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Natural Cures Chitosan Articles, Tips and Information

Medical Studies on Chitosan

Chitosan is a form of fiber chemically processed from the shells and bones of crustaceans like crabs, lobsters, and shrimps.  It is a form of fiber that is not well-digested by the human body. 

There are basically two major claims maintained and studied by medical researchers. 

Studies have noted that as chitosan passes through the digestive tract, it tends to bond with the ingested fat and carry it out in the stool.   It is for this reason actually that chitosan has been tried as an agent for lowering cholesterol and reducing weight.  However, almost all of the conducted medical studies on chitosan have revealed results that have been more negative than positive.


High Cholesterol Profile


Most of the medical studies on chitosan were conducted to find out if chitosan really does improve the cholesterol profile.  According to two out of three double-blind, placebo controlled medical studies on chitosan, the compound can modestly improve cholesterol profile.


There is also an 8-week double-blind placebo controlled medical trial done on 51 women which found that the use of chitosan at a dose of 1,200 mg twice a day slightly reduced the bad cholesterol or the LDL as compared to placebo.   However, according to conducted medical study, such intake of chitosan does not actually affect the total or HDL (good) cholesterol levels.   Aside from this, another 8-week trial enrolling 84 people found modest benefits.


However, one of the most successful medical studies on chitosan, a 4-mont double-blind and placebo controlled trial of 88 individuals, found no significant improvement in cholesterol with 1,000 mg three times a day of a different chitosan-based product.   The results of this study were supported by the following 10-month double-blind and placebo controlled study which employed a special microcrystalline form of the compound at a dose of 1200 mg twice a day.   Based on these two medical studies on chitosan, the substance failed to improve the cholesterol profile.


Experts then said that these contradictory results suggest that if chitosan actually improves the cholesterol profile, it only does so to a slight extent.


Weight Loss


As you may know, chitosan has long been advocated as a weight loss supplement.  It is even dubbed as the “fat magnet” on the basis of its supposed ability to bind fat in the digestive tract.   Nevertheless, despite of a number of positive results in small preliminary medical studies, the largest and by far best designed trial conducted to prove the weight loss claims failed to find benefit.  This well-known study is actually a 6-month double-blind and placebo controlled study involving 250 overweight people who were required to use chitosan at a dose of 3 grams a day.  The results of this trial, however, failed to improve weight loss to any meaningful extent as compared to placebo.  There are also other medical studies on chitosan that support this result.


Taken together, it is clear that chitosan has not been proven to help a person lose weight, increase their HDL cholesterol or decrease the LDL cholesterol.   And, although companies selling chitosan claim that it is very effective and even claim to have medical research about how well their product works, the medical studies on chitosan still suggest to better be careful when considering chitosan-based products.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Does Chitosan Work for Weight Loss?


For years, the public has worried about the intake of fat from items such as those good fatty meals you enjoy from McDonald’s, KFC, or those bags of chips, an ice cream cone, or a candy bar.  The public has even almost obsessed over weight, figures and fat.   Well, with all the hype you hear and see about diet pills, diet programs, or anything related to diet, who wouldn’t jump at the idea of an all natural solution?  Yes, you heard me right – all-natural!  The makers of this latest diet craze has done their share of work to create an image that is truly appealing to any and all that dream of losing that extra cholesterol and fat in your body.  The most well-known solution is none other than chitosan.


This simple substance has actually been around for ages.  


What is Chitosan?


Chitosan is simply a fat inhibitor which appears to work miracles for those who are in search of a safe way to lose body fat.    It is derived from chitin, a polysaccharide found in the shells of the crustaceans, such as shrimps, lobsters and crabs.


How Chitosan Works?


Several questions were actually raised considering the claims that chitosan is effective for weight loss.  One of those is how does chitosan work for weight loss?   The allegations of how does chitosan work are as follows.


Essentially, chitosan is a special fiber which works to soak up or absorb anywhere from six to ten times its weight in fat and oils.  If we will consider its nature chemically, chitosan appears similar to the plant fiber known as cellulose.  However, how does chitosan work for weight loss highly differs as to how cellulose functions on the body.  The makers of chitosan commonly claim that this special substance significantly bind with the fat molecules and convert them into a form which the human body does not absorb.

How does chitosan work depends on the idea that chitosan affects the fat before it reaches the stomach and absorb in the body.   The fat then has no chance to be metabolized.   Also, the answer to the how does chitosan work for weight loss lies on the notion that this special fiber prevents the absorption as well as storage of fat by way of converting it into a form of gel which traps or blocks the fat.   In some way, chitosan creates a “grease ball” from this excess amount of fat, which then appears to be too large to be absorbed by the body.   The “complexed” fat then becomes an inert substance and is excreted in the stool.

It is further interesting to know that the answer to how does chitosan work for weight loss lies on the claims that unlike the other forms of fiber, the chitosan carries a positive ionic charge.   Since the fats, liquids and bile acids all possess negative charges, there is then a chemical bond between the two and thus they attract naturally to one another.  This is basically the reason that chitosan is now highly deemed as the “fat magnet”.


However, whether chitosan is safe or effective as a dietary supplement remains controversial.  Some studies were actually conducted to find out how does chitosan work for weight loss, but none of those studies have revealed reliable evidences so far.  Thus the research continues.


Journals about Chitosan


Looking for some journals about chitosan?  Well, chitosan has long been the favorite topic of most discussion and debates.  It is so controversial that a number of journals have covered information about chitosan knowing that several claims were raised for chitosan’s ability to trap fat before it is absorbed into the body.   Today, chitosan is in fact deemed as a natural solution for weight loss.  But, whether it is safe or effective as a weight loss aid still remains controversial.


Now, if you are serious with your search for well-edited journals about chitosan, then I recommend you the following.   Note that you can also find these journals about chitosan online.

One of the most well-known and widely-read journals about chitosan is the J Control Release or Journal of Controlled Release. 

J Control Release


This journal is actually the official journal of the Controlled Release Society which started publication on 1984.   Covered by this journal are articles about chitosan.   One of the most read articles published under J Control Release is the claims about trimethylated chitosans as non-viral gene delivery vectors.   It was stressed in the article that chitosans are linear polysaccharides of natural origin that show potential as carriers in drug and gene delivery.




Biomacromolecules is a journal published by the American Chemical Society.   It is an interdisciplinary journal focused at the interface of polymer sceineca and the biological sciences.   Included in its volumes are articles about chitosan.   To mention but one, there is an article which tackles about the synthesis of novel quaternary chitosan derivatives.  So, if you want to know about this topic, then Biomacromolecules is just out there on the web.


Taylor and Francis Journals


Here at Taylor and Francis, you can find a number of journals about chitosan.  According to the members of this group, the articles contained on the journals about chitosan not only tackle the nature of chitosan, but also its function, derivatives, and some scientific findings about this substance.    You can even find information about the effect of oarticle structure of chitosan-coated liposomes and type of chitosan on oral delivery of calcitonin.


Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers


The Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers is now under the management of SAGE Publications.   This journal basically aims to provide biomedical polymer scientists and researchers with new information on important advances in this field.   What is included in this journals are specific areas of interest, such as polymer drugs and drug design, polymeric functionalization and structures related to biological activity or compatibility, natural polymer modification, enzyme modeling by polymers, liposome stabilizations and cell modeling, as well as membranes for biological use.  From those specific areas, you can find articles about chitosan and its derivatives.  One particular most cited article published under this journal is an article on the preparation and characterization of collagen or chitosan matrices as potential biomaterials.


There are other published journals about chitosan that are highly accessible these days.   And, what I have mentioned above are just a few of them, but they are good enough for you to get started.


Liquid Chitosan

Chitosan has been around for ages. It is known throughout the world as a simple substance taken from chitin, a polysaccharide found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans.  Chitin has long been considered as the nature’s second most abundant polymer.   This is for the fact that it is not only found in shellfish but also found in insect shells and fungi cell walls.


These include the belief that chitosan improves cholesterol profile, and aids for weight loss.  Let’s talk about these claims one by one.


Chitosa, a refined form of chitin, is produced or processed by removing the shells from shellfish.  The shells are then ground into a pulverous powder, which is deacetylated or stripped of specific chemical groups allowing the compound to actively soak up fats.


There are a number of applications linked to chitosan.   Because of these applications, chitosan is now marketed as a dietary supplement and is used to thicken foods, paints and makeup, and it even has promising applications as an artificial skin for burn victims.


Chitosan is manufactured in two forms:  the dry and flakey product, and the liquid chitosan.  Both of these forms are marketed as dietary aids, but it is actually the liquid chitosan which gained a lot of interest from the people.  Perhaps a reason for this is liquid chitosan is said to eliminate clumping problems or stomach pains as it causes the fat to form into hundreds of tiny calorie-free beads that are far gentler on your digestive tract. 


The liquid chitosan is often identified by its appearance, color, protein content, degree of deacetylation, viscosity, insoluble, and other factors.   Here is a summary of these factors:



Today, liquid chitosan is commonly used as a weight loss supplement.  Many of those who have used the flakey product have turned to the liquid form noting that liquid chitosan works better in the system than the flakey form.   In fact, there was one report noting that a customer who once used the flakey form of chitosan developed gas and stomach pains.  To avoid such unfavorable condition, she turned to using the liquid form. 


There is a recently produced liquid form of chitosan that is said to eliminate this problem, and is even deemed two to three times more effective.  According to certain reports, instead of forming large clumps, this liquid chitosan causes the fat to form into hundreds of tiny calorie-free beads that are gentler in your digestive tract.  However, there is an important side note to the use of this liquid chitosan, that is, in addition to binding fats, it binds the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, making them unavailable to the body.   This is the reason that most experts recommend a supplement with high-quality multivitamin.


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