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LipoSan Ultra Chitosan: An Excellent Fat Binder

LipoSan Ultra Chitosan was developed through a recently patented propriety technology discovered by Vanson, Inc. in 1998.  The technology is said to substantially increase the density of regular chitosan.  Thus, LipoSan Ultra Chitosan was different from regular chitosan in another, more drastic aspect.

LipoSan Ultra Chitosan is noted as a safe and effective weight loss supplement when used in conjunction with a responsible diet and exercise program.

The LipoSan Ultra Chitosan is a natural dietary fiber that is composed of chitosan.  This content has long been shown to interfere and prevent the digestion of dietary fat.  However, the Liposan Ultra works quickly to remove fats and oils from your system naturally.  It is an Ephedra-free supplement that takes less than five minutes to dissolve in your stomach.  This then means that you can take it right at mealtime, not one hour before like other weight management products.


How Does the LipoSan Ultra Chitosan Work?


Perhaps the true benefit of LipoSan Ultra occurs in the digestive tract.  It was highly noted that when this product is taken at mealtime, its fast solubility is what makes it available to complex with the dietary fat for almost the entire time that the ingested food is in the stomach.  The usual time for LipoSan Ultra to perform such function takes from about 1.5 to 2 hours.  By the time the fat or chitosan emulsion reaches the small intestine and starts to gel, the product works to complex far more fat, usually up to three times more than the regular chitosan.  


When more fat is complexed, those complexed fats are trapped in the LipoSan Ultra Chitosan gel and then covered or protected from enzymatic (lipase) breakdown into absorbable free fatty acids.   This trapped fat is now unavailable for absorption and is effectively removed from the body as waste.


The Difference between LipoSan Ultra and Regular Chitosan


The main difference between the regular chitosan and LipoSan Ultra Chitosan lies on the finding that a regular chitosan takes well over an hour to solubilize in the stomach acid. On the other hand, LipoSan Ultra Chitosan requires less than one minute.  It was further recognized by the researchers that the high rate of solubilization of this product in stomach acid had the potential to significantly affect its ability to bind fat in the digestive tract compared to the regular chitosan.


Direction and Caution


LipoSan Ultra Chitosan is meal-specific, although it is generally taken with lunch and dinner.  It is important to note that before or after taking this supplement, fat soluble vitamins should be taken first at least four hours before and after LipoSan.  And, although there is no research to prove that LipoSan Ultra Chitosan will interfere with the uptake of these vitamins, the logical assumption suggests that it would.


Take before meals with plenty of water to reduce the chances of blockages.


Those who are allergic must avoid this weight loss supplement.  The reason is, although the protein is removed during the processing, there is still a great possibility that you may have a reaction and, thus should take this product only under a physician’s direction and supervision.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Chitosan CortiSlim: A Weight Loss Diet Pill


Frustrated with your weight?  Why don’t you try Chitosan CortiSlim?  CortiSlim is highly offered in the market these days as more and more people are running after weight loss diet pills.  There is one particular reason that the chitosan CortiSlim was developed – the idea that stress causes your body to overproduce a stress hormone known as “cortisol”, the cause of so many weight problems.

According to certain studies, elevated cortisol levels compromise other hormones, including serotonin, insulin, and DHEA.   It also decreases our metabolism, increases hunger and cravings, imbalances blood sugar levels, and then signals the body to store excess fat.  Fortunately, the Chitosan CortiSlim is formulated for these things not to happen.


Product Description


Chitosan CortiSlim, on its most basic, is an all natural dietary supplement that works with your body’s metabolism to control the cortisol levels within a healthy range, helping you lose weight.   As it modulates the levels of cortisol in the body, the CortiSlim minimizes one of the primary physiological signals for weight gain.   And, aside from helping to control the cortisol levels, this powerful weight loss product also provides all natural ingredients that help balance the blood sugars in the body, so to reduce cravings and hunger.   It even maximizes metabolism to boost energy expenditure as well as fat burning.


The CortiSlim is manufactured in FDA and cGMP certified laboratories with the strictest standards of quality assurance.  According to its proponents, every ingredient contained in this weight loss product is carefully screened and selected by experts for highest quality and absorption factor for an optimum cortisol level control.   Unlike the other weight loss diet pills, the Chitosan CortiSlim does not contain ephedrine.


The Ingredients of Chitosan CortiSlim


CortiSlim is made of fat buster ingredients.  These ingredients include: cortiplex cortisol control blend, which is actually a mixture of magnolia bark extract, beta-sitosterol, and theanine; leptiplex blend from green tea extract and bitter orange peel extract; insutrol blend or mixture of banaba leaf extract and vanadium; calcium; chromium and Vitamin C.


Directions for Usage


Since Chitosan CortiSlim is a dietary supplement, take two capsules per day.  One with breakfast and one with lunch.  However, you can also take it as needed or as recommended by your health care professional.


For advanced dosage, it is suggested that you take two CortiSlim capsules per meal up to two to three times a day.   But, do not exceed six capsules per day.  And, for best results, it is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.   Before beginning any weight loss programs, consult your doctor.




As with any natural product, there will be a range of effects experienced by the users of the Chitosan CortiSlim.  Also, note that CortiSlim does not contain ephedrine.  Every ingredient used is known to be extremely safe, especially when you are using the product as directed.   In addition, CortiSlim is a dietary supplement that is known to negatively interact with any medications.  Nevertheless, if you have any existing medical conditions and are taking medication, it is best to consult with your doctor first before taking it.   Chitosan CortiSlim is formulated to be taken with breakfast and lunch, so you only need to take it twice a day.


Understanding Chitosan Chemistry


Speaking of chitosan, it is interesting to know that this substance is a biopolymer that has a wide range of biomedical applications, such as wound healing, tissue engineering and tissue repair, as well as local delivery of cells, drugs, proteins, genes and other therapeutic.  You will encounter these biomedical applications of chitosan every time you discuss about the chitosan chemistry.


The Production of Chitosan


According to some chitosan chemistry resources, chitosan is formed through N-deacylation of the chitin molecule.  Note that chitosan is a linear polysaccharide composed of randomly distributed B-(1®4)-linked D-glucosamine (deacetylated unit; D) and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (acetylated unit; A).  With this composition, chitosan is produced commercially by deacetylation of chitin, which according to chitosan chemistry resources is the structural element in the exoskeleton of crustaceans.    The degree of deacetylation (%DA) can then be identified by NMR spectroscopy, and the %DA in commercial chitosan is in the range of 60 to 100 percent.


For clearer view of the preparation of chitosan, try to visit as it shows a comprehensive illustration as to how chitin or chitosan is produced.


Chemical Properties of Chitosan


Several biomedical studies showed that chitosan is useful as polymer carrier for catalysts as well as for intermediate products for synthesis of fine chemicals.  As noted by a number of chitosan chemistry resources, chitosan has its own chemical properties.   These include:



It is further worth noting that the viscosity of chitosan solution, based on chitosan chemistry studies, primarily depend on the average molecular weight of the polymer.   This weight can be determined by size exclusion chromatography coupled with light scattering detection.


The Amino Group in Chitosan


Several chitosan chemistry studies have revealed that chitosan primarily contains amino group.   This group has a pKa value of ~6.5, which means that chitosan is positively charged and soluble in acidic to neutral solution with a charge density dependent on pH as well as %DA-value.


Given such fact, chitosan chemistry studies then concluded that chitosan is no doubt a bioadhesive and readily binds to negatively charged surfaces like the mucosal membranes.  Aside from this, chitosan chemistry resources that chitosan has the ability to improve tha transport of polar drugs across the epithelial surfaces.  With that, chitosan is found biocompatible and biodegradable.


Application of Chitosan


Following a number of successful chitosan chemistry studies, the development of commercial applications for chitin and chitosan has expanded rapidly in recent years.  Much to that, there is now a greay potential for exploitation of chitosan in numerous markets.  Perhaps the best promises for these markets are benefits for the fields of health care, cosmetics, agriculture, waste and water treatment, food and beverages, immobilization and cell culture, and in the product separation and recovery.


Anion Exchange Chitosan for Lowering Cholesterol Levels


One necessary requirement for good health is proper levels of circulating blood fats, cholesterol and triglycerides.  Naturally, the body has a means of regulating the production and removal of the lipoproteins in our system in order to keep them at healthy levels. 


At one time or another, you’ve probably sat down to dinner with oysters, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, squid, prawns, or clams on the table.  You’ve probably feasted on these appetite boosters unless you’re allergic to crustaceans.  Well, the next time you partake on this event, think twice before you throw away the outer shell.   The shell actually contains chitosan, a very valuable polymer.


However, if these levels have become too high and the cholesterol “set point” of the body attempts at reducing the cholesterol through diet alone will be defeated by your own body’s production of cholesterol.  This thus needs to maintain its inappropriate set point.


Fortunately, there came a newly discovered factor that is said to be so potent for reducing the body’s bad cholesterol, yet monitor the levels and balance of the circulatory fats – the anion exchange chitosan.   Scientifically described, the word “anion exchange” refers to a chemical process by which negative ions of one chemical are preferentially replaced by negative ions of another chemical.  This process is popularly known to reduce and monitor the cholesterol levels in the body, not only to promote weight loss but to maintain a healthy, balanced body.


One thing that needs to be cleared here is that the term “anion exchange chitosan” is used in this article to refer to chitosan as an anion exchange resin that is commonly used for lowering the cholesterol levels to promote weight loss.


The anion exchange chitosan is the deacetylated form of chitin, which is an aminopolysaccharide found in the exoskeleton of arthropods and certain fungi.  It seems chemically similar to the plant fiber, cellulose, although it is not derived from plants.  Also, anion exchange chitosan shares the characteristic with dietary fiber of being a polysaccharide that is indigestible by mammalian digestive enzymes.   However, how chitosan reduces cholesterol still remains uncertain.


Anion exchange chitosan generally acts a weak anion exchange resin.  Also, it exhibits a substantial viscosity in vitro.   Studies have noted that either of these properties of chitosan could mediate its hypocholesterolemic effect.  There are some researches, however, which noted that there is a great possibility that the cholesterol lowering effect of chitosan is due to an increase in the viscosity of the intestinal contents.  Note that the increased intestinal contents supernatant viscosity is highly correlated with the reduction of plasma and liver cholesterol, as well as, the reductions in the absorption of cholesterol.  These claims are generally based on the studies conducted on animals.


Today, anion exchange chitosan, although the claims on whether it is safe or effective as a dietary supplement remains uncertain, is highly deemed perfect for those who wish to regain proper cholesterol management.   Most of these claims actually stemmed from the notion that anion exchange chitosan, with its ability to bind fat in the digestive tract and trap the fats before it is absorbed by the body, greatly helps to lower cholesterol naturally, reduce the LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglyceride levels within the blood system, and in turn increase the HDL (good) levels.  It is even deemed effective for metabolizing and reducing fatty acids within the blood stream and upon heart and arterial tissue.


What is Chitosan?


What is Chitosan? That’s the most common question we often hear from those who want to know the nature of chitosan.  Now, when you hear the word “chitosan”, are you not also tempted to ask such question?  Well, I guess all of those who hear the word for the first time are interested to know what chitosan really is.


So, what is chitosan?


Chitosan, on its most basic, is a natural product derived from chitin, which is a polysaccharide found in the exoskeleton of shellfish or crustaceans such as crabs, shrimps, prawns, lobsters, squid, and clams.  While chitosan has been in existence for years, its most current form has just recently been prepared.  


Another great answer to the question of what is chitosan is the discovery which suggests that chitosan is a naturally occurring substance that is chemically similar to cellulose which is a plant fiber.  Just like the plant fibers, chitosan possesses a number of properties or qualities as fiber.  What sets chitosan apart from plant fiber is the fact that chitosan has the ability to significantly bind fat in the digestive tract.  So, if your question “What is chitosan” is answered with the term “fat magnet”, then don’t wonder because chitosan is now dubbed as a “fat magnet”.


To better understand the nature of chitosan, I think it is best that you know the functions of this non-digestive fiber.   According to some studies, chitosan absorbs and binds fat in the digestive tract, preventing the absorption of this fat into the body.  With this function, chitosan is said to inhibit LDL (bad) cholesterol and boost HDL (good) cholesterol.   Also, it promotes healing of ulcers and lesions.

Chitosan is also viewed as an antibacterial.   It even acts as an antacid and inhibits the formation of plaque or tooth decay.  Several studies also found out that chitosan helps to control blood pressure, helps to prevent constipation, reduces blood levels of uric acid, and is a calcium enhancer or bone strengthener.


Furthermore, your question on what is chitosan can also be answered by looking at its history.  Note that chitosan has a history of about three decades of use in processes like detoxifying water.   Studies on what is chitosan have revealed that when it is spread over the surface of water, it literally absorbs oils, greases, heavy metals and other potentially toxic substances.   It is dubbed “fat magnet” perhaps for the reason that just like a fat magnet, chitosan attracts the bio-hazardous substances in the body from drinking water ti such extent that a scum forms in the water, which can easily be removed.   Further studies on what is chitosan also revealed what does this indicate to the scientists is that this polymer compound can selectively absorb fats even in water medium.


Today, the answer to the question on what is chitosan can highly be cleared by looking at some medical studies.  As you may know, some answers to such question stressed the words “weight loss supplement”.  The truth is, there is still no concrete evidence to prove that chitosan is really a weight loss supplement.  And, whether chitosan is safe or effective as a diet aid still remains controversial.


Chitosan from Bees


Beekeeping is an occupation that has raised the income of farmers since time immemorial.   The main product of this occupation is honey, which has long been noted for its nutritional and medicinal properties.  Today, there is a recent discovery noting that the bees do not only produce honeys, but they are also sources of chitin and chitosan.


Chitin is a polysaccharide derived from the exoskeletons of mostly crustaceans.  But, recent studies have noted that chitin is not only found in shellfish, but it is also present in insects like bees and cockroaches, as well as in some yeast and some fungi, making it one of the most abundant fibers in nature.


The chitosan from bees is also used for coagulation of activated sludge in food and beverage processing plants like vegetable canneries and breweries.   According to certain studies, this semi-solid vegetable material is a major disposal problem.  Nevertheless, it does have nutritive value.   Many of the scientists today are looking at the utilization of dried sludge as a protein supplement in animal feeds.  Also, chitosan derived from bees does no only work effectively neutralizes fats, but it also acts as a sponge for other elements as well.


While it has been in existence for millennia, the current use of chitosan from bees has just recently been prepared.  If we will look at chitosan from bees chemically, it appears similar to cellulose, which is a plant fiber.  The plant fibers, chitosan from bees possesses a number of some properties as fiber.   The main difference between the two, however, lies on the claims that unlike the plant fiber, chitosan from bees has the ability to significantly bind fat in the digestive tract, preventing the fat to be absorbed by the body.  With this function, it’s no wonder then that chitosan has been recently dubbed as “fat magnet”.


How Chitosan from Bees is Prepared?

There are certain processes involved in the preparation of chitosan from bees.   In the first place, the chitin and chitosan is isolated from the exoskeletons of the bees.  Today, the isolation of water soluble low molecular weight chitosan from the corpses of bees has been developed.  This procedure includes deproteinization of bee corpses, discoloration of the chitin-melanin complex, then deacetylation and enzymatic hydrolysis of chitosan.


Uses of Chitosan from Bees


Chitosan from bees has been used by water purification plants as a process for detoxifying water.  The chitosan is generally spread over the surface of water to absorb oil, grease and other toxic substances.   The chitosan absorbs these hazards, thus easily removed from the water.


Today, chitosan from bees has been deemed effective for weight loss.  Claims have it that it does work to trap fats before they are being absorbed in the body.  However, these claims are still unproven as no concrete evidences were presented to support such claims.  Many experts have even reported that just like chitosan derived from crustaceans, the chitosan from bees does not work effectively on its own, unless added with a proper diet and exercise.


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