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Plastic Surgery Articles, Tips and Information

Plastic Surgery - Choose It for the Right Reason

Ask a teenager about plastic surgery and the youngster will have enough to say about the contoured bodies, broad shoulders and the picture perfect features of the cine stars. For most of them, plastic surgery stands for cosmetic plastic surgery and they strongly believe in what the so-called reality TV shows show - a slight downsizing here and a little enhancement there is going to change their lives.

Plastic surgery costs are a bit exorbitant and especially if you go to a certified plastic surgeon.

But why just blame the youths?

The older generation is doing no better either. There seems a great need of setting their notions right.

Plastic surgery is actually a reconstruction or restoration of deformed, destroyed and injured parts of the body. This corrective surgery improves the appearance of the patient and at the same time adds to the functionality of the once deformed, defective part. Thus, birth defects like cleft lips and palates, disfigurements resulting from accidents like burn-marks or for that matter a deformity acquired in the process of disease treatment (removal of one or both the breasts as part of breast cancer treatment) can be set right by plastic surgery specialists.


The history of plastic surgeries runs back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. The word 'plastic' in the name is derived from the Greek word plastikos, which means to form or mold. The molding surgery became popular after the First World War (countless casualties with body disfigurements was an aftermath of the war).


Plastic surgery is real surgery, involving cutting and stitching. Hence, the plastic surgery specialists always emphasize on the patients emotional and physical fitness in order to handle the stresses of surgery. Plastic surgeons, therefore, make it a point to check medical history of patients. An ideal plastic surgery specialist agrees to give a surgical treatment only if he/she finds that the patient is a perfect candidate - nearly the ideal age, ideal weight, not ailing and sticks to a healthy lifestyle. Thus, some surgeons will not perform certain procedures like Rhinoplasty (reshaping the nose) and breast implants on teens.


Nevertheless, considering the complexity involved, you should never be taking any risks. Moreover, if you are undergoing plastic surgery for the right reason (and surgery becomes a dire necessity) you shall have insurance coverage. In case you are opting for a cosmetic plastic surgery and simply want to undergo a metamorphosis from an ugly duckling to a beautiful angel, you will have to bear the costs.

Do not let yourself be fooled by each celebrity plastic surgery news! It may not be possible for you to check for the authenticity of the news but you know, there are simpler and safer ways of changing your looks and gaining confidence if you are thinking of plastic surgery as a makeover option.


For instance, TCA skin peels and laser treatments are external treatments that result in younger looking skin and can treat or even cure many skin conditions from acne and wrinkles to sagging skin and sun spots. TCA skin peels have been used in Hollywood by the stars for years on reality shows like The Swan, MTV's Made, even on Oprah. Unlike Laser treatments, which are only available as a in office or spa treatment, TCA skin peels can now be purchased for at home treatment and they are considered to be the most effective spa treatment available by numerous plastic surgeons and dermatologists alike. For more information on TCA skin peels for home use and other spa treatments please see the link below.


David Maillie is a chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research and clynical analysis. He is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale:


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Questions You Should Ask About Plastic Surgery


It's not surprising that plastic surgery has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Popular television shows and celebrity surgeries have de-stigmatized plastic surgery to the point where it is considered an attainable and reasonable means of improving appearance for almost anyone.


The advancement of technology and increase in plastic surgery operations means that many procedures are now commonplace and relatively free of risk, however, no surgery is risk free and any person seriously contemplating plastic surgery should take the time to ask the following questions as a part of their research.



While this may be the first question you thought of in reality you should only consider this after determining whether you should have surgery. Costs vary widely and should not be the basis for your decision. The qualifications of the doctor and your comfort with him or her are of far greater significance than the cost since you will undoubtedly pay more if you encounter complications or are unhappy with the results.


Are you having reconstructive surgery because of an accident or genetic problem? Depending on the reason for the surgery you may have some of the costs covered by insurance or state run medical programs. Cosmetic surgery (also called 'elective') is not deemed to be medically necessary and will not likely be covered by insurance.



All surgery carries risk. Even if your doctor is experienced in the surgery and the risks minimal you may develop a complication. Your health should be thoroughly reviewed before surgery is discussed.


A good cosmetic surgeon will take your reasons for surgery into consideration and should be open about the risks. Are you sure the risks outweigh the potential benefits?

What, if any, follow up will be done by the surgeon? Will the doctor make adjustments if needed?

How will complications be handled? How much time will you need to recover and what are the expected side effects of surgery?



Not all surgical procedures need to be performed in a hospital so it is important to research the doctor to ensure they are accredited. They should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS) or similar organization in your country.


Ask the surgeon if they have hospital privileges. Having hospital privileges means that a hospital committee has approved the doctor's training and competency to meet their criteria for performing a similar operation in their facilities. Even if your surgery is performed in an office, verify that there will be appropriate medical personnel on hand and that the facilities are clean and medical waste is properly disposed of.


You should ask your personal physician for referrals as well as discuss the need for surgery. It is also important to find a surgeon you feel comfortable with. You want to feel free to ask questions and certain they understand what you are hoping to achieve - after all, this isn't a hair cut, you want it right the first time.


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Facial Plastic Surgery, a Tribute Facial Beauty


Today, we live in a culture totally youth-oriented. Aspiration to get younger, healthier and beautiful (or handsome) is growing. Face is the most remarkable feature of a human body. We know someone by face as much as we know by one's name and fame. But with age we loose the youthfulness and face is the striking human future that shows our loss in terms of health and beauty, by developing loose skins, fine lines and bags around the eyes.



Although the makeovers on television may give the impression that cosmetic surgery can improve your life it is vitally important that you have a realistic viewpoint of the impact of surgery.When discussing cosmetic surgery with a doctor they should also tell you the options available and any alternatives to surgery. You shouldn't be pressured into unnecessary surgery. An informed consent document should be signed prior to surgery.


To enhance the facial beauty there are many procedures. But cosmetic plastic surgery offers the most striking results. Facial cosmetic procedures are the most requested procedure which involves tightening the underlying muscles and re-draping the facial skin to augment, define or reshape various facial features. It includes many procedures like: cheek implants, silicone lip augmentation, brow lift, nose reconstruction, eyelid lift, etc.


Facial cosmetic surgery gives you a younger and youthful look, but it cannot stop the aging process. It can set back the clock such a way that the visible signs of aging can not be discernible. As with all surgeries, it also involves some risks and complications. So the surgeon must consider the individual physical reactions, healing abilities and general health condition. The most common complications may include hematoma, infections and anesthesia reactions which can be nullified by proper advice from an expert surgeon, both before and after surgery. Given below is the popular facial cosmetic procedures.


· Facial liposuction:

It is a cosmetic procedure used to vacuum fatty deposits from the cheeks, chin, neck or jaw line.

· Chemical peel: It works by burning the face and creating a controlled injury and the result is a smoother less-wrinkled youthful face. · Hyaloronic acid therapy: It involves injection restylane, esthelis, perlane and hylaform to remove facial flaws.

· Chin implants: It is performed to give a balanced and symmetrical face by implanting silicone implants.

· Cheek implants: It involves elevating cheek bones to make the cheek proportionate with other facial features.

· Silicone lip augmentation:


This procedure achieves fuller and plumper lips and involves collagen injection or silicone implants.

· FAMI: It is done to remove very deep wrinkles and lift the sagging face caused by weight loss.

· Forehead lift: It removes furrows from the forehead/brow that give an angry look.

· Eyelid Lift: It removes the bags above the eyes that give a tired look.

· Nose Reshaping Surgery: It corrects deviated septum and trauma in the nose.

· Thread lift: It is a new and sophisticated facial plastic surgery procedure and less invasive procedure that gives a youthful look.


The author is a columnist in some leading healthcare magazines. He specializes in facial beauty procedures.


Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are many different plastic surgery procedures available to those who would like to alter certain aspects of their bodies. Plastic surgery has been around in some form or another for many years, but has only been in extensive use in the 20th and 21st century. The top three cosmetic surgical procedures in 2004 Liposuction (325,000); nose reshaping (305,000); and breast augmentation (264,000. In addition to these procedures there are many other options for other areas of the body. In this article I plan to explore some of those cosmetic surgery options and give background information on those procedures as well. These numbers clearly show an increasing trend to have cosmetic surgery procedures performed for aesthetic, as well as reconstructive reasons.


We'll start by exploring the number one plastic surgery procedure, Liposuction. In the last year alone, 325,000 Liposuction procedures were performed on both men and women of all ages and race. Liposuction is a procedure that can help to sculpt the body by removing unwanted fat from specific areas, including the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, cheeks, neck, chin and upper arms.


Liposuction is not a substitute for regular good diet practices or exercise but rather a further refinement in addition to diet and exercise. Recently a number of new techniques in liposuction have been developed, including the ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL), the tumescent technique, and the super-wet technique. These new procedures are helping many plastic surgeons to provide their patients with more precise results and quicker recovery times. Not all patients will be able to use the newest techniques but your doctor can discuss which techniques are the best for you based upon your medical history and various other factors.


Liposuction is best performed on Normal weight individuals with firm, elastic skin who have excess fat in certain areas of their body. Liposuction carries a greater risk for people with medical problems such as poor circulation, severe lung or heart disease, diabetes, as well as some other conditions not listed. It is always best to let your doctor know your full medical history so that he can accurately assess the correct procedures for your body as well as safely and effectively treat you. In your first consultation, your plastic surgeon will most likely evaluate your health, determine where your fat deposits lie and the elasticity of your skin, and develop a plan that is right for you and your body.


Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, is another commonly performed technique in which the nose is reshaped, altered, or straightened for both reconstructive and aesthetic reasons. This procedure is often used to correct breathing problems in the nasal region as well. There are two options for the incision in this type of plastic surgery, There is open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty is performed by making a small incision across the columella, between the nostrils, in addition to incisions on the inside of your nose. This surgery is often performed in the most complicated cases. In the case of closed rhinoplasty the incision is inside of the nose helping to promote a speedier recovery as well as reducing the amount of swelling. Rhinoplasty can change the shape of your nose by recontouring the underlying cartilage and bone into the desired shape. Plastic surgeons today have the ability to make your nose shorter, longer, thinner, and straighter. Most of the incision in nasal surgery are made internally so there is no visual scarring on the exterior nasal cavity. Healing times vary with the type of incision but healing from nasal plastic surgery generally occurs within a few weeks after surgery.


Breast Augmentation cosmetic surgery is another very popular procedure and one that has been widely publicized by women around the world. Breast augmentation is surgery to enhance the size or shape of a woman's breast for reconstructive or aesthetic reasons. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to, enhancing the size of the breast for a woman who feels that hers are too small, correcting a difference in breast size, reconstructing the breast after surgery, and a reduced breast volume after pregnancy. Breast size can be increased during surgery by the insertion of an implant behind each breast and can effectively increase the bustline by a cup size or more.


Background of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in the Modern and Ancient World


Today, here, and around the world, many people have considered having Cosmetic Surgery, or Plastic Surgery performed. Many more have had plastic surgery done, some with multiple procedures. Plastic Surgery, by definition, is a broad term for operative manual and instrumental treatment which is performed for functional or aesthetic reasons. Medical treatment for Facial injuries dates back over 4,000 years. The word "plastic" is a derivative of the Greek word plastikos meaning to mould or shape; however, contrary to common belief, the term "plastic surgery" is not related to modern plastics at all.


Because lower body lifts require multiple procedures, they generally require a longer stay in the hospital. Occasionally the procedures can take place in an out patient surgical clinic, but it is usually up to the doctor to decide.


Cosmetic Surgery was first known to have been performed in Roman times. The Romans had the ability to perform simple procedures such as repairing damaged ears, in modern times referred to as Otoplasty, this is one of the most simple of procedures. One report discusses a patient getting his earlobes repaired after years of wearing heavy earrings. The excess lobes were trimmed and the hole sewn together. One of the more expensive plastic surgeries performed at the time, the removal of branding and scars, was a commonly executed procedure. Freed slaves paid a high price indeed for this type of surgery. It was felt that this common practice reduced the stigma of having been a slave in this ancient times.


In ancient India physicians were able to use skin graft reconstruction techniques as early as 800 B.C. From ancient times to the early nineteenth century, we find a living tradition of plastic operations of the nose, ear and lip. The Kangra (correctly pronounced as 'Kangada') district in Himachal Pradesh was most famous for its plastic surgeons. Some scholars are of the opinion that the word 'Kangada' is made from 'Kana + gadha' (ear repair). The British archaeologist Sir Alexander Cunningham (1814-93) had written about the tradition of Kangra plastic surgery procedures. We also have information that in the reign of Akber ,a Vaidya named Bidha used to carry out plastic operations in Kangra.


The Charaka-Sanhita and the Sushruta-Sanhita are among the oldest known manuscripts on Ayurveda (the Indian science of medicine). Chronologically speaking, the Charaka-Sanhita is believed to be the earliest work, and deals with medicine proper and containing a few passages on surgery. The Sushruta-Sanhita, a work of the early centuries of the Christian era, mainly deals with surgical knowledge rather than medicine. The extant Sushruta-Sanhita is, according to its commentator Dalhanacharya (of twelth century AD), a amendment by Nagarjuna. The original Sushruta-Sanhita was based on a series of lectures between Kashiraj Divodas (or Dhanvantari) and his disciples, Sushruta and others.


In 15th Century Europe, a man by the name of Heinrich von Pfolspeundt , a German physician and a member of the Teutonic Order of Knights was one of the first known Europeans to have performed cosmetic surgery. Dr. Pfolspeundt was one of the first doctors of the late medieval and early Renaissance period to take medical practices beyond the very crude conditions that had existed through much of the Middle Ages. During his time, a good number of German physicians, especially those in Strasbourg, helped to serve the advancement of the study of medicine. Dr. Pfolspeundt described a procedure to make a new nose for a person who lacks one. He stated that by removing skin from the back of the arm and suturing it into place a new nose could be created.


From Italy we have records that would indicate that in the year 1442, Branca, a surgeon of Catania in Sicily, carried out plastic surgery of the nose, Also known as rhinoplasty, using a skin flap from the face. This procedure was very similar to the one described in the Sushruta-Sanhita, an Ayurvedic compendium composed in the early centuries of the Christian era. His son Antonio continued his work and was the first known to use a skin flap from the arm for reconstructing the nose. The Boinias family carried on with his work. The plastic operations carried out by the Boinia brothers are described in a book published in 1568 by Fioravanti, a doctor of Bologna, Italy.


At the hands of Gasparo Tagliacozzi (1546-99), a professor of surgery and of anatomy at the Bologna University, that plastic surgery attained wide fame in Europe. His book De curtorum chirurgia per insitionem (The surgery of defects by implantation), printed in 1597, was the first scientific composition on plastic surgery. Tagliacozzi had described a method of substitution of the nose by skin from the arm and of replacement of the ears and lips, demonstrating his work throughout his manuscript by way of a large number of illustrations. The Church dignitaries of the time regarded cosmetic surgery as an interference in the affairs of the Almighty. After his death they not only excommunicated Tagliacozzi, but also had his corpse exhumed from its church grave, and placed it in unconsecrated ground. The great Voltaire (1694-1778) wrote a satirical poem on Tagliacozzi and his operation on the nose, using flap from the buttocks.


However, due to the many dangers of surgery in those times, cosmetic surgery was rarely performed until around the 1900's. The United States first plastic surgeon was Dr. John Peter Mettauer, born in Virginia in 1787, who in 1827 performed the first cleft palate surgery on record with instruments he himself designed.


There are two very broad fields of aesthetic surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery. Reconstructive surgery, including microsurgery, focuses on undoing or masking the destructive effects of trauma, previous surgery or disease. Examples of such operations are the rebuilding of amputated or damaged arms or legs; repairing cleft palates or lips, badly formed noses, and ears; and reconstructing a breast after mastectomy. Reconstructive surgery may include moving tissue from other parts of the body to the affected area.


Cosmetic surgery however, is an elective surgery, usually done more for aesthetic reasons rather than to repair an injured area. In many cases, however, there are medical reasons for having some procedures done, such as breast reduction (for back pain relief) and Mastopexy (also known as a "breast lift). Cosmetic Surgery includes, but is not limited to, Abdominoplasty, or "tummy tuck", Blepharoplasty, or "eyelid surgery", Augmentation Mammaplasty, or "breast enlargement", and Rhytidectomy, or "face lift". There are many more procedures not listed here that are commonly performed as well. The top five surgical procedures in 2004 Liposuction (325,000), nose reshaping (305,000), breast augmentation (264,000), eyelid surgery (233,000), and facelift (114,000).


As you can see, Plastic Surgery has a longstanding history across the ages. It has helped not only in the reconstructive plastic surgery field but also has allowed people to feel more comfortable with their bodies and more confident about themselves.



Phoenix Cosmetic Surgery - Lower Body Lift Plastic Surgeon Procedure

Phoenix Cosmetic Surgery - Lower Body Lift Plastic Surgeon Procedure

Skin droops as it ages because the body stops producing proteins called elastin and collagen. This is an unfortunate side effect of aging. Once the chemicals start to disappear, the gravity starts pulling the skin down. Fortunately a lower body lift can be a solution to this problem. This surgical procedure will tighten the thighs, hips, butt and create a smoother, younger look.


After the lower body lift surgeries are complete it's a good idea to walk around and try to be as mobile as possible. Good blood circulation will help the healing process. About a week after the surgery is performed you will still feel a little bit sore and most likely have an altered routine. In about two weeks you should be able to resume as normal however it's always a good idea to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise.


To learn more about lower body lifts or Phoenix cosmetic surgery, please visit our website at This article may be freely reprinted as long as this resource box is included and all links stay in tact as hyperlinks.


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