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Natural Cures Gingko Biloba Articles, Tips and Information

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba Dosage

Note: Ginkgo biloba dosage is a personal choice - it can vary as different people react differently - me - I like it 2 times a day - not 3 as often recommended. - editor


A typical ginkgo extract contains two groups of chemical components: flavenoids and terpenoids.  Flavenoids are comprised of  ginkgoflavone glycoside. Terpenoids have ginkgolides and bilobide. Flavenoids aid in strengthening the capillary and contain powerful anitioxidants and free radical scavenger effects. Terpenoids on the other hand can block the platelet activating factor or PAF. A standard ginkgo extract should contain 24% flavenoids and 6% terpenoids as ginkgo biloba dosage. This ginkgo biloba dosage is required to get the optimum benefits of a ginkgo extracts.  Extracts could also come in liquid or capsules.

In Europe, ginkgo biloba leaves extract are particularly used for medicinal preparations.

Chinese, on the other hand, typically used the seed kernels for their traditional medicines. Germany and France are the greatest advocates for the use of ginkgo products.  They used ginkgo biloba dosage to treat various ailments ranging from headaches, depression, asthma and other inflammatory disorders. Germany, for instance, recently approved the use of ginkgo extracts in treating Alzheimer’s disease.  A recommended daily ginkgo biloba dosage of 240mg per day is necessary to treat Alzheimer’s. Chinese and people from other parts of Asia use ginkgo biloba dosage for memory loss and other cerebral insufficiencies such as mental fatigue, et cetera.


Ginkgo biloba dosage will depend on the person or patient’s needs. For a healthy person, a daily dose of 40mg per day would be adequate.  However, for persons with illness, an increase ginkgo biloba dosage would be necessary. For patients with cerebral dysfunction, the necessary ginkgo biloba dosage will be between 120 to 240 mg. in 2 to 3 doses per day.  The ginkgo biloba dosage should be administered daily between 8 to 12 weeks with monthly review for continued administration. Those with claudication and vertigo, a ginkgo biloba dosage of 120  to 160 mg. in 2 to 3 doses daily is recommended. Ginkgo biloba dosage should be administered for not less than 6 weeks up to 12 weeks for claudication cases.  However in vertigo and tinnitus, no visible benefit could be gleaned after 6 to 8 weeks application of ginkgo biloba dosage. For those with sexual dysfunction, 60 mg. to 240 mg. of ginkgo biloba dosage in 2 doses per day is required.

Necessary caution should be taken in administering ginkgo biloba dosage when taken along with herbs and drugs known to have anticoagulant effects including aspirin.  Overdose in taking ginkgo bilobo dosage could not be verified. Although ginkgo seeds and fruit pulp are toxic if eaten and skin contact can cause allergic response.


Ginkgo biloba dosage is generally safe. But taking precautions especially for those taking anticoagulant drugs would not hurt.


More info on GINKO!


Ginkgo biloba extract is derived from ginkgo biloba tree. 


For thousands of years, ginkgo bilobo extracts from leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree were used by the Chinese as herbal medicine to treat various medical disorders. Asian countries also make use of ginkgo biloba extracts to treat symptoms ranging from dizziness, short or long term memory loss, inflammation and impaired circulation to the brain. Ginkgo biloba extracts are widely used in Europe particularly in Germany and France. Germany, as a matter of fact, recently approved ginkgo biloba extracts to treat Alzheimer’s disease.  A require 240 mg of ginkgo bilobo extracts per day is necessary for treatment. The rest of Europe and the rest of the world for that matter somehow have reservations on recommending ginkgo biloba extracts’ broad use to the general public.

This has been the focus of medical studies recently because of its possible cure to the deteriorating disease known as Alzheimer’s.

Ginkgo biloba extracts work by increasing blood flow to the brain and blood vessels. Ginkgo biloba extracts consequently improve the central nervous system and the vascular system. Ginkgo biloba extracts also prevent cholesterol into forming plaques that would clog the arteries. Ginkgo biloba extracts are also known to treat infertility among males. Ginkgo biloba extracts can inhibit free radicals from damaging your organs and causing premature aging and dementia. These are but a few of the positive effects of taking ginkgo biloba extracts.


Topical care for Broken Blood Vessels


Using ginkgo biloba extracts should be done with caution especially if you have history of disorders in blood circulation or blood-clotting and are taking anti-coagulants. Varying preparations of ginkgo biloba extract are available over the drug counters. Recommended daily dosage of ginkgo biloba extract is 40 to 200 mg. If you noticed negative symptoms after use ginkgo biloba extract , it is best to lower the dosage or stop it altogether if uncertain. Consulting your doctor about it could also be another good idea.


Ginkgo biloba extracts can be a boon or bane to your health depending on several factors. Ginkgo biloba extracts are effective for as long as you take the necessary advised precautions.



We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


Ginkgo Biloba Information


If you are wondering what the hype on these ginkgo products are all about, this ginkgo biloba information is provided to get you acquainted with it. Much of ginkgo biloba information revolves around its wonderful healing effect. But gingko biloba information is not only limited to that. You can avail of gingko biloba information on various topics ranging from its history to its extraction process.  Much of this ginkgo biloba information is available over the internet.


Ginkgo biloba information reveals that it has been around for 150 – 250 million years.


A number of gingko biloba information has been compiled about this wonderful specie. It has survived the Jurassic age and harsh environmental conditions in succeeding years to be amongst us here at the present. Aptly termed as the living fossil this ginkgo biloba tree has been the subject of a number of intense research and studies according to compiled ginkgo biloba information.


According to ginkgo biloba information ther are two groups of chemicals that can be found in a ginkgo bilboa leaf. These two natural compinets are flavenoids and terpenoids. Flavenoids aids capillary function and has powerful antioxidants. Terpenoids can control platelet-activiating factor (PAF).

Ginkgo biloba leaves have been used by the Chinese in treating various aliments for the 5,000 or so years as detailed in ginkgo biloba information. Ginkgo biloba information on the different ailmenst it is known to have cured is numerous. Ginkgo biloba information in studies revealed that this product is good in treating cerebral insufficiencies because it increases the blood flow to the brain. Ginkgo biloba information on ginkgo’s healing effects further stated that ginkgo biloba’s positive effect on the circulatory system can aid in healing eyes and hearing problems.


Of course, ginkgo biloba information will not be complete if the negative effects are not included. Ginkgo biloba could be potentially hazardous if you have history of blood clotting and are taking anticoagulant therapy. Anit-platelet and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) medications are also known to react negatively towards ginkgo biloba as complied in ginkgo biloba information. Pregnant and lactating women must refrain from taking ginkgo extracts.


Gingko biloba’s healing effects can be found in its leaves. Different cultures have different extracting techniques according to ginkgo biloba information. Generally, dried leaves are pulverized and mixed with organic solutions to release the chemical components. Ginkgo biloba information reveals that a precise 24% concentration of flavenoids must be extracted from the process. This is the amount believed to give the optimum benefit to the user of ginkgo extracts.


Ginkgo biloba information is available at the tip of your hand. If, you know what to look for and where to look for it.


Ginkgo Biloba Side Effect

Ginkgo biloba despite its numerous beneficial effects is known to have its ginkgo biloba side effect too.  Generally, ginkgo biloba is safe but is wise to take this herbal medicine with necessary precaution.


Ginkgo biloba side effect seems to be associated with its continuous intake.  Usually, 2 years or more of continued application could manifest a ginkgo biloba side effect. Prolong use could result in headaches, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.  One ginkgo biloba side effect is when ingesting the toxic ginkgo biloba seed and fruit pulp. The ginkgo biloba side effect in this instance could be gastrointestinal problems, erythema, edema and certain allergic reactions.


Ginkgo biloba side effect is also apparent if you are taking other anti-coagulant herbs or drugs since it reinforces heterogenous mechanisms. And a common ginkgo biloba side effect is increase in the risk of bleeding if you have clotting disorder. Patients taking an anti-depressant drug called monoamine oxidase inhibitor or MAOI should watch out for possible ginkgo biloba side effect too. Since ginkgo is known to interact negatively with MAOI. Ginkgo combined with trazodone could result in an adverse ginkgo biloba side effect. Continuous administration of ginkgo biloba could sometimes produce no continuous benefits like the case of vertigo and tinnitus. Wherein, continuous dosage after 6 to 8 weeks could produce no further benefits nor cause a ginkgo biloba side effect to the patient.


Ginkgo biloba side effect could also be seen in pregnant or lactating women. You should refrain if you happen to be in either one of these situations. Children should refer to doctors first before taking ginkgo to avoid possible ginkgo biloba side effect. In treating illnesses you should administer the necessary and recommended daily dosage and duration only. Anything beyond that could cause ginkgo biloba side effect. Reports of overdose as a possible ginkgo biloba side effect could not be verified or known.


If any of the above-mentioned ginkgo biloba side effect is noticed, daily dosage should be lowered or treatment should be stopped altogether to prevent further complications. Ginkgo biloba side effect could be eradicated if you follow correct dosage.  A recommended 40-200 mg. per day for ginkgo supplements is necessary. Higher dosage could be required in treating ailments. Just like any drug, ginkgo biloba is a two-edge sword. The negative comes with positives.


Somehow, ginkgo biloba side effect, despite its potential hazards, is eclipsed by the many remarkable benefits of ginkgo biloba extracts when one use wisely.  In using ginkgo products, discretion is still the rule.

Biloba Ginkgo Vitamin

Biloba ginkgo vitamins are plentiful in the market.  These biloba ginkgo vitamin supplements derived from ginkgo biloba are believed to hold the secrets to endurance and longevity, and well-being being derived from a tree that survived 250 million years. Each biloba ginkgo vitamin to be effective must contain 24% flavonoids and 6% terpenoids. These required levels are known to give the optimum benefit to the person taking it.


Due to its easy availability, this natural product, ginkgo biloba extract, could help cure a number of damaging maladies other than Alzheimer’s. Extensive reseaches and studies are still required for scientists to verify its claimed cures. Recent studies about ginkgo biloba extract reveals that it is dangerous to combine daily intake of ginkgo bilboa extracts with aspirins.


Biloba ginkgo vitamins major beneficial effects can be summarized into three.  First, biloba ginkgo vitamins are known to improve blood flow to the blood vessels and most tissues and organs especially the heart and brain. Consequently, enabling oxygen to reach more neurons and improving circulation by relaxing the muscles surrounding the tiny blood vessels. Second, biloba ginkgo vitamins have potent antioxidants that can control free radicals and promote youth, health and vigor to the biloba ginkgo vitamin user. And lastly, biloba ginkgo vitamins block the overstimulation of platelet activating factor or PAF that can cause a number of cardiovascular, renal, respiratory and CNS disorders if unregulated.

Biloba ginkgo vitamins are best taken in early in the morning and no later than afternoon. Required 40 to 200 mgs. daily for healthy people is necessary. But for those using biloba ginko vitamins for treatment, a suggested 40 milligrams three to four times a day can be administered. Try using 40 mg. daily at first to see if there is any marked improvement in memory or thinking. Then increase the dosage if no adverse effect is noticed.

Biloba ginkgo vitamin supplements have side effects too. Gastrointestinal complaints, headaches and allergic skin reactions are reported. Combining gbiloba ginkgo vitamin another anti-coagulant or blood thinners including aspirin could also cause internal bleeding.  Biloba ginko bitamin’s anti-platelet component if taken with antiplatelet therapy can prolong the time for PAF to form blood clot.

Moderate caution must be exercised if biloba ginkgo vitamins are taken with anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs. And if after administering the biloba ginkgo vitamin, symptoms manifest then one should lower the dosage or stop it altogether should the need arise.

Biloba ginkgo vitamins is of great benefit to people who are in the advanced stage of their lives. The biloba ginkgo vitamins’ chemical components could help boost memory as a result of aging.  People with Alzheimer’s are reported to have found relief in this biloba ginkgo vitamins too.  As a matter of fact, the use of biloba ginkgo vitamins are reported to have delayed the effects of Alzheimer’s from six to 12 months. In Germany, biloba ginkgo vitamin is an approved medicine for Alzheimer’s.

Biloba ginkgo vitamin supplements are useful. But bilobga ginkgo vitamin’s blood-thinning component should be taken into consideration. One should not administer in excess of 60 mg. of biloba ginkgo vitamins per day especially on a long-term basis unless monitored by a qualified health representative. There are other drugs or supplements that you might unwittingly took that have the same blood-thinning properties such as aspirin, fish oils, cuomadin and vinpocetine. These similar drugs or supplements might cause adverse effect to the body of taken together with biloba ginkgo vitamins.


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