. We see cutting edge conveniences everywhere as we live keep-up-to-date lives that have altered who we are.

Preventing maladies and protecting our health has become everyday news.

We have cell phones that provide us with on-the-go communication as we download movies, music and news. Never in the history of our world have we been so closely connected as we further rely on the internet to bring us information, news, sports scores and more in real time – it’s all readily available at our fingertips.


People seem to easily live healthfully into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Options for living longer means one can easily replace knees, hips, even elbows if they wear out; hearts and lungs and other organs are transplanted plus there are many, many drug and vitamin supplements that work to keep us vitally alive

We live in a youth obsessed world. We don’t want to feel old or look old; we want to look like the airbrushed models we see in magazines, billboards and television. Aging can be a painful experience as we look in the mirror and see an older face staring back at us. How and when did this happen?


Little by little facial muscles begin to lose their vitality. This loss of vitality produces noticeable sagging over time as the muscles elongate; this action drags the skin downward making one look tired, out of shape and old. One might see down turned mouth corners, a flabby neck or a lined forehead develop practically overnight. Aging in the face can alter our lives as we lose confidence in our appearance.


One option to turn back the clock is plastic surgery; it has certainly become mainstream and affordable but surgery has inherent risks such as anesthesia complications, loss of sensation, risk of infection and less than stellar results sometimes occur. Taking unnecessary financial risks and risking one’s health to attain youthfulness is a very steep investment that one should carefully consider.


Another aspect of having a surgical face procedure is that muscles continue to atrophy, pulling the skin downward. Unfortunately, surgery does not stave off the aging process; procedures just mask the symptoms and the muscles continue to weaken due to inactivity. Surgical face lifts may be repeated and little “nips and tucks” performed periodically to “freshen” the lift; again, more risk for the patient.


Injections of “filler materials” have become so popular, one shouldn’t be surprised to find them popping up in every airport kiosk. Botox® and Restylane® and Collagen are the “darlings” of the many available injections but they, too, only mask aging in the face. The results from these injections are temporary and must be repeated several times per year to counteract further muscle elongation.

What if one wants to proceed naturally?

Is there a way to look revitalized when you don’t want to spend money or risk your health to look younger and fresher?


There are those “weeds” and “seeds” - people who prefer everything organic and natural to achieve better health and they would never consider plastic surgery, rather you will find them seeking the latest information from their trusted naturopath and exploring other techniques that are proven and safe.


One easy way to a non-surgical, non-invasive face lift is to practice isometric facial exercise. This is a natural way to revitalize the facial muscles and yet look at least ten to fifteen years younger in just a few weeks. Isometric movements along with resistance techniques make a huge difference when you exercise your body; the same type of exercise will lift, tone and tighten the facial muscles. You will look healthier and younger as you laugh all the way to the bank.


Cynthia Rowland, Anti-aging Expert
I Save Faces

Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness with over thirty years experience in health & beauty related fields. She has appeared on The View, Fit TV, HGTV and other popular shows. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their children’s inheritance.


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Plastic Surgery in New York


New York cannot be defined as the Mecca of plastic surgery, but still you can find a great number of professionals working there. Many people’s only rescue from the cruel business world is to make their outlooks prettier. Everyone knows the privilege that the good-looking appearance brings to its lucky owner- from success in business to happier personal life. Everyone needs their good looks and many people’s only option is to undertake a plastic operation for recovering of their hidden beauty.


Stress Hormone Cortisol - Corti-Slim is an all-natural dietary supplement that works with your body's metabolism to control Cortisol levels within a healthy range and help you lose weight. By modulating Cortisol levels, Corti-Slim removes one of the primary physiological signals for weight gain.


Cosmetic surgeons play the most important role for the success of the operation.


If you choose to try plastic surgery, you’d better first find a respectable surgeon. A dedicated plastic surgeon can perform miracles on your face and body, using his or her professional skills. That’s why, people have to be extremely vigilant about who they pick up to operate on their bodies. An unprofessional surgeon can ruin the little good looks that they have. Plastic surgery in New York offers all the available aesthetic operations, the most popular of which are liposuction, breast augmentation and facial surgery.


Aesthetic surgery can be conditionally divided into two main branches, slight changes on the face and greater transformations of the body. Plastic surgery offers cosmetic operations of the face, eyes, nose, breasts and body, as well as liposuction and additional plastic operations to maximise your good looks.


The facial plastic surgery includes operations on head and neck, such as:

- Facelifts, neck lifts, chemical peels

- Facial implants on the chin, cheeks and jaw, including fat and collagen injections

- Laser resurfacing

- Eyelid, forehead and brow plastic surgery

- Nose, chin and ear pinning surgery


The body plastic surgery includes the following cosmetic interventions:

- Liposuction and microliposuction, also called liposculpture

- Breast lift and reconstruction

- Tummy tuck

- Female breast augmentation or reduction, as well as male breast reduction


There are few things to consider upon choosing the plastic surgeon in New York, who will perform the operation. The top New York surgeons are available to anyone who can afford it. But you should be careful if the surgeon you have chosen is really a top professional. Check everything about him or her, her or his reputation, media publications, experience, past successes and specialties. Try to learn as much as possible before you decide pro or con to trust him/her with your plastic operation. Some surgeons that perform plastic surgery have additional specialty, which runs as Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) that gives them further qualification for operating on skin.


Upon your first meeting with your future-to-be surgeon, try to get as much information about him/her as possible. Ask questions and beware of the answers. Pay attention to the staff and the facilities. Check your surgeon’s involvement in local New York’s and international organisations, and any special surgical areas in which he or she performed. Also get information about which hospitals are affiliated with your surgeon.


After having checked everything about you surgeon, you may take on a great adventure of getting your new and beautiful appearance. The faculties of your surgeon can turn plastic surgery into the event that will change your life.


Article by Robbie Darmona - an article writer who writes on a wide variety of subjects. For more information click Plastic Surgery in New York


Plastic Surgery – is It the Best Solution?

Earlier people felt that plastic surgery was such an operation, which was for the higher sections of the society. But nowadays the total expenditure of the surgery is very reasonable and all sections of society opt for it. Today plastic surgery is not a big deal; all that is required is a qualified surgeon.

Sometimes plastic surgery is a necessity for reasons such as unusual birthmarks, accidents or burn marks etc.

Today because reconstructive surgery can be performed for these cases, a lot of people can look good.Cosmetic surgery has become immensely popular today, as most of the people are turning beauty conscious. Most of them want to enhance their looks and so they properly mould their nose, lips etc. But, before planning for such surgeries one must carefully listen to the tips of the surgeon. The plastic surgeries do not always end up successfully as there have been cases of swellings, non-symmetry and even death.


You need to carefully choose a surgeon for the operation. If you want to lodge a complaint about any surgeon you can meet the board of Medical Examiners. You can review the ratings of each surgeon if you surf for the information on the Internet. As experience is an important factor, you must find out whether the surgeon is capable from the previous patients.Cosmetic surgery is really an appealing concept but a careful consideration should be made before planning for it.


Paul has been providing answers to lots of queries through his website on a wide variety of subjects ranging from satellite phones to acne. To learn more visit

Preparing Your House for Your Plastic Surgery

Many people have asked why we spend so much time encouraging people to prepare their house and family for their plastic surgery. After all, the house isn't getting a little nip or tuck and the family isn't getting the face lift, you are. So why spend so much time worrying about preparing other things for your plastic surgery instead of concentrating on your self? The answer is, that by taking the time to prepare for the surgery, you are taking care of yourself in the end. After the surgery, you won't have to worry about anyone or anything other than yourself and your recovery.


The first thing we want clients to do is to get their house in order. This means clean it from top to bottom or get someone to help you clean so you don't overexert yourself. Dust, vaccum, clean the bathrooms, sort through the piles and put things away. When you come home from your surgery, you want the house to be in order so you don't have to worry about any of these things.


Do all of your "chores" before surgery that you would need to tackle over at least two weeks following your surgery. This means paying your bills, going for groceries, stocking the refrigerator with easy cook meals, filling the car up with gas, going through emails and any other daily activity that you can think of that you might not feel like doing while you are at home recovering.


Take time to make your recovery room comfortable. Pick an area of the house that is going to work best for you. If your bedroom is on the second floor, you might want to consider setting up in a kid's room, the guest room or even the family room. Have calming stuff around you: a relaxation cd, candles, pictures of your family or flowers. Put a mirror next to your bed to check your process. Lotion, ointment and medicines should be easily accessible to you. Anything that you think you might need while you are in bed should be close by so you can relax and recuperate.


These are just a few suggestions. Everyone's lifestyle and needs are different. Basically, anything that you can think of that would help you recover from your plastic surgery in a calming environment free of stress is what you should take care of ahead of time. Don't be afraid to ask friends or family for help. A little preparation ahead of time on your house makes for a much smoother recovery after the surgery. And don't ever forget to ask your physician about any health related changes you are considering making.


Learn more about Plastic Surgery and Health at

Plastic Surgery, Lasers, and TCA Skin Peels - Which is Right for You

Ask a teenager about plastic surgery and the youngster will have enough to say about the contoured bodies, broad shoulders and the picture perfect features of the cine stars. For most of them, plastic surgery stands for cosmetic plastic surgery and they strongly believe in what the so-called reality TV shows show – a slight downsizing here and a little enhancement there is going to change their lives.


But why just blame the youths?

The older generation is doing no better either. There seems a great need of setting their notions right.


Anyone who reads, listens to radio and watches television knows that exercise and diet are vitally important to our good health; we choose our foods wisely and know that exercise improves not only our waistlines but also our blood pressure, blood serums and it keeps dis-ease at bay.


Plastic surgery is actually a reconstruction or restoration of deformed, destroyed and injured parts of the body. This corrective surgery improves the appearance of the patient and at the same time adds to the functionality of the once deformed, defective part. Thus, birth defects like cleft lips and palates, disfigurements resulting from accidents like burn-marks or for that matter a deformity acquired in the process of disease treatment (removal of one or both the breasts as part of breast cancer treatment) can be set right by plastic surgery specialists.


The history of plastic surgeries runs back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. The word ‘plastic’ in the name is derived from the Greek word plastikos, which means to form or mold. The molding surgery became popular after the First World War (countless casualties with body disfigurements was an aftermath of the war).


Plastic surgery is real surgery, involving cutting and stitching. Hence, the plastic surgery specialists always emphasize on the patients emotional and physical fitness in order to handle the stresses of surgery. Plastic surgeons, therefore, make it a point to check medical history of patients. An ideal plastic surgery specialist agrees to give a surgical treatment only if he/she finds that the patient is a perfect candidate – nearly the ideal age, ideal weight, not ailing and sticks to a healthy lifestyle. Thus, some surgeons will not perform certain procedures like Rhinoplasty (reshaping the nose) and breast implants on teens.


Plastic surgery costs are a bit exorbitant and especially if you go to a certified plastic surgeon. Nevertheless, considering the complexity involved, you should never be taking any risks. Moreover, if you are undergoing plastic surgery for the right reason (and surgery becomes a dire necessity) you shall have insurance coverage. In case you are opting for a cosmetic plastic surgery and simply want to undergo a metamorphosis from an ugly duckling to a beautiful angel, you will have to bear the costs.Do not let yourself be fooled by each celebrity plastic surgery news! It may not be possible for you to check for the authenticity of the news but you know, there are simpler and safer ways of changing your looks and gaining confidence if you are thinking of plastic surgery as a makeover option.


For instance, TCA peels and laser treatments are external treatments that result in younger looking skin and can treat or even cure many skin conditions from acne and wrinkles to sagging skin and sun spots. TCA peels have been used in Hollywood by the stars for years on reality shows like The Swan, MTV’s Made, even on Oprah. Unlike Laser treatments, which are only available as a in office or spa treatment, TCA peels can now be purchased for at home treatment and they are considered to be the most effective spa treatment available by numerous plastic surgeons and dermatologists alike. For more information on TCA peels for home use and other spa treatments please see the link below.


David Maillie is a chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research and clynical analysis. He is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale:


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Breast Implants Surgery - Earlier it was a common concept among people that plastic surgery is such an operation that is only preferred by the higher sections of the society. But now-a-days the total expenditure of the surgery has turned so reasonable that even the most common men agree to it.

Breast Plastic Surgery - Aesthetic plastic surgery is something that many people are considering today that would never have thought of it before. Adding a bit of beauty or changing their looks as they age is something that is becoming more of a fashion trend than it is for medical reasons. Others are doing it to look more like a celebrity. Still others are having things that they do not like about themselves erased within just a few hours of having the surgery.

Particular Plastic Surgery - A common criticism of plastic surgery is that it is merely a procedure undertaken by the vain. This criticism is misplaced as proved by a group known as Interplast Australia.

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Cancer Research Industry - A philosophy of medicine that is over-reliant on logic and limited mainly to drugs and surgery is fundamental flawed.


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