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Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Ginkgo biloba tree is as miraculous as its ginkgo biloba herb. Ginkgo biloba tree is known to have existed between 150 – 250 years ago according to recent geological studies. Ginkgo biloba tree is the oldest tree in the world today.

This unique ginkgo biloba tree aside form the fact that it’s the oldest, is also one of the most unique because it is dioecious.

Engelbert Kaempfer  was a German botanist who became known as the first European to discover and categorize the Ginkgo biloba tree. He discovered Ginkgo biloba tree in China in 1690.  But he lived in Japan from 1690 till 1692 and described the Ginkgo tree in his book Amoenitatum exoticarum (1712).


The ginkgo name is coined by Kaempfer. Ginkgo is derived from two Japanese words YIN meaning silver and HING meaning apricot which is used to refer to the similarity of an apricot to the appearance of the ginkgo trees’ fruits. Biloba roughly translates to “two-lobed” which refers to the fan-shaped leaf blades which appear to be split-in-the-middle. Ginkgo biloba tree can thrive in cities because it can tolerate dust and pollution. Its huge, sturdy trunk makes it not easily vulnerable to fungi, insects or damages wrought by storms.


A rare tree where male and female flowers grow on different trees. Charles Darwin refered to the ginkgo biloba tree as a living fossi in 1859. Ginkgo treses disapperaerd from America and Europe about 7 million and 3 milion years ago, repectively. The last survivor of ginkgo biloba trees was found in southeast China. The Buddhist monks were responsible for its continued existence up to this day. They planted ginkgo biloba trees near the pagodas in China’s imperial gardens because they believed it to be guard to entreat fire.
Ginkgo biloba trees or its scientific name ginkgoaceae beong to the Ginkgophytes class. This ginkgo biloba trees’ class is believed to provide the link between the ferns and the angiospherms (flowering plants).

In Europe, where the ginkgo biloba tree has gained immense popularity especially in France and Germany nowadays, the oldest Europena ginkgo biloba tree would be found in the Utrecht Botanical Garden in 1730.  Once thought to be extinct this fascinating tree is now widely dispersed all over the world. Hence, the reason for the ginkgo biloba tree’s popularity.
Having lived for over 150 milion years this huge, sturdy ginkgo biloba tree is not only known for its medicinal value, it is also served a bold, picturesque accent in the landscape among architects.  Ginkgo biloba tree can grow to be a sturdy, huge, urban-torlerant shade that happens to be the oldest living tree on Earth. Truly, ginkgo biloba tree is a rare mix of magnificence and endurance!


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Biloba Ginkgo Plant


Biloba ginkgo plant is the last remaining extant species or existing species of the ginkgos. A number of ginkgo relatives could be found in the fossil record. Collecively known as ginkgoales, these plants date back to the Permina. But it was in the Jurassic age that they attain prominence in number and in Cretaceous age, the maximum diversity.


The leaves are one of the distinctive features of a biloba ginkgo plant.  The term biloba refers to the leave’s bi-lobe.  They have no midrib and are fan-shaped. They are usually 5 to 8 cm. wide. The leaves are similar to that of a Maidenhair’s fern, hence the nickname Maidenhair given to biloba ginkgo plant.

You can tell a male biloba ginkgo plant from a female biloba ginkgo plant. A male biloba ginkgo plant is usually slightly longer than the female and has a slim column form. Females have wider crown and are more spread out in appearance.
Biloba ginkgo plants are classified under gymnosperms. Biloba ginkgo plants closely resemble the conifers more than any other gymnosperms. Gymnosperms mean “naked seed”. This refers to the plants’ seeds not enclose in a fruit but by cones and fleshy seed coat, an attribute common in all gymnosperms plant.

Most gymnosperms have both sexes on the same plant.  But biloba ginkgo plant is dioecious gymnosperms, meaning male and female are found in separate trees.

Biloba ginkgo plant used to be classified in class Coniferopsida because of its close resemblance to conifers under the gymnosperms.  But confers and biloba ginkgo plant seem to evolve separately.

As biloba ginkgo plant can live up to a 1,000 years old or older. In China, a 3,500 year-old biloba ginkgo, reputed to be the oldest, can be found. It is used as an ornamental plant in some parts of the world like the U.S. But in Japan, Korea, Europe and U.S. and China, the biloba ginkgo plant is grown largely for pharmaceutical purposes.

The biloba ginkgo plant is very adaptable and can grow in any kind of soil. Biloba ginkgo plant is also resistant to pests, fungal, viral and bacterial diseases. Biloba ginkgo plant can also withstand pollution, fire even radioactive radiation as seen in World ward II where several biloba ginkgo plants survived the Hiroshima bombing. It can also tolerate snows and ice storms.

A biloba ginkgo plant usually takes 10 to 12 years to grow to 6 meters (20 feet) tall. It also requires 20 years for a biloba ginkgo plant to take its rounded form.

Female and male pollen cones usually appear after 20-35 years for the first time in spring. Pollination tales place through the wind since female can be found separate from male biloba ginkgo plant. Female biloba ginkgo plant can usually carry seeds even without pollination. Fertilized ovules in female can turn into yellowish, plum like fruit about 2.5 cm. in length.  In Japan and china, they prefer the female biloba ginkgo plant variety because of the nuts which they made use for medicinal purposes too.

Biloba ginkgo plant’s sturdy features make it adaptable to even the most harsh environment conditions. It has survived for the past 250 million years. And it won’t be a huge surprise to find this ‘living fossil’, biloba ginkgo plant existing in another 250 million years or so.


Ginkgo Biloba Problem and Danger

Ginkgo biloba use despite its known effectiveness could also be faced with problem and potential dangers. Ginkgo biloba problem and danger comes hand in hand with its beneficial effects. Ginkgo biloba problem and danger are to be expected since ginkgo biloba extracts could produce different effects to similar illness. It is a case-to case basis considering different people have different degree of reactions to the medicine.


Pregnant and lactating mothers, for example, are prone to ginkgo biloba problem and danger because of its anticoagulant properties which may affect the coagulant processes in the mother and in lactating. Thus, leading to a possible ginkgo biloba problem and danger to them.


The fruit pulp of the of the ginkgo biloba tree are toxic and should not be eaten as ingesting could cause a ginkgo biloba problem and danger to the person. Children could be less tolerant of the ginkgo and may cause ginkgo biloba problem and danger to the child if not used with caution.  Children should consult medical representatives before taking ginkgo biloba as this may cause ginkgo biloba problem and danger. Children with cardiovascular disease should pay specific attention to administration to avoid ginkgo biloba problem and danger.


Adults could also face possible ginkgo biloba problem and danger. One potential ginkgo biloba problem and danger could be in the use of antiplatelet therapy since ginkgo biloba have similar properties and possibly produce ginkgo biloba problem and danger by prolonging the time for platelet activating factor (PAF) to form blood clots. Taking ginkgo biloba with other anti-coagulant or blood thinning drugs and supplements could another ginkgo biloba problem and danger such as internal bleeding. Administering 60mg. of ginkgo biloba should be sufficient to avoid ginkgo biloba problem and danger if one unknowingly took other anti-coagulant including aspirin, fish oils, et cetera. Caution to steer clear of ginkgo biloba problem and danger must be exercise in this case.


Combining ginkgo biloba with anti-depressant monoamine oxidase inhibitor could also produce ginkgo biloba problem and danger. A standard ginkgo biloba extract contains 24% of flavonoids and 6% of terpernoids for optimum benefits.  The recommended dosage to avoid ginkgo biloba problem and danger is 40 to 200 mgs per day for healthy people. Three or four times of ginkgo biloba should be taken if used to treat an illness to prevent ginkgo biloba problem and danger.  Other ginkgo biloba problem and danger that might arise include: headache, gastrointestinal discomforts, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, diarrhea so on and so forth.


Although reports of ginkgo biloba problem and danger are rare and sometimes unverifiable, it is best to exercise caution to avoid encountering ginkgo biloba problem and danger in the future. 


When ginkgo biloba problem and danger are encountered in the process, one should lower ginkgo biloba dosage or stop it altogether in some complicated cases. Consulting valid health representatives to monitor your progress could prevent possible ginkgo biloba problem and danger.


Ginkgo biloba  are generally safe to consume if precautions are wisely followed to avoid complications and possible ginkgo biloba problem and danger.

Biloba Drug Ginkgo Interaction

Biloba drug ginkgo interaction could be one effect, one may notice when using ginkgo biloba extracts.  The use of ginkgo biloba in treating various bodily disorders has been practiced for years. Widespread use of ginkgo extracts was reputed to be started in China 5,000 years ago. Ginkgo biloba tree has been in existence of the past 250 million years. This living fossil’s phenomenal journey through time is almost miraculous. And no wonder people are using ginkgo to find links to its longevity.

Ginkgo biloba tree was thought to be extinct until in 1690 when a German botanist discovered it in China’s illustrious pagoda gardens maintained by the Buddhist monks.  Since then, ginkgo biloba has been cultivated for medicinal purposes. And ginkgo biloba farm can be found everywhere in the world including Europe where it has gained immense popularity.

Biloba drug ginkgo interaction is apparent in some drugs and therapy. For patients who are using medications, they should take caution in administering ginkgo to avoid biloba drug ginkgo interaction complications.  But positive biloba drug ginkgo interaction could also be noticed in some drugs.  Biloba drug ginkgo interaction could be positive or negative depending on the drugs. 

Positive biloba drug ginkgo interaction is reported when using cyclosporine drugs.  When combined with cyclosporine, biloba drug ginkgo interaction is known to help protect cell membranes from damage. Biloba drug ginkgo interaction proved to be useful in cases like this. Another positive biloba drug ginkgo interaction could be found in using papaverine.  When combined with papaverine, biloba ginkgo drug interaction may be effective in treating erectile dysfunction.  With the aid of ginkgo biloba, papaverine might be more effective since ginkgo have similar properties with papaverine.


Remarkable improvement from the group was observed in as little as 70 days for those taking biloba ginkgo tinnitus remedy.  Similarly, 350 patients with hearing defects due to old age were successfully treated with a success rate of 82% by using biloba ginkgo tinnitus supplements. A follow-up study of this elderly patients reveal that 67% of them had sustained better hearing due to biloba ginkgo tinnitus vitamins intake.

Biloba drug ginkgo interaction is also apparent in anti-depressant drugs called monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI).  Bilboa drug ginkgo interaction may increase the effects of both good and bad MAOIs. And this could be beneficial or negative biloba drug ginkgo interaction.

Biloba drug ginkgo interaction is reported to have adverse effect when combined with some drugs.  Although these reports are rare and unverifiable, precaution is still advised to prevent negative biloba drug ginkgo interaction.

Biloba drug ginkgo interaction could be gleaned from using anticonvulsant medications.  Biloba drug ginkgo interaction might decrease the effectiveness of anticonvulsant drugs which is taken to control seizures such as carbamazepine or valproic acid.

Possible biloba drug ginkgo interaction could also be noticed in anti-coagulant medications. Because of ginkgo’s anticoagulant or blood thinning properties, it is not advisable to take it with other anti coagulant products.  Precaution should be exercised when taking blood thinning medications, such as aspirin, clopidogrel, dipyridamole, heparin, ticlopidine, or warfarin.

Biloba drug ginkgo interaction could also increase blood pressure in patients when taken with thiazide diuretics during treatment.  Biloba drug ginkgo interaction could also produce adverse effect when combined with trazodone, another anti-depressant medication. Biloba drug ginkgo interaction in trazodone could cause coma to the patient.


Biloba drug ginkgo interaction should be taken serious consideration when combining ginkgo extracts with medications. Biloba drug ginkgo interaction is avoidable if you take the recommended dosage of ginkgo extracts.  Or, refrain from taking ginkgo extracts in cases where negative biloba drug ginkgo interaction manifest.

Biloba Ginkgo Tinnitus

About 30 million Americans are afflicted with tinnitus which they considered to be irritating or bothersome.  Tinnitus is quite a common symptom.  Not only in American but anywhere else in the world. Every one of us has encountered tinnitus at least once in our lives. Tinnitus is the condition where one perceives sound in the head without outside sound is present. It is referred to as "ringing in the ears," but other forms of sound such as hissing, roaring, pulsing, whooshing, chirping, whistling and clicking have been described.  Tinnitus can occur in one or both ears and can be perceived to be occurring inside or outside the ear. Tinnitus can be a symptom of hearing loss, or it can exist without any hearing loss.

Biloba ginkgo tinnitus treatment could effectively cure tinnitus problems in patients.  In a study conducted by Hobbs in 1986, ringing problems of tinnitus patients was completely eradicated in 35% of the patients under study by biloba ginkgo tinnitus remedy.

Studies showed that 120mg to 240 mg twice per day of biloba ginkgo tinnitus treatment can help ease up tinnitus. Biloba ginkgo tinnitus treatment is largely appealing to some people because of the fact that it is inexpensive compared d to other medications.  Biloba ginkgo tinnitus treatment has no known severe side effects too. Effects to biloba ginkgo tinnitus treatment can be noticeable in weeks but mostly in 3 to 4 months depending on the individual. Others may not show any effect or get any healing from biloba ginkgo tinnitus supplements at all.

Biloba ginkgo tinnitus remedy is effective because ginkgo contain two potent chemical substance: flavonoid and terpenoids.  The supposed active ingredient of these two biloba ginkgo tinnitus remedy and the most highly purified and concentrated form of biloba ginkgo tinnitus treatment is EGb 761.  EGB 761 have positive effect on enhancing circulation throughout the body, inhibit platelet activating factor and scavenge free radicals properties that contribute to premature aging.  All these components or properties make biloba ginkgo tinnitus supplement effective in healing tinnitus.

Biloba ginkgo tinnitus remedy is not always effective to all patients. Some may respond to the biloba ginkgo tinnitus treatments. Others will not show any effect from the use of biloba ginkgo tinnitus treatment at all. But the ratio of the benefit to risk in using biloba ginkgo tinnitus remedy is high.  With the benefits of biloba ginkgo treatment far outweighing the risks, biloba ginkgo tinnitus supplement could be an inexpensive and effective way to counter the disruptive effect of tinnitus. Bilob ginkgo tinnitus problems would be a thing in the past. These are enough reasons to convince even the most doubtful person to try biloba ginkgo tinnitus treatment.


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