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Anti aging nutrition

As the first baby boomers enter their 60’s, research into ways to slow down the aging process has increased dramatically. The results of this research often creates more questions then it answers.

Your body needs essential fatty acids.

Here’s a sampling of some of the various ways to try and hold back or slow down the aging process:

If you think that cutting off all the fat from your diet is going to make you look better, think again. A move like that could age you faster instead.

Plant nutrients also play a key role in anti aging. Fruit, vegetables, and plant extracts have an array of chemical constituents, called phytochemicals or phytonutrients, that are hugely beneficial to skin health and beauty.

Antioxidants are one class of phytonutrients, though there are many. Antioxidants work by supplying an extra oxygen molecule to those molecules that are missing one, called free radicals.

Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants neutralize the free radicals that would otherwise damage your skin cells, aging you more quickly. Consuming nuts, seeds and oils that are rich in vitamin E protects you from the aging effect of these free radicals by neutralizing the free radicals before they can cause damage.

A new diet on the anti-aging scene is the Perricone Prescription. It is not just a weight loss diet, but a way of eating that is supposed to soften wrinkles, firm the skin, reduce inflammation in the body, and increase energy. Dr. Perricone claims that in just three days, people will see the anti-aging effects of this diet.

The staples of the diet are anti-inflammatory foods such as salmon and blueberries. Perricone says foods such as sugar, pasta, bread, bananas and other starches contribute to inflammation in the body and speed up the aging process.

Whether you follow the Perricone Prescription or another healthy way of eating, you owe it to yourself to treat your body right. It will thank you with many years of feeling good, in addition to improving your overall health and well-being.



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Bodybuilding nutrition

People involved in bodybuilding often need to approach nutrition from a different point of view then the rest of us. While most people need to be concerned about limiting the amount of calories they consume per day, bodybuilders must ensure that they take in enough calories to compensate for those that they burn off during their workouts.


But how much should be eaten during each meal?

Because of this, many bodybuilders find that eating 5-6 meals spread out over the day works better for them then 3 larger meals. Contrary to popular belief – just because bodybuilders need more calories daily doesn’t mean that they don’t have to count too!

The key to establishing a beneficial diet to advance bodybuilding goals is simply to eat in moderation at every meal. One of the best ways to do this is with the Mediterranean diet.

The key benefit to the Mediterranean diet is rooted in the fact that it is balanced and draws energy in appropriate proportions from these three dietary sources. Because the diet is balanced by definition, your body does not end up trying to function while being completely “out of whack.”

With the Mediterranean diet you can obtain the extra energy boosts necessary for body building without causing your overall caloric and energy levels to end up out of balance.

Of course, it’s useful to keep in mind that eating a proper diet with lean meat, fruits and vegetables, and no junk food probably won't get the results you are looking for because it's hard to consume what it takes to build muscle from just food. This is where bodybuilding supplements come in.

The top bodybuilding supplements used by the best athletes are Whey protein shakes, creatine monohydrate, L-Glutamine, prohormones and a vitamin/mineral supplement.

Other nutritional products designed to keep you healthy and looking great are meal replacement shakes, nutritional bars and low carb snacks.

These items are merely scratching the surface of the many complex layers of healthy nutrition and supplementation for bodybuilders, but it certainly gives you a head start!


Certified nutritionist

How to recognize a properly certified nutritionist is something you must know.
The title certified nutritionist (C.N.) or certified clinical nutritionist (C.C.N.) indicates that a person has had extensive education and training in nutrition science, and has met national testing standards.

Both C.N.s, and C.C.N.s work with clients to assess and analyze individual nutritional needs and develop personalized nutrition plans.

During this process, they educate, advise, counsel, monitor, and provide support. Both conventional doctors and alternative health practitioners often refer their patients to nutritionists for dietary counseling.

The dietary information you receive from a certified nutritionist is most likely to be reliable and based on current knowledge in the field if the nutritionist has been working in the profession for a minimum of one year and holds one of the following certifications:

Certified Nutritionist (C.N.): C.N.s must earn a Bachelor of Science or higher degree in nutrition science from an accredited college or formal training program that is recognized by state licensing agencies.

They must meet any state licensing or certification requirements in their state, and comply with all statutes related to the practice of nutrition counseling. C.N.s must also complete a series of examinations required by the National Institute of Nutritional Education.

Certified Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.): To earn the C.C.N. credentials, nutritionists must have received a graduate degree in a health-care field or, if they only hold a B.A. degree, they must also complete 900 hours of medical and clinical nutrition internship.

They are then qualified to take case histories and use various tests and observations to assess an individual's nutritional needs. C.C.N.s may use the results of their assessments as the basis for referring clients to a licensed physician or other health-care professional.
How To Choose a Practitioner

When you are looking for responsible nutrition advice, seek out a certified professional. Always bear in mind that the simple title "nutritionist," although used by many qualified nutrition and dietetics professionals, is a moniker that can also be adopted by virtually anyone who wants to hang up a shingle.

Be wary of bogus qualifications, as well as of what seems to be extreme dietary advice. Because irresponsible information on nutrition can be dangerous to your health, be very careful to ask specific questions and verify the practitioner's education, training, and professional credentials.

Although most states require a license for professional dietitians, the situation is murkier for nutritionists. This is why it's important to be sure any nutritionist you consult has one of the credentials listed above. These assure you of consistent standards of education, training, and professionalism.

If a nutritionist practices in a state that does not regulate their qualifications, you should still look for one of the above certifications, which are granted for C.C.N.s by the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCN), and for C.N.s by the National Institute of Nutritional Education.

It is also a good sign if the nutritionist is a current member of the Society of Certified Nutritionists (SCN), which is working to establish national standards of practice while promoting continuing education in the field.


Detox diet

Detox diets sound great – they claim that you will not only lose weight, but also rid your body of all sorts of harmful toxins and be so much healthier for it. According to this report from the BBC, it’s probably best not to rush into one without considering several points.

What's a detox diet?

Detox diets vary, but they typically advise restriction of the diet to raw vegetables, fruit, water and yoghurt - with strict avoidance of foods such as meat, fish, alcohol and stimulants (including coffee). The recommended duration of this regime also varies, but may be prescribed for up to a week or ten days.

After a week on such a minimal and limited diet, it's not surprising that people report feeling lighter and less lethargic. These are symptoms of a lack of calories rather than the elimination of toxins from the body. Headaches are a common side effect of caffeine withdrawal along with tiredness and irritability in some people.

Do they work?

Although detox diets may make you feel better, the scientific basis for such a stringent diet is somewhat lacking and there's little evidence that there's any good to be gained from following them.

Of course, it's true to say that food isn't all pure nutrients and the average diet will inevitably contain some toxic substances (alcohol, for example). Fortunately, the human body is well equipped to deal with such toxins, and they are effectively removed and excreted by the liver within hours of consumption.

The basic misconception of detox diets, however, is that fruits and vegetables are low in toxins while meat and fish lead to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body. In fact, the opposite is often true; vegetables such as cabbage and onions are high in naturally occurring toxins, while meat and fish often have low levels. The greatest irony is that the liver, the body's detoxification organ, can most effectively breakdown and eliminate toxins on a high-protein diet such as one rich in meat and fish.

Of course, fruit and vegetables are very important components of a healthy diet, but the idea that you should exist solely on such foods for days on end isn't consistent with the principle of a healthy balanced diet. Your daily diet should contain at least five portions of fruit and vegetables as well as lean meat, carbohydrates and dairy products.

Eating a healthy diet on a daily basis will help the body function properly and it shouldn't be necessary to pursue a detoxification regimen. However, if you do find the urge to detox, use it as an excuse to kick-start a new healthy eating regime.


Diabetes nutrition

Finding the right nutrition approach for those living with diabetes can be incredibly challenging, especially with the knowledge that people who are diabetic will often have different reactions to particular foods then other diabetics.


EFAs help your body process the food to release the energy needed for your life processes. They are important in the transfer of oxygen in your body as well as the regulation of nutrients in and out of the cells among other things.

For the uninitiated, when someone is diabetic, they are unable to produce or correctly use insulin throughout their body, which is the hormone that is responsible for changing sugar, starches and other food into energy.

This is why it is literally a matter of life and death that a diabetic diet is properly followed.

One of the main goals for a diabetic diet is to lower your weight and maintain it. In addition, the diet is designed to help maintain regular glucose levels in your body. Since diabetes prevents your body from processing glucose the way it should, a diabetic diet has to, to some extent, perform that maintenance. Also, the hope is that a diabetic diet will also help you to keep your blood pressure under control.

The benefits and assistance to your body from the diabetic diet will depend on what type of diabetes you are trying to treat. Each type has its own challenges and level of restriction on the diet. The important thing to remember, though, is that studies show the effectiveness of a diabetic diet is dependent, not so much on the diet itself, but on how well the patient follows the diet.

Overall, there is no official diabetic diet to follow and it really depends on the individual diabetic. However, there is a fairly well-defined list of food items that you should avoid. Anything that contains a lot of cheese, butter, oil or mayonnaises should be avoided on diabetic diets. If you must taste these foods during your meal, you should order them to arrive as a side item.

Other foods that can stray from diabetic diets include those that are prepared with sweet and sour sauce, as well as teriyaki and barbeque. They contain high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates that should be avoided while on a diabetic diet.

Some general guidelines on how a diabetic can stay healthy for many years to come:

•     Count the number of calories from fat as being 30% less than the total number of calories eaten throughout one day.

•     Include foods that are low in saturated fats and cholesterol, such as skinless poultry, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

•     When possible, stay away from red meats, eggs, as well as whole-milk dairy products.

•     Make sure that the dairy in your life comes from low-fat or fat-free selections.

10-20% of your daily calories on a diabetic diet should come from proteins in foods, such as lean meat, fish, and low-fat dairy products. The rest of a diabetic diet should consist of carbohydrates coming from whole grains, beans, as well as fresh vegetables and fruit.


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Herbal Nutrition Supplement - A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that children who experience malnutrition exhibit strikingly increased behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior as they grow older. The study looked at children between the ages of eight and 17 years, and found some rather shocking statistics about their behaviors.

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