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PBL Reduce Chitosan

Many chitosan-based products are now available on the market these days.  All of them promise to block fat in order to benefit from weight loss.   To mention, one of the most popular chitosan-based products available is the Reduce Chitosan, formulated and developed by Performance Biomedical Laboratories.

The chitosan ingredient used in PBL’s Reduce Chitosan is said to be unsurpassed in its quality and purity.

What is Reduce Chitosan?


As the name implies, PBL’s Reduce Chitosan contains an ingredient known as chitosan, which works to bind to some of the dietary fat that you consumer and removes it from the body rather than allowing it to be absorbed.


According to some reviews and claims, Reduce Chitosan binds to the intestinal lining where it tightly binds dietary fats and lipids prior to the absorption in the body.  This process happens upon oral ingestion.  As a result, the dietary fat is prevented from entering into the bloodstream because when the dietary fat is bound to the chitosan fiber, it becomes a large mass which cannot be absorbed in the body.


Besides chitosan, PBL’s Reduce contains ample amounts of Vitamin C.  Several published reports have shown that chitosan works in concert with Vitamin C.  It has even been suggested that the action of thus substance may be improved by as small as an amount of Vitamin C as 10 mg.

Reduce Chitosan also contains an all-natural bean extract that generally inhibits alpha-amylase activity.   This prevents the breakdown of dietary starches into glucose, allowing in the end that carb from starch to pass through the system unchanged.


Further claims noted that Reduce Chitosan is a non-stimulant, all-natural nutritional ingredient derived from the white kidney bean.  PBL even said that Reduce is by far the first nutritional ingredient that has been clinically and scientifically proven to neutralize starch that is commonly found in your favorite foods like breads, pasta, rice, crackers, corn and potatoes.

How Does Reduce Work?


The proponents of Reduce Chitosan hold that during the digestive process, your body converts carbs by breaking down the carbohydrate molecule with alpha-amylase, which is an enzyme produced in the pancreas.  These calories are either burned off through exercise or stored as fat cells for future use.  Unfortunately, this may lead to weight gain as inactivity means that these stored fat cells accumulate.  From here enters the chitosan.


Chitosan then binds to some of the dietary fat that you consume and removes it from the body rather than allowing it to be absorbed.  This can also be used for adding fiber to your diet.


It goes through a process called deacetylation, which refers to the removal of the acetyl groups.  What’s more, Lipase, a digestive enzyme is added to Reduce Chitosan in order to help in emulsifying the fats that you ingest, making it a superior fat absorber. Note that Reduce is also fortified with Calcium as well as Vitamin C.


When Should You Take Reduce?


Recent researches have shown that the best time to take Reduce Chitosan is just before a starch-rich meal along with 8 oz. of water.  However, other studies also showed that Reduce Chitosan could still offer some of its starch neutralizing benefits when taken during or just after a starch-rich meal.


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Is Chitosan Kosher?


Familiar with the term Kosher?  The word kosher is actually an adaptation of the Hebrew word meaning “fit” or “proper”.   It refers to foodstuffs that meet the dietary requirements of the Jewish dietary laws. 


Now, is chitosan kosher, or does it meet the dietary requirements maintained by the Jewish Law?  Let’s find out.


In the first place, it is necessary to note that the barometer of kosher and non-kosher depends on two variables:  the source of the ingredients and the status of the production equipment.  Also note that kosher certification, which is the guarantee that the food meets the Jewish law requirements, revolves around these two criteria.


The Source of the Ingredients


Generally, the guidelines for the sources of kosher and non-kosher materials originate in the Bible.  The interpretations as well as the decision of the Rabbis of the post-Bi8blical era have added detail, explanation and organization to these Jewish dietary laws.  In particular, the laws maintained prohibited sources.  These include all flesh of animals which lack either split hooves or do not chew the cud.   Pork is a concrete example.  Also, poultry and meat are acceptable from animals that are slaughtered by humane method dictated by the Jewish law and carried out by specially trained slaughterers.   And, when it comes to fish, the only types of fish allowed are those that have both find and scales.  Note that this requirement would exclude seafood such


Status of the Production Equipment


One particular rule maintained by the Jewish Law is that equipment used to manufacture products containing non-kosher ingredients may acquire non-kosher status.   However, equipment that does not meet this requirement can be restored to a kosher mode, usually depending upon the way in which the product was produced.  For example, usage of a non-kosher product, like a soup, in conjunction with liquid, requires treating the kettle with boiling water to restore its status.   Those products that were produced where there is no liquid cooking medium require a different technique, but the equipment must be treated by high heat for it to qualify on the certification under the Jewish dietary law.


Given those rules, chitosan which undergoes the process known as decalcification in which the crustacean shells first go through a hydrochloric acid bath, is a non-kosher.  In this process, the protein is removed resulting in chitin, which is the second most abundant organic substance in nature after cellulose.


Note that chitosan is also commercially produced from a squid tissue known as pen.  The squid pens are connective tissue that bend like stiff plastic and can emit a fishy odor.  Obviously, squid pens to which chitosan come from are not kosher.


The Jewish Law states that a product derived from a material that does not meet the requirements set is also non-kosher.  Hence, chitosan and chitin which are currently derived exclusively from seafoods that are excluded from the Jewish dietary law certification are non-kosher.


Chitosan Message Boards Online

Perhaps one of the highly debated or most controversial issues in the field of science and medicine today is the various claims on the effectiveness of chitosan.  Chitosan is highly marketed these days as a fat burner.  Many of its manufacturers even dubbed it as the “fat magnet”, claiming that chitosan binds fat to molecules in the digestive tract, preventing the body from absorbing the fat and promoting weight loss.


shrimps and lobsters.


I have stressed the words “shrimps” and “lobsters” here for one particular reason:  chitosan is derived from these seashells.   As you may know, chitosan is derived from chitin which is taken from the exoskeletons of crustaceans, like shrimps and lobsters.  Unlike the oyster shells which are rock hard, these shells are softer and can impart flavor.  For example, shellfish broth is made by simmering these shells in water or oil, theredy extracting the flavor from the shells.   It was clearly stated under Halacha or the Jewish Law that any part of the body of a non-kosher species which has flavor and is not rock, may NOT be consumed.


Chitosan is basically a form of fiber found in shellfish like crabs, shrimps, and lobsters.  Well-known throughout the world as a diet aid, it is now taken in supplement form with meals.  However, whether chitosan is safe or effective for weight loss remains controversial.  In fact, this is the most common subject matter discussed in most chitosan message boards. 

Now, if you are really curious about chitosan, how it works or what are its benefits, then why don’t you consider joining or browsing some of the highly accessible chitosan message boards online?  These chitosan message boards could help you find answers to your chitosan questions. 


Don’t have any idea of where to join?  Consider the following chitosan message boards and join in the discussion if you have time: is currently managing its own message board for body building addicts.  Covered under this message board are supplement product reviews, weight loss and fat burners discussions, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and training threads.  You will find discussions about chitosan either on the supplement reviews or in weight loss and fat burner section.  However, for you to join in the discussion about chitosan in particular, you need to register and log in.  This allows you access to the different sections of this one of the most accessible chitosan message boards online.


BioTechniques presents their message boards named as the “Molecular Biology Techniques Forums”.  Chitosan, being a biopolymer, is no doubt covered here, thus you can find and access the chitosan message boards if you want.   Here, you can post your chitosan questions and concerns, or post a reply to a particular message or post.    However, just like the above mentioned chitosan message board, you also need to register and log in order for you to participate in the discussion.  Of course, there are certain rules you need to follow, but these rules are somewhat general in nature.


Here is another site you can visit if you wish to join and participate on chitosan message boards.  The PhysOrg scientific forums are actually dedicated to physics and technology.  However, there are also some forums that cover news and publications, as well as off-topic forums categories.   So, if you need any help on any of your scientific problems or you want to ask about a question related to physics and technology, then this portal is no doubt the right place for you.   Also, if you want to ask about chitosan, its chemistry and other related concerns, has their own chitosan message boards.


Note that there are only few chitosan message boards online.  What I have mentioned above are good enough for you to get started.

Stacker 3 with Chitosan: Ephedra Free

Heard about Stacker 3 with Chitosan?  Would you like to enjoy more of the forbidden foods?  Well, perhaps you are aware that the stacker products have already undergone a major change in formulation due to the recent ban on ephedra-based stacker products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).   Since the original ephedra-based stackers cannot be legally sold anymore, then it is pointless to talk or give a review about it.   So, I rather talk about the new stacker dietary supplements, particularly the Stacker 3 with Chitosan.


Product Description


As the name implies, Stacker 3 with Chitosan is one of the latest dietary fads that promise significant weight loss to those who take it because of its chitosan content.  Chitosan, as you may know, significantly reduces the body’s absorption of dietary fats, allowing calories to pass through your system.  


Aside from its chitosan content, Stacker 3 with Chitosan is composed of powerful proven ingredients that help aid you in the reduction of the unwanted body fat.   Its main ingredients include proprietary blend of kola nut, cactus extract 12:1, white willow bark, grapefruit extract, chitosan, and caffeine.   It also contains Tri-Guarcinia3 Complex green tea leaves, guarana seeds, and garcinia fruit.  There are some other ingredients in the formula, but what I have mentioned above are actually the key ones.  Let’s take a look at these key ingredients one by one:


Another notable site where you can find a discount chitosan-based product is  Just recently, they offered the Dymatize Fat and Thin Chitosan fat trapper.  As the name implies, this is said to be potent for promoting weight loss.   And, being a discount chitosan-based product, you have the chance to receive this item in a discounted price. 




Side Effects and Warning


Just like the other dietary supplements, the Stacker 3 with Chitosan unfortunately can have possible side effects.    Included in the list are feeling restless, unable to sleep sometimes, and jitters.


Also, one thing that must be said first about the Stacker 3 with Chitosan is the fact that this product is not free of stimulants.   Most people will see the “ephedra free” label and assume that it is a hundred percent safe to take and there won’t be any side effects.  Well, basically, this ephedra free product contains no ephedrine, but it is still a stimulant since it contains kola nut extract as well as a natural form of synephrine derived from the citrus aurantium.


Given those possible side effects of Stacker 3 with Chitosan, it is then necessary to note that this product must be used by the pregnant or nursing women.  Those who consume caffeine with this product may experience serious adverse health effects, and those who are sensitive to caffeine should first consult a doctor before taking the Stacker 3 with Chitosan.

Where to Find Discount Chitosan

Now that the summer season is fast approaching, you’ve probably resolved to get fit and trim.  Perhaps you’ve already considered taking over the counter dietary supplements to help you reach your weight loss goals.  Why don’t you consider


chitosan-based products?


Chitosan has been around for ages.  It is highly considered as a potent weight loss aid for its ability to bind fats in the digestive tract, preventing these fats to enter into the system, thus promoting weight loss.   Well, nutrition shops, pharmacies and even websites are now offering a plethora of chitosan-based products that claim to burn fat, block absorption, modulate carbohydrates metabolism, boost energy expenditure, flush out excess water weight, control cravings, and suppress appetite.   And, perhaps what is best about these products is that they are now offered in discount prices.


Now, if you are planning to take chitosan to help you achieve your weight loss goals, I have here below some sites that you can visit online discount chitosan.  Yes, you heard me right – discount chitosan.   Okay, here are a few of them:


Quality Generics currently features Chitosan Plus, which is manufactured by Universal Nutrition.   This discount chitosan-based product acts as an effective fat blocker or fat trapper as it binds to fats in the body’s GI system.   As such, Chitosan Plus is said to prevent dietary fats from being absorbed by the body.


Note that you can avail a discount of this product if you buy more.   This is for the fact that Quality Generics offer a volume discount of Chitosan Plus.   And, perhaps what is nice about this offer is that you also have the chance to receive bonus pills savings if applicable.


Probably you’ve chitosan by Natrol.   Well, this chitosan is now offered at at a discounted price.  According to certain reviews of this discount chitosan, Chitosan by Natrol helps bind fat on the diet, promoting weight loss.   This discount chitosan can now be used in conjunction with a healthy calorie reduction and exercise program.


Finally, Netrition is out there to give you various chitosan-based products with discounted prices.   Here you can find a number of discount chitosan products manufactured by different laboratories, such as the Chitosan Plus, F Block, Reduce, and others, all at discounted prices.  So, just choose the right product for you.


There are other sites online that offer chitosan at discounted prices. However, since chitosan is derived from the shells of crustaceans, it is important to note that those who are allergic to shrimps, crabs, lobsters and other shellfish must not take these supplements.  Pregnant women are also prohibited as chitosan might affect the growth of the child, particularly on retardation.


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Natural Cures Chitosan - Chitosan (pronounced Kite-O-San) has long been considered as the "fat magnet". Researches have it that it is simply a fat inhibitor which appears to work miracles for those in search of a safe way to lose that body fat.

Placebo Controlled Study - Studies have noted that as chitosan passes through the digestive tract, it tends to bond with the ingested fat and carry it out in the stool. It is for this reason actually that chitosan has been tried as an agent for lowering cholesterol and reducing weight.

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