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Nutrition Articles, Tips and Information

Ten Of The Best Supplements That Men Need For Optimum Nutrition

There are many nutrition supplements at your local health food store. So many to choose from so confusing which ones are the right ones. How many should you take? Here you will learn what you need to take for the best health benefits. A word of warning here although these products are convenient getting some of your nutrition in liquid form or capsules is only recommended when you can't eat properly or you feel you are not getting your proper daily nutrients.

Only 3 milligrams daily help fight cancer and studies show also improve memory and concentration.

The companies that make the products themselves mostly fund the studies of meal replacements, and the manufactures usually test their supplements against similar supplements not the benefits of whole foods. BORON WILL AID IN THE DEFENSE OF PROSTATE CANCER A high level of this mineral will help reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer by 65%. US males have a one of the lowest boron levels compared to other countries.

A dosage of 1,200 mg is preferred. Make sure you have calcium citrate it is the purist form. Take half dose in the morning and half at night. Avoid coral calcium it has some impurities. If you get your 3 servings of calcium daily you won't need any more. You could exceed your maximum daily intake 2,500 mg. CHROMIUM HELPS FIGHT THE CAUSES OF DIABETES It is used to assist in muscle-building, but now research has revealed that chromium can help overweight people control insulin levels. Chromium helps the body's response to insulin, this makes it better to keep the levels of blood-sugar in check.

The most effective form of this supplement is chromium picolinate. A 35-microgram dose daily is sufficient. Check with your doctor to see if you need to increase the dosage to 200 mcg, if you have a diabetic condition. COENZYME Q10 FOR A SURE ENERGY SPIKE Coenzyme Q10 is produced in the body it assists the cells by directing your body's energy supply. As men get older the production levels diminishes. One way to revitalize these levels is by taking this supplement. Current research proves coenzyme Q10 can possibly aid in the fight against cancer, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, and could help prevent heart disease by thinning the blood. Q10 also can be used as an antioxidant that helps slow the aging process by fighting free radicals.

A dose of 100mg daily is suggested. If you are taking statin drug for cholesterol or high blood pressure you can increase the dosage to 200mg. CREATINE FOR THAT MUSCLE AND MEMORY SPIKE Studies from the University of Wisconsin have shown a boost in men's bench press on the average of 15 lbs and also increase in the squat exercise weight by 21 lbs just by taking over a 2-3 month period. Aussie studies have also suggested that tests with memory and intelligence scores increased after 6 weeks of creatine use.

A recommended dosage of 5 mg daily mixed with a whey protein supplement to get highest possible advantage. It is possible you won't respond to creatine alone. You can mix in a sugar substitute a see if this will help get a response. FOLIC ACID TO SLASH ALZHEIMER'S DANGERS This supplement will increase blood flow to the brain by preventing clotting of arteries. Folic acid will also lower the levels of an amino acid called (homocysteine) that can cause blood clots. A warning sign of Alzheimer's is high homocysteine levels. Sweden studies have shown low levels of folic acid were found in Alzheimer's patients.

A 500 mg dose if preferred daily. This dose should decrease homocysteine by almost 18% or more. You can get folic acid from these foods citrus fruit, beans, and breads and cereals that are fortified. GLOUCOSAMINE WILL LUBRACATE THOSE JOINTS As men grow older the cartilage in the joints decreases. You can turn back the hands of time by using gloucosamine to repair and rebuild any harm to the cartilage you may have received over time. Crab and lobster shells are the main ingredients in gloucosamine. Lancet published a 3-year research study that showed 200 people that had joint conditions had reduced stiffness and pain by 25% by using gloucosamine.


A12 week treatment program by The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported an 88% reduction of joint related problems by using gloucosamine on patients. A 1,500 dose daily is sufficient for a good response. A combination of gloucosamine with chondroitin will bring that cartilage right back to those early days. A study from Australia showed that spreading a gloucosamine cream of painful joints could relieve some pain.

OMEGA-3S YOUR HEART HEALER This supplement will aid in keeping high blood pressure and low triglycerides in check. Omega-3 fatty acids make the blood flow better, thus lower the chances of blood clots that could block the arteries. A high omega-3 count has shown to lower the some conditions related to heart disease. If you in good health a dose of 1,000 mg is fine. For those in the high-risk heart disease group you may need 2,000-4,000 mg. A doctor will know what dosage is best. A side effect of to much omega-3 is a greater chance of catching a cold.

A 500 mg gelcap twice daily with meals will keep that ticker beating too the right tune. SELENIUM YOUR ALL OUT CANCER DEFENDER This could be the your best choice for the fight against cancer. This nutrient has caused most cancer cells to tear down by them selves. Some studies have shown that selenium has lower some risk of cancers related to the colon, lungs, and prostate.

A dose of 200 mg daily is recommended. If you're sick taking more possibly will reduce the length of your sickness. Some research has shown that deceased levels of selenium have made some virus change, making symptoms worse for the flu and for colds. In nature certain nuts like The Brazil nut, contain as much as 100 mcg per nut.

VITAMIN E TO BRING THE EFFECT OF AGING TO A CRAWL Said to be the best antioxidant around today. This vitamin has been linked to lower cases of heart disease, some eye conditions, and some cancers. Some research has lead nutrition specialists to recommend Vitamin E after exercise because of its ability to lower muscle problems related to exercising. A dose of at least 400 IU is preferred daily. Most people only receive a portion of this dose about 45 IU by way of a multivitamin. To get more Vitamin E in your diet increase your intake of nuts and oils.

Try to get natural Vitamin E called (d-alpha tocopherol) this is easier for the body to absorb. If you are confused about which type of multivitamin to buy here are some pointers. A multivitamin helps lower heart disease, possible stroke, and reduces risks of diabetes. There are several on the market. Look for multivitamin that has 100% of daily allowances of the 16 core nutrients. With extra dose of illness busters -like lutein, lycopene, and selenium. Try and avoid extra iron this could lead a higher risk of heart conditions.


Robert is an Author for a Man Health information website. You can find up to date information on men's health,fitness,and other helpful tips on men's issues Goto his website at


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Nutrition Tips for Snowshoeing


Nutrition Tips for Snowshoeing By Kevin Doberstein CFT
Snowshoeing can be a very demanding exercise. It doesn't really matter if you are a seasoned racer or a weekend recreational trail user. Going through a deep snow draws both the glycolytic and oxidative energy systems of your body. The glycolytic system uses glycogen that is stored in the liver and muscles for short-term explosiveness actions. An example would be going up a grade of deep snow. The oxidative system uses oxygen to oxidize long-chain fatty acids, proteins and glucose for energy.


During the first 90 to 120 minutes of snowshoeing both glycogen and body fat are the primary energy sources.

Because a snowshoeing hike generally lasts longer that a 30 minutes, you want to plan you're snowshoeing nutrition accordingly. After that body fat is the primary source. To use body fat efficiently for fuel, the body must have some glycogen stored in the liver and muscles. Your target macronutrient ratio should be 15% protein, 25% fat, and 60% carbohydrates.

Here are some nutrition tips you can follow to help benefit your snowshoeing hike:
Consume smaller meals five to six times a day instead of two to three large ones. This helps keep the blood sugars level and prevents spikes in insulin. Eat a low glycemic food two to three hours before snowshoeing to load your body with slow burning glycogen fuel. Do not consume large amounts of dietary fat before or after the hike. Drink plenty of water. For every gram of carbohydrate you take in your body absorbs 3 grams of water. Also your body will lose fluids through sweating. Dehydration will greatly reduce performance and also can cause serious health implications.

15 minutes before snowshoeing drink a high glycemic drink like fruit juice or Gatorade. You can even drink it during the first part of your hike. This will spare the stored glycogen in your body and allow the use of fat instead for energy. After snowshoeing you should have a whey protein and carbohydrate drink to replace the glycogen that you used and rebuild muscle tissue.

Kevin Doberstein is a Certified Fitness Trainer living in northern WI. He has been a natural bodybuilder for 25 years. His web site is Nature Boy, Your Natural Bodybuilding web source. Check out his book Pre-Workout Nutrition for Bodybuilding


Help Prevent Premature Aging With Nutrition-Science

Aging occurs when the body's cells die at faster rates than new cells are generated. People age prematurely because inadequate nutrition resulting from poor diet stimulates cellular destruction and increases the potential for obesity, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases.

With improper diet, the body produces vast quantities of highly reactive oxygen molecules, known as free radicals.

Free radicals attack healthy cells and accelerate the aging process. This occurs especially when we eat high-fat foods, but also occurs when we are exposed to environmental pollutants, such as pesticides and ultraviolet radiation...or consume too many calories in the diet.

Simple Steps to Help Prevent Premature Aging:

1. Take a high-potency MULTIVITAMIN/MINERAL SUPPLEMENT DAILY... to provide valuable nutritional protection against free radicals and help eliminate toxins.

2. Eat Plenty of BERRIES . . . Strawberries, raspberries and well as grapes and cherries all contain valuable phytonutrients called flavonoids, which have potent antioxidant activity that can fight heart disease. The naturally occurring Ellagic Acid from these berries, also promote excretion of carcinogenic chemicals.

3. Drink GREEN TEA . . . Green tea comes from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, the same plant used to make black tea....but it has more of the potent antioxidants called polyphenols than black tea. Green Tea helps protect the liver and fight cancer. One recent study examined Japanese women with breast cancer. Increased green tea consumption was associated with a decreased risk of lymph node metastasis. Researches also found that when women with breast cancer drank five cups of green tea a day, they were more likely to be in remission six months later. Green tea also has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, fight tooth decay and aid in weight loss. Drink two or more cups of green tea daily or take at least 1,500 mg daily of Green tea extract in capsule or tablet form.

4. Reduce Dairy Food Intake...No more than 3 - 4 servings of dairy per week. Milk, cheese and other dairy foods contain Casein, one of the most common food allergens. It can deplete immune cells. Milk also contains xanthine oxidase, an enzyme that may increase plague buildup in the arteries. Adults don't need dairy to get adequate Calcium. Increase daily intake of Calcium-enriched foods, such as juice and soy, rice and almond milk. Broccoli, collard greens, sardines and canned salmon also are rich in Calcium.

5. Supplement with FISH OIL, PRIMROSE OIL AND FLAXSEED OIL . . . These oils contain essential fatty oil is a source of eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA)...evening primrose oil is a source of GLA. These beneficial fatty acids are involved in proper functioning of the brain and immune system. They also reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer...and help relieve pain and inflammation. Take 3,000 mg to 5,000 mg of fish oil and 1,000 mg of evening primrose oil daily. If you are on blood-thinning medications such as warfarin (Coumadin), check with your doctor first. Vegetarians can substitute Flaxseed oil for fish oil, if so desired.

6. Increase GARLIC Intake . . . Garlic contains allicin, a sulfur compound that builds immunity and prevents infections. It reduces risk of colon, esophageal and stomach cancers. One study of 41,000 American women found that one or more servings of garlic a week decreased colon cancer risk by 35%. It also lowers cholesterol and has valuable blood pressure-lowering effects. One-half to one whole raw clove daily (cooking reduces its benefits), or an odor-free Garlic supplement with 4,000 micrograms (mcg) to 5,000 mcg of allicin.

7. Supplement with SPIRULINA 2,000 mg to 3,000 mg per day . . . Spirulina is a nutritive blue-green algae that grows in warm waters around the world including Africa, Central America and Hawaii. It has become a staple for knowledgeable health practitioners because it contains all the essential amino acids in a highly absorbable form and is a rich source of protein. It also contains carotenoids, fat-soluble pigments that act as antioxidants . . . gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid . . . chlorophyll, a pigment that has potent antioxidant and anti-cancer properties...and phytocyanins, which stimulate red blood cell production.


Several studies have shown that spirulina improves immune system activity. Spirulina also has been shown to have antiviral effects and a mild cholesterol-reducing benefit. Are you interested in ready more articles about a healthy lifestyle? Visit Health for People and Pets at for new information about the latest health updates and advice. Are you looking for high quality health products? Check out to view our wide assortment of health products.


Terry and Michael Goldman are cofounders of Our mission statement is to offer high quality nutrition supplements and pet supply.


Nutrition Is More Than The Nutrition Facts Box


Most people pay little attention to the nutritional content of their food until they are on, or about to begin a diet. Then they take a keen interest in seeing which diet has less calories or less carbohydrates. But it is a simple fact that most popular diets do not have nearly as many positive effects as their creators would have us believe.

Most of the serious diets we hear about work by simply removing a food or food group from your daily diet. This sometimes means eating less of certain foods than you normally would, however it often means entirely removing certain food groups from your diet altogether. The basic premise is that by restricting your diet in some way, you will lose weight.

While this might be good as far as nutrition goes if what you're cutting out is junk food, it does cause one major problem. By cutting out a type of food that you're used to eating a lot of, you're going to have a lot of trouble sticking to the diet. Therefore, you should make sure that you do not pick a diet that's going to feel too restricting to you.

The most important aspect of food to look at is its overall nutritional value, this is a fact often lost in popular diets. Such diets often focus on only one attribute of a food as being the primary indicator of how good it is for you. They overlook the bigger picture of a food's overall nutritional content.

For instance, many diets focus on completely cutting out fat, sugar, carbohydrates, or any number of other things. The problem with this is that many people only pay attention to the one thing that they're supposed to cut out of their diet, and don't pay attention to the nutritional value of the food.

For instance, people who are trying to cut carbohydrates out of their diet will sometimes choose to drink diet sodas instead of fruit juices. While the diet soda clearly has far fewer carbohydrates than fruit juice, that does not mean that it is more healthy. Your best bet in this situation is to drink the healthier beverage and to get all of the different vitamins and minerals instead of empty soda.

The best way to take care of yourself is to make sure that your chosen meals are nutritious, as often as you can. Try to make sure that you eat a balanced diet, consisting of several different types of food. When looking for nutritious foods try to avoid prepackaged foods. These foods are often very high in salt and lacking in the vitamins and minerals that their fresh counterparts are rich in. They are also filled with chemical preservatives, it is always best to avoid these packaged foods and opt instead for fresh foods when at all possible.

By preparing meals from fresh food yourself you will be more aware of how much you eat and what is in your food. This will help you keep track of how much sodium is in your diet, and will help you balance your diet and eat healthily. It is often said that you are what you eat, likewise your food is what it is made from. You need to be aware of the ingredients going into your food and where they sit in a balanced diet. This is more important than counting calories or grams of fat or carbohydrates. The ingredients of a food are the best indicator of whether you should eat it or not.

Connie Roemer is the Staff Writer of FF <ahref="">Nutrition This is where you will find all the information, resources and articles you want on nutrition. Connie also invites you to sign up for her free newsletter. To find out more go to:


Ocular Nutrition And Eye Health


Understanding ocular nutrition and eye health can be one of the ways to support your vision. As early as age 30, our eyes and vision can begin to deteriorate. Wind, dust, chlorine fumes, automobile fumes, smoking, freezing temperatures and physical injury are examples of threats to healthy eyes and good vision. Long hours spent at a computer screen and the vibration from driving have a cumulative negative impact on eye health over time.

Healthy vision is related to the health of the individual parts of the eye - the cornea, iris, macula, lens, optic nerve, pupil, retina and the vitreous humor. And making good ocular nutrition and eye health food choices are one of the ways that good vision can be supported. Information provided by the U.S. National Eye Institute and the results of other ocular nutrition and eye health studies have shown that using nutrition to improve and support eye health definitely happens.

Here are foods that are known to support and improve eye health:
Collard greens, kale and spinach - studies on ocular nutrition and eye health show that eating foods rich in carotenoids is associated with reduced risk of developing age-related macular degeneration. Foods rich in carotenoids are leafy green vegetables such as spinach, collard greens and kale. Macular eye nutrition becomes increasingly important as we get older.

Green vegetables and corn - another study on ocular nutrition and eye health has shown a reduced risk of developing cataracts for persons having diets higher in lutein and zeaxanthin. Foods high in these two carotenoids include broccoli, collard greens, corn, green peas, kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, turnip greens and zucchini. Lutein is also found in egg yolks. Persons with diets high in lutein and zeaxanthin were also less likely to need cataract surgery. In another study done on persons ages 40-59, those with diets high in lutein and zeaxanthin experienced a reduced risk of developing adult macular degeneration.

Apricots, bilberries and blueberries - apricots are rich in beta carotene and lycopene that help promote good vision. Beta carotene is converted by the body to vitamin A as needed, an important antioxidant that resists oxidative stress damage to cells and tissues including the eye lenses. Continued oxidative stress may result in the development of cataracts or damage the blood supply to the eyes and lead to macular degeneration. Eating blueberries has been associated with the reduction of eye fatigue.

Blueberries are related to cranberries, and both also help the body resist urinary tract infections. Bilberries are a form of wild blueberry that grow on small bushes. Bilberries were used by British pilots to improve their night vision during World War 2. Fresh bilberries and bilberry jams would be sources of this ocular nutrition and eye health food. Bilberry seems to improve eye health by increasing the blood supply to the eyes.

Our eyes are considered to be the most important of the senses. By knowing which ocular nutrition and eye health food choices support the eyes, you can include more of these foods in daily meal planning.


David Buster is VP of Infosearch Publishing and webmaster of - a website of natural solutions for a variety of health problems. Visit

Nutrition has a lot to do with your current weight.

Are you eating "all the right foods" but still gaining weight or not losing any? Or maybe you can't seem to put weight on!! Read on to find out what you can do to help yourself.

CELLULAR NUTRITION simply means ensuring that the cells of our bodies - the tiniest living units are as fully nourished as possible. This allows the cells to grow and repair and to perform their functions with the maximum efficiency possible. The results are that we feel and look better, we are better able to prevent and fight diseases and even control our WEIGHT if necessary.

Assuring proper "CELLULAR NUTRITION" is considerably more complicated than simply avoiding a few excesses of the average Australian diet. It's more than just adding a few vitamins, healthful foods, juices, etc. It means incorporating complete nutritional supplements that include all of the essential micronutrients, eating a balanced diet and avoiding the excesses known to be harmful. At the same time it means taking advantage of the wealth of information that has been gained from the botanical world's 6,000 year history by incorporating health building nutritional herbs.

Adding excellent nutritional supplements is a good beginning to better health, weight loss and a host of other wonderful health results but it is only a beginning. Simply consuming good nutrition and even adding nutritional supplements will not really make a difference if the body is not able to fully digest and more importantly, absorb all the nutrition that is consumed.

Most of the nutrients that we consume are absorbed into our body through the villi of the small intestine. These are small, finger-like projections, which specialize in the absorption of nutrients. Most of us take it for granted that our bodies absorb all the nutrition from our food and supplements, efficiently and completely. However, for all too many of us, nutrient absorption may be diminished or impaired as a result of severely compromised eating habits, persistent dieting and other factors which may be due to the severe stress that often exists in today's lifestyles.

This could mean that many of us are eating well but not getting the full nutritional benefit. We should be counteracting some of the damaging effects of poor eating habits, a stressful lifestyle, or even minor conditions of ill health, and beginning a process of regenerating and revitalizing our cells with good nutrition.

We need micronutrients and herbs, which help energize and nourish the body's cells so they can function more efficiently to further improve health and vitality. This CELL ACTIVATION is the result of the exclusive and balanced micronutrient formulas contained in our unique nutritional programs. The end result is - WE FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

For more information, please visit:


Health and wellness mentor. Do you want to change your life? Free consultation.

Nutrition & Dietary Basics the Food Pyramid

In a nutshell, the USDA Food Guide Pyramid presents a general outline of which foods to eat daily. And it is based on the Dietary Guidelines presented by the USDA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Pyramid recommends eating a variety of foods in order to get the nutrients and calories needed for healthy weight maintenance. The bottom foundation or the pyramid is a recommendation for 6-11 servings of breads, pasta, rice and cereals.


Boron is not in stock at all health food stores. It is also naturally found in raisins and almonds. CALCIUM FOR STRONG BONES AND WEIGHT LOSS Many men are not getting the daily allowance of 1,000 mg. A cup of milk has only 300 mg. It has been found that men with high calcium levels weigh less than men with low levels of calcium.


The actual breakdown is:
For children (ages 2 to 6 years), women, some older adults (around 1,600 calories) - 6 servings
For older children, teen girls, active women, most men (around 2,200 calories) - 9 servings
Teen boys, active men (around 2,800 calories) - 11 servings.

A serving of breads, pasta, rice and cereals would basically reflect the following:

1 slice of bread, 1 ounce of ready-to-eat cereal; and 1/2 cup of cooked of pasta, rice or cereal. The next pyramid layer building upwards represents fruits and vegetables. From 2-4 fruits are advised a day and 3-5 vegetables.


The actual breakdown is:
For children (ages 2 to 6 years), women, some older adults (around 1,600 calories) - 3 servings of vegetables, 2 of fruit
For older children, teen girls, active women, most men (around 2,200 calories) - 4 servings of vegetables, 3 of fruit
Teen boys, active men (around 2,800 calories) - 5 servings of vegetables, 4 of fruit

A serving of fruits and vegetables would basically reflect the following:
1 medium-sized fruit such as an apple, orange or a banana;

1/2 cup of chopped, canned or cooked fruit; or three-fourths (3/4) cup of fruit juice. For vegetables, a serving would be: a half (1/2) cup of raw, chopped or cooked vegetables, except for raw, leafy ones that get 1 cup per serving; or 3/4 cup of vegetable juice. On up the pyramid is the Milk, Yogurt and Cheese Group also known as (AKA) the Milk Group, which includes lactose-free and lactose-reduced milk products. And the Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs and Nuts Group AKA Meat and Beans Group runs along side. From 2-3 servings of the Milk Group and 2-3 servings of the Meat and Beans Group are recommended.


The actual breakdown is:
For children (ages 2 to 6 years), women, some older adults (around 1,600 calories) - 2 or 3 servings Milk Group, 2 servings for a total of 5 ounces of Meat and Beans Group
For older children, teen girls, active women, most men (around 2,200 calories) - 2 or 3 servings Milk Group, 2 servings for a total of 6 ounces of Meat and Beans Group

Teen boys, active men (around 2,800 calories) - 2 or 3 servings Milk Group, 3 servings for a total of 7 ounces of Meat and Beans Group
A serving of both groups would basically reflect the following. For the Milk Group, choose from 1 cup of yogurt or milk, 1.5 ounces of natural cheese or 2 ounces of processed cheese. And for the Meat and Beans Group, 2-3 ounces of cooked lean meat, fish or poultry; 1/2 cup of cooked dry beans; 1/2 cup of tofu; 2 .5 -ounce soyburger; 1 egg ; 2 tablespoons of peanut butter; or 1/3 cup of nuts. At the top of the pyramid is the group of fats, oils and sweets. And all should be "used sparingly."

Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid
The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid doesn't differ too much from the USDA Pyramid. It is based upon scientific research and patient healthcare as reported by medical practitioners and dietitians of the Mayo Clinic, and by weight-loss experts at Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The Pyramid was crafted threefold; to encourage weight loss, weight maintenance and long-term health.

Let's take a brief look at the Pyramid differences. The bottom two levels or the Bread Group - now referred to as Carbohydrates, and the Fruits and Vegetables Group, are reversed, resulting in the Fruits and Vegetables Group now being at the bottom level. Also servings for Fruits and Vegetables are unlimited here. And calories are counted throughout. In a nutshell, to plan the perfect Mayo Clinic diet, a person would follow these 5 steps, as approved by his or her healthcare practitioner:


1.Calories - Establish a calorie level that's right for you based upon your physician's advice.

2.Servings - Determine the number of recommended servings for each food group.

3.Serving Size - learn the preferred portions for #2 above.

4.Record - log & monitor your progress.

5.Variety - Main success ingredient! Vary sensual appeal and tastes. For more details on this Pyramid, contact: The Section of Scientific Publications Mayo Foundation Rochester, MN 55905 (507) 284-3335 Fax: (507) 284-2107


Weight Control Services, a site dedicated to providing current health and fitness information. The article you have read is available for your use in its entirety as part of a collection of ebooks offering valuable information on a variety of Health and Fitness topics.


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Anti Aging Treatments - Life, these days, is at such a fast pace, many people do not take the time to eat properly, thereby shortening their lives. When people do not eat right, their body cells cannot repair themselves. It is increasingly difficult to supply the family with the proper nutrition, because of the depletion of minerals and nutrients in farmland.

Calcium Magnesium Iron - Below are listed some foods that are containing ingredients of healthy nutrition. Berries are incredible antioxidants Ah, the sweet taste of fresh berries! Berries are actually good for you and contain plant nutrients called anthocyanidins. Some of these have high levels of resveratrol, which helps fight heart disease and cancer.

Calories Don't Matter - Nutritional needs change as a dog ages. Many breeds of dogs enter their senior years at 5-7. Like humans, as dogs' age, their metabolism slows down. Obesity is one of the most common afflictions facing senior dogs. Stiff joints and muscles leave them wanting to run around less.

Cat Food Fact - They are beautiful, energetic, entertaining and they continually teach us as they grow and learn. Who are they? Your children, and second to the gift of life, the next greatest gift you can give them is good health through nutrition. As they grow you will realise that, try as you might, you won't be able to protect them from every bad influence in this world.

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Commercial Dog Foods - When we think about our health ONE vital nutrient often fails to come to mind, and it's one so important that we cannot exist without it. How can this be? So what is it? Is it Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, or what? Is it something new that we don't really know about yet? Not at all. It is one vital nutrient that is so overlooked that often we cannot tell when we need it.

Digital Nutrition Scales - (NC)-Recent research has shown a benefit of certain nutrients in reducing the risk of degenerative diseases of the brain. Antioxidants, such as vitamins E, C, B12 and folic acid have been shown to play an important role in healthy brain functioning.

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Healthy Nutrition Plans - Are you wondering about how to optimize your protein intake? There are many factors that come into play when choosing sources for protein. Certain proteins are not absorbed well by the body, while other types of protein bring a high fat content with them into the body.

Healthy Saturated Fats - If you went to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings to get sober, you remember the overabundance of coffee and cookies available (not to mention smoke). At OA (Overeaters Anonymous) meetings you find a number of people who are coming from other 12-step meetings, people who originally treated their alcohol or drug addiction and now find that their eating has become compulsive.

Healthy Weight Pyramid - There are many nutrition supplements at your local health food store. So many to choose from so confusing which ones are the right ones. How many should you take? Here you will learn what you need to take for the best health benefits.

Herbal Nutrition Supplements - A lot of research today is showing that having a good nutritional diet has a direct impact on a person's ability to manage stress. A body that is well nourished and healthy is far more resilient to stressful conditions than a poorly nourished body.In order to function properly, you body requires a certain amount of energy from carbohydrates, protein and fats.

Herbal Diet Pill - Real stories are windows into the practical application of orthomolecular nutrition We live in an age where we are constantly being bombarded with conflicting information by people selling us products or services to earn a profit -most of which turn out to be of no value or benefit. In this case, however, you are being made aware of your body's most elemental requirements for health and healing.

Herbal Nutrition Supplement - A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that children who experience malnutrition exhibit strikingly increased behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior as they grow older. The study looked at children between the ages of eight and 17 years, and found some rather shocking statistics about their behaviors.

Herbal Nutrition Supplement - A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that children who experience malnutrition exhibit strikingly increased behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior as they grow older. The study looked at children between the ages of eight and 17 years, and found some rather shocking statistics about their behaviors.

Herbal Nutrition Supplements - We are born inherently with the best doctor in the world - our immune system. When the immune system is funtioning proberly, it should serve as a strong defense from most illness. Nutrition and proper care of the body can do wonders for the immune system. Regardless of the condition of our health, our bodies constantly require nutrition.

Well Balanced Meal - A good nutritious diet is a basic requirement for every individual in order to live a healthy life. Today, health is everyone's top priority, which can be ensured only by good nutrition. Here are the ten important reasons as well as steps to prove that you must ensure good nutrition if you are willing to lead a healthy life.

High Glycemic Carbohydrates - Once a child reaches their toddler years, ages 1 to 3, feeding can become a challenge. Developmental changes are occurring at this age. Toddlers are trying to gain independence and control and meals are part of that pattern. Keep in mind that good sense as well as planning will make this transition a smooth one.

High Quality Vitamins - Hair loss is a genetic/hormonal process that can affect both men and women. Hormones that bind to hair follicles can cause an imbalance in the biological processes that cause hair growth. Eventually, excess hormonal action on the follicle causes hair to stop growing and the follicle dies.

Increased Nutrient Needs - Legendary bodybuilding trainer Vince, "The Iron Guru" Gironda was famous for saying, "Bodybuilding is 80% nutrition!" But is this really true or is it just another fitness and bodybuilding myth passed down like gospel without ever being questioned? Which is really more important, nutrition or training? This IS an interesting question and I believe there is a definite answer.

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Limit Junk Food - When you eat a 'nutritionally' and 'energetically' balanced diet your digestion works well, you breathe and sleep more deeply, rarely get sick, and most of the time enjoy the subtle feeling of ease that is health.

Weight Loss Efforts - Any food that we take into our bodies is composed of macronutrients, micronutrients and water. The macronutrients (macro = large) are protein, fat and carbohydrates; the micronutrients (micro = small) are vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Weight Loss Surgery - Anyone who has ever had to lose weight can attest to the enormous commitment the endeavor demands. Dropping pounds requires you to substantially alter your life style. Eating habits must be changed, physical activity must be incorporated and a general healthier approach to living must be embraced.


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