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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Nutrition Articles, Tips and Information

My Fitness Programme Including Diet And Nutrition

In my last article I wrote about exercise and my running programme I had started in my life. In this article I am going to detail the important subject on diet to supplement the exercise programme. Most people have been on some type of diet at one point of their lives. This may involve a diet designed at cutting out carbohydrates or reducing these to an absolute minimum. These diets work on the factor that if you eliminate carbohydrates then you reduce calories which are the basis of any diet plan.

A running programme is based around protein to support muscles and growth and carbohydrates for energy.

When a diet is incorporated into a fitness programme, it is not usually designed on reducing calories but used to support the exercise programme giving the body the required calorie total to achieve your specific goals. An exercise programme depending on the level of exercise will require usually more calories but this is used up by the higher metabolic rate of your body during the exercise period. The body is an engine requiring specific fuel to run,if the body is not given this fuel then like an engine it will grind to a halt causing fatigue and exhaustion.


Carbohydrates come in two different forms which are fast release which contain refined sugars contained in sweets, chocolate in fact anything usually containing artificial sugars.Fast release or simple sugars as I will refer to them here will give the body a quick release of sugar and carbohydrates into the blood stream, this is an artificial way of getting carbohydrates into the system as what usually happens is that the blood sugar level rises quickly then crashes making you feel hungry again resulting in you consuming more calories.


The second type of carbohydrate is slow release carbohydrate which are better for the system as these give a steady flow of carbohydrate for a prolonged period of time. These types of carbohydrates usually are found in wholemeal bread, oats, wholegrain rice & pasta, natural cereals, potatoes. Protein is especially important as this provides support for muscle development and growth.


People on an exercise programme are recommended to up their intake of good quality proteins. These are low fat sources such as skinless chicken and turkey breasts, lean cuts of beef, fish, skim milk & dairy products, protein powders.


It is difficult to estimate a person's daily calorie requirement as this will be based on the individuals weight and height and the type of exercise programme they are on at the time. For more guidance in this area I would suggest investigating this on the internet or purchasing a specialist sport activity publication.


Adam Parsons is a full time health and safety officer writing various health related articles in my spare time and promoting websites"""


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Running & Muscle Cramps - The Nutrition Factor


Everyone you talk to seems to have a theory about muscle cramps and running cramps in particular - eat bananas, eat oranges, take more salt, eat less salt. For some this may work, for most it doesn't.


Healthy Diet

All of our experts agree that it is beyond dispute that if you have an unhealthy diet it will contribute towards muscle cramps and they will explain in more detail how important proper nutrition is in the long term prevention and treatment of cramps. Prevention in terms of nutrition comes down to consuming a mostly Fresh Food Diet that is high in minerals and avoiding ‘Empty’ foods that are high in sugar, low in minerals and introduce toxins and antibiotics into our systems.Fast food of any type, fried food, processed or refined carbohydrates (such as cakes, biscuits and most types of bread), alcohol and excessive amounts of caffeine are all examples.


In terms of cramping, eating the wrong food does the following:

1) Reduces our muscles’ energy reserves and makes cramping more likely

2) Deprives the muscles of minerals required to relax and contract the muscles – particularly Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Potassium

3) Introduces toxins (preservatives, food colouring and flavour enhancers) that have a stimulatory effect on the muscles and tend to inhibit the relaxation response.


Kinesiologist and Osteopath, David Wells explains it this way: “When you eat ‘fast’ or ‘junk’ food you are depriving your body of the right fuel but also increasing overall toxicity with flavour enhancers and preservatives which are stimulatory to the brain and therefore tend to produce increased muscle tone (i.e. switching on the muscle contraction), making it more likely that you will cramp.”“All of these toxins have to pass out through the liver for detoxification and therefore reduce your energy output because the liver burns up your energy reserves trying to detoxify you. This results in you feeling tired and with less energy for your muscles to work."


So a good diet with plenty of fresh food is something everyone who suffers regular cramps should take notice of. Gone are the days, particularly as we get older when you can eat anything you like because you're able to burn off the calories. Athletes who used to try this suffered worse problems than cramps. Many elite endurance athletes of the 90's frequently suffered 'mystery viruses'. In actual fact these were regular illnesses which we all suffer, but because these athletes had such depleted immune systems they were more susceptible to regular attack. If you're not eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and suffering cramps, you're getting the early warning signs of worse things to come, so "clean up your act".


Paul Newland is a health and nutrition consultant, trainer, martial arts instructor, commercial helicopter pilot and author. His Ultimate Cramp Busting Guide is one of the internet's leading health information books and is the definitive guide to preventing, treating and curing cramps associated with exercise. In the Ultimate Cramp Busting Guide Newland speaks with 6 health, sports, nutrition, medical and complimentary health care professionals and explains why you get cramps, the best ways to treat them and how to prevent them from happening again.


Nutrition Articles and Books: What Should You Believe?

Nutrition Articles are a dime a dozen. Type any nutrition-related keyword into a major search engine and you’re bound to find tens of thousands of search results With all of that information out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Which nutrition articles are worth reading? What books can help you reach your goals?


Sports nutritionist Richard Renton agrees, "Being an athletic trainer and having worked with teams for a long time, after starting with a new team I could tell you after 2 weeks who’s going to get cramps & who’s not - poor diet or a good diet, their habits, whether they sweat profusely, whether they take care of themselves or not, you can tell. If they're drinking a litre of fizzy pop before they work out, and if that’s their only method of drinking water, that’s going to create a lot of problems.”


Here are some tips to help you sort through all of the information out there and make progress toward helping your family live happier and healthier lives:

==>Figure out what you want.

Sounds too simple, but it’s so important. Make sure that you have a good sense as to what are appropriate and realistic goals for your children before you start to collect information.


==>Talk with your child’s doctor

Run your goals past your child’s doctor and talk with them about the information that you’ve found. Often physicians have or can point you toward good, evidence-based information that is safe and effective.


==>Look at who’s writing the information

A lot of the information on the Internet about nutrition is not written by health care professionals. They are typically one person’s experience with a certain product and will not have any scientific evidence to back up claims. Government-run public health sites tend to have better information written by professionals, although you usually can’t find all of the answers that you’re looking for in one place.


Michael P. Scaccia, MD, FAAP is a physician, child health expert, and author of "The Ultimate Parent Guide to Fitness and Nutrition". From nutrition to fitness and beyond, this powerful, step-by-step guide is a must-have for concerned parents of overweight children. For more information, visit ==>


Nutrition for Kids: How to Teach Your Children About Healthy Eating


You realize that nutrition for kids is important, but you’re not sure how to teach your child to make better food choices.

Now what?


Here are a few suggestions to help educate your child about nutrition and how it relates to their overall health:

Learn more about nutrition yourself.

You can’t teach what you don’t know yourself. Find a quality resource from a qualified and experienced professional that can show you in easy-to-understand language how to use nutrition and fitness to help your family live happier and healthier.


==>Start with a preferred foods list.

Write down a list of all of the foods that your child likes. Then take that list and divide it into foods that are better for them, and foods that are not so good. Post the list on the refrigerator as a reminder to you and your child to choose more of the foods that are better, and less of the foods that are not as healthy.


==>Talk about the consequences of poor nutrition in age-appropriate terms.

Explain the benefits in terms that they can relate to and understand. You can tell kids that obesity will lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer, but that probably won’t mean much to them today. Tell them that they can feel better about themselves, climb stairs without getting out of breath, and play longer, harder, and better.


==>Start to read labels together.

They don’t have to understand all of the information on a label, but getting them in the habit of looking at every label they see, and simply comparing calories will help get them thinking about nutrition.


Michael P. Scaccia, MD, FAAP is a physician, child health expert, and author of "The Ultimate Parent Guide to Fitness and Nutrition". From nutrition to fitness and beyond, this powerful, step-by-step guide is a must-have for concerned parents of overweight children. For more information, visit ==>


Nutrition Facts, Restaurants, and Your Family


The nutrition facts at restaurants can be hard to come by if you don’t know where to look. Most restaurants, especially fast food places, won’t just hand you a nutrition guide as you decide to order. You almost always have to request it specifically, and it will often take them a few minutes to track one down. You can do a little research before heading out to some restaurants by visiting their website and looking over the nutritional information for their foods. Some even have information laid out in the same format as a nutrition facts label.


If you can’t find nutrition information, or you’re visiting a local restaurant that may not have that information readily available, you can keep the following points in mind:


==>Choose grilled or baked foods instead of fried

Instead of chicken nuggets, get a grilled chicken sandwich and cut it up. Choose a baked potato instead of french fries.


==>Go with fresh fruits or vegetables if possible

More and more restaurants are offering fresh fruit cups in place of fries. Take advantage of this!


==>Choose non-caffeinated, sugar-free drinks

Sugared drinks are one of the biggest sources of unnecessary calories. Restaurants are getting better at offering healthier choices of drinks, but sometimes you have to ask.


Michael P. Scaccia, MD, FAAP is a physician, child health expert, and author of "The Ultimate Parent Guide to Fitness and Nutrition". From nutrition to fitness and beyond, this powerful, step-by-step guide is a must-have for concerned parents of overweight children. For more information, visit ==>

Introduction to Nutritional Immunology

In a world where fast food is quicker, simpler, and better tasting, its easy to get tempted by what the corporations have to offer us. Regarding this, we need to keep a more watchful eye over our nutrition intake to make sure our body can be in the best working order.

Why healthy nutrition? The are a lot of benefits. The human body needs various nutrients and minerals to keep it functioning in tip-top shape, and the only way this can be accomplished is by maintaining a healthy diet which include vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are necessary to the body for many different reasons; they are crucial for obtaining energy, helping your body grow, and repairing worn out tissues. Most importantly, they strengthen our immune system to combat against various disease and illness. If your diet lacks certain necessary vitamins, your health may suffer. Therefore, the primary benefits of healthy nutrition are mainly that it keeps your health up.


In addition, keeping fit by exercising regularly, having enough sleep and maintaining a stress less status while sticking to a healthy nutritional plan can result in higher levels of energy, higher self esteem and a generally better feeling of well-being. As you can see, there are many answers to the question "Why have healthy nutrition", and all of them point to a better way of life. While the temptations of fast foods and junk can be great, some simple will-power and restraint can help you achieve levels of health you didn't even know were possible.


Nutritional Immunology - The Gateway to a Healthier Life

Throughout history, scientists have been successful in developing drugs that treat specific diseases. But they have yet to create an adequate substitute for a healthy immune system - a substitute that most likely does not exist. We used to think illness were linked mainly to infectious agents. Throughout medical advances and the improvement of living standards, scientists have used all kinds of chemical drugs to inhabit the spread of viruses and bacteria agents. In today's world, we are facing a new kind of health challenge: illnesses related to our modern diet such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. When faced with the challenge of these degenerative diseases, we realize the importance of prevention through balanced diets.


Even though "NUTRITION" and "IMMUNOLOGY" were once two separate disciplines, today we realize the importance of combining the two sciences for the improvement of our immune systems. Imbalanced diets, unhealthy living habits and insufficient health knowledge are all causes of suppressed immune function. Without a properly functioning immune system, we cannot face the microbial, health hazards of daily life.


Simply searching for cures is no longer enough to combat disease; prevention is the key to greater health and Nutritional Immunology can provide the knowledge to obtain it. According to Nutritional Immunology, when the body is deprived of essential nutrients, the immune system is weakened and losses its ability to defend us against illness. However, when function properly, the immune system has the ability to combat disease and illness and even overcome the constant attacks of environmental pollutants and toxins.


Recognizing that disease prevention addresses the problem of poor health more effectively than searching for cures, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen has discovered definite connections between the nutrients found in plant foods and immune system function. According to the science of Nutritional Immunology, plant foods such as fruits, vegetables and herbs provide rich sources of nutrients that the body needs. In fact, the phytochemicals found in plants are believed to prevent dietary fat from promoting tumors, inhibit the growth of microbes and improved blood lipids and cholesterol levels. The American Cancer Society maintains that nutrition is a major player in preventing cancer deaths.


Living in this new millennium and facing different health hazards on a daily basis helps us see that continuing research and education is important to bring health to the world. After all, it is only when we have good health that life truly begins. The Immune System - Activate the Body's own Defense System


The human immune system is the body's own battlefield. Without the immune system, the body would not be able to defend against disease and illness. The immune system consist of :

* Monocytes, which act as sentinels;
* Antibodies;
* Natural killer cells;
* Cytotoxic T-cells, which act as artillery;
* Helper and suppressor T cells, which sound the alarm;
* macrophages, which help clean up the battlefield.


The immune system is like an army protecting our bodies from foreign invaders. The major constituents of the immune system consist of :

* Bone marrow
* Thymus
* Lymph nodes
* Spleen
* Tonsils
* Appendix
* Peyer's patches
* lymphatic vessels


All of which protect the body against dangerous toxins and invading micro-organisms. Nothing can take the place of a healthy immune system. When function properly, the body has all the ammunition it needs to ward off disease and combat illness. The immune system is stronger than any drug, and unlike most medications, it has no side effects. There are definite links between nutrition and the immune system. What we eat directly affect how well the immune system functions. Unfortunately, many of us assume that if we do not exhibit visible signs of illness, then we are healthy. This is an assumption that is often incorrect. Most diseases are present in the body long before they give any outward manifestations, and are associated with a malfunctioning of the immune system. However, if our immune system is function properly, we can defend ourselves from most illness. Therein lies the importance of strengthening the immune system: through proper Nutrition.


Plant Foods - The Sources of Natural, Wholesome Nutrition

Nutritional factors play a significant role in resistance to infection and almost any nutritional deficiency adversely affects the immune system. So, the question is, how do we obtain the necessary nutrients to keep the immune system function optimally? Herbs and Plant foods are the most natural sources of nutrition available on the earth. It is know that there exists on the earth today, a sufficient variety of plants, vegetation and herbs to adequately fulfill all our body's nutritional needs. Despite this, humans typically eat less that 0.1% of the total number of plants in the world. This can probably be attributed to the busy lifestyles that most of us lead.


Artificially created vitamins can only mimic the nutrients found in plants, but in the long term, they are not adequate substitutes for vitamins in their natural source. Not only are the isolates not as effective as vitamins in their natural source, but they are also dangerous. For example, just five times the US Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin D has been found to cause liver damage, and large doses of vitamin B6 taken by women for PMS relief can actually lead to nervous system damage. It should be noted that the US Recommended Daily Allowance that appears on vitamin bottles and food packages represents the maximum need (usually for an adult male), rather than the average need. The safest, most affective way to obtain essential vitamins is through herbs and plants.


Phytochemicals found in plant foods offer enormous promise in the fight against disease - particularly cancer - as they seem to have the ability to nourish and bolster the immune system like nothing else science has ever seen. Studies have shown that phytochemicals have the ability to block the process that leads to carcinogenesis, and may even reverse or halt the progression of cancer at any stage. There are millions of different nutrients in plant foods, and each plant contains a unique variety of phytochemicals.


Chau Chee Fui,
Website : Http://,
Description : Articles on Nutritional Immunology,
Profession : Member of E.Excel International

Nutrition Immunology - The Human Body

In today's modern world, we are products of a highly technological era, surrounded by machines designed to serve every imaginable purpose. The list of mechanical wonders is endless: dishwashers, refrigerators, telephones, computers, automobiles - all have become commonplace in our everyday lives. In fact, it's difficult to imagine going without these modern conveniences. Unfortunately, when a machine breaks down, it does not have the capacity to repair itself, no matter how advance or well-designed it may be. We must either replace the item, or seek out the help of someone with specialized knowledge to fix the faulty machine. But one machine does exist that comes with its own built-in and highly specialized repair mechanism: The Human Body.


Through an organic rather than technological wonder, the human body is nevertheless an intricate and sophisticated machine, made all the more remarkable because every human is different and unique. When the body "breaks down", falling victim to illness and disease, it is not possible to simply go out and replace it with a new one. Luckily, the body comes equipped with its own mechanism of defense and repair in the form of an elaborate immune system.


The immune system is a complex network of cells and organs, not confined to any one area of the body. It is programmed to fight off any foreign substance that threatens the health of the body. In addition, the immune system clears away dead cells and destroys mutant or altered cells that could become cancerous. It is only within the past 30 years that scientists have really begun to gain even a rudimentary understanding of this valuable and intricate system.


Two main components of the immune system include the bone marrow (which produces white blood cells or leukocytes, that circulate throughout the body to detect and destroy harmful substances) and the thymus (a small organ located above the heart that serves as a sort of training center for immune cells). Specialized cells of the immune system include B cells (which produce antibodies against infectious agents), T cells (which are specially trained by the thymus to recognize the specific invaders), natural killer cells (which wonder through the body and attack cancerous cells) and phagocytes such as the monocyte and macrophage ; also known as "eating cells" (which engulf and destroy microorganisms and debris). Together, these various cells create a strong defense against any substance that threatens the health of the body.


In 1979, immunologist Edwin Blalock discovered that immune cells manufacture several hormones which enable the immune system to coordinate its activities with the bodys' other systems. All of these systems work in tandem to keep us healthy and protect us from threat of foreign substances. The human body is a marvelous but irreplaceable machine and the task of the immune system is to provide the body with superior protection, helping this machine to last a long, long time.


The Human Body consist of:

* Respiratory System
* Circulatory System
* Digestive System
* Nervous System
* Musculoskeletal System
* Integumentary System
* Human Eye
* Endocrine System
* Reproductive System


Chau Chee Fui,
Website : Http://,
Description : Articles on Nutritional Immunology,
Profession : Member of E.Excel International


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Herbal Nutrition Supplement - A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that children who experience malnutrition exhibit strikingly increased behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior as they grow older. The study looked at children between the ages of eight and 17 years, and found some rather shocking statistics about their behaviors.

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