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Men Going In For Plastic Surgery?

Women have historically been the race most likely to take advantage of plastic surgery. To the surprise of many, more and more men are looking to plastic surgery.

Of course, the above figure means 20 percent of the patients for plastic surgery are men.

Men Going In For Plastic Surgery?

Mention plastic surgery patients and one immediately thinks of women. The names of procedures such as facelifts and breast augmentation, lend themselves to this assumption. In truth, women make up approximately 80 percent of all plastic surgery patients.


Given the fact there were over 10 million plastic surgery procedures in 2005, two to three million men underwent enhancement procedures. Obviously, plastic surgery for men is no longer a taboo or unmanly option.


Men tend to pursue personal enhancements for the same reasons as women. They desire to improve a perceived physical fault or push back the effects of time. The most popular procedures with men are facelifts, nose jobs, eyelid lifts and liposuction for the infamous beer gut. For obvious reasons, breast augmentation is not popular! Although the same titles are used for these procedures, the actual processes undertaken can vary widely from women to men due to the different contours found in the body of each gender.


So, why are more and more men turning to plastic surgery?

There appear to be a few reasons. Men and women are both living longer. With this increased life expectancy, men tend to work far longer in the past and seek to keep their appearance in order. Even powerful men in the sports world, such as Jerry Jones [owner of Dallas Cowboys] have gone under the knife to improve or maintain their appearance.


As society faces the fact that we live longer, the idea of plastic surgery is no longer something that raises eyebrows. While celebrity men regularly undertake it, the rest of us are also getting in on the act.


Ricardo de Silva is with a directory of plastic surgeons.


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Facial Exercise Makes Plastic Surgery Obsolete


How old will you be when you notice the first signs of aging?

Will aging affect your hips, thighs or buttocks first or will it attack your face, producing droopy eye lids and a sagging, jowly jaw line?


Think about this the next time you look at yourself in the mirror:

When aging is apparent, what avenues will best serve you?

Do painful injections around the eyes, lips and forehead entice you?

Does it make sense to undergo a surgical procedure that promises you’ll look ten years younger?

Can you imagine waking up from surgery and not recognizing yourself?


Many men and women are searching for that special something that will keep them looking younger; taking vitamins, eating organic foods, practicing regular exercise, twice-monthly facials, are the norm for most health conscious people but no matter how diligent they are with a health routine, their faces continue to show decline.


If indeed sixty is the new forty we’re going to have to look long-term at avenues that are available to first stave off visible signs of aging and then correct the aging that has already become apparent. If you choose surgery, you choose risk. No matter how good the doctor, how qualified he is or where he practices; risks are present. Whether it’s loss of sensation, slow healing time, infection or getting a look you don’t necessarily care for, surgery, like injections is very temporary. Imagine spending $10,000 -$15,000 or more of disposable income and not liking the results or realizing that the aggravation and pain just wasn’t accurately disclosed. Fast forward five years: most likely your face is in need of a tune-up and that procedure is going to set you back more money and again, put your health and well-being at risk.


Many people are beginning to understand that surgery should be the last resort when they’ve decided they’ve “had it” with a puffy, out of shape face, rather, they are opting for a safer and saner option. One that keeps them from spending loads of cash and doesn’t risk their lives.

That choice?

Facial exercise!


You may find it difficult to believe that exercise can actually give the user a fresh, younger look but it does! Just as resistance and isometric exercise provides strength and toning for the limbs and torso, facial exercise will keep the face from sagging by tightening the muscles that support the skin. Your face will become more youthful looking as tell-tale aging melts away.


How is this possible?

Muscles in the face are small compared to our other muscles in the body; the facial muscles attach at only one end to bone, the other end inserts into another muscle. Facial muscles weave over and under other muscles so when sagging begins, the muscles drop down into other muscles causing wrinkles and a misshapen face - the look of aging!


Stop aging now with easy isometric exercise. No pain, no surgery and no expensive, risky procedure to keep you a slave to unnatural methods.


Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all-natural facial fitness with many years experience in health & beauty related fields. She has appeared on The View, Fit TV, HGTV and other popular shows. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their children’s inheritance.


The Motivation for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years. So, why is this and what is motivating people to pursue it?

Over 14 million pursued plastic surgery in 2005. Why?

The reasons are different for many people, but a few common ones are consistently sited.


Aging faces are primarily a result of sagging muscles; just like in the body where we discover our hips sliding down the back of our legs or the muscles in our upper arm looking loose and jiggle-ly, facial muscles suffer the very same loss of tone and resiliency. Add sun damage to the mix and all of a sudden you have an old, tired face that needs attention.


In the past, we were pretty much stuck with what we came into the world with at birth. For many people, this meant living with body aspects that drove them nuts. Bumps on the nose, flat buttocks, pockets of fats that no amount of exercise addressed, small breasts and so on are all areas regularly cites as problems. In the past, these problems often were categorized as an issue of vanity, but wrongly so. Such perceived defects lead to problems with confidence, and confidence is a key to success in business and personal relationships.


In many ways, people get plastic surgery to boost their confidence in themselves. Regardless of what others think, a person can nearly be disabled by their physical performance. Research on exercise and diet regimens has shown that individuals that improve their physical appearance are much more confident and happy. It is a simple fact. If you were born with a hawk nose or some other issue, there simply is not any way to exercise it in to shape. So, should you be forced to live your entire life with something that bothers you? Of course, not. If enhancing your look makes you feel better, who is anyone else to judge you?


An additional reason people get plastic surgery involves the never ending fight with time. We age every single day, and our body shows it. As people age, they feel compelled to fight against the effects, an impulse that has existed throughout history. The simple fact is the world is a dog eat dog world, and personal image is part of the competition. It is a well settled fact that more attractive people do better. This is particularly true in the business world, and is reflected by the fact that more men are pursuing plastic surgery than ever before. In modern society, you are expected to live longer and work longer. Plastic surgery provides an option for remaining competitive on the all important image stand point.


Finally, some people pursue plastic surgery as a remedy to an unfortunate problem. Plastic surgery is undertaken after mastectomies for instance. Body abnormalities resulting from birth defects or trauma are also an area plastic surgery provides an answer for. Surely, nobody could object to such personal enhancements!


What is the motivation to get plastic surgery?

Watch one of the reality shows in which plastic surgery plays a part. You will see the answer at the end of each show.


Ricardo de Silva is with a directory of plastic surgeons.

Plastic Surgery – Do Not Believe the Hype

When is a beautiful model in a publication not really a beautiful model?

When someone has played funny with the image!

You read magazines. I read magazines. We all read magazines. We all think the same thing: My God, there are some beautiful people in the world. Or are there?


Of course, there are incredibly beautiful people in the world. The uber couple of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are just one example. Many of the photographs you see in magazines, however, are not exactly accurate. This is also true for the Internet.

The massive improvements in software over the last 10 years have led to some interesting developments. In this case, we are talking about digital editing software. Editing software is all about touching up photographs. Prior to the digital revolution, this meant images would get small changes to correct minor imperfections. In the digital age, it is fairly shocking models are actually employed any longer.


Using basic desktop programs such as Adobe Photoshop, one can mold a body into practically anything you want. Hair can be made longer, shorter or a different color. Noses can be made bigger, smaller, wider, darker or lighter. Prefer the model to look insanely thin? Just start pointing and clicking. The same goes for any part of the body. If a photograph does not have the correct lighting for a magazine cover, it can be corrected using software.


The simplest way to handle the cost of paying for plastic surgery is to save up some money and pay in cash. Your surgeon will love you because cash is king, even in plastic surgery. Alternatively, you can also break out a credit card with a high limit and charge it. Ah, plastic paying for plastic surgery. Surely there is some metaphysical message there!`


Is there anything wrong with this?

Yes and no. On one hand, there is not law against touching up photographs to fit a marketing position nor should there be. There is, however, an indirect downside. Many people view these images as a goal for their personal appearance.


When considering plastic surgery, you must be objective about the potential results. It is highly unlikely you are going to look like the model in your favorite image. Heck, the model did not even look like that until undergoing a bit of editing! Plastic surgery has come a long way, but it has its limits.


Plastic surgery is designed to enhance your personal appearance. That being said, it is important that you have reasonable expectations. Forget the images in magazines. Sit down with your plastic surgeon and get an opinion from them regarding what you can expect in regard to results. If those results sound attractive, go ahead. If they don’t sound like enough of an improvement, then surgery probably is not a good option.


Ricardo de Silva is with a directory of plastic surgeons.

Coming Up with Mulla for Your Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is almost always an elective surgery unless there is an underlying medical reason. As such, your medical insurance is probably not going to cover it, which means you must.


Coming Up with Mulla for Your Plastic Surgery

Unless you can make some unique argument to your health insurance company, it is going to refuse any claim you submit related to plastic surgery. If you read the tiny boilerplate language in your health insurance policy, and it is tiny, you will find it only pays for medically necessary surgery. The terminology differs by policy, but the basic idea is you have to have a note from a doctor indicating the surgery is pivotal for your overall health. Feeling better about your appearance is not a medically necessary basis!


Like most medical procedures, plastic surgery is not cheap. Simple botox injections can run a couple of hundred bucks, but most significant procedures are going to run a couple thousand dollars at a minimum. Simply put, you need to give some thought regarding paying for the procedures.


In a capitalist economy, there is always a company looking for opportunities. In the world of plastic surgery, more than a few companies offer financing for your procedure. The financing is in the form of an unsecured loan. These lenders will finance all or part of the cost of the procedure, but you should pay close attention to the fine print. Interest rates can be similar to credit cards, which means you end up paying a lot more in the long term.


Some physicians accept this form of payment while others do not because of limits put on the payment amount by the companies. Essentially, the companies demand the doctor take less than the normal fee, much as health insurance companies do with most medical professionals. Physicians hate these caps and some simply will not put up with it. Point being, make sure the surgeon in question accepts this form of payment before going through the application process.


For most people, the best option for paying for plastic surgery is the old savings account. Since Americans are infamously bad savers, you may want to check out the other options available.


Ricardo de Silva is with a directory of plastic surgeons.


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