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Keywords Bodybuilding, nutrition, weightlifting, diet, fitness Description An after workout drink that provides bodybuilding nutrition for first rate growth. Feel free to publish this article in your e-zine, your newsletter, or your web site, as long as resource box and by-line is included. All web links in Bio and by line must be working. A courtesy copy of your publication will be appreciated. Please, email to "" Thank You

An after workout drink that provides bodybuilding nutrition for first rate growth.

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A fictional overheard conversation at a Thelma's Fine Dining.
Hi, I'm your waitress, Flo. How are you two doing tonight? Just come from the gym? Whew, one of you needs a shower. Here's our menu. Our specials include a 3lb cheeseburger with mega fries, a foot long chili dog that is deep-fried and covered with cheese. Or we have a this new health drink called Chocolate Splendor. What? How in the h#%l did that get in there?

After putting your body through a grueling workout it demands bodybuilding nutrition. No this is not an advertisement. We found an easy, quick and reasonably priced way of fulfilling this need. We take a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast and mix it with whey protein. The whey protein that we use is Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Powder.


It mixes easily and tastes good. 20 grams of sugar carbohydrates from the instant breakfast help your blood glucose return back too normal after the depletion from the workout. You can mix the two powders together in a shaker cup and add water at the gym when you are ready to drink it. Chocolate Splendor breakdown:  Protein 28 grams  Carbohydrates 30 grams 20 grams sugar  Fat 2.5 grams


The author, Kevin Doberstein is a writer for www.nature-boy-bodybuilding. The site is dedicated to natural bodybuilding and preserving nature and wildlife. Water, forest, soil and wildlife conservation is paramount to Nature boy. You can contact Nature boy at

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No Nonsense Nutrition


At the turn of the century, America's relationship with food changed dramatically, with fast or convenience foods becoming a staple for many. Woman alone, account for a substantial percentage of convenience foods purchases, with sales exceeding 4.5 billion dollars annually. When natural and whole food substances are transformed from raw food products into canned, boxed, precooked or instant foods, many of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are lost. In addition, the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils, food additives, preservatives, fillers, artificial flavorings and color have transformed something that was once good for you, into something that has very little, to no nutritional value left.

When you walk down the aisles of the supermarket, many of the choices available are not "whole" foods nor natural. They are not filled with the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients we need to thrive. Instead, they are preprocessed, presweetened and laden with artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. They have very little, if any nutritional value left within them. Take a moment to inventory your eating habits. How many of these foods do you eat? Kraft macaroni and cheese: box-o-chemicals, Betty Crocker potatoes a gratin: box-o-chemicals, hamburger helper: box-o-chemicals, Spam, Vienna sausages, Franco-American Spaghetti-O's, Cheese Wiz, all chemical laden. This is only a small list of products available to American consumers that we happily and whole-heartedly consume.

The truth is, our bodies were not designed to handle these non-food. There are no keys in our genetic make-up designed to utilize these products. Instead of promoting health, they promote disease. While nutritionists contend that soft drinks, white flour and other calorie-rich, nutrient-poor foods can fit into a good diet, in theory, they are correct. However, they regrettably ignore the fact that most Americans consume great quantities of these nutrient poor foods and only meager quantities of healthful foods.

The good news is that many American women are becoming more proactive about their health and well being. A great place to start any kind of health program is by adopting a healthful diet. Many health enthusiasts have led people to believe that in order to be healthy, the solitary route is to eat only organic foods, or to become a vegetarian, leaving many with the feeling that it is an "all or nothing" proposition. In the big picture of things, yes, they may be right in their assertion, but making the transition from the typical American diet to one a more healthful one may seem like an insurmountable task. Many quit before they even try. If you are raising a family, you might not be able to financially afford to live this lifestyle. This, however, shouldn't exclude you from peak and optimal health.

Like so many woman, I am constantly on the go and have to translate the concerns of proper nutrition to meet a fast food lifestyle. An important key to health and healthful dining is to become an active chooser when it comes to our food choices. Being an active chooser is easy. It is the art of shopping selectively, picking healthful alternatives over nutritionally poor ones. This can be accomplished, even if you are on a budget!

When creating a healthful food plan for yourself or your family, here are a few guidelines you can use to help you as you transition to a healthful diet and lifestyle.

First, we all need to drink at least 8 - 8oz glasses of water daily. Water, not soda, coffee or other beverage, is a necessary component in maintaining health. Other than it's role in the many biochemical processes our bodies perform, another of its functions is to help to remove toxins from the body. A high quality vitamin and mineral supplement is also another must. Americans currently spend in excess of 2.5 billion dollars annually on vitamin and mineral supplements. Certainly these individual must think they are getting some value out of them. Supplements, however, should not replace good foods. They should instead help compensate for the many demands placed on a woman's body as well as make up for nutrients you are not getting from your regular diet.

When selecting foods, we should eat from a variety of whole, unprocessed foods…the more variety, the greater the pallet of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients we will be ingesting. Try to ensure that you eat at least one leafy green salad and a piece of fresh fruit daily. While this is still below the recommended standards, it is a great place to start. Reduce or eliminate preprocessed, prepackaged, chemical laden food as well as foods that are high in refined sugars, including white bread and white rice.

Many of us don't always have time to cook hardy nutritious meals. When time is short, I look to my crock-pot to do the cooking for me. If that is out of the question, it is a time in which you will have to choose "the lesser evil". For example, you are running late and don't have time to cook dinner, instead of opting for fried chicken or a greasy burger, select roasted chicken or opt for a hearty salad instead. When looking for something quick and healthy to make at home, prepare sandwiches served on whole-wheat bread or in a whole-wheat pita with lettuce and tomato. Try serving it with a few slices of fruit. If something pre-made seems to be the way to go, select foods that feel good, or at least seem like the best choice for your health and well being.

Following the same vein, we are not perfect and sometimes a Quarter Pounder with cheese will just hit the spot. Whether you eat this meal at home or out, the point is, be aware that you are eating devitalized foods and try to limit it to a once in a while kind of thing. Now granted, while eating healthy may be your plan, give yourself permission to have bad weeks too. At times, we all end up eating on the run. So don't get discouraged. I like to think of it this way, each time you eat a healthful meal; you are improving your health that day. Thinking of it this way affirms the changes that you are making.

When looking for a quick pick me up, many of us turn to snack foods such as cookies, candy or chips. Selecting healthy snack foods can be a problem all by themselves. There are, however, many healthful alternatives that you can eat. Go-Gurts - these handy yogurt snacks are always a crowd pleaser. String cheese never lasts long at our house. Baby carrots and ranch dressing is another favorite. Remember the little gold fish? They are baked, not fried. Even nuts, although high in fat, they are also high in protein and other nutrients our bodies needs. While many snacks do not fall into the same category as fresh fruit, there are many food items that can be bought or prepared that you can feel good about eating. Weeding through all of the total junk to find a healthy food choice can be time consuming but well worth the effort

Taking the first steps toward a healthy lifestyle is always the hardest. At first, you may feel a bit intimidated by these changes, but armed with this information, you will have a better opportunity to make more responsible choices. As time goes on, you will also find that it will become easier and easier to incorporate healthful food choices into your life.


Dr. Rita Louise, Ph.D. is a Naturopathic Physician and a 20-year veteran in the Human Potential Field, but it is her unique gift as a medical intuitive that illuminates and enlivens her work. To schedule a session with Dr. Louise, contact her at (972) 475-3393 or visit her web page at


Simple Steps to Optimizing Post-Workout Nutrition

Simple Steps to Optimal Post-Workout Nutrition John M. Berardi is a scientist and PhD candidate in the area of Exercise and Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. His company, Science Link: Translating Research into Results, specializes in providing integrated training, and nutritional programs for high-level strength and endurance athletes.


When preparing meals, I always ask myself, is any of the food I am serving fresh? Fresh fruits and vegetables have enzymes in them that are essential to good health. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best, followed by frozen ones, with canned foods following poorly behind. Food processing of any kind destroys vitamins and phytonutrients, so frozen foods while still having some nutritional value, are nutritionally inferior to fresh. Canned foods have little to no nutritional value left. Limit canned food purchases to items such as tuna, tomatoes and beans.

Through his consulting businesses, John works with a diverse client population including high-level athletes wanting to win medals and championships. Furthermore, John will be completing his PhD with a specialization in exercise and nutritional biochemistry this fall. To say that this guy knows his stuff is an understatement.

In this issue, we decided to pick John's oversized brain (no really, he does have an abnormally large head) to get his thoughts on a very important topic


- Post Workout Nutrition. John, what have you found to be the biggest mistake in post-workout nutrition by athletes, and female athletes in particular?

John Berardi:

The biggest mistake people are making is not doing anything at all about post-workout nutrition! Nutritionally, most people don't plan for success - not even many of the most elite of the elite that we regularly work with. I learned this lesson when I started working with a group of Canadian Olympians a few years back. When I spoke with them about their nutrition and supplementation I was flabbergasted with their lack of nutrition knowledge.

Now, prior to this time I would have anticipated nutritional ignorance or misinformation from the average person but not from elite athletes. But I was wrong. In fact, the athletes were just about as misinformed as the general public.


That's too bad. What steps did you take after that?


After re-evaluating my premises, I realized that because most athletes can stay lean and fit from high volumes of training their poor nutritional choices could be masked by a body that looks well nourished and healthy. Also, because they are already elite, they think they must be "dialed in". It's unfortunate that most of them never know just how outstanding they could be if they really took care of their nutrition.

So, once I get a hold of their programs, those already good-looking bodies usually change as their fat mass decreases and muscle mass increases. But even more importantly, they also improve their performance. This is why I spend a lot of time with my clients and athletes (even the ones that already look great); educating them about making appropriate food choices and helping them improve the timing of their intake.


John, could you describe some case studies or examples?


For example, most athletes don't know that certain food choices before exercise can actually reduce their performance. Furthermore, few know that the 6 hours after exercise are absolutely critical to recovery. My PhD work has focused on the latter.

As a result of my academic training and my laboratory data, I've learned how to use food timing to maximize recovery after exercise. And while this is easy to do in athletes who don't mind gaining weight (i.e. just eat A LOT), it's much harder to do in the athletes who want to lose weight (i.e. most female athletes and athletes in whom the power to weight ratio must be high).


So what types of things can someone do to maximize their recovery during these 6 hours?


Well, for starters, there is a key principle at work here. Basically, the muscles are most efficient at carbohydrate and energy uptake during this time. Therefore the bulk of an athlete's calories (especially carbohydrates) should come during this post-workout period.

Since fat is burned at high rates during the post exercise period regardless of what food you eat, during this time most of the ingested energy (protein and carbohydrates) will go to replenish the depleted muscle energy stores and to enhance recovery.

Think of it this way. If you were to eat 100g of carbohydrates for lunch and 50g were to end up in muscle stores to promote recovery and 50g were to end up in fat stores to make you fatter, your body composition wouldn't be improving and recovery wouldn't be maximized. But if you were to save those 100g of carbohydrates until after exercise, all those carbohydrates would go to the muscles for recovery with none of them going to fat cells. So which scenario do you prefer?


Are you suggesting that athletes should only eat carbohydrates after exercise?

JB: Nope, what I'm saying is that you should minimize carbohydrate intake during most meals of the day and feed the body most of the carbs during the 6 hour recovery period. I've used this strategy with extreme success in all types of athletes from elite endurance cyclists to female fitness competitors who need to minimize total body weight and fat weight while recovering well and maintaining a high level of performance.

But almost as important as the carbohydrate strategies, the protein content of the post-workout period is critical. My studies are demonstrating that post-workout nutrition should contain protein and carbohydrates in a ratio of 2g of carbohydrate to every 1g of protein. My athletes consume a liquid recovery drink of 0.8g/kg of carbs and 0.4g/kg of protein immediately after training.


Based on your research, what is the optimal approach for a team sport athlete, say a female basketball player, to take after a game or practice?


How about I give you an optimal daily strategy for a female basketball player who practices from 4:00-6:00pm?

Here's what I might recommend (remember this is just a sample and doesn't apply to all female basketball players). Notice that the bulk of the carbohydrates come during/after exercise.

8am Breakfast - 6 egg white omelet with 1-cup veggies and 1 piece of fat free cheese. 10am Snack - Protein shake in water with added flaxseed oil 12pm Lunch - 3oz Chicken breast and large salad with fish oil capsules 2pm Snack - Protein shake in water with added flaxseed oil 4pm-6pm Practice - Glucose-electrolyte beverage like Gatorade 6pm Post-workout - Liquid drink containing 20-25g fast digesting protein (like whey) and 40-50g of simple carbohydrate (like Gatorade) 8pm Dinner - 4oz burger, large salad, medium sized baked potato, fish oil capsules 10pm Snack before bed - Plain yogurt, 2 pieces of fresh fruit


What if an athlete has another game or practice the next day?


There is no difference. Remember, the post-workout carbohydrate and protein consumption can rapidly replenish muscle carbohydrate stores; much more rapidly than trying to do so during the other meals of the day. So the athlete such as a basketball player should be ready by the next day.


Would an endurance athlete need to take any additional measures? (Again, with a training session scheduled within 24 hours).


The strategy for a hard training endurance athlete would be to double up on the post-workout recovery drink. I have my endurance athletes take two post exercise recovery drinks as discussed above; one immediately after training and one an hour later.

My research has shown that this strategy (especially with the inclusion of the protein) can improve muscle glycogen recovery by 22% when compared to carbohydrate only ingestion. But even more importantly, when endurance athletes come back to exercise on the same day, they perform over twice as well when protein and carbohydrate drinks are ingested when compared to when carbohydrate only drinks are ingested or food meals are eaten later in recovery.


So it really is critical to have carbs and protein after training for both muscle recovery and performance?


Yep, we're in the process of publishing the first ever data conclusively demonstrating this in endurance athletes.


And finally, for this interview (we've got lots more to ask in future editions!), what post-workout regimen have you found most effective on tournament days (for basketball in this example, with 3 games on one day and the games 90 minutes apart)?


During tournament days, I think liquid nutrition is paramount.

Besides a good breakfast containing low glycemic index carbohydrates (like oatmeal, fruit, and whole grain breads), high quality protein, and good fats, it's critical to fuel up with liquid protein and carbohydrate drinks all day between games. Keeping the ratio of carbs to protein the same (2:1), sipping recovery drinks all day will maximize muscle energy stores and performance during each subsequent game.

As long as the athlete is sure to have a good breakfast (as mentioned) and a good lunch meal (similar to the breakfast guidelines), the rest of the day should be spent sipping protein and carbs.


Well thanks for the informative interview John. We've got lots more questions to ask you about nutrition and training but we'll save those for a later day.


I look forward to doing future interviews and helping your athletes out whenever I can. For more information about the Science Link team or their services, please visit Also, be sure to check out right now. Here you will find out how to purchase and/or attend one of John's dynamic and information-packed seminars. Our goal is to create an online source of training information, research articles and interviews with women who are positive role models for the female athlete who is looking to improve and develop a deeper understanding of training. These readers are the grrlAthletes of the world.

Addressing Alcoholism with Diet and Nutrition

Alcoholism is a very complex problem that is rampant in our society and has many variables that need to be addressed simultaneously. The success rate with mainstream treatment options is poor at best. The nutrition and diet components are rarely addressed and most people are unaware of their extreme significance. It is not widely known that Bill Wilson, one of the founders of AA was aware of the importance of vitamins and hypoglycemia in the treatment of alcoholism. Before his death he was trying to educate physicians about these issues. (Null 95, Larson 92) After losing a son who had tried all the traditional approaches to alcoholism, Joan Larson researched with the passion of a mother on a mission and wrote a detailed comprehensive book that emphasizes the importance of addressing diet and nutrition in the treatment of alcoholism.


In her treatment Center, The Health Recovery Center, they maintain a 75% success rate with an approach that addresses issues such as making diet changes, eliminating sugar and refined foods, supplementing numerous vitamins, amino acids and minerals which are most often depleted in alcoholics, treating hypoglycemia and treating food allergies. Her book provides very specific guidelines necessary to take beginning with detox and continuing through recovery. She discovered it is necessary to make biochemical repairs in order to achieve success and prevent relapse. It is a "must have" book for anyone involved in the treatment of alcoholism.

Randolph (80) contends that alcoholism is not a mental sickness, but rather it is a symptom of advanced food allergy. In his practice he has found that it is not the alcohol that one is addicted to it is the food source of which the alcoholic beverage is made of. Alcoholic beverages are made of food such as grains like barley, corn, cane or grapes. Alcoholics have a food allergy to these. In advanced food allergy the individual craves the allergic food. Randolph proposes that the alcoholic is craving the beverage is made from not the alcohol itself. The alcohol serves as a catalyst to help the food be absorbed more quickly, because alcohol is absorbed rapidly throughout the gastrointestinal tract. This is why most alcoholics struggle to stay sober and relapse is so common. Because, when alcoholics put the alcohol down they are continuing to eat sugar, corn, etc., and when they eat these foods it triggers cravings. The food itself cannot provide the quick fix that the alcohol can provide because of its rapid absorption.


Based on this physical and chemical understanding, they formulate pharmaceutical drugs and health supplements to create or emulate a certain response in the body. Unfortunately, the human body is neither physical nor chemical in nature; it is electrical. Physical form (ie. the human body, a table, or an automobile) cannot exist without chemical reactions and chemical reactions cannot take place without electrical interactions. Thus, physical form cannot exist without electrical interactions. So you see, the electric component is the foundation upon which all matter is created.

Pfeiffer(80) has found that people with addictions have high levels of histamine which he states results in compulsive behavior. He has had success using calcium, methioninine and a low protein high carbohydrate diet in treating not only compulsive behavior, but also depression.

There is considerable data that supports the notion that most alcoholics are hypoglycemic. (Larson 92, Airola 77) There is a reciprocal relationship between the two. Chronic drinking just like excessive sugar contributes to the development of hypoglycemia just as people with hypoglycemia are potential candidates for alcoholism. Hypoglycemia can cause irritability, depression, aggressiveness, insomnia, fatigue, restlessness, confusion, a desire to drink and nervousness, many of the same symptoms of an alcoholic. (Larson 92) When an alcoholic gets sober the symptoms listed above continue to plaque them and if hypoglycemia is not addressed these symptoms leave the individual at high risk of relapsing in order to temporarily relieve these symptoms.

In 1991 more than 60% of individuals admitted to traditional treatment programs had been in treatment before and more than half of those repeating were being admitted for the third time. About half of these were drinking again within one year. (Grinspoon 1996) Unfortunately this is a common scenario in treatment in general. Relapse is expected, common and usually the norm. Most people are not successful in long -term recovery. In a four year study of 922 men only 28% refrained from drinking for six months after treatment. After one year 21% remained abstinent and after four years 7% remained abstinent. (Rand Repot 1990) It is only a small subgroup of people who are helped by 12 step programs and traditional treatment. Obviously traditional treatment is missing a very large piece of the puzzle. Traditional treatment could be more successful if it implemented a holistic approach to addiction and address issues such as hypoglycemia, food allergy and nutritional deficiencies.

I know from personal experience that this is true. As a chronic alcoholic I entered traditional treatment and although some of it was extremely helpful, it could not help with the intense depression, anxiety, confusion, irritability and nervousness that I continued to have that was putting me at high risk of relapsing. After a year of pure misery and "white knuckling" it, which had left me hanging by a very fine thread, I discovered a book that changed my life. After finding a doctor who was knowledgeable in this area, I learned that I had numerous food allergies, chemical allergies, hypoglycemia and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


It was when I addressed these issues that my life really changed. I discovered that my eliminating sugar and wheat from that I could eliminate my disabling anxiety and depression. By treating all my allergies and addressing my hypoglycemia and deficiencies and changing my diet I was able to turn my mental health completely around and I was no longer "white knuckling" it to stay sober. I have been sober for 13 years and don't attend any AA meetings.


Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed., writer, educator, therapist/advisor/coach and Holistic Health Consultant Specializing in Life Management and Support for Living with Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, and Disability as well as Sexuality and Sexual Intimacy.

Electrical Nutrition For Your Electrical Body

Although there is tremendous potential in the field of nutrition to reverse the current health emergency facing our society and to increase our overall healthspan, the health-care industry as well as food supplement companies do not understand the underlying cause of disease nor the true nature of the human body.

Why else would health-care practitioners force your body into doing things it doesn't want to do? Drugs force the body. So do some "natural" supplements. Don't get me wrong, it's important in trauma cases to have a qualified physician to patch you up.

But in cases involving disease prevention and cure, we've gotten way off base. For example, what is the standard mode of treatment for fevers? Well, is the body working or not working? Most practitioners force the body into cooling itself, disarming it's innate immune system. Do drugs work? Certainly. But do they produce health? No, they dont' and they can't.

Experts, though often sincere, approach disease from the wrong perspective. Experts in the fields of health-care and food supplementation look at the human body and see a physical entity that carries out complex chemical reactions.

Despite the focus science places on the particles that supposedly make up the atom, it is really comprised of 99.99% empty space. If you shrunk yourself to the size of an atom, you would see absolutely nothing physical. The distance between the earth and the sun is 93 million miles. Inside the atom, the distance between the nucleus and the first electron in the scale of our solar system is 47 times further away than the earth is from the sun, the equivalent of 4.371 billion miles. Within this empty space is an electrical structure or an electrical matrix defined by an electromagnetic presence.

Every atom holds a measurable electromagnetic frequency. The universe consists of an infinite number of frequencies that blend together to create various matrices and complete the puzzle pieces we call matter. To the naked eye this manifests as physical and chemical structure. However, everything you see and feel is an illusion because interaction within the electrical universe holds energy in form so life can exist. We are consciousness inside of a matrixed electrical system experiencing life through physical eyes that perceive the illusion of a physical and chemical reality.

Did you catch all that? Well, it takes time to re-train our thought processes after being conditioned all our lives by our environment. But, understanding this concept and the nature of what you truly are and the nature of everything in your surroundings enables you to approach health and nutrition from the proper perspective. Without knowledge of how the electrical body truly works, unforeseeable side effects inevitably occur, oftentimes with more dire consequences than the original illness.

The electrical concept is difficult for some to grasp because nowhere in our traditional educational system is it mentioned. Once you gain this enhanced clarity, you can start to make better decisions and exercise all of your options, one of which is not to suffer from disease and to reclaim your birthright to health.


Rita has studied with naturopaths and master herbalists alike learning how the human body is made of the same substance as the universe - and in the process aiding thousands take charge of their own health. Her latest ebook, "How to Heal Your Electrical Body" is now available at:


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Anti Aging Treatments - Life, these days, is at such a fast pace, many people do not take the time to eat properly, thereby shortening their lives. When people do not eat right, their body cells cannot repair themselves. It is increasingly difficult to supply the family with the proper nutrition, because of the depletion of minerals and nutrients in farmland.

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Herbal Nutrition Supplement - A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that children who experience malnutrition exhibit strikingly increased behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior as they grow older. The study looked at children between the ages of eight and 17 years, and found some rather shocking statistics about their behaviors.

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High Glycemic Carbohydrates - Once a child reaches their toddler years, ages 1 to 3, feeding can become a challenge. Developmental changes are occurring at this age. Toddlers are trying to gain independence and control and meals are part of that pattern. Keep in mind that good sense as well as planning will make this transition a smooth one.

High Quality Vitamins - Hair loss is a genetic/hormonal process that can affect both men and women. Hormones that bind to hair follicles can cause an imbalance in the biological processes that cause hair growth. Eventually, excess hormonal action on the follicle causes hair to stop growing and the follicle dies.

Increased Nutrient Needs - Legendary bodybuilding trainer Vince, "The Iron Guru" Gironda was famous for saying, "Bodybuilding is 80% nutrition!" But is this really true or is it just another fitness and bodybuilding myth passed down like gospel without ever being questioned? Which is really more important, nutrition or training? This IS an interesting question and I believe there is a definite answer.

Healthy Nutrition Habits - While many people know that there are benefits to having a good nutritional plan, few regard it as being very important. Many people wonder, why have healthy nutrition? In a world where fast food is quicker, simpler, and sometimes better tasting, its easy to get tempted by what the corporations have to offer us.

Liquid Nutritional Supplements - Practicing proper infant nutrition will have life-long effects for your baby, as well as yourself. The very first step towards proper nutrition for your infant is to decide whether to breastfeed or bottle feed. It is important to consider that mother’s milk is the best milk for your baby.

Breast Cancer Screening - It is generally accepted that by the time a cancer is found by mammography or palpated during a clinical breast exam, the cancer has been growing for 8-10 years.

Cold Laser Therapy - Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints and is characterized by pain, stiffness, swelling, decreased range of movement and at a more serious stage deformity. Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness by means of aromatic, plant derived scents.


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Major Depressive Disorder - In simple, depression means mental illness, which can be treated. Even it can run in families but not a communicable disease. There are different kinds of depression and each have its own causes, symptoms and diagnoses.


Facial Oil Blend - Cold weather’s great for a lot of things: snowboarding, skiing, or just relaxing by a fire. But unfortunately it can also seriously damage your skin. Falling temperatures, chilling winds, and overheating in your home can all work to dry out and crack your face and body’s surface.


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