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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Natural Cures Gingko Biloba Articles, Tips and Information

Biloba Danger Ginkgo

Biloba danger ginkgo is one consequence one deals with in using the product. A lot of alarming reports of biloba danger ginkgo have surfaced. But most of these reports are not exactly verifiable. 

Without scientific research and in-depth investigation on the reported biloba danger ginkgo, it could be verified if ginkgo biloba or the anticoagulants or combined effect of both caused this danger.

Most of the reports about the Biloba danger ginkgo revolves around the suspicion that biloba danger ginkgo can enhance the effect of anticoagulants. Biloba danger ginkgo feeds on these fears. Anticoagulants themselves have serious side effects. Biloba danger ginkgo does not necessary be the sole cause for anticoagulants effects.  Biloba danger ginkgo could not be the sole reason. Despite biloba danger ginkgo’s perceived negative effect, we could not discount the possibility that ginkgo biloba have helped saved a number of lives too. The fact that some people may have used ginkgo together with anticoagulants do not prove that biloba danger ginkgo is unsafe.


It is safe to presume that the benefits of ginkgo biloba far outweigh the biloba danger ginkgo. More than 30 medicines in existence in the market today can strengthen or weaken the effect of anticoagulants.  Biloba danger ginkgo can help fortify.  Other medicines that strengthen the effects of anticoagulants similar to biloba danger ginkgo are sulpha drugs, antibiotics, common painkillers including aspirin and fish oil. Even vegetables like spinach, chicory and kale could affect the treatment. 


Biloba danger ginkgo in influencing hemorrhage reactions in patients was disputed in Danish Weekly Magazine for Medical practitioners in 2002. Randomized trial was conducted to establish biloba danger ginkgo if combined with other anticoagulant. 24 participants who took the most commonly used anticoagulant called  warfarin for long-term treatment showed that biloba danger ginkgo had no influence on the effect.


Admittedly, one of the effects of aticoagulants is internal bleeding.  It is a given fact. But there is no proof to show that biloba danger ginkgo is directly responsible for it. Or that the risk of internal bleeding is enhanced by the use of biloba ginkgo. A recommended 60mg of ginkgo should be taken.  This amount is sufficient to avoid anticoagulant complications if used with other anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin.


Biloba danger ginkgo is reported to cause several other ailments on rare occasions. Biloba danger ginkgo other reported side effects include headaches, gastrointestinal irritation, nausea , vomiting, diarrhea, so on and so forth.  Although biloba danger ginkgo could not be ascertain in all cases. Biloba danger ginkgo also shows in pregnant and lactating women because biloba danger ginkgo could possibly affect coagulant process in mothers and in nursing because of its anticoagulant properties. Bilboa danger ginkgo is also advised to be taken with caution when it comes to children who have less tolerance for ginkgo. 


Biloba danger ginkgo only serves as precautionary measures. Biloba danger ginkgo does not necessarily man adverse effect to the patient. Proper measures should be adopted to prevent potential effects from biloba danger ginkgo. One should take the recommended dosage of 24% flavonoids and 6% terpenoids in 40 to 200 mgs per day to prevent biloba danger ginkgo.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Biloba Depression Ginkgo


Biloba depression ginkgo is another beneficial effect of ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba extract has been used to treat various ailments for a good number of years. Biloba depression ginkgo as the name indicates is good for treating depression.


Everyone has gone through some form of unhappiness at one time or another in his or her life.  But when depression continues and affects daily functioning, depression could turn into a disorder. Normal sadness could be differentiated from depressive disorder according to severity, duration and presence of other symptoms such as lack of sleep and eating disorder that usually accompanies depression.


Biloba depression ginkgo in a study conducted showed that ginkgo biloba extracts could help reduce depression in the elderly. Administering 80mg of biloba depression ginkgo decreases depression levels in the elderly.  Biloba depression ginkgo contains active substances that can increase protein synthesis.  Bilboa depression ginkgo also contains potent antioxidants that scavenge free radicals to counter the damaging effects of aging.  These free radicals affect the serotonin receptor sites, making older people susceptible to depression. There are two reasons why serotonin levels decreased with age.  First, is the increase of impaired receptor synthesis. And second, changes in cerebral neuronal membranes or receptors because of increasing levels of free radicals.

Biloba depression ginkgo increases serotonin receptors by combining an increase in protein synthesis and potent antioxidant. The combination of these two in biloba depression ginkgo help people plagued with depression especially among the elderly to be able to fight it effectively.


Biloba depression ginkgo must be taken with caution when combined with other anit-depressants such as trazodone and monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI).  Possible negative drug interaction could result if biloba depression ginkgo is taken with other anti-depressant drugs.


The recommended dosage for biloba depression gingko is 80 mg. twice daily. One 80 mg. dosage should be administered in the morning and one after lunch. A standard 40 mg to 200 mg. per day is recommended for healthy people. For those using biloba depression ginkgo to treat illness should take more. A typical biloba depression ginkgo formulation should contain 24% flasvonoids and 6% terpenoids for maximum benefit to the body. Depressed people should taske biloba depression ginkgo for twelve weeks before benefits will show. Although, others noticed remarkable improvement after only two to three weeks of biloba depression ginkgo use. The effects of biloba depression ginkgo will manifest on a case-to-case basis.


Biloba depression ginkgo could prove beneficial if use daily and for a long time.  Biloba depression ginkgo seems to benefit the elderly because biloba depression ginkgo treats depression by increasing the serotonin levels and the protein synthesis of those depressed.  In the study, serotonin levels in the young do not show remarkable increase after administering biloba depression ginkgo treatment.


Biloba depression ginkgo could be safe and natural way of healing the body from the cumbersome effects of depression.


Arbol Biloba Ginkgo


Ginkgo biloba in Spanish is called Arbol sagrado oder Arbol de los 40 escudos.  Roughly translated this means Arbol sacred order Arbol of the 40 shields.  Arbol biloba ginkgo is the oldest living tree in the world. It was around when dinosaurs first roamed the earth. And 200 million or so years later, arbol biloba ginkgo has far outlived its Jurassic counterparts.  Arbol biloba ginkgo tree is considered as the living fossil.  This gymnosperm has been considered as the link that can explain the evolution process between the lower and higher plants or the ferns and the conifers. And it has been used to treat ailments for thousands of years.  It has become widely used medicine in china 5,000 years ago until now.  Arbol biloba ginkgo has generated much interest and curiosity this day especially about its medicinal effects.  And rightly so.


In another study conducted on biloba depression ginkgo, 40 depressed elderly people with additional cerebral flow problems who did not respond to antidepressant medications were given 80 milligrams of biloba depression ginkgo extract three times a day.  After the eight-week study lapse, remarkable improvement from depression and deteriorating mental faculties was noticed in the elderly. Biloba depression ginkgo can effectively take the place of anti-depressant product.


Arbol biloba ginkgo tree can reach a towering height of 30 meters of height with leaves characteristics in the shape of hand.  The arbol biloba ginkgo seeds are toxic.  The Arbol biloba gingko cultivated in Spain are generally of oriental origin are now being cultivated and distributed worldwide.  Arbol biloba ginkgo has gained immense popularity especially in Europe.  Arbol biloba ginkgo is the most utilized medicinal plant today.  Arbol biloba ginkgo contains flavonoids or flavoglucosidos that has important and potent antioxidant ingredients. And also, arbol biloba ginkgo has terpenoids which contain ginkgolides that is mainly responsible for the control of platelet activating factor (PAF). More than 100 active substances are present in the leaves of arbol biloba ginkgo.  Generally, arbol biloba ginkgo is used as a tonic.  But arbol biloba ginkgo helps in enhancing memory and brain functions too. Arbol biloba ginkgo has atribuído properties afrodisiacas that can stimulate sexual appetite and serves as an antidote to infertility. Arbol biloba ginkgo’s antioxidant can scavenge free radicals that will cause premature aging.  Arbol biloba ginkgo also serves a preventive supplement for cerebral thrombosis.  Arbol biloba ginkgo is a cerebral tonic that gives relief on ailments caused by cerebrovascular shortage such as tinnitus, mareos, vertigo, deafness and other neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease.


Arbol biloba ginkgo leaves are collected to dry to less than 40 degrees Celsius in secadero. These arbol ginkgo leaves are then pulverized and the valuable chemicals flavonoids and terpenoids are extracted from them. There are different methods and combinations used to extract the phytochemicals employed in different countries. And these techniques are considered as trade secrets. But generally, a standard arbol biloba ginkgo supplement whether in capsule, tablet or tincture form must have 24% of flavonoids and 6% of terpenoids to get the optimum benefits of arbol biloba ginkgo.


Arbol biloba ginkgo is not only interesting being the oldest living tree in the world, it could also hold the key to man’s long search for the cure-all panacea that would allow us to live longer and healthier. To be able to withstand 200 million or so years of existence is not only phenomenal but also rare. Arbol biloba ginkgo holds the secrets which are just waiting to be explored.


Ginkgo Biloba Use


Ginkgo biloba herb has been around for hundred of years. The Chinese monk was responsible for its continued existence this day. It was know to have existed on earth for as early as 15-200 million years already. It is one of the oldest living trees in the world. People have used the herb in curing various ailments for thousands of years.


There are various studies conducted for Ginko biloba use. Ginkgo biloba use dates back to thousands of years ago. Ginkgo biloba use is popular among Europeans who have been using the herb since 1700’s. France and Germany are known to be prone to ginkgo biloba use. Ginkgo biloba use is known to have treated various ailments.


Ginkgo biloba use is known to have treated various ailments. Even the effects of aging are known to have no effect against ginkgo biloba use. But it isn’t in aging alone that ginkgo biloba use is gaining prominence. Ginkgo biloba use is also effective in combating neurological disorders and circulation problems.


Ginkgo biloba use could increase blood flow to the brain contributing to increase in oxygen. This could help the numerous neurological disorders that ginkgo biloba use could treat are:  difficulties in concentration and memory, mental fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, headache, lack of energy and so on and so forth. 


Ginkgo biloba use also increased blow flow to the blood vessels for better blood circulation to the various organs of the body. Because of this ginkgo biloba use  is known to  treat various circulation-related disorders such as diabetic peripheral vascular disease, hemorrhoids and varicose veins including more complicated insufficient circulation cases such as stroke and skull injuries.  Findings have shown that ginkgo biloba use could even increase blood flow to the retina and slow down retinal deterioration.  As a result, visual sharpness is improved considerably.  Even hearing loss in elderly is treated. Circulation in extremities with ginkgo biloba use could also be improved and could relieved cold hands and feet, swelling in limbs and chronic arterial bondage as a consequence. Asthma is another ailment that could benefit from ginkgo biloba use.


The potentials of ginkgo biloba use are limitless. There are countless miracles associated with Ginkgo biloba use. Ginkgo biloba use effectively treats and addresses multiple disorders. Man’s need for cure could have materialized with the ginkgo biloba use. We could certainly expect that the cure in ginkgo biloba use is as enduring as its tree.


Benefit of Ginkgo Biloba


Using ginkgo biloba could redound to a number of benefits. Ginkgo biloba being an herb with medicinal components is used to treat various ailments. For centuries, the Chinese use ginkgo biloba extracts to heal simple to complicated body disorders. Chinese use ginkgo biloba in treating asthma, lung congestion, increase blood flow and general longevity. These are but a few of the perceived benefit of ginkgo biloba use. Needless to say that they believe healing is one benefit of ginkgo biloba extract.


Germany recently approved the use of ginkgo biloba extracts for Alzheimer’s patients. It is an apparent show of support on the benefit of ginkgo biloba.  The benefit of ginkgo biloba use is particularly obvious in Germany and France where it gained wide following. Benefit of ginkgo biloba use in both countries are mainly obvious in treating memory problems, depression, anxiety, dizziness and headache.


Children might be sensitive to ginkgo’s effects so it shouldn’t be given to children without doctor’s supervision to avoid ginkgo biloba side effects. One of ginkgo biloba’s side effects is that if you eat fruit pulp this could cause severe gastrointestinal problems, erythema, edema and severe itching due to rapid formation of vesicles. One of the ginkgo biloba side effects is it might interact negatively with anti-depressant drug called monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI)


Another benefit of ginkgo biloba is enhancing blood flow to the brain and the blood vessels. This particular benefit of ginkgo biloba is good for the circulation. And consequently, further benefit of ginkgo biloba is better metabolism. Due to the increase blood flow to the brain , another perceived benefit of ginkgo biloba is its being a brain tonic. This benefit of ginkgo biloba aids in promoting short and long term memory.  Its high antioxidant component inhibits free radicals that if uncontrolled can cause premature aging and dementia. Preventing premature again is another benefit of ginkgo biloba.

An additional benefit of ginkgo biloba is it prevents cholesterol to form into plaques. Plaques are the cholesterol that clogs in the arteries. With the aid of ginkgo biloba plagues are inhibited. Enhancing blood flow to the retina to promote visual keenness is also a benefit of ginkgo biloba use. Preventing overstimulation of platelet activity factor (PAF) is also a benefit of ginkgo biloba use. This inhibition of PAF is important in preventing immune and inflammatory ailments including brain damage.


Benefits of ginkgo biloba are made possible by its two major components: flavonoids and ginkolides.  Combine these two and a potent natural healing substance is formed, that would allow the benefits of ginkgo biloba to be apparent.


Thousands if not millions of people today have experience of the benefits of ginkgo biloba. For this living fossil, which has lived on earth for more than 150 million years, aiding people in finding relief in ailments is a continuous legacy.  And the benefits of ginkgo biloba, if this tree is given due care in the succeeding years, will probably go on for another 150 million years or so.


Ginkgo Biloba Side Effects

Ginkgo biloba beside its phenomenal medicinal value has some side effects to contend with too. Like a double-edged sword, its use could produce a number of negative effects to the people who are taking ginkgo biloba supplements.  One should make sure that a safe dosage between 40mg to 200mg is taken daily.


Ginkgo biloba side effects are apparent in women who are pregnant or nursing. So, if you are lactating of on the family away takes necessary precaution in taking this supplement. One of ginkgo biloba side effects is vomiting, restlessness, diarrhea, nausea and headaches. If in the course of taking supplements, these ginkgo biloba side effects are being noted then find out if you need to lower your intake or stop taking it altogether.

Ginkgo biloba side effects could also be noted in people who are not tolerant to ginkgo even if taken in at little doses.  If you have clotting disorder, one of the side effects of ginkgo biloba is it might increase the risk of bleeding.

One of ginkgo biloba side effects is patients taking oral anticoagulant and/or antiplatelet therapy should refrain from taking ginkgo biloba because it reacts negatively with heterogenous mechanisms.  Ginkgo biloba side effects include possible bleeding when combined with warfarin, increase in blood pressure when combined with thiazide diuretic and coma when combine trazodone. Ginkgo biloba extracts inhibits action on blood pressure and may influence cotisol release in response to stimuli could be one of the many possible ginkgo biloba side effects.


Ginkgo biloba side effects are apparent in the above-mentioned cases.  Ginko biloba side effects can be minimized if the correct dosage is taken. Also, in cases where taking the extract could result in possible ginkgo biloba side effects, it is wise to refrain from taking it. Just like any drug, ginkgo biloba side effects are one factor you have to consider before taking it. If you need to take ginkgo biloba supplements make sure that the benefits eclipse the ginkgo biloba side effects.


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