Yogurt is a healthy snack! Not only does it provide calcium but most yogurt contains live bacteria that can help aid your digestion and fight off harmful bacteria! A yogurt a day is a smart snack that satisfies. I'm now going to get my daily cup of yogurt!


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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Nutrition Articles, Tips and Information

How Correct Nutrition can Improve the Health of your Hair

It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. Beyond this, hair loss can result from general nutrient deficiency. One of the problems with nutrition and hair however is that we can't programme nutrients to do what we want - and hair growth is not a priority so nutrients may be used up in other areas first.

Other important nutrients are manganese, magnesium, silica, kelp and vitamins C and E.

B vitamins (especially B6, biotin and inositol) have all been found to be important in hair growth, so a heavy duty B complex is recommended. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they destroy B1 and other B vitamins.


A more practical approach is an Indian head massage -- it increases blood flow and circulation in the scalp, helps transport minerals to the scalp and is wonderfully relaxing. Organic cider vinegar massaged into the scalp opens up the pores. If you are actually losing hair from the root (as opposed to brittle hair) then the cider vinegar can help unclog sebum glands that sometime block causing the follicle to die off as hair cannot get through.


Essential Fatty Acids promote healthy hair, and water obviously is vital to avoid dehydration. Filtered or bottled water is best - glass bottles preferable to plastic to avoid taking in plasticisers. Thinning, dry hair can be a sign of protein deficiency. Increasing protein (possibly as protein shakes) can restore vitality and sometimes colour. But if protein intake is good, another possibility is low hydrochloric acid (HCl), which is needed to digest protein. If you're low in HCl, proteins are not digested properly, so the minerals they contain are not released. Mineral deficiencies could also be due to absorption problems in the gut. A 'leaky gut' can result from food intolerances, so if you suspect poor digestion, consider a food intolerance test when other symptoms suggest this.


Zinc has, in some cases of alopecia, been found to restore bodily hair growth as well as on the scalp. Iron is often suggested after a study attributed hair loss in non-menopausal women to lack of iron. Keratin - the hair protein - is predominately sulphur - which is probably why biotin is so useful as this is also predominately sulphur. MSM may be helpful for the same reason.


High copper has been associated with hair loss especially in women on HRT or who have taken the Pill. Good liver health will help keep copper down. Mercury, lead and cadmium toxicity have also been associated with hair loss. Hair loss can also be due to hormonal imbalance especially post-menopausally, or with polycystic ovary syndrome. (PCOS can lead to elevated testosterone and hair loss). Herbal medicine can help here -- some PCOS clients have had good results from taking saw palmetto and agnus castus. Horsetail (a good source of silica) may also help, but a herbalist should be consulted if you wish to take herbs.


Hormone imbalances promote copper retention. A thyroid self-test may be useful as thyroid activity is reduced in the presence of high copper. Calcium and copper often rise together. The balance of copper and zinc together is a better guide to copper levels than copper alone. Smoking and high consumption of chocolate, white wine and coffee can tip it the wrong way. B3 and zinc are good antagonists to copper. Essential fatty acids also help hormonal balance. So how do you assess you mineral status? Hair Mineral Analysis can provide a detailed mineral analysis, plus personalised supplement programme designed to address imbalances. Learn more about Hair Mineral Analysis and discover how to how check your levels of nutrient and toxic minerals on my website below.


Joy Healey is a qualified nutritionist who studied for three years at the prestigious London Institute For Optimum Nutrition, founded by Patrick Holford a leading authority on health and nutrition. {A HREF=" "}For more information on Hair Mineral Analysis


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Asparagus Juice For Cooking And Nutrition


Asparagus juice is usually taken in the quantity of a sherry-glassful three times a day before meals. Asparagus extract has been used not only to remove water from the body but as a purifier of the blood, to tone up the nervous system and as a gentle laxative. The thickness of the asparagus used has little effect upon the value, only upon the cost. So choose fresh looking stems that have not dried out and gone floppy. The white, woody base of the stem helps prevent it from losing moisture. It can be stored for a few days wrapped with a damp cloth around the base and kept in a cool place.


The therapeutically active substance found in the asparagus is the alkaloid asparagines which exert a rapid effect upon the kidneys, stimulating them and coloring the urine a dark yellow within hours of consumption.


Asparagus is a luxury vegetable that still grows wild in Mediterranean countries. Old herbals called it sparrowgrass and farmers still call the plant 'grass'. A big helping will contain less than 40 calories and it is a good provider of vitamins C and E and folic acid. The asparagines is much reduced in quantity during cooking, so that the use of quite a small amount of the raw juice produces a good diuretic effect.


Not only is the urine colored, the asparagus also imparts quite a strong smell to it, so do not think anything is amiss should this phenomenon surprise you. The essential oils which give asparagus its distinctive and pleasant flavor are very powerful because they are present in such small amounts that special analytical methods have to be employed to detect them.


Kevin Pederson has been managing a number of natural home remedies websites which have information on asparagus juice can be used as laxative as well as used for blood purification.


Carb Loading: Nutrition for Mountain Biking

One of the most common practices to improve athletic performance is through nutrition for mountain biking. Athletes who participate in endurance riding know about getting nutrition for mountain biking by storing extra energy in the muscle tissue for endurance riding.

The right nutrition for mountain biking is essential for endurance riding and is commonly referred to as "carb loading." Glucose is the fuel the body extracts from the breaking down of carbohydrates.The glucose, called glycogen, is stored in the liver and muscle tissue.

The more glucose (bloodstream) and glycogen (muscle tissue) the body can access when in endurance situations the longer the muscles will continue performing at an optimal level and avoid fatigue.

The newest scientific findings suggest that athletes should eat a diet of 70 percent carbohydrates three days prior to an event, and physical workouts should get shorter prior to an event.

The increased carbohydrates should come from reducing protein and fat and not by simply increasing caloric content otherwise weight gain can result. A diet of higher intake of carbohydrates should be only temporary as an extended high carbohydrate diet decreases other essential nutrients.


Go For It Outside: Nutrition for Mountain Biking Leads to Great Fitness, Exercise and Health

Feed your great outdoor spirit with mountain biking for fitness and exercise. Mountain bike riding is low impact, gets you off the treadmill, and into the great outdoors. Now you know about nutrition for mountain biking, but is the price of equipment standing in your way? Good used equipment can save you serious bucks and get you on the fast track to fitness outdoors. If you don't want to ride alone all the time, check out the social scene as well. Go online, and you'll find mountain bike cycling groups and great resources for places to ride. Just don't forget the safety equipment! See the world and all its glory right from your handle bars!


For More About Nutrition Your Health Visit Us for Sports and Excercise Nutrition.


Muscle Building Nutrition 101


Correct muscle building nutrition and a quality muscle building diet are often the most neglected parts of a weight training program.

Building muscle requires the right nutrition. Make no mistake, it's an essential part of weight lifting and if you want to build muscle, you have to get it done. Bottom line -- if you want to build muscle, you need to consume quality calories.


How many calories?

You need to consume more total calories in your muscle building diet than your body uses each day. It's important to understand that the human body is constantly working, using and storing energy day and night.It's also very important to understand that in order to keep the machine rolling, you need to know what and how much to feed it. This is the single most important element in the muscle building process.


You need to feed your body a correct balance of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat. Complete muscle building nutrition is the key. If you can find this key, your muscle building efforts will sky rocket. Complete muscle building nutrition leads to optimal nutrition and optimal results. Over supplementation of certain nutrients will lead to imbalances in overall nutrition and is damaging to your weight lifting diet and health.


It is very important that you understand the importance of nutrition when building muscle. Without good nutrition and diet, your muscle gains will be non-existent and at best, poor. As a muscle builder, it's important that you get your muscle building nutrition down to a science. Your success is dependent on a well-balanced and complete diet that includes your optimal nutritional intake. Poor dietary habits will hinder your progress and may eventually lead to injury to muscles and bones because they are not supplied with the nutrients needed to support the added stress of weight lifting.


What builds muscle?

Protein builds muscle. Without an adequate supply of protein, your body will not support any kind of muscle growth. If you supply your body with the optimum amount of protein, you ensure optimal growth; it's as simple as that. After all, you want to build muscle and to do that, you need a steady supply of high quality protein. You must include an optimal amount of protein in your muscle building diet in order to build and sustain muscle growth. So how much protein should you include in your muscle building nutrition for maximum performance and muscle gain? Each of us has very different body types and the amount of protein will differ from individual to individual.Protein intake will also depend on the amount of activity involved and how frequently you do it. Your muscle building diet should be comprised of 30% to 40% protein, or about 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. You will have to do a bit of experimenting at the beginning to find out your optimal protein intake.


What fuels muscle?

If you want to build muscle, you're going to have to take in a lot of quality, complex carbohydrates. No question about it. You are going to have to fuel your body to handle heavy weight lifting. You must include an optimal amount of carbohydrates in your muscle building nutrition program in order to fuel heavy weight lifting sessions. Carbohydrates are a very important source of fuel for the muscles as well as the leading source of energy for your body. When you have a hard workout, your body draws on carbohydrates, which is stored as glycogen in the muscles.


Glycogen is the product of glucose, which comes from the breakdown of carbohydrates after the digestion of food. Glycogen is stored in the liver and muscle. During a long intense muscle building session, you can easily deplete your glycogen reserves. When your muscles cannot get enough glycogen, fatigue sets in and your body begins to lose endurance and performance drastically reduces.

However, there is a way to delay the onset of muscle fatigue. By taking enough carbohydrates each day in your muscle building diet, you are ensuring that the amount of glycogen stored in the muscles is being constantly replenished.


Every meal must have sufficient carbohydrates to sustain your hard intense workouts It is suggested that your muscle building diet consist of 40% carbohydrates. If you want to build muscle, you need quality carbs every meal. If you don't consume enough quality carbohydrates, your body will resort to other fuel sources such as protein. Protein is a second rate energy source. Protein's primary job is to build muscle, not fuel it. Therefore, keep your body filled with grade A fuel to support and maximize your hard, intense muscle building workouts.


If you use the tips written above in making your own personal muscle building nutrition, you'll be a lot healthier and you'll succeed in having the rock-hard body you've always wanted. But this can happen only by having good muscle building nutrition.


Trainer and fitness expert Shawn Lebrun shows you, step by step, how to build muscle, lose fat, and get your best body ever in 2006. Learn how to build muscle and lose fat


Gain Weight With These 5 Nutrition Tips


If you want to gain weight, you need to focus on how you're eating. After all, gaining weight is all based upon your nutrition.

In order to gain weight, you must first create a calorie surplus in which calories are either used for building muscle or they are stored away as fat. So, if you want to gain weight, you must first look at the way you're eating, before you look at your training or the supplements you take.


Here are 5 simple, proven things you can do to gain more weight in less time.

1. Eat a large breakfast

Start the day off right by eating a large breakfast. In fact, you want to consume most of your daily calories early on in the day and reduce them as the day goes on.


So the largest meal each day should be breakfast and they should get smaller as you go. Your breakfast should be high in protein, moderate in carbs, and low in fats. A large breakfast will jumpstart your metabolism and give your body the nutrients it needs, when it needs them. Never train on an empty stomach, that's the fastest way to lose muscle possible. If you train in the morning, the bulk of your calories should come after your workout, not before. It's tough training in the morning if you have a full stomach.


2. Eat often and eat a lot

You need to eat many meals throughout the day, spread apart by about 3 hours. This way, you have a steady, constant stream of nutrients that your body can use for muscle and tissue growth. Eating often will also help your body use the calories you're taking in for muscle mass growth and will be less likely to store them as body fat.


3. Take in a lot of protein

Your body requires protein to build muscle mass. I'm sure if you want to gain weight, you'd like most of it to be muscle mass and not fat. Protein is responsible for building muscle. Try and get 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you want to eat at least 150 grams of protein, preferably more. For each meal, try and get 30 to 40 grams of protein from quality sources like chicken, tuna, fish, turkey, eggs, lean red meats, dairy, and meal replacements.


4. Consume a pre-workout meal

To gain weight, you need calories. You also want to protect yourself from muscle tissue breakdown. If your body needs nutrients during a workout, it will break down muscle tissue to get it. But by supplying your body with nutrients before a workout, you give it the raw materials it needs for fuel, so it will not break down muscle tissue. Take 12 ounces of grape juice or Gatorade and to it add a scoop of whey protein, 5 grams of creatine, and 10 grams of glutamine. This pre-workout shake is guaranteed to help you gain weight.


5. Get the proper post-workout nutrition

You want to take another one of these shakes right after training, to supply your muscles with the nutrients they need to build new muscle mass.At this time, you also want to replenish the lost glycogen in your muscles. The best thing to do for post workout is to drink another juice/protein/creatine/glutamine combination. You want to have about 50-75 grams of carbs and 35-50 grams of protein right after your workouts, depending on your size.


About an hour after training, eat a solid, whole food meal that's high in protein and complex carbs. Like breakfast, this is an important part of your daily nutrition because your workouts really depletes your body of needed nutrients and this is the perfect time to replace them for proper muscle recovery and growth. These 5 tips will help you gain weight fast and also help you increase your muscle size and strength. If you're not gaining the weight you want, you're probably not eating the best way possible.


Learn how to eat and train in order to gain weight, increase size, and skyrocket your confidence. Natural bodybuilder Shawn Lebrun shows you 7 things you must do to gain weight: Learn how to gain weight

The Best Time To Take Nutrition Supplements

Out of the hundreds of emails I get each week, more than half are from people who are interested in knowing which supplements to take or what the best way is to take the supplements they're currently using. So this article will show you when to take some of the top supplements and how to get the most out of them. Creatine, glutamine, and protein are 3 of the top supplements for gaining lean muscle and strength. But what are the best times to take these proven supplements? Here's what I've found personally works best for me as well as tracking clients progress using these 3 supplements (which, by the way, are about the only 3 I recommend to clients, other than protein/meal replacements, EFA's and a good multi-vitamin).


There's a lot of conflicting research that shows creatine and glutamine may compete directly with one another for cell transport and absorption. That's because both creatine and glutamine use the same transport method (sodium) to be absorbed by the body, so there's a chance that one will get absorbed more than the other.Even though there are different theories as to whether this is true or not, here's my thought: By-pass the entire problem by just splitting up the timing a little bit.


Here are the best times to take these 3 proven supplements:


-------- Creatine --------

Best taken 1/2 hour or so BEFORE a workout and again RIGHT after a workout. What I do is take a creatine/juice/protein drink about a half hour before a workout and than another shake right after. This "bracketing" technique helps set up an anabolic (muscle-building) state for your muscles and helps prevent muscle breakdown from a workout (catabolism). Other than these 2 opportune times, you can add another creatine serving or two any time throughout the day. I usually recommend 25 to 30 grams of creatine on a loading phase and 10-20 grams a day on a maintenance phase.


--------- Glutamine ---------

Definitely take glutamine right before bed. This is where the overwhelming research shows the value of glutamine raising Growth Hormone levels significantly by taking 5 grams before bed. Also, another great time is upon waking, when your muscles have been without significant nutrition for up to 6-8 hours. Another good time for glutamine is about a half hour or hour after working out.

This helps in the recovery/recuperation process from demanding workouts. So, creatine definitely before and after your workout and glutamine right before bed and right upon waking.


------- Protein -------

The best times to take ANY protein drink or protein supplements are as follows. I've listed them in order of importance, so based upon your affordability, start at the top of the list and work down.


1. Most important time---right after a workout. Your muscles are like a sponge and need instant nutrition for muscle recovery and growth.


2. Right before bed.

You're about to sleep for 6 to 8 hours. That's a long time without protein. Could you imagine going throughout your day (when awake) not eating 6 to 8 hours? Right before bed is important.


3. Right upon waking.

Same thing, you've just gone 6 to 8 hours without proper nutrition. Your body needs protein quick.


4. Half hour before a workout.

This sets up the "anabolic window" before your workout and provides your muscles with adequate nutrition so that the effects of weight training (weight training breaks down muscle--called catabolic)are not as severe.


These are the best times for protein. It can be regular whole food or protein supplements, again, based on your affordability. Protein supplements may be better than whole food in these times because its digested quicker. But start at the top and work down. If you can afford 4 servings, you'll really notice the difference in muscle gains and fat loss. I hope this article helped shed some light on when to take the 3 most important supplements for gaining mass and strength:

Protein, creatine, and glutamine.


To learn more about which muscle building supplements are best to build muscle and increase strength, check out my Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded workout program

10 Nutrition Tips To Build Muscle

No matter what your genetics are like, you still have to eat properly if you're going to reach the muscle building goals you set for yourself. Hard training is just the stimulus, in order for it pay off, you need to eat correctly. Here are 10 simple, easy-to-follow tips you can use in your daily eating that will help you build muscle and get the rock-hard physique you've always wanted.


Stress worsens hair loss. It can reduce scalp blood flow, in addition to interfering with digestion and absorption. If stress is a consideration support the adrenals with vitamins B5 and C or glandulars. Healthy hair needs good circulation and blood supply. Standing on your head - to raise body over head will boost circulation to your scalp, but ONLY attempt this if you are very healthy and fit!


1. Get enough protein

Since protein is the main nutrient responsible for muscle growth, you want to take in at least 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you need at least 200 grams of protein each day. Heavy, intense weight training usually requires an increase in protein consumption, so you may want to shoot for 1.5 grams per pound of body weight.


2. Get enough carbs

Your body uses carbs for energy when training. If you don't eat enough carbs, your body will break down muscle tissue for fuel. This will stop your muscle building goals dead in their tracks. Taking in enough carbs during the day will help fuel your workouts and leave your muscle tissue alone.


3. Consume healthy fat

Foods containing unsaturated fats, especially monounsaturated fats, are beneficial when trying to build muscle mass. Fish oils, olive oil, flax seed, borage, and CLA help in creating hormones that are used in the muscle building process.


4. Drink at least a gallon of water

Water is essential for overall health and well being. Our bodies are made up mostly of water. Keeping it well hydrated helps everything from protein synthesis to digestion. It also helps with vitamin and mineral absorbtion. If you want your body to operate at its peak, you need to drink at least a gallon of water each day.


5. Get enough fiber

Fiber is needed for your body to operate ideally. It helps in the digestion process. Try and get your fiber from complex carbs, fruits, and vegetables. 30 grams of fiber each day is the minimum amount you want to consume.


6. Eat more vegetables

Try to get at least 5 to 6 servings of veggies each day. Not only are veggies important for their nutrients like vitamins, but they offer alot of food at a very low calorie total. You can virtually eat all the veggies you want and not worry too much about the calories. Also, veggies offer plenty of bulk and fiber, which can be helpful when processing a high-protein diet.


7. Eat fruit

Many bodybuilders are scared to eat fruit because of the sugar content. But fruit is an excellent source of fiber, carbs, antioxidants, and other important nutrients. It's true, too much fruit can add to the sugar and calorie totals for the day, but you're fine by taking in 2 to 3 servings a day.


8. Use only proven supplements

Most supplements simply do not work. So instead of trying to find the magic pill, stick with what's proven to work. Use protein, creatine, glutamine, essential fatty acids, and multivitamins. If you work hard in the gym and eat right, supplements will help you. If you skip on the first 2, supplements are a waste of money.


9. Eat eggs and fish

Fish is an excellent source of both protein and healthy fats for someone looking to build muscle. Fish like salmon and sardines are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for muscle growth and recovery. Eggs are inexpensive, easy to cook, and can be used in many different ways to increase protein consumption. If you're on a low fat diet, stick with just the egg whites, but if you're trying to bulk up, use the yolks as well.


10. Eat 5 to 6 meals each day

Eating often throughout the day helps to provide your body with a steady stream of nutrients it needs to build muscle.

Also, eating smaller meals will help speed up your metabolism, so that your body uses the food as energy, not storing it as body fat.

These 10 powerful nutrition tips are both easy to follow and very effective. The more of them you use each day, the more likely you are to build muscle mass.


Learn more about eating and training to build muscle and get the body you've always wanted. Check out fitness trainer and natural bodybuilder Shawn Lebrun's proven muscle building programs: Shawn Lebrun's Muscle Building Programs


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Herbal Nutrition Supplement - A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that children who experience malnutrition exhibit strikingly increased behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior as they grow older. The study looked at children between the ages of eight and 17 years, and found some rather shocking statistics about their behaviors.

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Percentage Crude Protein - Proper nutrition is an area of confusion for most people. With all of the conflicting information in the media and all of the fad diets out there, it is hard to know how to eat right. Eating right comes down to eating the proper balance of the three main compounds that make up our food: carbohydrates, proteins and fats.


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Products Skin Care - Most consumers give little thought to the recognized allergens, probable carcinogens, hormone disrupters and synthetic industrial chemicals that have been inadequately tested and yet, can be found in the formulae of our skin and body care products, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, perfumes, infant body care products, etc.


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